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1980978-0-89879-040-5Gary ProvostMake Every Word Count: A Guide to Writing That Works--For Fiction and Nonfiction
1981978-0-89879-046-7Rohn EnghSell & re-sell your photos
1982978-0-89879-049-8Dickson · SmytheWriter's Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing (Vol 1)
1986978-0-89879-077-1Barbara KevlesBasic Magazine Writing
1982978-0-89879-080-1Lawrence TreatMystery Writer's Handbook
  ''978-0-89879-084-9Sally A. DavisArtists Market-83
  ''978-0-89879-100-6Deniece SchofieldConfessions of an organized housewife
1983978-0-89879-113-6Robert Newton PeckFICTION IS FOLKS: How to Create Unforgettable Characters
  ''978-0-89879-114-3Theodore A. Rees CheneyGetting the Words Right: How to Revise, Edit and Rewrite
1984978-0-89879-137-2Don AslettClutter's Last Stand: It's Time to De-Junk Your Life!
  ''978-0-89879-141-9Larry SandmanA Guide to Greeting Card Writing
1984978-0-89879-149-5Sheila DavisThe Craft of Lyric Writing
  ''978-0-89879-150-1B. Nadine OrabonaThe Photographer's Computer Handbook
1985978-0-89879-158-7Deniece SchofieldConfessions of a Happily Organized Family: Hundreds of Practical, No-Nag Ways to Have a Neat House, Happy Kids, and Calm Parents-All at the Same Time
1989978-0-89879-161-7Steve Bhaerman & Don McMillanFriends and Lovers: How to Meet the People You Want to Meet
1985978-0-89879-208-9Lawrence BlockWriting the Novel: From Plot to Print
1986978-0-89879-213-3Michael LarsenLiterary Agents: How to Get and Work With the Right One for You (Writer's Basic Bookshelf)
  ''978-0-89879-215-7Don AslettWho Says It's a Woman's Job to Clean?
  ''978-0-89879-230-0Stephanie CulpHow to Get Organized When You Don't Have the Time
  ''978-0-89879-231-7Deniece SchofieldEscape from the Kitchen
1987978-0-89879-254-6Ellen E. M. RobertsThe Children's Picture Book: How to Write It, How to Sell It
1987978-0-89879-258-4Melvin HelitzerComedy Writing Secrets: How to Think Funny, Write Funny, Act Funny, and Get Paid For It
  ''978-0-89879-266-9Robert Newton PeckFiction Is Folks: How to Create Unforgettable Characters
  ''978-0-89879-272-0J. Michael StraczynskiThe Complete Book of Scriptwriting
1988978-0-89879-283-6Sheila DavisSuccessful Lyric Writing: A Step-By-Step Course & Workbook
  ''978-0-89879-293-5Dian Dincin Buchman · Seli GrovesThe Writer's Digest Guide to Manuscript Formats
1987978-0-89879-295-9Julie Raskin · Carolyn MalesHow to Write and Sell a Column (Writer's Basic Bookshelf)
1988978-0-89879-303-1Ansen DibellPlot (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-306-2James RiordanMaking it in the new music business
1988978-0-89879-307-9Orson Scott CardCharacters and Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-314-7Gary ProvostBeyond Style: Mastering the Finer Points of Writing
  ''978-0-89879-315-4Jean M. FredetteThe Writer's Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing, Vol. 2
  ''978-0-89879-321-5Matt BraunHow to Write Western Novels (Genre Writing Series)
  ''978-0-89879-325-3Kerry Cox · Jurgen WolffSuccessful Scriptwriting
1989978-0-89879-346-8Oakley HallThe Art & Craft of Novel Writing
1989978-0-89879-347-5Lee Wyndham · Arnold MadisonWriting for Children and Teenagers
  ''978-0-89879-348-2Michael A. Banks · Ansen DibellWord Processing Secrets for Writers
  ''978-0-89879-349-9Lewis TurcoDialogue: A Socratic Dialogue on the Art of Writing Dialogue in Fiction (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-350-5Kit ReedRevision (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-358-1Michael NewtonHow to Write Action Adventure Novels (Genre Writing Series)
1989978-0-89879-359-8Frank ThomasHow to Write the Story of Your Life
  ''978-0-89879-362-8Stephanie CulpHow to Conquer Clutter
1998978-0-89879-363-5Pamela Phillips OlandYou Can Write Great Lyrics
1990978-0-89879-370-3Michael NewtonArmed and Dangerous: A Writer's Guide to Weapons (Howdunit Series)
  ''978-0-89879-371-0Serita Deborah Stevens · Anne KlarnerDeadly Doses: A Writer's Guide to Poisons (Howdunit Series)
1989978-0-89879-372-7Shannon O'CorkHow to Write Mysteries (Genre Writing Series)
1990978-0-89879-392-5Ronald B. TobiasTheme and Strategy: How to Build a Strong, Narrative Structure to Help Your Fiction Stand Tall, Run Fast, Hit Hard, and Soar to Success (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-395-6Barnaby ConradThe Complete Guide to Writing Fiction
  ''978-0-89879-398-7Scott EdelsteinManuscript Submission (Elements of Fiction Writing)
1990978-0-89879-408-3Jean M. FredetteWriter's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
  ''978-0-89879-410-6Stephanie CulpConquering the Paper Pile-Up
  ''978-0-89879-413-7Al StoneJingles: How to Write, Produce and Sell Commercial Music
1991978-0-89879-414-4James W. DearingMaking Money Making Music: No Matter Where You Live
1990978-0-89879-416-8Orson Scott CardHow to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (Genre Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-418-2Gary ProvostMake Your Words Work
1991978-0-89879-428-1Bob Staake1991 Humor and Cartoon Markets
1990978-0-89879-435-9Kirk PolkingWriting, A to Z: The terms, procedures, and facts of the writing business defined, explained, and put within reach
1991978-0-89879-442-7William NolanHow to Write Horror Fiction (Genre Writing Series)
  ''978-0-89879-443-4John DruryCreating Poetry
1991978-0-89879-444-1Hillary WaughHillary Waugh's Guide to Mysteries & Mystery Writing
  ''978-0-89879-449-6Jurgen Wolff · Kerry CoxSuccessful Scriptwriting
  ''978-0-89879-450-2Peter JacobiThe Magazine Article: How to Think It, Plan It, Write It
  ''978-0-89879-451-9Paul ZolloSongwriters on Songwriting
  ''978-0-89879-454-0Scott EdelsteinThe Writer's Book of Checklists: The Quick-Reference Guide to Essential Information Every Writer Needs
1991978-0-89879-458-8James RiordanMaking It in the New Music Business
  ''978-0-89879-460-1Jim ZuckermanThe Professional Photographer's Guide to Shooting & Selling Nature & Wildlife Photos
1992978-0-89879-461-8Don AslettIs There Life After Housework?
1991978-0-89879-462-5Stephanie CulpStreamlining Your Life: A 5-Point Plan for Uncomplicated Living
1992978-0-89879-464-9Leonard BishopDare to Be a Great Writer: 329 Keys to Powerful Fiction
  ''978-0-89879-471-7Molly WigandHow to Write and Sell Greeting Cards, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts and Other Fun Stuff
  ''978-0-89879-508-0Pete Luboff88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them: Concrete Ways to Improve Your Songwriting and Make Your Songs More Marketable
  ''978-0-89879-510-3Mel HelitzerComedy Writing Secrets: How to Think Funny, Write Funny, Act Funny and Get Paid For It
1992978-0-89879-511-0Alijandra MogilnerThe Children's Writer's Word Book
  ''978-0-89879-517-2Donna LevinGet That Novel Started! (And Keep It Going 'til You Finish)
  ''978-0-89879-518-9Anne WingateScene of the Crime: A Writer's Guide to Crime Scene Investigation (Howdunit Series)
  ''978-0-89879-519-6Sheila DavisThe Songwriters Idea Book: 40 Strategies to Excite Your Imagination, Help You Design Distinctive Songs, and Keep Your Creative Flow
  ''978-0-89879-523-3Barbara NorvilleWriting the Modern Mystery (Genre Writing Series)
1992978-0-89879-524-0Keith D. WilsonCause of Death: A Writer's Guide to Death, Murder and Forensic Medicine (Howdunit Series)
  ''978-0-89879-529-5Marshall J. CookHow to Write With the Skill of a Master and the Genius of a Child
  ''978-0-89879-530-1Diane WarnerThe Big Wedding on a Small Budget Planner & Organizer
1993978-0-89879-536-3George Ochoa · Jeffrey OsierThe Writer's Guide to Creating a Science Fiction Universe
  ''978-0-89879-538-7Connie EmersonThe 30-Minute Writer: How to Write & Sell Short Pieces
  ''978-0-89879-541-7Marc McCutcheonThe Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800s (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)
1993978-0-89879-543-1Vik OrensteinCreative Techniques for Photographing Children
1994978-0-89879-544-8Donna CollingwoodThe Songwriter's Market Guide to Song & Demo Submission Formats
1993978-0-89879-545-5Scott Edelstein30 Steps to Becoming a Writer: And Getting Published: The Complete Starter Kit for Aspiring Writers
