Twenty Third Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-89622-086-7Isaias PowersQuiet Places With Jesus: 40 Guided Imagery Meditations for Personal Prayer
1983978-0-89622-174-1William J. BauschNew Look at the Sacraments
1986978-0-89622-191-8Gerard S. SloyanJesus in Focus
1984978-0-89622-199-4William J. BauschStorytelling: Imagination and Faith
1985978-0-89622-212-0M. TrueJustice Seekers, Peace Makers
  ''978-0-89622-215-1Isaias PowersLetters from an Understanding Friend: Jesus on the Way to Jerusalem
1986978-0-89622-297-7   ''Quiet Places With Mary
  ''978-0-89622-313-4John V. TaylorWeep Not for Me: Meditations on the Cross and the Resurrection
1987978-0-89622-321-9Charles KeatingWho We Are Is How We Pray: Matching Personality and Spirituality
  ''978-0-89622-333-2Martin H PadovaniHealing Wounded Emotions: Overcoming Life's Hurts (Inspirational Reading for Every Catholic)
1988978-0-89622-355-4Bill HuebschA New Look at Grace: A Spirituality of Wholeness
1989978-0-89622-393-6Bill HuebschRethinking Sacraments: Holy Moments in Daily Living
  ''978-0-89622-395-0William J. BauschPilgrim Church: A Popular History of Catholic Christianity
1989978-0-89622-397-4Kenneth StokesFaith Is a Verb: Dynamics of Adult Faith Development
1990978-0-89622-408-7Rowanne Pasco · John RedfordFaith Alive: A New Presentation of Catholic Belief and Practice (Best in Rcia Resources)
  ''978-0-89622-452-0Stephen J. RossettiSlayer of the Soul: Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church
  ''978-0-89622-453-7Charles BirchA Purpose for Everything: Religion in a Postmodern Worldview
1991978-0-89622-458-2Bill HuebschNew Look at Prayer: Searching for Bliss (C-45)
  ''978-0-89622-486-5Charles MeyerSurviving Death: A Practical Guide to Caring for the Dying & Bereaved
1992978-0-89622-507-7Dennis M. DoyleThe Church Emerging from Vatican II: A Popular Approach to Contemporary Catholicism
1989978-0-89622-515-2Greg DuesCatholic Customs & Traditions: A Popular Guide (More Resources to Enrich Your Lenten Journey)
1992978-0-89622-525-1Bill HuebschA Radical Guide for Catholics: Rooted in the Essentials of Our Faith
1993978-0-89622-534-3William J. BauschMore Telling Stories, Compelling Stories
1992978-0-89622-536-7Paul BernierMinistry in the Church
2007978-0-89622-537-4Berard MarthalerThe Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology
1992978-0-89622-551-0Bill HuebschPope John Paul II (
1993978-0-89622-558-9Kevin TrestonA New Vision of Religious Education: Theory, History, Practice, & Spirituality for Dres, Catechists, & Teachers
1995978-0-89622-564-0Eilis Bergin · Eddie FitzgeraldAn Enneagram Guide: A Spirituality of Love in Brokenness
1994978-0-89622-575-6William J. DauschWhile You Were Gone: A Handbook for Returning Catholics, and Those Thinking About It
1993978-0-89622-579-4Regina CollChristianity and Feminism in Conversation
1994978-0-89622-587-9Gerard S. SloyanJesus in Focus: A Life in Its Setting
  ''978-0-89622-588-6Bernard CookeSacraments and Sacramentality
1995978-0-89622-644-9Twenty-Third PublicationsWhen Someone Dies: A Childrens' Grief Workbook
1995978-0-89622-648-7Kevin TrestonCreative Christian Leadership: Skills for More Effective Ministry
  ''978-0-89622-661-6Brennan HillExploring Catholic Theology: God, Jesus, Church, and Sacraments
1996978-0-89622-665-4Laurin J. Wenig40 Days of Grace: Lenten Prayers & Reflections
1995978-0-89622-668-5Kathleen O. ChestoFamily Prayer for Family Times: Traditions, Celebrations, and Rituals
1996978-0-89622-676-0Shiela Kielly · Sheila GeraghtyAdvent & Lent Activities for Children: Camels, Carols, Crosses, and Crowns (Bestseller)
  ''978-0-89622-677-7James Richard LahmanPrayers of the Hours: Morning, Midday & Evening
  ''978-0-89622-681-4Joseph SullivanGood Night, Lord: Everyday Prayers of Everyday People
  ''978-0-89622-682-1Isaias PowersHealing Words from Jesus
2004978-0-89622-695-1Katie Thompson · Kate ThompsonThe Complete Children's Liturgy Book: Liturgies of the Word for Years A, B, C
1997978-0-89622-704-0Harriet YoungBereavement Ministry: A Leader's Resource Manual
1996978-0-89622-705-7William Urbine · William SeifertOn Life and Love: A Guide to Catholic Teaching on Marriage & Family
1997978-0-89622-716-3Kevin TrestonFive Dynamic Dimensions for Effective Teaching
1998978-0-89622-722-4Isaias PowersHeart-Talks With Jesus: Guided Scripture Meditations
1997978-0-89622-724-8Michael MorwoodTomorrow's Catholic: Understanding God and Jesus in a New Millennium (Inspirational Reading for Every Catholic)
1997978-0-89622-725-5Brennan Hill · William Madges · Paul F KnitterFaith, Religion & Theology: A Contemporary Introduction
  ''978-0-89622-734-7Anne E. NeubergerAdvent Stories and Activities: Meeting Jesus Through the Jesse Tree
  ''978-0-89622-741-5Deborah M. JonesThe RCIA Journey...: A Resource for the Catechumenate (Best in Rcia Resources)
1998978-0-89622-919-8William J BauschA World of Stories for Preachers and Teachers: And All Who Love Stories That Move and Challenge
  ''978-0-89622-923-5Charles MeyerA Good Death: Challenges Choices and Care Options
1999978-0-89622-927-3Bruce Reed PullenDiscovering Celtic Christianity: Its Roots, Relationships & Relevance
1998978-0-89622-936-5Marvin L. Krier MichCatholic Social Teaching and Movements
1999978-0-89622-982-2Gwen CostelloPraying With the Saints: 30 Classroom Services for Children
2010978-0-89622-986-0Katie ThompsonFootprints in Faith: Take-Home Leaflets for Every Sunday of the Catholic Lectionary for Ages 7-12
  ''978-0-89622-987-7   ''Step by Step: Lectionary Activities for Kids Ages 4-7 for Every Sunday of the Three-Year Cycle
1999978-0-89622-991-4William J BauschThe Yellow Brick Road: A Storyteller's Approach to the Spiritual Journey
1999978-0-89622-993-8Ray Robert NollSacraments: A New Understanding for a New Generation w/CD