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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-89581-008-3Margarethe. KUhnelThe Original Blue Danube Cookbook: Fine Recipes of the Old Austrian Empire
1981978-0-89581-010-6Mayumi OdaGoddesses
1984978-0-89581-024-3Hyecho · Jan Yun-Hua · Iida Shotaro · Yang Han-SungThe Hye Ch'O Diary: Memoir of the Pilgrimage to the Five Regions of India (Religions of Asia Series) (English and Korean Edition)
2006978-0-89581-092-2James Harlan FoardThe Pure Land Tradition: History and Development (Berkeley Buddhist Studies)
1977978-0-89581-150-9Lewis LancasterPrajnaparamita and Related Systems: Studies in Honor of Edward Conze (Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series 1)
1981978-0-89581-151-6Luis O. Gomez · Jr. Hiram W. WoodwardBarabudur: History and Significance of a Buddhist Monument (Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series 2)
1983978-0-89581-152-3Lewis R. Lancaster · Whalen LaiEarly Ch'an in China and Tibet (Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series 5)
1982978-0-89581-153-0Frank E. Reynolds · Mani B. ReynoldsThree Worlds According to King Ruang: A Thai Buddhist Cosmology (Berkeley Buddhist Studies Series 4) (English and Thai Edition)
1985978-0-89581-180-6Franklin EdgertonBuddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary
1982978-0-89581-607-8Susannah Harris StoneThe Oakland Paramount
1983978-0-89581-670-2MANJARI OHALAAspects of Hindi Phonology
1985978-0-89581-738-9R. C. Dwivedi · Rastogi · NavjivanTantraloka of Abhinavagupta
2010978-0-89581-825-6Zen Master BopjongThe Sound of Water, the Sound of Wind: And Other Early Works by a Mountain Monk
2003978-0-89581-826-3Yoon Dong-Joo · Kyungnyun K. Richards · Steffen F. Richards · Tong-Ju YunSky, Wind, and Stars
  ''978-0-89581-829-4Sok-Chae Im · Alan C. HeymanMu-Ga: The Ritual Songs of the Korean Mudangs
2005978-0-89581-855-3Pae-gang HwangKorean Myths and Folk Legends.
2006978-0-89581-862-1Daniel A. KisterKorean Shamanist Ritual: Symbols and Dramas of Transformation
2010978-0-89581-867-6Maitreya-natha (Author) · Tsong kha pa · Gareth SparhamGolden Garland of Eloquence - Vol. 3
1996978-0-89581-873-7James W. Heisig · Taitetsu UnnoThe Religious Philosophy of Tanabe Hajime (Nanzan Studies in Religion and Culture)
1988978-0-89581-886-7Richard W. I. GuissoShamanism: The Spirit World of Korea (Studies in Korean Religions and Culture 1)
2004978-0-89581-893-5Chai-Shin YuKorea and Christianity (Studies in Korean Religions and Culture, 8)
1987978-0-89581-908-6Vasubandhu · French Translation by Etienne Lamotte · English Translation by Leo M. PrudenKarmasiddhiprakarana: The Treatise on Action by Vasubandhu
1995978-0-89581-909-3Dennis HirotaWind in the Pines: Classic Writings of the Way of Tea as a Buddhist Path
2002978-0-89581-910-9Dennis HirotaWind in the Pines: Classic Writings of the Way of Tea as a Buddhist Path
1990978-0-89581-913-0Vasubandhu · L. De La Vallee Poussin · Leo M. PrudenAbhidharmakosabhasyam, 4 Volume Set (English, French and Sanskrit Edition)
  ''978-0-89581-914-7Hiroshi MotoyamaToward a Superconsciousness: Meditational Theory and Practice
1989978-0-89581-919-2Paul L. SwansonFoundations of Tʻien-Tʻai Philosophy: The Flowering of the Two Truths Theory in Chinese Buddhism (Nanzan Studies in Religion and Culture)
1990978-0-89581-922-2Nancy PatchenJourney of a Master: Swami Chinmayananda, the Man, the Path, the Teaching
  ''978-0-89581-923-9N. Ross ReatOrigins of Indian Psychology
1991978-0-89581-930-7Minor RogersRennyo: The Second Founder of Shin Buddhism (Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions)
  ''978-0-89581-932-1David ReidNew Wine: The Cultural Shaping of Japanese Christianity (Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions)
1993978-0-89581-933-8Herbert V. GuentherEcstatic Spontaneity: Saraha's Three Cycles of Doha (Nanzan studies in Asian religions)
1993978-0-89581-934-5Herbert V. GuentherEcstatic Spontaneity: Saraha's Three Cycles of Doha (Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions, Vol 4)
  ''978-0-89581-935-2Shimazono Susumu · Mark R. MullinsReligion and Society in Modern Japan: Selected Readings (Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions)
  ''978-0-89581-936-9Mark R. Mullins · Shimazono SusumuReligion and Society in Modern Japan: Selected Readings (Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions)
2001978-0-89581-941-3Asanga (Author) · Walpola Rahula · Sara Boin-WebbAbhidharmasamuccaya: The Compendium of the Higher Teaching (Philosophy)
1991978-0-89581-945-1Frederick FranckTo Be Human Against All Odds (Nanzan Studies in Religion and Culture)
  ''978-0-89581-946-8Paul Constantine PappasJesus' Tomb in India: The Debate on His Death and Resurrection
2002978-0-89581-953-6Olle (ed.) QvarnstromJainism and Early Buddhism: Essays in Honor of Prof. Padmanabh S. Jaini
2006978-0-89581-991-8Maitreya-nathaAbhisamayalamkara with Vrtti And Aloka - Volume 1
2008978-0-89581-992-5Arya Vimuktisena and HaribhadraAbhisamayalamkara with Vrtti and Aloka - Vol. 2
2009978-0-89581-993-2Maitreya-natha (Author) · Arya Vimuktisena · Haribhadra (Sanskrit Commentary) · Gareth SparhamAbhisamayalamkara with Vrtti and Aloka - Volume 3
2011978-0-89581-994-9   ''Abhisamayalamkara With Vrtti and Aloka: Fith to Eighth Abhisamayas: 4