  ''978-0-89879-547-9John Morgan WilsonThe Complete Guide to Magazine Article Writing
  ''978-0-89879-549-3Hal Blythe · Charlie Sweet · John LandrethPrivate Eyes: A Writer's Guide to Private Investigating (Howdunit Series)
  ''978-0-89879-550-9Nancy KressBeginnings, Middles and Ends (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-551-6Jack M. BickhamScene and Structure (Elements of Fiction Writing)
1992978-0-89879-556-1Kirk PolkingWriting A to Z: The Terms, Procedures, and Facts of the Writing Business Defined, Explained, and Put Within Reach
1992978-0-89879-559-2Bob Staake1993 Humor and Cartoon Markets
1993978-0-89879-595-0Ronald Tobias20 Master Plots and How to Build Them
  ''978-0-89879-596-7Russell BintliffPolice Procedural: A Writer's Guide to the Police and How They Work (Howdunit)
1994978-0-89879-600-1Ben BovaThe Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells
  ''978-0-89879-602-5Dick WeissmanCreating Melodies: A Songwriter's Guide to Understanding, Writing and Polishing Melodies
1993978-0-89879-606-3Kathy HendersonMarket Guide for Young Writers: Where and How to Sell What You Write
1994978-0-89879-632-2Sherrilyn Kenyon · Hal Blythe · Charlie SweetThe Writer's Digest Character Naming Sourcebook
  ''978-0-89879-634-6William NobleConflict, Action and Suspense (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-635-3Jack BickhamSetting: How to Create and Sustain a Sharp Sense of Time and Place in Your Fiction (Elements of Fiction Writing)
1995978-0-89879-639-1Dick Jacobs · Harriet JacobsWho Wrote That Song?
1994978-0-89879-640-7Thomas Clark · Bruce Woods · Peter Blocksom · Angela TerezThe Writer's Digest Guide to Good Writing
1995978-0-89879-641-4Mark BeachEditing Your Newsletter: How to Produce an Effective Publication Using Traditional Tools and Computers
1994978-0-89879-643-8Jean KarlHow to Write and Sell Children's Picture Books
1995978-0-89879-648-3Sean P. MactireMalicious Intent: A Writer's Guide to How Murderers, Robbers, Rapists and Other Criminals Think (The Howdunit)
1995978-0-89879-649-0Mauro V. Corvasce · Joseph R. PaglinoModus Operandi: A Writer's Guide to How Criminals Work (Howdunit)
  ''978-0-89879-653-7John BrahenyThe Craft and Business of Songwriting
1997978-0-89879-655-1William BrohaughEnglish Through the Ages
1995978-0-89879-661-2Marshall J. CookLeads & Conclusions (Elements of Article Writing)
1994978-0-89879-662-9Dwight V. SwainCreating Characters: How to Build Story People
1995978-0-89879-665-0Sheila BenderWriting Personal Essays: How to Shape Your Life Experiences for the Page
1994978-0-89879-667-4Hy BenderEssential Software for Writers: A Complete Guide for Everyone Who Writes With a PC
  ''978-0-89879-670-4Jack BickhamWriting the Short Story: A Hands-On Program
1996978-0-89879-671-1L OneilTravel Writing
1994978-0-89879-674-2Michael Willins1995 Photographer's Market (Photographer's Market, 1995)
1995978-0-89879-681-0Monica WoodDescription (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-682-7Pat PattisonWriting Better Lyrics
  ''978-0-89879-693-3Johnny PayneVoice & Style (Elements of Fiction Writing)
1996978-0-89879-696-4Donna LevinGet That Novel Written! From Initial Idea to Final Edit
1995978-0-89879-697-1Marc McCutcheonThe Writer's Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition Through World War II (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)
1996978-0-89879-705-3David A. FryxellStructure & Flow (Elements of Article Writing)
1996978-0-89879-706-0Stanley SchmidtAliens and Alien Societies (Science Fiction Writing Series)
  ''978-0-89879-707-7Stephen L. Gillett · Ben BovaWorld-Building (Science Fiction Writing Series)
  ''978-0-89879-716-9Jim ZuckermanTechniques of Natural Light Photography
  ''978-0-89879-718-3Marshall KrantzIdeas & Research (Elements of Article Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-721-3Kathy HendersonThe Market Guide for Young Writers: Where and How to Sell What You Write
1996978-0-89879-725-1Elaine Raco Chase · Anne WingateAmateur Detectives: A Writer's Guide to How Private Citizens Solve Criminal Cases (Howdunit)
