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1980978-0-89950-002-7Paul J., Ph.D. MurphyBrezhnev: Soviet Politician
1981978-0-89950-023-2Gene H. McCormick · Andy SoltisBird's Defense to the Ruy Lopez
  ''978-0-89950-024-9John T. DizerTom Swift and Company
1982978-0-89950-030-0Jon TuskaThe Vanishing Legion: A History of Mascot Pictures, 1927-1935
  ''978-0-89950-032-4Bill WarrenKeep Watching the Skies! American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties, Vol. 1: 1950-1957
1983978-0-89950-036-2Jeff LenburgThe Great Cartoon Directors
1982978-0-89950-038-6Mark Thomas McGeeThe J.D. films: Juvenile delinquency in the movies
  ''978-0-89950-046-1Robert Willard ArtinianMaupassant criticism: A centennial bibliography, 1880-1979
  ''978-0-89950-054-6William N. TaylorMarathon Running: A Medical Science Handbook
1986978-0-89950-056-0Gene McCormickThe U.S. Chess Championship 1845-1985
1983978-0-89950-074-4Mary UnterbrinkJazz Women at the Keyboard
1984978-0-89950-088-1Joel Eisner · David KrinskyTelevision Comedy Series: An Episode Guide to 153 TV Sitcoms in Syndication
1984978-0-89950-103-1Spencer SelbyDark City: The Film Noir
  ''978-0-89950-114-7Allen RobertsHenry Fonda: A biography
1985978-0-89950-116-1Hondon B. HargroveBuffalo Soldiers in Italy: Black Americans in World War II
1986978-0-89950-181-9Ted Okuda · Edward WatzThe Columbia Comedy Shorts: Two-Reel Hollywood Film Comedies, 1933-1958
1987978-0-89950-214-4John ReedJohn Reed for the Masses
1988978-0-89950-242-7Robert E. Carr · R. M. HayesWide Screen Movies: A History and Filmography of Wide Gauge Filmmaking
  ''978-0-89950-250-2Gene FernettAmerican Film Studios: An Historical Encyclopedia
1987978-0-89950-260-1Rosemarie PilkingtonMen and Women of Parapsychology: Personal Reflections
  ''978-0-89950-269-4William H. DubayGay Identity: The Self Under Ban
1988978-0-89950-276-2D. J. HastingsThe Royal Indian Navy, 1612-1950
  ''978-0-89950-277-9George F. W. HauckThe Aqueduct of Nemausus
1987978-0-89950-284-7Albert AbramsonThe History of Television, 1880 to 1941
1987978-0-89950-286-1Ted OkudaThe Monogram Checklist: The Film of Monogram Pictures Corporation, 1931-1952
  ''978-0-89950-293-9Jeremy GaigeChess Personalia: A Biobibliography
1989978-0-89950-302-8Lyn Driggs Cunningham · Jimmy JonesSweet, Hot, and Blue: St. Louis' Musical Heritage
  ''978-0-89950-306-6Ted HollandB-Western Actors Encyclopedia: Facts, Photos and Filmographies for More Than 250 Familiar Faces
1988978-0-89950-330-1Mark Thomas McGeeRoger Corman: The Best of the Cheap Acts
  ''978-0-89950-342-4Tony ThomasThe Cinema of the Sea: A Critical Survey and Filmography, 1925-1986
  ''978-0-89950-346-2Louis E. KeeferScholars in Foxholes: The Story of the Army Specialized Training Program in World War II
1988978-0-89950-347-9John M. WrightCaptured on Corregidor: Diary of an American P.O.W. in World War II
1989978-0-89950-349-3Montague Ullman · Stanley Krippner · Alan VaughanDream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal Esp
1988978-0-89950-361-5Pasquale Covelli · Melvin WiedmanDiabetes: Current Research and Future Directions in Management and Cure
1989978-0-89950-362-2Christopher Thomas CairneyClans and Families of Ireland and Scotland: An Ethnography of the Gael, A.D. 500-1750
  ''978-0-89950-367-7Michael BensonBallparks of North America: A Comprehensive Historical Reference to Baseball Grounds, Yards and Stadiums, 1845 to Present
1990978-0-89950-369-1John Brunas · Michael Brunas · Tom WeaverUniversal Horrors: The Studio's Classic Films, 1931-1946
1989978-0-89950-410-0Hal EricksonSyndicated Television: The First Forty Years, 1947-1987
1990978-0-89950-417-9John BeloffRelentless Question: Reflections on the Paranormal
  ''978-0-89950-418-6Suzanne Barabas · Gabor BarabasGunsmoke: A Complete History
  ''978-0-89950-420-9Roy Z. Chamlee Jr.Lincoln's Assassins: A Complete Account of Their Capture, Trial, and Punishment
  ''978-0-89950-430-8Franklin JarlettRobert Ryan: A Biography and Critical Filmography
1990978-0-89950-439-1Cynthia Marylee MoltGone With the Wind on Film: A Complete Reference
1989978-0-89950-440-7Pablo MoranA. Alekhine: Agony of a Chess Genius
  ''978-0-89950-445-2James R. OzingaThe Rapacki Plan: The 1957 Proposal to Denuclearize Central Europe, and an Analysis of Its Rejection
