Cherry Lane Music

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-89524-066-8Richard DanielsThe Heavy Guitar Bible: A Rock Guitar Instruction Manual
  ''978-0-89524-091-0Joe DarionMan of La Mancha: Vocal Selections
1981978-0-89524-142-9John DenverJohn Denver: Anthology [Easy Guitar Sonbook]
1986978-0-89524-148-1Richard DanielsBlues Guitar Inside and Out
1982978-0-89524-175-7Milton Okun · Dan FoxLionel Richie Songbook: Piano / Vocal / Chords
1987978-0-89524-190-0Iron MaidenIron Maiden Guitar Recorded Versions With Tablature - Words and Chords
1980978-0-89524-208-2Robert WalkerRachmaninoff ; The Illustrated Lives of the Great Composers
1985978-0-89524-229-7Robyn FlansJourney: The Band
  ''978-0-89524-230-3Steve GettRush: Success Under Pressure
1986978-0-89524-236-5Milton, Editor OkunMichael Schenker
1985978-0-89524-276-1Steve GettJulio Iglesias: The New Valentino (Rock read)
1986978-0-89524-284-6BonuttoMotley Crue
1990978-0-89524-292-1Lionel RichieLionel Richie Greatest Hits: Easy Piano
1987978-0-89524-317-1Gene LeesThe Modern Rhyming Dictionar
1986978-0-89524-321-8Cherry Land Music Co Inc · Placido DomingoChristmas With Placido Domingo Trumpets Sound And Angels Sing
1987978-0-89524-327-0Harry ChapinHarry Chapin - A Legacy in Song
1990978-0-89524-337-9Randy RhoadsRandy Rhoads: Guitar / Vocal (Song Book)
1987978-0-89524-347-8Ozzy Osbourne · Randy RhoadsOzzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute
1988978-0-89524-358-4MetallicaMaster Of Puppets Metallica G/V With Tablature
  ''978-0-89524-376-8John DenverJohn Denver Authentic Guitar Style
  ''978-0-89524-382-9Rick SpringfieldRick Springfield: Rock of Life, Piano, Vocal, Guitar
1988978-0-89524-386-7Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
  ''978-0-89524-408-6MetallicaMetallica - Master of Puppets* (Bass Guitar)
  ''978-0-89524-414-7Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien (Play It Like It Is)
1989978-0-89524-416-1Guns N' RosesGuns n' Roses: Appetite for Destruction (Bass Guitar)
  ''978-0-89524-419-2Hal Leonard · Ross Halfin · Larry Meyer · Wolf MarshallMetallica - ...And Justice for All
  ''978-0-89524-425-3Little FeatLet It Roll
1989978-0-89524-434-5Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses - Lies
  ''978-0-89524-448-2Tom PaxtonThe Authentic Guitar Style of Tom Paxton (Acoustic Guitars (Cherry Lane))
  ''978-0-89524-449-9MetallicaMetallica - ...And Justice for All (Bass Guitar)
  ''978-0-89524-451-2   ''Metallica - ...And Justice for All (Easy Guitar Series)
1990978-0-89524-484-0Milton OkunOf Love & Hope - Selections From Beauty and the Beast
  ''978-0-89524-494-9MetallicaMetallica - Ride the Lightning (Play It Like It Is)
1990978-0-89524-496-3MetallicaMetallica - Kill 'Em All*
  ''978-0-89524-506-9Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream
  ''978-0-89524-514-4MetallicaMetallica - Kill 'Em All [Bass Guitar Series, with Tablature]
  ''978-0-89524-515-1   ''Metallica - Kill 'Em All* (Play It Like It Is)
  ''978-0-89524-554-0   ''Metallica - Ride the Lightning* (Bass Guitar)
1986978-0-89524-558-8Mitch Leigh · Joe Darion · Ludwig FlatoMan of La Mancha: Vocal Score
1990978-0-89524-562-5MetallicaMetallica - Master of Puppets (Drum Edition)
1990978-0-89524-563-2Tom PaxtonTom Paxton - Children's Songbook
  ''978-0-89524-576-2MetallicaMetallica - ...And Justice for All (Play It Like It Is)
1991978-0-89524-599-1Not AvailableFaith No More: The Real Thing
1990978-0-89524-600-4Jeff Healey Band · Bruce PollockHell to Pay
1992978-0-89524-610-3MetallicaMetallica - Ride the Lightning: For Drums (Percussion)
1991978-0-89524-657-8   ''Metallica - Kill 'Em All
  ''978-0-89524-658-5chappell jonHeavy Metal Guitar Method Book One
  ''978-0-89524-675-2MetallicaMetallica: Black, Guitar Tab
  ''978-0-89524-684-4Guns N' RosesGuns n' Roses: Use Your Illusion II
1992978-0-89524-699-8MetallicaMetallica: (Black) For Bass (Play It Like It Is)
1992978-0-89524-705-6SlayerSlayer - Seasons In The Abyss
  ''978-0-89524-727-8Maury YestonPhantom Vocal Selections
  ''978-0-89524-728-5Groovus Maximus Electric Boys With Tablature
