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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1997978-0-89852-050-7Robert L. KearneyStarch and Starch Products in Paper Coating
  ''978-0-89852-056-9Peter SeifertPaper Machine Wet Press Manual
1996978-0-89852-063-7Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper IndustryPulp Bleaching: Principles and Practice
1998978-0-89852-066-8Jerome M. GessRetention of Fines and Fillers During Papermaking
2000978-0-89852-069-9E. M. Back · L. H. AllenPitch Control Resin and Deresination
1997978-0-89852-254-9David J. BentleyPolymers, Laminations and Coatings: A Tappi Press Anthology of Published Papers, 1986-1991
1992978-0-89852-255-6Robert P. Green · Gerald HoughChemical Recovery in the Alkaline Pulping Processes
1995978-0-89852-279-2Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry Winding committeeRoll and Web Defect Terminology
1997978-0-89852-280-8Cheryl ReimoldHow to Write What People Like to Read
1994978-0-89852-281-5David R. RoisumThe Mechanics of Winding
1995978-0-89852-299-0John W. KoningCorrugated Crossroads/0101R254
1997978-0-89852-308-9Gerald F. OstrootThe Consistency Control Book
1996978-0-89852-313-3David R. RoisumThe Mechanics of Rollers (0101R255)
1997978-0-89852-322-5Agneta Mimms · M. J. Kocurek · Jeff A. Pyatte · E. E. WrightKraft Pulping
1998978-0-89852-346-1David R. RoisumThe Mechanics of Web Handling (0101R273)
  ''978-0-89852-353-9Tappi Test Methods, 1998-1999
1999978-0-89852-357-7D. S. ArguyropoulusAdvances in Linocellulosies Characterization
1997978-0-89852-400-0Russell A. Parham · Richard L. GrayThe Practical Identification of Wood Pulp Fibers
  ''978-0-89852-453-6Corrugating Defect Terminology
1989978-0-89852-457-4Tyrone L. Vigo · Albin F. TurbakNonwovens an Advanced Tutorial
1991978-0-89852-465-9Kenneth G. FryeWinding
1999978-0-89852-740-7NaProcess and Product Quality Conference & Trade Fair: 1999 Proceedings. 3 Volume Set
1995978-0-89852-937-1Coating Conference1995 Coating Conference/01050495: Stouffer Hotel, Dallas, Texas, May 19-20 (Coating Conference Papers)