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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-89733-001-5Alexandra KollontaiLove of Worker Bees
2005978-0-89733-011-4Elinor WylieLast Poems of Elinor Wylie
1981978-0-89733-025-1Jeanne Madeline WeimannThe Fair Women: The Story of the Women's Building at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893
2001978-0-89733-027-5TrenchForbidden Sands
2005978-0-89733-033-6Leo BruceCase for Three Detectives: A Sergeant Beef Detective story (Sergeant Beef Series)
1980978-0-89733-036-7Leo BruceCase for Sergeant Beef
  ''978-0-89733-041-1   ''Neck and neck: A "Sergeant Beef" detective novel
2005978-0-89733-044-2Karl BecksonAesthetes and Decadents of the 1890s: An Anthology of British Poetry and Prose
  ''978-0-89733-053-4E. M. DelafieldDiary of a Provincial Lady (Provincial Lady Series)
  ''978-0-89733-056-5Lacey Baldwin SmithHenry VIII: The Mask of Royalty
  ''978-0-89733-059-6Robert GravesHomer's Daughter
2005978-0-89733-063-3Dorothy MiddletonVictorian Lady Travellers
1982978-0-89733-066-4H. Russell WakefieldThe Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield
2005978-0-89733-069-5Dorothy CanfieldThe Home-Maker
1983978-0-89733-070-1A. A. DornfeldBehind the Front Page: The Story of the City News Bureau of Chicago
  ''978-0-89733-071-8Leo BruceJack on the Gallows Tree (A Carolus Deene Mystery)
2005978-0-89733-072-5   ''Jack on the Gallows Tree: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
  ''978-0-89733-073-2   ''Death in Albert Park (A Carolus Deene Mystery)
1983978-0-89733-074-9MarshallVirgins And Viragos
2005978-0-89733-075-6Rosalind K. MarshallVirgins and Viragos: A History of Women in Scotland from 1080-1980
2004978-0-89733-078-7H.R.F KeatingThe Perfect Murder (Inspector Ghote Series)
1983978-0-89733-083-1H. R. F. KeatingInspector Ghote Trusts the Heart (Academy mystery)
  ''978-0-89733-084-8Leo BruceFurious Old Women (Carolus Deene Mystery)
2005978-0-89733-085-5E .M. DelafieldThe Provincial Lady in London
1992978-0-89733-086-2Hans FalladaLittle Man, What Now?
2005978-0-89733-093-0Arnold BennettRiceyman Steps
  ''978-0-89733-094-7Leo BruceDeath at St. Asprey's School: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
1984978-0-89733-098-5SykesNancy: THE LIFE OF LADY ASTOR
2005978-0-89733-101-2Celia FremlinThe Hours Before Dawn (Celia Fremlin Mysteries)
1911978-0-89733-110-4E.M. DelafieldThe Provincial Lady In America (Provincial Lady Series)
2004978-0-89733-113-5Elinor Wylie WYLIEMr Hodge Mr Hazard
2005978-0-89733-116-6Fay Weldon WELDONDown Among the Women (Cassandra Editions)
1984978-0-89733-124-1J. L. CarrA Month in the Country
1985978-0-89733-125-8Manuel Vazquez MontalbanMurder in the Central Committee
1985978-0-89733-127-2Leo BruceNothing Like Blood: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
2005978-0-89733-134-0Joseph WechsbergBlue Trout and Black Truffles
  ''978-0-89733-138-8H.R.F. Keating KEATINGFilmi, Filmi, Inspector Ghote (Inspector Ghote Series)
  ''978-0-89733-139-5   ''Inspector Ghote Draws A Line (Inspector Ghote Series)
  ''978-0-89733-144-9Paul Thompson THOMPSONThe Edwardians: the Remaking of British Society
  ''978-0-89733-147-0Mary Dorothy GeorgeLondon Life in the 18th Century
1985978-0-89733-149-4Philip K. DickPuttering About in a Small Land
2005978-0-89733-153-1Victor PapanekDesign for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change
2008978-0-89733-154-8ForbesA Mirror For Witches
1985978-0-89733-155-5Howard JacobsonComing From Behind
2005978-0-89733-156-2E.M. DelafieldThe Provincial Lady in Russia (Provincial Lady Series)
1986978-0-89733-159-3BruceSuch Is Death (Carolus Deene Mysteries)
1986978-0-89733-160-9Leo BruceSuch Is Death (A Carolus Deene Mystery)
1985978-0-89733-164-7Margaret St. ClairThe Best of Margaret St. Clair
  ''978-0-89733-174-6MarquandPoint Of No Return
2005978-0-89733-177-7H. R. F. KeatingInspector Ghote Breaks an Egg (Inspector Ghote, Bk 6)
1985978-0-89733-178-4H.R.F KeatingInspector Ghote Caught in Meshes: An Academy Mystery (Inspector Ghote Series)
2005978-0-89733-179-1H.R.F KeatingInspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock (Inspector Ghote Series)
  ''978-0-89733-189-0Malcolm BradburyEating People Is Wrong
1986978-0-89733-206-4Jane Ewart-BiggsPay, Pack, and Follow: Memoirs
2005978-0-89733-210-1E. M. DelafieldThe Provincial Lady in Wartime (Provincial Lady Series)
1986978-0-89733-211-8Miss ReadVillage School
2005978-0-89733-220-0Kingsley AmisThe Green Man
  ''978-0-89733-225-5Martin Greenberg GREENBERGLocked Room Puzzles (Academy Mystery Novellas)
  ''978-0-89733-229-3Leo BruceOur Jubilee is Death: A Carolus Deane Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
  ''978-0-89733-231-6J.P. Marquand MARQUANDH.M. Pulham, Esq.
2005978-0-89733-236-1Fay WeldonFat Woman's Joke
2001978-0-89733-237-8Jerome H. BuckleyThe Pre-Raphaelites: An Anthology Of Poetry By Dante Gabriel Rosetti And Others
2005978-0-89733-238-5Michael MallettThe Borgias: The Rise and Fall of the Most Infamous Family in History
  ''978-0-89733-245-3Eric Hodgins HODGINSMr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
  ''978-0-89733-246-0Mikhail BulgakovThe White Guard
  ''978-0-89733-252-1Basil Copper COPPERThe Dossier Of Solar Pons (Academy Mystery)
  ''978-0-89733-253-8Leo BruceDie All, Die Merrily: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
1987978-0-89733-255-2Margaret YorkeThe Point of Murder (Academy Mystery)
1988978-0-89733-262-0DornfeldHello Sweetheart Get Me A Rewrite
2005978-0-89733-265-1Arthur Conan Doyle · McSherry Frank DThe Best Horror Stories of Arthur Conan Doyle
2005978-0-89733-271-2Leo BruceDead Man's Shoes: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
  ''978-0-89733-273-6Basil Copper COPPERThe Further Adventures Of Solar Pons (Academy Mystery)
  ''978-0-89733-282-8Tony MorrisonPathways To The Gods: The Mystery of the Andes Lines
1987978-0-89733-287-3Geoffrey AsheThe Quest For Arthur's Britain
1990978-0-89733-288-0Bruce MylesNight Witches: The Amazing Story Of Russia's Women Pilots in World War II
2005978-0-89733-292-7Leo BruceDeath On Allhallowe'en: A Carolus Deene Mystery
  ''978-0-89733-299-6Marie Belloc-Lowndes BELLOC-LOWNDESThe Lodger
1998978-0-89733-303-0Fern KupferBefore and After Zachariah
2005978-0-89733-304-7Monica Dickens DICKENSOne Pair Of Hands
  ''978-0-89733-326-9Leo BruceDeath of a Commuter: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
1990978-0-89733-334-4Dora Jessie SaintNews from Thrush Green
1991978-0-89733-340-5   ''Emily Davis
1990978-0-89733-341-2FidoMurder Guide To London
1990978-0-89733-342-9Shirley JacksonLife Among the Savages
2005978-0-89733-344-3Susan J. BlackmoreBeyond The Body: An Investigation of Out-of-the-Body Experiences
  ''978-0-89733-345-0Leo BruceDeath with Blue Ribbon: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
  ''978-0-89733-353-5Sergei Dovlatov DOVLATOVThe Compromise
  ''978-0-89733-356-6Hella S. HaasseIn a Dark Wood Wandering: A Novel of the Middle Ages
  ''978-0-89733-360-3Nigel Hinton HINTONHeart Of The Valley The
2005978-0-89733-362-7J.E. NealeQueen Elizabeth I
  ''978-0-89733-365-8Daisy AshfordThe Young Visiters
  ''978-0-89733-366-5Elisabeth Sanxay Holding HOLDINGBlank Wall The The Innocent Mrs Duff
  ''978-0-89733-372-6Hella S. HaasseThe Scarlet City: A Novel of 16th Century Italy
1995978-0-89733-376-4Olga LengyelFive Chimneys: A Woman Survivor's True Story of Auschwitz
1992978-0-89733-378-8SpryFlower Decoration
2005978-0-89733-379-5Emily Van Sickle VAN SICKLEIron Gates Of Santo Tomas The: IMPRISONMENT IN MANILA, 1942-1945
1992978-0-89733-383-2ReadNo Holly for Miss Quinn (The Fairacre Series #12)
2005978-0-89733-384-9Philip K. DickPuttering About in a Small Land
1998978-0-89733-387-0ChapmanNotorious Abbess
2005978-0-89733-391-7Rowland ParkerThe Common Stream: Two Thousand Years of the English Village
  ''978-0-89733-392-4Arthur MorrisonA Child of the Jago: A Novel Set in the London Slums in the 1890s (An Academy Victorian Classic, reprint of the 1897 Third edition)
2005978-0-89733-394-8Antony BridgeTheodora: Portrait in a Byzantine Landscape
1994978-0-89733-401-3Patrick Z. McGavinFacets Gay & Lesbian Video Guide
2005978-0-89733-405-1John CheeverThirteen Uncollected Stories By John Cheever
  ''978-0-89733-408-2Nina TotenbergComplete Transcripts of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Hearings: October 11, 12, 13, 1991
1994978-0-89733-413-6JacksonRaising Demons
1995978-0-89733-417-4ReadFresh From The Country (Miss Read)
2005978-0-89733-418-1Glenn CheneyJourney to Chernobyl: Encounters in a Radioactive Zone
  ''978-0-89733-421-1Richard LindbergChicago by Gaslight: A History of Chicago's Netherworld: 1880-1920
  ''978-0-89733-426-6Hella S. HaasseThreshold Of Fire: A Novel of Fifth-Century Rome
  ''978-0-89733-435-8Anne RossPagan Celtic Britain: Studies in Iconography and Tradition
2005978-0-89733-436-5Roger Sherman LoomisCeltic Myth and Arthurian Romance
  ''978-0-89733-440-2Arthur MorrisonTales of Mean Streets (Academy Victorian Classics)
  ''978-0-89733-441-9W.W. JacobsThe Monkey's Paw and Other Tales of Mystery and the Macabre
1998978-0-89733-449-5George Sand SAND · Sue Huseman · Sylvie, CharronThe Marquise & Pauline
  ''978-0-89733-452-5Archibald GracieTitanic: A Survivor’s Story
  ''978-0-89733-465-5George Paston PASTON · George PastonA Writer of Books