1995978-0-89879-738-1David FryxellHow to Write Fast (While Writing Well)
1996978-0-89879-741-1David W. PageBody Trauma: A Writer's Guide to Wounds and Injuries (Howdunit Series)
1997978-0-89879-747-3Ben BovaSpace Travel: A Writer's Guide to the Science of Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel (Science Fiction Writing Series)
  ''978-0-89879-748-0Paul J. NahinTime Travel: A Writer's Guide to the Real Science of Plausible Time Travel (Science Fiction Writing Series)
1996978-0-89879-752-7Kathy Lynn EmersonThe Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Renaissance England: From 1485-1649 (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)
1997978-0-89879-753-4Persia WoolleyHow to Write and Sell Historical Fiction
  ''978-0-89879-754-1Randy PoeMusic Publishing: A Songwriter's Guide - 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-89879-756-5Romance Writers of AmericaWriting Romances: A Handbook by the Romance Writers of America
  ''978-0-89879-758-9Michael WillinsThe Photographer's Market Guide to Photo Submission and Portfolio Formats
1996978-0-89879-759-6Writer's Digest BooksThe Writer's Essential Desk Reference
1996978-0-89879-762-6David H. BorcherdingScience Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Sourcebook: Where to Sell Your Manuscripts
1997978-0-89879-770-1Oscar Collier · Frances Spatz LeightonHow to Write & Sell Your First Novel
  ''978-0-89879-772-5Dale TaylorThe Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)
  ''978-0-89879-773-2Mauro V. Corvasce · Joseph R. PaglinoMurder One: A Writer's Guide to Homicide (Howdunit Series)
  ''978-0-89879-774-9Rohn EnghSell & Re-Sell Your Photos: How to Sell Your Pictures to a World of Markets a Mailbox Away (Sell and Re-Sell Your Photos)
1998978-0-89879-775-6Marc McCutcheonRoget's Super Thesaurus
1997978-0-89879-776-3Anne StilmanGrammatically Correct
  ''978-0-89879-777-0Writer's Digest Magazine · Amanda Boyd · Thomas Clark · Peter Blocksom · Jo GilbertWriter's Digest Handbook of Making Money Freelance Writing
1996978-0-89879-788-6Jack BickhamWriting and Selling Your Novel
2005978-0-89879-790-9Fay FaronMissing Persons: A Writer's Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted and the Escaped (Howdunit Series)
1996978-0-89879-791-6Kirsten C. HolmWriter's Market (Book & CD)
1997978-0-89879-798-5Mort CastleWriting Horror
1998978-0-89879-800-5Jim ZuckermanJim Zuckerman's Secrets of Color in Photography
1998978-0-89879-809-8Peter Rubie · Gary ProvostHow to Tell a Story: The Secrets of Writing Captivating Tales
  ''978-0-89879-812-8Kristine HughesThe Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England from 1811-1901
  ''978-0-89879-814-2Marcia YudkinWriting Articles About the World Around You
  ''978-0-89879-815-9Nancy KressDynamic Characters: How to Create Personalities That Keep Readers Captivated
1997978-0-89879-821-0Jack BickhamThe 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes
1998978-0-89879-823-4Greg FallisJust the Facts, Ma'am: A Writer's Guide to Investigators and Investigation Techniques (Howdunit)
1999978-0-89879-824-1Karen Ann MooreYou Can Write Greeting Cards
1998978-0-89879-825-8Jeff MockYou Can Write Poetry
  ''978-0-89879-827-2Fay FaronRip-Off: A Writer's Guide to Crimes of Deception (Howdunit)
1998978-0-89879-829-6Tracey E. DilsYou Can Write Children's Books
  ''978-0-89879-848-7Evan MarshallThe Marshall Plan for Novel Writing
  ''978-0-89879-850-0Kirsten Holm1999 Writer's Market
  ''978-0-89879-853-1Tara A. Horton1999 Songwriter's Market (Songwriter's Market, 1999)
  ''978-0-89879-854-8Chantelle Bentley1999 Poet's Market (Poet's Market, 1999)
1998978-0-89879-857-9Sherry GarlandWriting for Young Adults
1999978-0-89879-861-6Rebecca McclanahanWord Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively
  ''978-0-89879-862-3Rita Clay Estrada · Rita GallagherYou Can Write a Romance
  ''978-0-89879-863-0Gillian RobertsYou Can Write a Mystery
1998978-0-89879-868-5James V. Smith Jr.You Can Write a Novel
