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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-89490-015-0John ImbrieIce Ages: Solving the Mystery
  ''978-0-89490-020-4John ImbrieIce ages: Solving the mystery
1981978-0-89490-043-3David SingmasterNotes on Rubik's 'Magic Cube'
  ''978-0-89490-044-0James HaskinsMagic: A Biography of Earvin Johnson
1980978-0-89490-049-5John Benson SidgwickAmateur Astronomer's Handbook
1984978-0-89490-051-8Dianne HolumComplete Handbook of Speed Skating
1983978-0-89490-054-9Laurence P. PringleRadiation: Waves and Particles/Benefits and Risks
1982978-0-89490-058-7Alexander H. Frey · D. SingmasterHandbook of Cubik Math
  ''978-0-89490-060-0Alexander H. Frey · D. SingmasterHandbook of Cubik Math
1984978-0-89490-071-6Gary W KronkComets: A Descriptive Catalog
1989978-0-89490-075-4David J. Eicher · Deep Sky MagazineDeep-Sky Observing With Small Telescopes: A Guide and Reference
1982978-0-89490-083-9Fred HoyleEvolution from space (the Omni lecture) and other papers on the origin of life
1987978-0-89490-136-2Howard LissThe Lawrence Taylor Story
1988978-0-89490-152-2James HaskinsCorazon Aquino: Leader of the Philippines (Contemporary Women Series)
1993978-0-89490-280-2Laurence P. PringleChemical and Biological Warfare: The Cruelest Weapons (Issues in Focus)
1990978-0-89490-292-5Sondra Henry · Emily TaitzBetty Friedan: Fighter for Women's Rights (Contemporary Woman Series)
1992978-0-89490-310-6Patricia C. McKissack · Fredrick L. McKissackPaul Robeson: A Voice to Remember (Great African Americans)
  ''978-0-89490-333-5Margaret ScarianoDr. Ruth Westheimer (Contemporary Women Series)
1992978-0-89490-384-7Lynn Hutner ColwellErma Bombeck: Writer and Humorist (Contemporary Women Series)
1993978-0-89490-387-8Glen MacNowSports Great: Cal Ripken, Jr. (Sports Great Books)
  ''978-0-89490-394-6William W. LaceSports Great Nolan Ryan (Sports Great Books)
1994978-0-89490-459-2D. J. HerdaRoe V. Wade: The Abortion Question (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-460-8D. J. HerdaThe Dred Scott Case: Slavery and Citizenship (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-461-5Carol HaasEngel V. Vitale: Separation of Church and State (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-469-1Harvey Fireside · Sarah Betsy FullerBrown V. Board of Education: Equal Schooling for All (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
1994978-0-89490-470-7Judy MonroeAlcohol (Drug Library)
  ''978-0-89490-477-6Margaret PoynterMarie Curie: Discoverer of Radium (Great Minds of Science)
  ''978-0-89490-483-7Glen MacNowDavid Robinson: Star Center (Sports Reports)
  ''978-0-89490-485-1Glen MacNow · Jeff SavageCal Ripken, Jr.: Star Shortstop (Sports Reports)
  ''978-0-89490-489-9D J HerdaFurman V. Georgia: The Death Penalty Case (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
1994978-0-89490-490-5D. J. HerdaNew York Times V. United States: National Security and Censorship (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-501-8Dianne M. MacMillanTet: Vietnamese New Year (Best Holiday Books)
  ''978-0-89490-504-9Gail Blasser RileyMiranda V. Arizona: Rights of the Accused (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
1995978-0-89490-507-0Victoria SherrowGideon V. Wainwright: Free Legal Counsel (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
1994978-0-89490-510-0William R. SanfordGeronimo Apache Warrior (Native American Leaders of the Wild West)
1995978-0-89490-541-4Michael D. ColeVostok 1: First Human in Space (Countdown to Space)
  ''978-0-89490-544-5Michael D ColeChallenger: America's Space Tragedy (Countdown to Space)
  ''978-0-89490-588-9Carl R. Green · William R. SanfordThe Dalton Gang (Outlaws and Lawmen of the Wild West)
1995978-0-89490-593-3Glen MacNowSports Great Troy Aikman (Sports Great Books)
1996978-0-89490-618-3Ron KnappMummies (Weird and Wacky Science)
  ''978-0-89490-619-0Anne E. SchraffAmerican Heroes of Exploration and Flight (Collective Biographies)
1995978-0-89490-620-6Barbara KramerAlice Walker: Author of the Color Purple (People to Know)
  ''978-0-89490-639-8Gail Blasser RileyWah Ming Chang: Artist and Master of Special Effects (Multicultural Junior Biographies)
1996978-0-89490-656-5Glen MacNowShaquille O'Neal: Star Center (Sports Reports)
1995978-0-89490-663-3Kem Knapp SawyerRefugees: Seeking a Safe Haven (Multicultural Issues)
