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1985978-0-89900-208-8Jack CottrellTough Questions Biblical Answers/Part 1
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1990978-0-89900-341-2Jack CottrellBaptism a Biblical Study
1991978-0-89900-371-9James B. NorthA History of the Church from Pentecost to Present
978-0-89900-422-8David W. FletcherBaptism and the Remission of Sins: An Historical Perspective
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1995978-0-89900-424-2James E. SmithThe Books of History (Old Testament Survey)
1996978-0-89900-429-7   ''The Pentateuch (Old Testament Survey)
2004978-0-89900-486-0Mark E. MooreA Humble Defense: Evidence for the Christian Faith
  ''978-0-89900-489-1Sam E. StoneSimply Christians: New Testament Christianity In The 21st Century
  ''978-0-89900-490-7Tom JonesChurch Planting from the Ground Up
2006978-0-89900-511-9Jack CottrellThe Holy Spirit: A Biblical Study
2007978-0-89900-517-1   ''Power From On High: What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit
1993978-0-89900-620-8Terry L. MietheLiving Your Faith: Closing the Gap Between Mind and Heart
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1997978-0-89900-628-4Larry ChouinardMatthew (The College Press Niv Commentary)
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1996978-0-89900-630-7Mark C. BlackLuke (College Press Niv Commentary)
1998978-0-89900-631-4Beauford H. Bryant · Mark S. KrauseJohn (The College Press Niv Commentary)
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1999978-0-89900-634-5William R. Baker2 Corinthians (The College Press NIV Commentary)
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1997978-0-89900-637-6James R. Girdwood · Peter VerkruyseHebrews (The College Press Niv Commentary)
1996978-0-89900-638-3Gary HollowayThe College Press Niv Commentary: James & Jude (The College Press Niv Commentary)
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2000978-0-89900-641-3Christopher A. DavisRevelation (The College Press Niv Commentary)
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1997978-0-89900-713-7Milton JonesHow to Love Someone You Can't Stand
2002978-0-89900-724-3Charlie W. StarrLife in the Spirit: Studies in Romans 1-8
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1995978-0-89900-730-4Terry L. Miethe · Beverly MietheServing Christ: A Family Affair
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1999978-0-89900-755-7Mark W. ForemanChristianity & Bioethics: Confronting Clinical Issues
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  ''978-0-89900-770-0   ''Thirteen Lessons in Christian Doctrine
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2003978-0-89900-914-8Mark E. Moore · Carl BridgesFanning the Flame: Probing the Issues in Acts
2009978-0-89900-925-4Fanning the Flame: Probing the Issues in Acts
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