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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-89594-007-0Joseph BruchacStone Giants and Flying Heads: Adventure Stories of the Iroquois
  ''978-0-89594-009-4Joseph BruchacThe Next World: Poems by 32 Third World Americans
1981978-0-89594-053-7Manju S. SinghThe Spice Box: A Vegetarian Indian Cookbook (Vegetarian Cooking)
978-0-89594-062-9Use it All: Leftovers Cook Book
1983978-0-89594-099-5Marilyn FryePolitics of Reality: Essays in Feminist Theory (Crossing Press Feminist (Paperback))
  ''978-0-89594-108-4Janet Isaacs AshfordThe Whole Birth Catalog: A Sourcebook for Choices in Childbirth
  ''978-0-89594-113-8Pat ParkerMovement in Black: The Collected Poetry of Pat Parker 1961- 1978
1982978-0-89594-122-0Audre LordeZami: A New Spelling of My Name - A Biomythography (Crossing Press Feminist Series)
1984978-0-89594-139-8Michelle CliffAbeng
  ''978-0-89594-141-1Geraldine Audre LordeSister Outsider: Essays and Speeches (Crossing Press Feminist Series)
1985978-0-89594-163-3Joanna RussMagic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans and Perverts: Essays on Sex and Pornography
1985978-0-89594-167-1Joseph BruchacIroquois Stories: Heroes and Heroines Monsters and Magic
  ''978-0-89594-172-5Marcia Germaine HutchinsonTransforming Body Image: Learning to Love the Body You Have
  ''978-0-89594-180-0Dorothy RankinPestos!: Cooking With Herb Pastes
  ''978-0-89594-186-2Joanna RussOn Strike Against God: A Lesbian Love Story (Crossing Press Feminist Series)
1986978-0-89594-192-3Julie JordanThe Cabbagetown Cafe Cookbook
  ''978-0-89594-201-2John GillErotic Poems from the Greek Anthology (Gay Series)
1986978-0-89594-202-9Erotic poems from The Greek anthology
  ''978-0-89594-207-4Marcia Sabate WilliamsThe No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat, No Apologies Cookbook
1988978-0-89594-258-6Joy GardnerColor and Crystals: A Journey Through the Chakras (Crystals and New Age)
  ''978-0-89594-312-5Dena TaylorRed Flower: Rethinking Menstruation (Well woman series)
  ''978-0-89594-325-5Cuca Hepburn · Bonnie GutierrezAlive and Well: A Lesbian Health Guide
1989978-0-89594-339-2Julia PenelopeThe Original Coming Out Stories
  ''978-0-89594-380-4Gertrude SteinReally reading Gertrude Stein: A selected anthology with essays by Judy Grahn
1989978-0-89594-384-2Margaret EdwardsA Stairstep Approach to Fertility (Well women series)
1990978-0-89594-399-6Renee HansenTake Me To The Underground
1988978-0-89594-400-9Dunstan A. HarrisIsland Cooking: Recipes from the Caribbean
1990978-0-89594-409-2Diane SteinAll Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing
  ''978-0-89594-411-5Diane SteinCasting the Circle: A Woman's Book of Ritual
  ''978-0-89594-439-9Helen WillinskyJerk: Barbecue from Jamaica
2007978-0-89594-458-0James GreenThe Male Herbal: Health Care for Men and Boys
2013978-0-89594-460-3Diane SteinThe Goddess Celebrates: An Anthology of Women's Rituals
1991978-0-89594-467-2Aurora StaffLesbian Love Signs: An Astrological Guide to Women Loving Women
  ''978-0-89594-475-7Shekhinah MountainwaterAriadne's Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic
  ''978-0-89594-490-0Ric WeinmanOne Heart Laughing: Awakening Within Our Human Trance
1992978-0-89594-496-2Julia PenelopeCall Me Lesbian: Lesbian Lives, Lesbian Theory
1992978-0-89594-498-6Leslie TierraThe Herbs of Life: Health & Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques
1991978-0-89594-515-0Jan NixFilo!: Appetizers, Entrees, and Desserts
  ''978-0-89594-517-4Cathleen RountreeOn Women Turning Forty: Coming into Our Fullness
1992978-0-89594-525-9Diane SteinThe Natural Remedy Book for Women
  ''978-0-89594-531-0Jim TarantinoMarinades: Dry Rubs, Pastes and Marinades for Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Cheese and Vegetables
1993978-0-89594-535-8Anne CarsonGoddesses and Wise Women: The Literature of Feminist Spirituality 1980-1992, an Annotated Bibliography
2011978-0-89594-551-8Diane SteinThe Goddess Book of Days: A Perpetual 366 Day Engagement Calendar
1992978-0-89594-559-4Carole BloomTruffles, Candies, and Confections: Elegant Candy Making in the Home
  ''978-0-89594-568-6Debra N. St. ClairePocket Herbal Reference Guide (Crossing Press Pocket Guides)
1993978-0-89594-574-7Anodea Judith · Selene VegaThe Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras
  ''978-0-89594-575-4Asphodel P. LongIn a Chariot Drawn by Lions
1993978-0-89594-586-0Michael TobiasEnvironmental meditation
  ''978-0-89594-591-4Julia PenelopeLesbian Culture: An Anthology: The Lives, Work, Ideas, Art and Visions of Lesbians Past and Present
  ''978-0-89594-596-9Marcia Starck · Gynne SternWomen's Medicine Ways: Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage
  ''978-0-89594-601-0David Jay Brown · Rebecca McClen NovickMavericks of the Mind: Conversations for the New Millennium
  ''978-0-89594-602-7David Jay Brown · Rebecca McClen NovickMavericks of the Mind: Conversations for the New Millennium
1993978-0-89594-603-4Marcia Starck · Gynne SternThe Dark Goddess: Dancing With the Shadow
  ''978-0-89594-605-8George GreensteinSecrets of a Jewish Baker: Authentic Jewish Rye and Other Breads
  ''978-0-89594-614-0Diane SteinNatural Healing for Dogs and Cats
  ''978-0-89594-631-7Roz WarrenWhat Is This Thing Called Sex?