  ''978-0-89879-869-2Mark Beach · Elaine FloydNewsletter Sourcebook
1999978-0-89879-870-8Candy MoultonThe Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the Wild West (WRITER'S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY LIFE SERIES)
  ''978-0-89879-875-3Blythe Camenson · Marshall J. CookYour Novel Proposal From Creation to Contract: The Complete Guide to Writing Query Letters, Synopses, and Proposals for Agents and Editors
1999978-0-89879-876-0Barbara Kuroff1999 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market (NOVEL AND SHORT STORY WRITER'S MARKET)
1998978-0-89879-880-7Jack M. BickhamWriting the Short Story: A Hands-On Program
1999978-0-89879-901-9Linda EdelsteinThe Writer's Guide to Character Traits: Includes Profiles of Human Behaviors and Personality Types (Writer's Market Library)
  ''978-0-89879-902-6Greg DaughertyYou Can Write for Magazines
  ''978-0-89879-905-7Nancy KressElements of Fiction Writing - Beginnings, Middles & Ends
  ''978-0-89879-906-4Jack M. BickhamScene & Structure (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-907-1William NobleConflict, Action & Suspense (Elements of Fiction Writing)
1999978-0-89879-908-8Monica WoodDescription (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-911-8Kirsten C. HolmWriter's Market 2000: 8,000 Editors Who Buy What You Write
  ''978-0-89879-916-3Kristen Holms2000 Writer's Market: The Electronic Edition with CD-ROM
  ''978-0-89879-921-7Neff · PruesFormatting & Submitting Your Manuscript (Writer's Market Library)
  ''978-0-89879-922-4Michael J. VarholaEveryday Life During the Civil War (WRITER'S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY LIFE SERIES)
2000978-0-89879-923-1J. Kevin WolfeYou Can Write a Cookbook
2000978-0-89879-924-8Monica McCabe-CardozaYou Can Write a Column
1999978-0-89879-927-9Orson Scott CardElements of Fiction Writing - Characters & Viewpoint
2000978-0-89879-928-6T. MacDonald SkillmanWriting the Thriller: How to Craft Page-Turning Suspense with Instruction from Best-Selling Authors
1999978-0-89879-929-3Susan K. PerryWriting in Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity
2000978-0-89879-930-9Joe Feiertag · Mary Carmen CupitoThe Writer's Market Companion (Writer's Market Library)
  ''978-0-89879-932-3Stephen WilbersKeys to Great Writing
  ''978-0-89879-935-4Alice PopeChildren's Writer's & Illustrator's Market, 2000: 800 Editors & Art Directors Who Buy Your Writing & Illustrations
1999978-0-89879-942-2Dale TaylorWriter's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America: From 1607-1783 (WRITER'S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY LIFE SERIES)
2000978-0-89879-943-9James V. Smith Jr.Fiction Writer's Brainstormer
  ''978-0-89879-944-6Rohn EnghSellPhotos.Com: Your Guide to Establishing a Successful Stock Photography Business on the Internet
1999978-0-89879-946-0Ansen DibellPlot (Elements of Fiction Writing)
  ''978-0-89879-948-4Jack M. BickhamSetting (Elements of Fiction Writing)
1999978-0-89879-951-4Alijandra MogilnerChildren’s Writer’s Word Book (Children's Writer's Word Book)
2000978-0-89879-971-2Sheila BenderA Year in the Life: Journaling for Self-Discovery
  ''978-0-89879-973-6Raymond ObstfeldNovelist's Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes
  ''978-0-89879-974-3Pamela WallaceYou Can Write a Movie
  ''978-0-89879-976-7Barbara Ann KipferWriter's Digest Flip Dictionary
  ''978-0-89879-977-4Kirsten C. HolmWriter's Market 2001: 8000 Editors Who Buy What You Write
2000978-0-89879-983-5Jay Conrad Levinson · Rick Frishman · Michael LarsenGuerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 Weapons to Help You Sell Your Work
  ''978-0-89879-984-2J DavisNovelists Essential Guide to Creating Plot (Novelists Essentials)
  ''978-0-89879-985-9Elaine Marie AlphinCreating Characters Kids Will Love
  ''978-0-89879-989-7Terry Cox a/k/a Terah CoxYou Can Write Song Lyrics
2001978-0-89879-996-5Candy MoultonEveryday Life Among the American Indians: 1800 to 1900 (Writer's Guide to Everyday Life Series)
2000978-0-89879-999-6Barbara Ann KipferRoget's Thesaurus of Phrases