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1989978-0-89950-455-1Edward WinterCapablanca: A Compendium of Games, Notes, Articles, Correspondence, Illustrations and Other Rare Archival Materials on the Cuban Chess Genius José Raúl Capablanca, 1888-1942
1990978-0-89950-458-2Beverley Bare BuehrerJapanese Films: A Filmography and Commentary, 1921-1989
  ''978-0-89950-460-5Denis GiffordAmerican Animated Films: The Silent Era, 1897-1929
  ''978-0-89950-465-0Gregory R. ClarkWords of the Vietnam War: The Slang, Jargon, Abbreviations, Acronyms, Nomenclature, Nicknames, Pseudonyms, Slogans, Specs, Euphemisms, Double-Talk,
  ''978-0-89950-478-0Gerhard FalkMurder: An Analysis of Its Forms, Conditions, and Causes
1990978-0-89950-488-9Joseph J. DittmarBaseball's Benchmark Boxscores: Summaries of Record-Setting Games
  ''978-0-89950-492-6Robert HensonTelevision Weathercasting: A History
  ''978-0-89950-500-8Mark Thomas McGeeThe Rock and Roll Movie Encyclopedia of the 1950s
  ''978-0-89950-503-9Carl MooreFederal Reserve System: A History of the First 75 Years
1992978-0-89950-544-2Micheal ClodfelterWarfare and Armed Conflicts: A Statistical Reference to Casualty and Other Figures, 1618-1991
  ''978-0-89950-546-6Alan G. FetrowSound Films, 1927-1939: A United States Filmography
1991978-0-89950-566-4Mercedes RochelleMythological and Classical World Art Index: A Locator of Paintings, Sculptures, Frescoes, Manuscript Illuminations, Sketches, Woodcuts and Engravings
1991978-0-89950-568-8John StewartMoons of the Solar System: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-89950-574-9Benjamin F., Jr. SpellerEducating Black Librarians: Papers from the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the School of Library and Information Sciences, North Carolina Central UN
  ''978-0-89950-580-0Scott Allen NollenBoris Karloff: A Critical Account of His Screen, Stage, Radio, Television, and Recording Work
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  ''978-0-89950-594-7Tom WeaverScience Fiction Stars and Horror Hereos: Interviews With Actors, Directors, Producers, and Writers of the 1940s Through 1960s
1991978-0-89950-595-4Sally EverettArt Theory and Criticism: An Anthology of Formalist, Avant-Garde, Contextualist, and Post Modernist Thought
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  ''978-0-89950-620-3Roy Edwin ThomasSouthern Appalachia, 1885-1915: Oral Histories from Residents of the State Corner Area of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
1991978-0-89950-627-2James BernardoniThe New Hollywood: What the Movies Did With the New Freedoms of the Seventies
  ''978-0-89950-633-3Barbara McEwanThomas Jefferson: Farmer
1992978-0-89950-654-8Deborah Del Vecchio · Tom JohnsonPeter Cushing: The Gentle Man of Horror and His 91 Films
  ''978-0-89950-668-5Dena Jones JolmaHunting Quotations: Two Hundred Years of Writings on the Philosophy, Culture and Experience
  ''978-0-89950-679-1Adrian RoomCorporate Eponymy: A Biographical Dictionary of the Persons Behind the Names of Major American, British, European and Asian Businesses
  ''978-0-89950-680-7Kerry SegraveWomen Serial and Mass Murderers: A Worldwide Reference, 1580 Through 1990
1992978-0-89950-681-4Bryan Senn · John JohnsonFantastic Cinema Subject Guide: A Topical Index to 2500 Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Films
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  ''978-0-89950-684-5James K. SkipperBaseball Nicknames: A Dictionary of Origins and Meanings
  ''978-0-89950-688-3Thomas WeisserSpaghetti Westerns-The Good, the Bad, and the Violent: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Filmography of 558 Eurowesterns and Their Personnel, 1961-1977
  ''978-0-89950-691-3Betty B. JonesThe December Ship: A Story of Lt. Colonel Ardem R. Boellner's Capture in the Philippines, Imprisonment, and Death on a World War II Japanese Hellshi
1992978-0-89950-695-1Eric Ledell SmithBert Williams: A Biography of the Pioneer Black Comedian
  ''978-0-89950-716-3Gerhard FalkThe Jew in Christian Theology: Martin Luther's Anti-Jewish Vom Schem Hamphoras, Previously Unpublished in English, and Other Milestones in Church Do
  ''978-0-89950-731-6Bonnye L. MatthewsChemical Sensitivity: A Guide to Coping With Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Illnesses