  ''978-0-89594-632-4Isadora AlmanLet's Talk Sex: Q & A on Sex and Relationships
1993978-0-89594-636-2Joseph BruchacThe Native American Sweat Lodge: History and Legends
  ''978-0-89594-647-8Peter SinclairAlex's restaurant: Cartoons
1994978-0-89594-656-0Carol A. WileyJourneys to Self-Acceptance: Fat Women Speak
  ''978-0-89594-686-7Diane SteinThe Natural Remedy Book for Dogs & Cats
  ''978-0-89594-688-1Michael A. Messner · Donald F. SaboSex, Violence & Power in Sports: Rethinking Masculinity
1995978-0-89594-692-8Kathi Keville · Mindy GreenAromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art
1994978-0-89594-710-9Pam Johnson-BennettTwisted Whiskers: Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems
  ''978-0-89594-722-2Patricia MonaghanO Mother Sun!: A New View of the Cosmic Feminine
1994978-0-89594-723-9Patricia MonaghanO Mother Sun!: A New View of the Cosmic Feminine
1995978-0-89594-732-1David Jay Brown · Rebecca McClen NovickVoices from the Edge: Conversations With Jerry Garcia, Ram Dass, Annie Sprinkle, Matthew Fox, Jaron Lanier, & Others
  ''978-0-89594-736-9Diane SteinEssential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art
  ''978-0-89594-744-4Rae BethThe Wiccan Path: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
  ''978-0-89594-746-8Margaret WittenbergGood Food: The Comprehensive Food and Nutrition Resource
1996978-0-89594-760-4Dave DeWitt · Chuck EvansThe Hot Sauce Bible
  ''978-0-89594-764-2Candis C. PackardPocket Guide to Ayurvedic Healing (Crossing Press Pocket Guides)
1995978-0-89594-766-6Deborah AbbottFrom Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life: Stories of Transformation
1995978-0-89594-774-1Wendy HuttonFood of China Authentic Recipes From The (Periplus World Cookbooks)
  ''978-0-89594-781-9Michael BradfordThe Healing Energy of Your Hands
1996978-0-89594-786-4Aviva Jill RommNatural Healing for Babies and Children
1995978-0-89594-792-5Virginia Hoffman · Robert HoffmanThe Great Turkey Cookbook: 385 Turkey Recipes for Every Day and Holidays
1996978-0-89594-795-6Walter WagnerThe Food of Japan: Authentic Recipes from the Land of the Rising Sun (Periplus World Cookbooks)
  ''978-0-89594-799-4Amanda M. CrawfordThe Herbal Menopause Book: Herbs, Nutrition and Other Natural Therapies
  ''978-0-89594-803-8Patricia TelescoSpinning Spells, Weaving Wonders: Modern Magic for Everyday Life
  ''978-0-89594-805-2Patricia RichfieldJapanese Vegetarian Cooking: From Simple Soups to Sushi (Vegetarian Cooking Series)
1996978-0-89594-806-9Bruce BjorkmanThe Great Barbecue Companion: Mops, Sops, Sauces, and Rubs
  ''978-0-89594-807-6Diane SteinPsychic Healing With Spirit Guides and Angels
  ''978-0-89594-811-3Alan OkenSoul-Centered Astrology: A Key to Your Expanding Self
  ''978-0-89594-815-1Kathy KevillePocket Guide to Aromatherapy (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
  ''978-0-89594-820-5Alan OkenPocket Guide to Astrology (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
1996978-0-89594-822-9Alan OkenPocket Guide to the Tarot (Crossing Press Pocket Guides)
1997978-0-89594-823-6Shoshana AlexanderWomen's Ventures, Women's Visions: 29 Inspiring Stories from Women Who Started Their Own Business
1996978-0-89594-826-7Alan OkenPocket Guide to Numerology (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
  ''978-0-89594-830-4Diane SteinOn Grief and Dying: Understanding the Soul's Journey
  ''978-0-89594-831-1Diane Stein · SteinHealing with Gemstones and Crystals (Crossing Press Healing Series)
  ''978-0-89594-833-5Carole BloomTruffles, Candies, and Confections: Elegant Candymaking in the Home
1997978-0-89594-836-6Patricia TelescoThe Language of Dreams
1996978-0-89594-838-0Thomas Dale Cowan · Tom CowanShamanism As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life
1997978-0-89594-845-8Tom CowanPocket Guide to Shamanism (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
  ''978-0-89594-848-9Carl FerrePocket Guide to Macrobiotics (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
1998978-0-89594-855-7Aviva Jill RommPocket Guide to Midwifery Care (Crossing Press Pocket Guides)
1997978-0-89594-856-4Diane Stein · SteinHealing with Flower and Gemstone Essences
1997978-0-89594-858-8Marcia S. WilliamsCooking the Fat-Free, Salt-Free, Sugar-Free, Flavor-Full Way
  ''978-0-89594-864-9Kathleen S.Pocket Guide to the 12 Steps (Crossing Press Pocket Guides)
  ''978-0-89594-870-0Patricia TelescoWishing Well: Empowering Your Hopes and Dreams
2002978-0-89594-871-7   ''Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings
1998978-0-89594-872-4   ''Futuretelling
1997978-0-89594-874-8Bill TaylorThe Balanced Diet Cookbook: Easy Menus and Recipes for Combining Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats
  ''978-0-89594-875-5Scott CunninghamPocket Guide to Fortune Telling (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
  ''978-0-89594-878-6Diane SteinWe Are the Angels: Healing Your Past, Present, and Future with the Lords of Karma
1997978-0-89594-879-3Cathryn BauerPocket Guide to Acupressure Points for Women (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
  ''978-0-89594-881-6Sylvia WilsonBark Busters: Solving Your Dogs Behavioral Problems
1998978-0-89594-887-8Patricia TelescoA Little Book of Love Magic
  ''978-0-89594-890-8Nancy L. NickellNature's Aphrodisiacs
1997978-0-89594-891-5Ambika WautersChakras and Their Archetypes: Uniting Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth
  ''978-0-89594-893-9Debbie ShapiroYour Body Speaks Your Mind: How Your Thoughts and Emotions Affect Your Health
  ''978-0-89594-901-1Terri HenryBiscotti, Bars, and Brownies (Specialty Cookbook Series)
1998978-0-89594-906-6Ambika WautersHealing with the Energy of the Chakras
1998978-0-89594-907-3Sirona KnightPocket Guide to Celtic Spirituality (The Crossing Press Pocket Series)
  ''978-0-89594-909-7Pam Johnson-BennettPsycho Kitty?: Understanding Your Cat's Crazy Behavior
  ''978-0-89594-918-9Glen ParkA New Approach to the Alexander Technique: Moving Toward a More Balanced Expression of the Whole Self
  ''978-0-89594-921-9Lara OwenHonoring Menstruation: A Time of Self-Renewal
  ''978-0-89594-925-7Joseph Corvo · Lilian Verner-BondsHealing with Color Zone Therapy
1998978-0-89594-939-4Billy Ray BoydCircumcision Exposed: Rethinking a Medical and Cultural Tradition
  ''978-0-89594-941-7Howard EarlyQuick Breads (Specialty Cookbook Series.)
  ''978-0-89594-946-2Diane SteinThe Holistic Puppy: How to Have a Happy, Healthy Dog
  ''978-0-89594-949-3Joy GardnerPocket Guide to Chakras (Crossing Press Pocket Guides)
1999978-0-89594-952-3Lawrence GreenThe Dermatologist's Guide to Looking Younger
  ''978-0-89594-953-0Rebecca NovickFundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism
1999978-0-89594-954-7Judy JackaHealing Yourself Naturally
  ''978-0-89594-955-4Francesca Naish · Janette RobertsHealthy Parents, Better Babies: A Couple's Guide to Natural Preconception Health Care
  ''978-0-89594-956-1Dorothy RankinNoodle Fusion: Asian Noodle Dishes for Western Kitchens
1998978-0-89594-967-7Nancy EvelynPocket Guide to Herbal First Aid
1999978-0-89594-978-3Bill SchoenbartPocket Guide to Chinese Patent Medicines
1988978-0-89594-979-0Diane SteinAll Women Are Psychics
2000978-0-89594-982-0Patricia TelescoShaman in a 9 to 5 World
  ''978-0-89594-990-5James GreenThe Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual
2002978-0-89594-997-4Ambika Wauters · Roger SavageHomeopathic Color Remedies
1999978-0-89594-999-8Marcia Hutchinson200 Ways to Love the Body You Have