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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-89800-137-2Tarthang TulkuAncient Tibet (Tibetan History Series)
1987978-0-89800-138-9Tarthang TulkuLove of Knowledge (Time, Space, and Knowledge Series)
  ''978-0-89800-146-4Yeshe De Project · Yeshe De Project StaffAncient Tibet: Research Materials from the Yeshe De Project (Tibetan History Series)
  ''978-0-89800-178-5NyingmaWays of Work: Dynamic Action, Nyingma in the West (Nyingma in America Series)
1989978-0-89800-193-8Rosalyn WhiteHeart of Gold (Jataka Tales (Paperback))
1990978-0-89800-202-7Sylvia GretchenHero of the Land of Snow (King Gesar)
1991978-0-89800-204-1Lama GovindaInsights of a Himalayan Pilgrim (Tibetan Art and Culture Series)
1990978-0-89800-206-5Tarthang TulkuKnowledge of Time & Space: An Inquiry into Knowledge, Self & Reality (Time, Space and Knowledge Series)
1996978-0-89800-216-4Julia WitwerSecret of the Healing Treasure (King Gesar Series) (Spanish Edition)
1991978-0-89800-223-2Zara WallaceGesar!: The Epic Tale of Tibet's Great Warrior-King (Tibetan Art and Culture)
1993978-0-89800-224-9Rosalyn WhiteTreasury of Wise Action (Tales of Compassion and Wisdom) (Spanish Edition)
1978978-0-89800-231-7Tarthang TulkuSkillful Means: Patterns for Success (Nyingma Psychology Series)
1991978-0-89800-239-3   ''Lineage of Diamond Light Crystal Mirror 5
1992978-0-89800-242-3Elizabeth CookLight of Liberation: A History of Buddhism in India (Crystal Mirror Series, Vol. 8)
1986978-0-89800-243-0Dharma Publishing · Tarthang TulkuFootsteps on the Diamond Path Crystal Mirror 1 - 3) (Crystal Mirror Series)
1994978-0-89800-244-7Elizabeth CookHoly Places of the Buddha Crystal Mirror 9
1995978-0-89800-246-1John PowersWisdom of Buddha: The Samdhinirmochana Sutra (Tibetan Translation Series)
1993978-0-89800-254-6Lama MiphamWays of Enlightenment (Nyingma Education)
  ''978-0-89800-258-4Tarthang TulkuVisions of Knowledge: Liberation of Modern Mind (Perspectives on Time, Space & Knowledge)
1994978-0-89800-262-1   ''Mastering Successful Work: Skillful Means: Wake Up!
  ''978-0-89800-266-9   ''Dynamics of Time and Space: Transcending Limits on Knowledge
2002978-0-89800-267-6N. H. SamtaniGathering the Meanings: The Arthavinishchaya Sutra & its Commentary (Tibetan Translation Series)
1995978-0-89800-275-1Leslie BradburnMaster of the Nyingma Lineage Crystal Mirror 11
1977978-0-89800-284-3Elizabeth CookStupa: Sacred Symbol of Enlightenment Crystal Mirror 12
1997978-0-89800-285-0Padma-chos-phegLeaves of the Heaven Tree: Great Compassion of the Buddha (Tibetan Translation Series)
1997978-0-89800-286-7Christian LindtnerMaster of Wisdom: Writitngs of the Buddhist Mastar Nagarjuna (Tibetan Translation Series)
2000978-0-89800-309-3Arnaud MaitlandMasterWork: Master of Time
2004978-0-89800-344-4PadmasambhavaLegend of the Great Stupa: Two Termas from the Nyingma Tradition (Tibetan Translation Series)
1979978-0-89800-345-1Li Gotami GovindaTibet in Pictures: A Journey into the Past (Tibet Art and Culture Series)
1997978-0-89800-360-4Tarthang TulkuSacred Dimensions of Time & Space (Time, Space, and Knowledge)
2004978-0-89800-362-8   ''Bringing the Teachings Alive Crystal Mirror 4
2005978-0-89800-367-3Arnaud MaitlandLiving Without Regret: Human Experience in Light of Tibetan Buddhism
2006978-0-89800-371-0Tarthang TulkuTibetan Meditation: Practical teachings and step-by-step exercises on how to live in harmony, peace, and happiness
2006978-0-89800-388-8Tarthang TulkuThe Joy of Being: Advanced Kum Nye Practices for Relaxation, Integration and Concentration (Tibetan Yoga)
2007978-0-89800-393-2LongchenpaNow That I Come to Die: Intimate Guidance from One of Tibet's Greatest Masters (Tibetan Translation)
  ''978-0-89800-421-2Tarthang TulkuKum Nye Tibetan Yoga: A Complete Guide to Health and Wellbeing, 115 Exercises & Massages
  ''978-0-89800-422-9Yeshe TsogyalLife & Liberation of Padmasambhava (2 Volume Set)
2009978-0-89800-437-3Yeshe TsogyalPadmasambhava Comes to Tibet: 25 Disciples--Vajra Guru Mantra--Prayers
  ''978-0-89800-515-8Rosalyn WhiteCourageous Captain: A Story About the Power of Good Action (Jataka Tales)