  ''978-0-89490-666-4Robert GardnerExperiments With Bubbles (Getting Started in Science)
1997978-0-89490-673-2William R. Sanford · Carl R. GreenRichard King: Texas Cattle Rancher (Legendary Heroes of the Wild West)
1996978-0-89490-678-7Suzanne FreedmanLouis Brandeis: The People's Justice (Justices of the Supreme Court)
  ''978-0-89490-680-0Lisa YountAntoni Van Leeuwenhoek: First to See Microscopic Life (Great Minds of Science)
1996978-0-89490-689-3David K. WrightArthur Ashe: Breaking the Color Barrier in Tennis (African-American Biographies)
  ''978-0-89490-694-7Michael D. ColeWalt Disney: Creator of Mickey Mouse (People to Know)
  ''978-0-89490-734-0Nancy DayViolence in Schools: Learning in Fear (Issues In Focus)
  ''978-0-89490-755-5Peter C. BjarkmanSports Great Scottie Pippen (Sports Great Books)
  ''978-0-89490-763-0Ann ByersJaime Escalante: Sensational Teacher (Hispanic Biographies)
1996978-0-89490-765-4Barbara C. CruzFrida Kahlo: Portrait of a Mexican Painter (Hispanic Biographies)
1997978-0-89490-778-4Nancy WhitelawClara Barton: Civil War Nurse (Historical American Biographies)
  ''978-0-89490-785-2Lisa YountAntoine Lavoisier: Founder of Modern Chemistry (Great Minds of Science)
  ''978-0-89490-786-9Margaret Jean AndersonCarl Linnaeus: Father of Classification (Great Minds of Science)
  ''978-0-89490-787-6Paul HightowerGalileo: Astronomer and Physicist (Great Minds of Science)
  ''978-0-89490-788-3Margaret PoynterThe Leakeys: Uncovering the Origins of Humankind (Great Minds of Science)
1997978-0-89490-789-0Roger Klare · Gregor MendelGregor Mendel: Father of Genetics (Great Minds of Science)
  ''978-0-89490-790-6Linda Wasmer SmithLouis Pasteur: Disease Fighter (Great Minds of Science)
  ''978-0-89490-802-6Glen MacNowKen Griffey, Jr: Star Outfielder (Sports Reports)
1998978-0-89490-813-2Della A. YannuzziMae Jemison: A Space Biography (Countdown to Space)
1997978-0-89490-824-8Joan D. DickinsonBill Gates: Billionaire Computer Genius (People to Know)
  ''978-0-89490-830-9Laura S. JeffreySimon Wiesenthal: Tracking Down Nazi Criminals (People to Know)
  ''978-0-89490-859-0Leah FarishTinker V. Des Moines: Student Protest (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
1997978-0-89490-860-6Harvey FiresidePlessy V. Ferguson: Separate but Equal (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-876-7George RekelaSports Great Muggsy Bogues (Sports Great Books)
1998978-0-89490-894-1Harvey FiresideThe Fifth Amendment: The Right to Remain Silent (Constitution (Springfield, Union County, N.J.).)
  ''978-0-89490-897-2Leah FarishThe First Amendment: Freedom of Speech, Religion, and the Press (Constitution (Springfield, Union County, N.J.).)
1997978-0-89490-908-5Carl BoschSchools Under Siege: Guns Gangs & Hidden Dangers (Issues in Focus)
  ''978-0-89490-917-7Daniel JussimAIDS & HIV: Risky Business (Teen Issues)
1998978-0-89490-922-1Judy MonroeThe Nineteenth Amendment: Women's Right to Vote (Constitution (Springfield, Union County, N.J.).)
  ''978-0-89490-923-8Elizabeth SchleichertThe Thirteenth Amendment: Ending Slavery (Constitution (Springfield, Union County, N.J.).)
1998978-0-89490-924-5Charles M WettererThe Fourth Amendment: Search and Seizure (Constitution)
  ''978-0-89490-925-2Freya Ottem HansonThe Second Amendment: The Right to Own Guns (Constitution (Springfield, Union County, N.J.).)
  ''978-0-89490-926-9Eileen LucasThe Eighteenth and Twenty-First Amendments: Alcohol--Prohibition and Repeal (Constitution (Springfield, Union County, N.J.).)
1997978-0-89490-934-4Claire L. DatnowEdwin Hubble: Discoverer of Galaxies (Great Minds of Science)
1998978-0-89490-944-3David K. WrightPaul Robeson: Actor, Singer, Political Activist (African-American Biographies)
1999978-0-89490-953-5Robert GardnerScience Projects About Kitchen Chemistry
1998978-0-89490-966-5Karen AlonsoKorematsu V. United States: Japanese-America Internment Camps (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-969-6Deborah A. PersicoNew Jersey V. T.L.O: Drug Searches in Schools (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
  ''978-0-89490-975-7Barbara KramerSally Ride: A Space Biography (Countdown to Space)
1998978-0-89490-976-4Laura S. JeffreyChrista McAuliffe: A Space Biography (Countdown to Space)
1999978-0-89490-988-7Carol Rust NashThe Mormon Trail and the Latter-Day Saints in American History