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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-89970-224-7Mary Ann EilerMedical school alumni
978-0-89970-293-3CPT 1988: Physician's Current Procedural Terminology
978-0-89970-326-8CPT, 1989: Physician's Current Procedural Terminology
1991978-0-89970-401-2American Medical AssociationDrug Evaluations
  ''978-0-89970-443-2Celeste G. KirschnerCPT 1992: Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology
1993978-0-89970-525-5Arthur Wayne Hafner · American Medical AssociationReader's Guide to Alternative Health Methods
  ''978-0-89970-544-6Catherine M. BideseU.S. Medical Licensure Statistics and Current Licensure Requirements 1993
  ''978-0-89970-553-8American Medical AssociationGuides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th Edition
  ''978-0-89970-570-5David E. VogelThe Physician and Managed Care
1994978-0-89970-620-7Department of Health Care FinancingMedicare Rbrvs: The Physicians' Guide, 1994
1996978-0-89970-711-2Leann M. Frankel · Joyce A Jackson · Caryn A. Jacobson · Grace M. Kotowicz · Gina Leoni · Mary R. Oheron · Karen E. Ohara · Dan ReyesCpt 1996-Physician Current Procedural Terminology
1996978-0-89970-756-3American Medical AssociationPersonnel Management in the Medical Practice: The Physician's Handbook for Successful Personnel Management
1997978-0-89970-774-7   ''Directory of Physicians in the Us on Cd-Rom: Cd-Single User Version, Windows
1996978-0-89970-789-1Coker · Kay Stanley · Anne M. RenzIntegration Strategies for the Medical Practice: The Physician's Handbook to Integration Alternatives
  ''978-0-89970-794-5Rittenhouse Dist · American Medical AssociationCPT 1997 Spiral Ed.
1997978-0-89970-835-5Unnamed UnnamedGraduate Medical Education Directory 1997-1998 (Serial)
  ''978-0-89970-839-3State-Level Data for Accredited Graduate Medical Education Programs in the Us: 1995-1996 (STATE LEVEL DATA FOR ACCREDITED GME PROGRAMS IN THE US)
  ''978-0-89970-863-8Graduate Medical Education Programs Offering Multiple Start Dates 1997-1998: Supplement to the Graduate Medical Education Directory (GME PROGRAMS OFFERING MULTIPLE START DATES)
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1997978-0-89970-889-8AMAClosing Your Practice: 7 Steps to a Successful Transition
1998978-0-89970-894-2Sharon Yenney · American Medical AssociationEvaluating and Negotiating Your Compensation Arrangements: Understanding the Process and Ensuring Your Future
  ''978-0-89970-902-4Codemanager 1998 Single User
1997978-0-89970-903-1Codemanager 1998 Network 2-5 Users
  ''978-0-89970-904-8Codemanager 1998 Network 6-10 Users
1998978-0-89970-908-6Directory of Clinical Practice Guidelines: Titles, Sources, and Updates (CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES DIRECTORY)
1999978-0-89970-918-5Not AvailableDirectory of Physicians in the United States
1998978-0-89970-920-8Graduate Medical Education Directory 1998-1999 (Serial)
  ''978-0-89970-922-2American Medical AssociationHealth Professions 1998-1999: Education Directory (Health Care Career Directory)
  ''978-0-89970-927-7AMAMedicare Rbrvs: The Physicians' Guide 1998 (Serial)
1998978-0-89970-938-3AMACpt 1999: Current Procedural Terminology
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  ''978-0-89970-952-9   ''Icd-9-Cm: Clinical Modification
1999978-0-89970-966-6   ''Cpt 1999 Spanish Edition
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  ''978-0-89970-974-1Pauling Zhang · Sara L. ThranPhysician Socioeconomic Statistics 1999-2000: Profiles for Detailed Specialities, Selected States, and Practice Arrangements