1993978-0-89524-734-6Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses - Selections From Use Your Illusion I & II
  ''978-0-89524-738-4Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani - Guitar Secrets
  ''978-0-89524-740-7MetallicaMetallica: Drum Edition
1992978-0-89524-741-4Hal Leonard Corp.39 Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar: Book 1 (Thirty-Nine Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar)
1992978-0-89524-742-1Hal Leonard Corp.39 Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar: Book 2 (Thirty-Nine Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar)
1998978-0-89524-746-9Slayer: South of Heaven Play It Like It Is Guitar
1992978-0-89524-756-8MetallicaMetallica: (Black) (Play It Like It Is)
1991978-0-89524-760-5Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses: Use Your Illusion I (Easy Guitar)
1992978-0-89524-772-8Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani - The Extremist (Easy Guitar Series)
  ''978-0-89524-773-5Metallica Complete Vol1 With Tablature
  ''978-0-89524-774-2unknownMetallica Complete Vol2 With Tablature
1993978-0-89524-775-9Slayer"Slayer": Reign in Blood (Play it Like it is)
  ''978-0-89524-781-0Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani - 5 of the Best/Vol.2*
1992978-0-89524-786-5MetallicaMetallica's Lars Ulrich - Drum Book/CD Pack
1993978-0-89524-792-6Hal Leonard Corp.Great Songs of the Eighties Edition
1994978-0-89524-819-0Hal Leonard Corp.Country Ladies
2003978-0-89524-820-6Maury YestonNine: The Musical - Piano/Vocal Selections
1994978-0-89524-821-3Hal Leonard Corp.The Giant Book of Children's Songs
  ''978-0-89524-823-7TeslaTesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam
  ''978-0-89524-829-9Lenny KravitzBest of Lenny Kravitz: 12 Great Songs Including: Believe, It Ain't Over,let Love Rule (Piano Vocal Guitar)
  ''978-0-89524-840-4Mark PhillipsMetallica - Riff by Riff - Guitar
  ''978-0-89524-845-9Guns N' RosesBest of Guns N' Roses
1994978-0-89524-846-6Jon ChappellScales & Modes (Essential Skills)
  ''978-0-89524-857-2Milton OkunJohnny Cash: 5 of the Best - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
  ''978-0-89524-866-4Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses Anthology (Tablature Included)
  ''978-0-89524-870-1SepulturaSepultura - Beneath the Remains*
1995978-0-89524-874-9SepulturaSepultura - Schizophrenia Guitar/vocal with tablature
1994978-0-89524-877-0Linda EderLinda Eder - And So Much More
1995978-0-89524-884-8Steve MorseSteve Morse-open Ears - Biography (Guitar presents)
1994978-0-89524-888-6SlashSlash - Great Solos*
  ''978-0-89524-891-6Guns N' RosesGuns N' Roses - Easy Recorded Versions (Guitar Easy Recorded Versions)
1994978-0-89524-895-4Richard DanielsThe Art of Playing Rock Guitar
978-0-89524-900-5Van Halen: Riff by Riff: Guitar with Tablature (Play It Like It Is)
1995978-0-89524-903-6SoundgardenThe Best of Soundgarden
  ''978-0-89524-909-8Barbra StreisandBarbra Streisand - The Concert (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-0-89524-911-1John DenverJohn Denver Anthology
1997978-0-89524-912-8   ''John Denver Anthology for Easy Guitar
1995978-0-89524-913-5   ''The Best of John Denver: Easy Guitar
  ''978-0-89524-914-2   ''John Denver's Greatest Hits
  ''978-0-89524-917-3Joe SatrianiThe Best of Joe Satriani (Play It Like It Is)
1996978-0-89524-922-7Eric ClaptonEric Clapton - Riff by Riff
1995978-0-89524-923-4MetallicaMetallica for Easy Guitar with Lessons, Vol. 1
1995978-0-89524-929-6Ed BakerBlues Riffs for Piano
1996978-0-89524-931-9Glenn WeiserFolk Songs for Solo Guitar: 36 Celtic Fiddle Tunes, Airs & Folk Songs
1995978-0-89524-933-3Jon ChappellBlues Rock Riffs for Guitar
  ''978-0-89524-940-1Faith No MoreFaith No More - King for a Day/ Fool for a Lifetime*
1996978-0-89524-970-8TeslaTime's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla (Play It Like It Is)
1995978-0-89524-986-9Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani (Play It Like It Is)
  ''978-0-89524-987-6Dave Matthews BandDave Matthews Band: Under the Table & Dreaming (Guitar Personality)
1996978-0-89524-995-1Dave Matthews BandDave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming