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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-89659-000-7Christopher FinchWalt Disney's America
  ''978-0-89659-006-9Walt Disney ProductionsDonald Duck ([Walt Disney best comics series])
1979978-0-89659-032-8Walt Disney ProductionsWalt Disney Uncle Scrooge (Walt Disney best comics series)
  ''978-0-89659-033-5Horst Schroeder · Steve HulettGoofy: Walt Disney Best Comics ([Walt Disney best comics series])
  ''978-0-89659-039-7Frank J AndersonThe Complete Book of 169 Redoute Roses
1996978-0-89659-050-2Editors of Abbeville PressOld Master Paintings in North America
1979978-0-89659-067-0Frank J AndersonAn illustrated treasury of orchids
1980978-0-89659-072-4Slim StealingworthTom Wesselmann
1979978-0-89659-073-1David Douglas DuncanThe Fragile Miracle of Martin Gray
  ''978-0-89659-074-8David Douglas DuncanGreat treasures of the Kremlin
1980978-0-89659-088-5Sam HunterMasters of twentieth century art
1980978-0-89659-090-8Norman RockwellNorman Rockwell (Abbeville library of art)
  ''978-0-89659-124-0Michael DavisonAbbeville Library of Art: Ancient Rome
  ''978-0-89659-151-6Diane KelderThe great book of French impressionism
  ''978-0-89659-155-4Frank GetleinMary Cassatt: Paintings and Prints
  ''978-0-89659-158-5Andre Chastel · Takashi OkamuraThe Vatican frescoes of Michelangelo
1980978-0-89659-160-8Tom WesselmannTom Wesselmann
1981978-0-89659-186-8Robert MerrillNew Rochelle: Portrait of a City
1982978-0-89659-190-5Sally EauclaireThe New Color Photography
  ''978-0-89659-225-4Patricia Frantz KeryGreat magazine covers of the world
1981978-0-89659-232-2Frank Thomas · Ollie JohnstonDisney Animation: The Illusion of Life
  ''978-0-89659-233-9Frank Thomas · Ollie JohnstonDisney Animation: The Illusion of Life
  ''978-0-89659-241-4Christina ProbertShoes in Vogue Since 1910 (Gift Line)
  ''978-0-89659-242-1Christina ProbertSwimwear in Vogue Since 1910
1982978-0-89659-254-4Robert Buck · Edward F. Fry · Charlotta KotikFernand Leger, an Exhibition
1986978-0-89659-255-1Hans Jaffede Stijl, 1917-1931: Visions of Utopia
1989978-0-89659-268-1Christina ProbertFashion in Vogue Since 1910: Lingerie (Accessories in Vogue Series)
1982978-0-89659-311-4Martin FriedmanThe Frozen Image: Scandinavian Photography
1990978-0-89659-314-5Rebecca ZurierThe American Firehouse: An Architectural and Social History
1992978-0-89659-328-2Phyllis TuchmanGeorge Segal (Modern Masters Series, Vol. 5)
1984978-0-89659-330-5Lawrence AllowayRoy Lichtenstein (Modern Masters Series)
1983978-0-89659-331-2Lawrence AllowayRoy Lichtenstein
1983978-0-89659-338-1Claudio EdingerChelsea Hotel
1985978-0-89659-340-4Clay LancasterThe American Bungalow, 1880-1930
1983978-0-89659-367-1Milt GrossHearts of Gold: The Great American Novel and Not a Word in It-No Music, Too (Gift Line)
  ''978-0-89659-385-5Andy Ratcliffe · Carter RatcliffAndy Warhol (Modern Masters Series)
  ''978-0-89659-386-2Carter RatcliffAndy Warhol (Modern Masters)
1985978-0-89659-388-6Dore Ashton · Robert Buck · FlamRobert Motherwell
1983978-0-89659-392-3Robert PutnamEarly Sea Charts
2000978-0-89659-402-9Glenn Andres · John Hunisak · Richard TurnerThe Art of Florence (2 Volumes) (v 1 and 2)
1983978-0-89659-404-3Philip Kaplan · Rex Alan SmithOne last look: A sentimental journey to the Eighth Air Force heavy bomber bases of World War II in England
1984978-0-89659-407-4Kathleen Aguilar · Michael AbramsonMiniature Rooms: The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago
  ''978-0-89659-418-0Emile De Antonio · Mitch TuchmanPainters Painting: A Candid History of the Modern Art Scene, 1940-1970
  ''978-0-89659-419-7H. Thomas SteeleThe Hawaiian Shirt: Its Art and History (Recollectibles)
1981978-0-89659-428-9Luigi SerafiniCodex Seraphinianus