1998978-0-89733-467-9Catherine Foley · Facets MultimediaFacets Video Encyclopedia
2005978-0-89733-469-3Geoffrey AsheKings and Queens of Early Britain
  ''978-0-89733-473-0H.B. CreswellThe Honeywood File: An Adventure in Building
2000978-0-89733-477-8Maureen FreelyThe Other Rebecca
2005978-0-89733-482-2Geoffrey Moorhouse · Geoffrey MoorhouseIndia Britannica: A Vivid Introduction to the History of British India
2000978-0-89733-485-3E. Nesbit NESBIT · Rolf Klep · Edith NesbitThe Children's Shakespeare
2001978-0-89733-492-1Estelle Fox Kleiger KLEIGER · Estelle Fox KliegerThe Trial of Levi Weeks: Or The Manhattan Well Mystery
2005978-0-89733-495-2Blaise Picchi PICCHIFive Weeks Of Giuseppe Zangara The: THE MAN WHO TRIED TO KILL FDR
  ''978-0-89733-496-9Anita Miller · Jordan Miller · Sigalit ZetouniSharon: Israel's Warrior-Politician
  ''978-0-89733-505-8Edward S. Cooper COOPERVinnie Ream: An American Sculptor
  ''978-0-89733-507-2John CareyThe Intellectuals And The Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligensia, 1880-1939
2005978-0-89733-513-3Walter RothLooking Backward: True Stories from Chicago's Jewish Past
  ''978-0-89733-514-0Anthony P. HatchTinder Box: The Iroquois Theatre Disaster 1903
  ''978-0-89733-516-4Leo BruceDeath at Hallows End: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Mysteries)
2004978-0-89733-521-8Bruce J. Miller · Diana MaioTake Them at Their Words: Startling, Amusing and Baffling Quotations from the GOP and Their Friends, 1994-2004
2005978-0-89733-522-5William Smock SMOCKThe Bauhaus Ideal Then And Now: An Illustrated Guide to Modern Design
  ''978-0-89733-523-2Leo BruceDeath in the Middle Watch: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
  ''978-0-89733-524-9Stuart SpitalnicBringing Back Eight: A Novel About Medical Malpractice on Trial
2005978-0-89733-528-7Jeff Stimpson STIMPSONAlex
  ''978-0-89733-530-0Glenn CheneyJourney on the Estrada Real: Encounters in the Mountains of Brazil
  ''978-0-89733-531-7Anita MillerSharon: Israel's Warrior-Politician
  ''978-0-89733-532-4Jeff Janoda JANODASaga: A NOVEL OF MEDIEVAL ICELAND
  ''978-0-89733-535-5Congressman John ConyersWhat Went Wrong in Ohio: The Conyers Report on the 2004 Presidential Election
2005978-0-89733-536-2Rhoda WarrenAppalachian Mountain Girl: Coming of Age in Coal Mine Country
  ''978-0-89733-539-3E. M. Delafield · Anita Miller · Margaret FreemanThe Provincial Lady in America
2006978-0-89733-543-0John SumserA Land Without Time: A Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan
  ''978-0-89733-544-7Julian PadowiczMother and Me: Escape from Warsaw 1939
  ''978-0-89733-546-1Alpana SinghAlpana Pours: About Being a Woman, Loving Wine, and Having Great Relationships
  ''978-0-89733-547-8Lacey Baldwin SmithEnglish History Made Brief, Irreverent, and Pleasurable
2006978-0-89733-550-8John Conyers Jr. · Anita Miller · Joseph C. WilsonGeorge W. Bush Versus the U.S. Constitution: The Downing Street Memos and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, Coverups in the Iraq War and Illegal Domestic Spying