  ''978-0-89950-735-4Warren Hope · Kim R. HolstonThe Shakespeare Controversy: An Analysis of the Claimants to Authorship, and Their Champions and Detractors
1993978-0-89950-736-1Lewis CoeThe Telegraph: A History of Morse's Invention and Its Predecessors in the United States
1992978-0-89950-739-2John L. GinnSugamo Prison, Tokyo: An Account of the Trial and Sentencing of Japanese War Criminals in 1948, by a U.S. Participant
  ''978-0-89950-752-1Kerry SegraveDrive-In Theaters: A History from Their Inception in 1933
1992978-0-89950-757-6Donald J. YoungThe Battle of Bataan: A History of the 90 Day Siege and Eventual Surrender of 75,000 Filipino and United States Troops to the Japanese in World War
  ''978-0-89950-758-3Kurt LandsbergerWilliam Steinitz, Chess Champion: A Biography of the Bohemian Caesar
  ''978-0-89950-760-6Donald H. Wills · Reyburn Webb MyersThe Sea Was My Last Chance: Memoir of an American Captured on Bataan in 1942 Who Escaped in 1944 and Led the Liberation of Mindanao
1993978-0-89950-769-9Thomas FenschTelevision News Anchors: An Anthology of Profiles of the Major Figures and Issues in United States Network Reporting
  ''978-0-89950-782-8Len D. MartinThe Allied Artists Checklist: The Feature Films and Short Subjects of Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, 1947-1978
  ''978-0-89950-784-2Harvey NewstromNutrients Catalog: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Macronutrients-Beneficials Use, Helpers, Inhibitors, Food Sources, Intake Recommendations, and S
1993978-0-89950-796-5Brenda Scott RoyceHogan's Heroes: A Comprehensive Reference to the 1965-1971 Television Comedy Series, With Cast Biographies and an Episode Guide
1994978-0-89950-802-3Michael L. StephensFilm Noir: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Reference to Movies, Terms, and Persons
1995978-0-89950-813-9Eric Ledell SmithBlacks in Opera: An Encyclopedia of People and Companies, 1873-1993
1992978-0-89950-814-6Micheal ClodfelterWarfare and Armed Conflicts: A Statistical Reference to Casualty and Other Figures, 1618-1991
  ''978-0-89950-815-3   ''Warfare and Armed Conflicts: A Statistical Reference to Casualty and Other Figures, 1618-1991
1993978-0-89950-823-8Michael L. S. KitzenTripoli and the United States at War: A History of American Relations With the Barbary States, 1785-1805
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1993978-0-89950-867-2Patrick J. McGrathJohn Garfield: The Illustrated Career in Films and on Stage
1997978-0-89950-868-9Larry BillmanFilm Choreographers and Dance Directors: An Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia, With a History and Filmographies, 1893 Through 1995
1994978-0-89950-887-0Andy SoltisFrank Marshall, United States Chess Champion: A Biography With 220 Games
1993978-0-89950-888-7Daniel SpikesAngola and the Politics of Intervention: From Local Bush War to Chronic Crisis in Southern Africa
  ''978-0-89950-889-4Loren E. StampJourney Through Hell: Memoir of a World War II American Navy Medic Captured in the Philippines and Imprisoned by the Japanese
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1994978-0-89950-893-1Van WaterfordPrisoners of the Japanese in World War II: Statistical History, Personal Narratives and Memorials Concerning Pows in Camps and on Hellships, Civilia
  ''978-0-89950-894-8Edward WatzWheeler & Woolsey: The Vaudeville Comic Duo and Their Films, 1929-1937
1996978-0-89950-896-2Clark A. Brady · Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Burroughs Cyclopaedia: Characters, Places, Fauna, Flora, Technologies, Languages, Ideas and Terminologies Found in the Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs
1994978-0-89950-909-9William C. ClineSerials-Ly Speaking: Essays on Cliffhangers
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1994978-0-89950-943-3Adrian RoomAfrican Placenames: Origins and Meanings of the Names for over 2000 Natural Features, Towns, Cities, Provinces and Countries
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1994978-0-89950-993-8R. E. F. MatthewsThe 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Unit in the Civil War
  ''978-0-89950-994-5Rhoda MillerInstitutionalizing Peace: The Conception of the United States Institute for Peace and Its Role in American Political Thought
1995978-0-89950-998-3Walt BrownJohn Adams and the American Press: Politics and Journalism at the Birth of the Republic