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1983978-0-89925-001-4Richard Buckminster FullerHumans in Universe
1985978-0-89925-009-0Optical properties and structure of tetrapyrroles: Proceedings of a symposium held at the University of Konstanz, West Germany, August 12-17, 1984
  ''978-0-89925-024-3Ulrich KrengelErgodic theorems (De Gruyter studies in mathematics)
1986978-0-89925-034-2Carolyn EiseleHistorical Perspectives on Peirce's Logic of Science: A History of Science/Parts I and II
1985978-0-89925-040-3Lyle CampbellThe Pipil language of El Salvador (Mouton grammar library)
1986978-0-89925-114-1R. A. W. RhodesEastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary (Trends in Linguistics: Documentation) (English and Ojibwa Edition)
  ''978-0-89925-133-2Karen Jo TorjesenHermeneutical procedure and theological structure in Origen's exegesis (Patristische Texte und Studien)
1994978-0-89925-138-7Edward Sapir · Regna Darnell · Judith T. IrvineEthnology (The Collected Works of Edward Sapir, 4)
1982978-0-89925-199-8Helmut KoesterIntroduction to the New Testament: 2
1990978-0-89925-257-5Herausgegeben VonAufstieg Und Niedergang Der Romischen Welt
1988978-0-89925-276-6Jean Umiker-SebeokMarketing and Semiotics: New Directions in the Study of Signs for Sale (Approaches to Semiotics, Vol 77)
1989978-0-89925-281-0William ShipleyIn Honor of Mary Haas: From the Haas Festival Conference on Native American Linguistics
  ''978-0-89925-282-7Eung-Do CookAthapaskan Linguistics: Current Perspectives on a Language Family (Trends in Linguistics)
1987978-0-89925-305-3Christian Segebade · Hans-Peter Weise · George J. LutzPhoton Activation Analysis
1989978-0-89925-344-2Robert M. StrozierSaussure, Derrida, and the Metaphysics of Subjectivity (Approaches to Semiotics)
1990978-0-89925-357-2Armin BurkhardtSpeech acts, meaning, and intentions: critical approaches to the philosophy of John R. Searle
1988978-0-89925-438-8H. Bachmann · W. A. SlabyConcordance to the Novum Testamentum Graece, of Nestle-Aland, 26th Edition, and to the Greek New Testament, 3rd Edition/Konkordanz Zum Novum Testamen
  ''978-0-89925-442-5Mohammed Ali JazayeryLanguages and Cultures: Studies in Honor of Edgar C. Polome (Trends in Linguistics: Studies & Monographs)
1994978-0-89925-457-9Mary EaglesonConcise Encyclopedia Chemistry
1988978-0-89925-489-0Horst Kleinkauf · Hans Von DohrenThe Roots of Modern Biochemistry: Fritz Lipmann's Squiggle and Its Consequences
1989978-0-89925-513-2Ofelia GarciaEnglish Across Cultures: Cultures Across English: A Reader in Cross Cultural Communication (Contributions to the Sociology of Language, 53)
1989978-0-89925-519-4Mary Ritchie KeyGeneral and Amerindian Ethnolinguistics: In Remembrance of Stanley Newman (Contributions to the Sociology of Language)
  ''978-0-89925-548-4Klaus SchubertInterlinguistics: Aspects of the Science of Planned Languages (Trends in Linguistics: Studies & Monographs)
1991978-0-89925-555-2Pierre Bourdieu · Jean-Claude Chamboredon · Jean-Claude PasseronCraft of Sociology: Epistemological Preliminaries
1990978-0-89925-569-9Pasquale GagliardiSymbols and Artifacts: Views of the Corporate Landscape (De Gruyter Studies in Organization)
1991978-0-89925-583-5Harald HaarmannLanguage in Its Cultural Embedding: Explorations in the Relativity of Signs and Sign Systems (Studies in Anthropological Linguistics)
1989978-0-89925-593-4Dietrich Fengel · Gert WegenerWood: Chemistry, Ultrastructure, Reactions
1992978-0-89925-604-7Gyorgy SzellConcise Encyclopaedia of Participation and Co-Management (Degruyter Studies in Organization)
1990978-0-89925-625-2Lauri HonkoReligion Myth and Folklore in the Worlds Epics: The Kalevala and Its Predecessors (Religion & Society)
1989978-0-89925-635-1Barry A. TurnerOrganizational Symbolism (Degruyter Studies in Organization)
1991978-0-89925-640-5Horst ZuseSoftware complexity: Measures and methods (Programming complex systems)
1990978-0-89925-698-6The Analytical and topological theory of semigroups: Trend and developments (De Gruyter expositions in mathematics)
978-0-89925-813-3Desmond DerbyshireHandbook of Amazonian Languages Volume 3
1991978-0-89925-820-1Roanld W. LangackerConcept, Image, and Symbol The Cognitive Basis of Grammar

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