2007978-0-89733-552-2Glenn CheneyJourney to Chernobyl: Encounters in a Radioactive Zone
  ''978-0-89733-556-0Rebecca G. HaileHeld at a Distance: A Rediscovery of Ethiopia
  ''978-0-89733-557-7Gene LogsdonThe Lords of Folly: A Novel
  ''978-0-89733-558-4Gabriel CohenBOOMBOX
  ''978-0-89733-561-4Sandra Lee EugsterNotes From Nethers: Growing Up In A Sixties Commune
2007978-0-89733-566-9H.B. CreswellThe Honeywood Settlement
2008978-0-89733-568-3Jeff JanodaSaga: A Novel of Medieval Iceland
  ''978-0-89733-570-6Julian PadowiczMother and Me: Escape from Warsaw 1939
2007978-0-89733-572-0Gordon TaylorFever and Thirst: An American Doctor Among the Tribes of Kurdistan, 1835-1844
2008978-0-89733-574-4Leo BruceDeath at Hallows End: A Carolus Deene Mystery (Carolus Deene Series)
  ''978-0-89733-576-8Paul GarsonAlbum of the Damned: Snapshots From the Third Reich
  ''978-0-89733-578-2Earl Derr BiggersThe Chinese Parrot: A Charlie Chan Mystery (Charlie Chan Mysteries)
  ''978-0-89733-579-9Earl Derr BiggersThe House Without a Key: A Charlie Chan Mystery (Charlie Chan Mysteries)
2008978-0-89733-581-2Tova SadkaFarewell to Dejla: Stories of Iraqi Jews at Home and in Exile
2009978-0-89733-583-6Malcolm ShumanThe Levee: A Novel of Baton Rouge
  ''978-0-89733-584-3Earl Derr BiggersBehind That Curtain: A Charlie Chan Mystery
  ''978-0-89733-585-0   ''The Black Camel: A Charlie Chan Mystery
  ''978-0-89733-587-4Tom EdwardsBlue Jesus: A Novel
  ''978-0-89733-590-4William SmockThe Bauhaus Ideal Then and Now: An Illustrated Guide to Modern Design
2009978-0-89733-594-2Earl Derr BiggersCharlie Chan Carries On (Charlie Chan Mysteries)
  ''978-0-89733-595-9   ''Keeper of the Keys: A Charlie Chan Mystery (Charlie Chan Mysteries)
  ''978-0-89733-597-3John ManderinoThe Man Who Once Played Catch with Nellie Fox: A Novel
  ''978-0-89733-598-0Julian PadowiczA Ship in the Harbor: Mother and Me, Part II
2010978-0-89733-600-0Burt ZolloPrisoners: A Jewish Guard in a Nazi POW Camp
  ''978-0-89733-604-8Marie Belloc-LowndesThe Lodger
2010978-0-89733-606-2Leo BruceCase with 4 Clowns: A Sergeant Beef Mystery (Sergeant Beef Series)
  ''978-0-89733-610-9Tony ArdizzoneThe Whale Chaser
2011978-0-89733-612-3David SchmahmannIvory From Paradise
  ''978-0-89733-615-4Frank Cicero Jr.Relative Strangers: Italian Protestants in the Catholic World
  ''978-0-89733-616-1Julian PadowiczLoves of Yulian: Mother and Me, Part III
  ''978-0-89733-620-8David A. AnsellCounty: Life, Death and Politics at Chicago's Public Hospital
2018978-0-89733-703-8James RobenaltBallots and Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland
2013978-0-89733-709-0Richard SmolevIn Praise of Angels: A Novel of the Reconstruction Era
2012978-0-89733-719-9David A. AnsellCounty: Life, Death, and Politics at Chicago's Public Hospital
2013978-0-89733-725-0Richard SmolevIn Praise of Angels
2016978-0-89733-742-7Samuel SilvermanI, Sami
2016978-0-89733-745-8Lori CidyloAll the Clean Ones Are Married: And Other Everyday Calamities in Moscow
2018978-0-89733-929-2Cory FranklinDoctor Will See You Now
  ''978-0-89733-937-7Bob BurnsThe Track in the Forest: The Creation of a Legendary 1968 US Olympic Team