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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-89955-068-8Kathy StoneFat Sodium & Cholesterol Counter with Calorie Guide (Collector Series)
1940978-0-89955-129-6C. KisslingEarthquake Precursors
1979978-0-89955-131-9Yoshiro HashimotoMarine Toxins and Other Bioactive Marine Metabolites
  ''978-0-89955-133-3David J. DunlopOrigin of Thermoremanent Magnetization
2011978-0-89955-135-7Kaplan SSAT & ISEE 2012 Edition
1985978-0-89955-137-1Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, No. 8)
1980978-0-89955-142-5Pe-Chin ChangChinese Opera and Painted Face
  ''978-0-89955-144-9Hanbao Ma · In-Jaw LaiTrade and Investment in Taiwan: The Legal and Environment in the Republic of China
  ''978-0-89955-152-4Josephine H. HungClassical Chinese Plays
  ''978-0-89955-156-2David JordanGuide to the Romanization of Chinese
1980978-0-89955-158-6Dennis A. LeventhalThe Chess of China
  ''978-0-89955-166-1Yutang LinMoment in Peking
  ''978-0-89955-174-6Albert O'HaraPosition of Woman in Early China
  ''978-0-89955-176-0   ''Social Problems: Focus on Taiwan
  ''978-0-89955-179-1Wang Chia-YuLoves and Lives of Chinese Emperors
1973978-0-89955-181-4Elizabeth Te-Chen WangLadies of the Tang: 22 Classical Chinese Stories
1980978-0-89955-189-0K. T. LiThe Experience of Dynamic Economic Growth on Taiwan
1980978-0-89955-192-0Yutang LinVermillion Gate
  ''978-0-89955-194-4   ''Red Peony
  ''978-0-89955-207-1M. A. QuasemRecitation and Interpretation of the Qur'an
1979978-0-89955-216-3Marian AaronsonDesign With Plant Material
  ''978-0-89955-217-0   ''Art of Flower Arranging
1987978-0-89955-221-7Jfcc Catalogue of Cultures, 1987
1980978-0-89955-222-4Ryohei KadaPart Time Family Farming
1969978-0-89955-232-3John Anthony, M.D. HerringThe Foursquare Dictionary
1979978-0-89955-237-8Parice L. FrenchDevelopment of Meaning
1977978-0-89955-240-8Social Science Research Institute StaffAsia Urbanizing Population Growth and Concentrations and the Problems Thereof
  ''978-0-89955-242-2Mitsuko Saito · John C. CondonCommunicating Across Cultures for What? Symposium on Humane Responsibility in Intercultural Communication
1975978-0-89955-243-9Masaaki ImaiNever Take Yes for an Answer: An Inside Look at Japanese Business for Foreign Businessmen
1975978-0-89955-244-6Dean C. BarnlundPublic and Private Self in Japan and the United States
1976978-0-89955-245-3Japan Ctr for International ExchangeThe Silent Power: Japan's Identity and World Role
1971978-0-89955-248-4Yasuf ShiblAswan High Dam (Building World Landmarks)
1978978-0-89955-281-1M. KhanFundamentals of Phycology
  ''978-0-89955-285-9Dietrich Brandis · Lindsay J. StewartIllustrations of the Forest Flora of North-West and Central India
  ''978-0-89955-296-5W. DymockPharmacographia Indica: History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin Met With in British
1979978-0-89955-306-1H. DruryUseful Plants of India
  ''978-0-89955-315-3UyedaGeodynamics of the Western Pacific
1980978-0-89955-335-1Bernard PullmanWater and Metal Cations in Biological Systems
  ''978-0-89955-344-3Kuni SadamotoRobots in the Japanese Economy
1981978-0-89955-349-8KitagishiHeavy Metal Pollution in Soils of Japan
1977978-0-89955-366-5George FerrisFlycasting: Techniques for the Flyfisherman
1983978-0-89955-369-6Frank SargesonMemoirs of a Peon
1982978-0-89955-375-7Giora W. Wohlfarth · G. I. HulataApplied Genetics of Tilapias
1983978-0-89955-382-5P. EdwardsFood Potential of Aquatic Macrophytes
  ''978-0-89955-383-2Pradit Chonchuenchob · Kasemsant Chalagondeja · Kosol MuttarasinHanging Culture of the Green Mussel in Thailand (Mytilus Smaragdinus Chemnitz)
  ''978-0-89955-384-9Kevin D. HopkinsThe Iclarm-Clsu Integrated Animal-Fish Farming Project: Final Report (Iclarm Technical Reports Series, No 5)
  ''978-0-89955-387-0F. T. ChristyLaw of the Sea: Problems of Conflict and Management of Fisheries in Southeast Asia
1981978-0-89955-390-0Pamela L. TraversMary Poppins
1979978-0-89955-393-1Johanne M. ReinhartSmall Boat Design
1977978-0-89955-407-5Studies West Aust Hist 0
1977978-0-89955-408-2Studies West Aust Hist 1
1978978-0-89955-409-9Studies West Aust Hist 2
1962978-0-89955-415-0Gordon CourtrightLandscape Planting Guide: Garden Success from Proper Planting
1986978-0-89955-425-9The World of Cui-Ru-Zhuo
1985978-0-89955-427-3Anna ZuckermanAntarctica
1965978-0-89955-461-7Zulu Transformations
1987978-0-89955-463-1C. L. AngellThe Biology and Culture of Tropical Oysters (Iclarm Studies and Reviews, No 13)
  ''978-0-89955-467-9Pat Power · P. Bernard JonesT. Harri Jones, 1921-1965 (Writer's World)
1969978-0-89955-501-0P. J. P. WhiteheadThe Reeves Collection of Chinese Fish Drawings (Historical Series, Vol 3, No 7)
1988978-0-89955-506-5Graham WebbAustralian Freshwater Crocodiles
  ''978-0-89955-507-2Graham WebbAustralian Saltwater Crocodiles
1963978-0-89955-508-9Percival R. KirbyThe Musical Instruments of the Native Races of South Africa