1984978-0-89659-430-2Karen WilkinDavid Smith (Modern Masters Series)
1986978-0-89659-441-8Cynthia GoodmanHans Hofmann (Modern Masters Series)
1984978-0-89659-444-9Richard FrancisJasper Johns (Modern Masters Series)
1992978-0-89659-447-0Hugh Davies Pro BarFrancis Bacon (Modern Masters Series)
1992978-0-89659-449-4Nan RosenthalRobert Rauschenberg
1989978-0-89659-452-4Christopher FinchSpecial Effects: Creating Movie Magic
1992978-0-89659-453-1John Pope-HennessyCellini
1984978-0-89659-457-9Gene A. BruckerFlorence: The Golden Age, 1138-1737
1985978-0-89659-515-6Alfred EisenstaedtEisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt: A Self-Portrait
1986978-0-89659-523-1Douglas CurranIn Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space
1997978-0-89659-524-8Alex KayserHeads
1985978-0-89659-570-5Alice FordEdward Hicks, His Life and Art
  ''978-0-89659-576-7Rosalind Krauss · Jane Livingston · Dawn AdesL'Amour fou: Photography and Surrealism
1987978-0-89659-584-2Paul D. GrushkinThe Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk
1985978-0-89659-586-6Robert A Sobiwszek · Robert A Sobieszek · International Museum of Photography at George Eastman HouseMasterpieces of Photography: From the George Eastman House Collections
  ''978-0-89659-589-7R. L WilsonColt, an American legend: The official history of Colt firearms from 1836 to the present
  ''978-0-89659-592-7Caroline A. JonesModern Art at Harvard: The Formation of the Nineteenth-And Twentieth-Century Collections of the Harvard University Art Museums
1986978-0-89659-604-7Floyd GottfredsonMickey Mouse (Walt Disney's Best Comics)
  ''978-0-89659-606-1Cynthia GoodmanHans Hofmann (Modern masters series)
1986978-0-89659-607-8H. Thomas SteeleBowl-O-Rama: The Visual Arts of Bowling (Recollectibles)
1987978-0-89659-650-4Peter FrankNew, Used and Improved: Art for the 80's (Art in the 80's)
1986978-0-89659-653-5Lillian GottschalkAmerican Toy Cars and Trucks, 1894-1942
  ''978-0-89659-654-2Christopher FinchAmerican watercolors
  ''978-0-89659-657-3Edward J. SullivanBotero Sculpture
1990978-0-89659-658-0Kenneth NebenzahlMaps of the Holy Lands: Images of Terra Sancta Through Two Millenia
1987978-0-89659-661-0Sandi FellmanThe Japanese Tattoo
1986978-0-89659-662-7Edgar Kaufmann Jr.Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House
  ''978-0-89659-663-4Emilio AmbaszInternational Design Yearbook 2
  ''978-0-89659-664-1Julie Schafler Dale · Otto StupakoffArt to Wear
1986978-0-89659-669-6Maurice TuchmanThe Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting, 1890-1985
  ''978-0-89659-681-8Kate, et al LinkerIndividuals: A selected history of contemporary art, 1945-1986 by Linker, Kate, et al (1986) Paperback
1987978-0-89659-687-0John CanemakerWinsor McCay, His Life and Art
  ''978-0-89659-688-7John Breadsley · Director of Garden and Landscape Studies John Beardsley · Octavio Paz · Jane LivingstonHispanic Art in the United States: Thirty Contemporary Painters and Sculptors
  ''978-0-89659-689-4John James AudubonThe 1826 Journal of John James Audubon
  ''978-0-89659-695-5H. Thomas Steele · Jim Heimann · Rod DyerClose Cover Before Striking: The Golden Age of Matchbook Art (Recollectibles)
1990978-0-89659-698-6Frank Thomas · Ollie JohnstonDisney Animation: The Illusion of Life
1989978-0-89659-744-0Alice FordJohn James Audubon: A Biography
1987978-0-89659-747-1Frank Thomas · Ollie JohnstonToo Funny for Words: Disney's Greatest Sight Gags
1987978-0-89659-748-8Nancy HellerWomen artists: An illustrated history
  ''978-0-89659-749-5Angus WilkieBiedermeier
1988978-0-89659-751-8Anne H. HoyFabrications: Staged, Altered, and Appropriated Photographs
1987978-0-89659-756-3Rod Dyer · Ron Spark · Steve SakaiFit to Be Tied: Vintage Ties of the Forties and Early Fifties (Recollectibles)
  ''978-0-89659-769-3Pontus HultenThe Arcimboldo Effect: Transformations of the Face from the 16th to the 20th Century
1998978-0-89659-770-9Lady Bird Johnson · Carlton B. LeesWildflowers Across America
1987978-0-89659-774-7Edoardo FazzioliChinese Calligraphy: From Pictograph to Ideogram: The History of 214 Essential Chinese/Japanese Characters
  ''978-0-89659-782-2Jean DubuffetJean Dubuffet: Towards an Alternative Reality
1981978-0-89659-785-3Charles LockwoodBricks and Brownstone
1988978-0-89659-792-1Sara Holmes BoutelleJulia Morgan, Architect
  ''978-0-89659-794-5Jefferson GrahamCome on Down the TV Game Show Book
1988978-0-89659-795-2Milton W. BrownThe Story of the Armory Show
1987978-0-89659-798-3Sandi FellmanThe Japanese Tattoo
1992978-0-89659-799-0Jacques Derrida · Antonin ArtaudAntonin Artaud: Drawings and Prints
1988978-0-89659-800-3Mark KostabiSadness Because the Video Rental Store Was Closed and Other Stories
  ''978-0-89659-803-4Thomas McEvilley · Lucas SamarasLucas Samaras--Objects and Subjects, 1969-1986
  ''978-0-89659-809-6Shusaku Arakawa · Madeline Gins · Arakawa GinsMechanism of Meaning
  ''978-0-89659-811-9Christopher FinchTwentieth Century Watercolors
  ''978-0-89659-867-6Corinne Davidov · Ginny Redington DawesThe Bakelite Jewelry Book
1988978-0-89659-869-0Richard Allen · Stephen RebelloReel Art: Great Posters From The Golden Age Of The Silver Screen
  ''978-0-89659-876-8Wilson Mary Stewart · Mary Stewart-WilsonQueen Mary's Dolls' House
  ''978-0-89659-879-9Gail R. ScottMarsden Hartley
  ''978-0-89659-883-6Belinda ThomsonVuillard
1990978-0-89659-884-3Penny SparkeDesign in Italy: 1870 To the Present
1988978-0-89659-887-4Kenneth BakerMinimalism: Art of Circumstance (Abbeville Modern Art Movements)
2001978-0-89659-888-1Walton Rawls · Maurice RickardsWake Up, America. World War I and the American Poster.
1992978-0-89659-891-1Carter RatcliffKomar and Melamid
1988978-0-89659-893-5Maurice RickardsCollecting Printed Ephemera
1989978-0-89659-894-2Peter SalwenUpper West Side Story: A History and Guide
1990978-0-89659-898-0Harold DarlingBon Voyage: Souvenirs from the Golden Age of Travel (Recollectibles)
1989978-0-89659-902-4Howard FinsterHoward Finster, Stranger from Another World Man of Visions Now on This Earth
1992978-0-89659-912-3Randolph Carter · Robert Reed ColeJoseph Urban: Architecture, Theatre, Opera, Film
1989978-0-89659-913-0Christopher Finch · D. Phillips WelkersonBeer: A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Best
  ''978-0-89659-916-1Leland Payton · Crystal PaytonTurned on: Decorative Lamps of the Fifties (Recollectibles)
1991978-0-89659-919-2William Howard AdamsNature Perfected: Gardens Through History:
1989978-0-89659-923-9Garth ClarkThe Eccentric Teapot: Four Hundred Years of Invention
1990978-0-89659-925-3Jeffrey BecomMediterranean Color: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece
1989978-0-89659-927-7Garth Clark · Robert A. Ellison · Eugene HechtThe Mad Potter of Biloxi: The Art and Life of George E. Ohr
1989978-0-89659-928-4Alicia Craig Faxon · Dante Gabriel RossettiDante Gabriel Rossetti
  ''978-0-89659-929-1Eric ShanesConstantin Brancusi (Modern Masters Series)
1992978-0-89659-930-7Joel LobenthalRadical Rags: Fashions of the Sixties
1989978-0-89659-931-4Ronald LightbownBotticelli: Life and Work
  ''978-0-89659-935-2Andrew KaganMarc Chagall (Modern Masters Series, Vol. 13)
1991978-0-89659-947-5Karen WilkinGeorges Braque (Modern Masters Series)
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1988978-0-89659-950-5William Howard AdamsJefferson's Monticello
1990978-0-89659-964-2Robin MagowanFabled Cities of Central Asia: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva