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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-89410-032-1Minoo S. Southgate · Tom GladdenModern Persian Short Stories
1990978-0-89410-059-8Pierrette M. FrickeyCritical Perspectives on Jean Rhys
1985978-0-89410-075-8John CollinsMusic Makers of West Africa
1983978-0-89410-085-7E. H. LewaldWeb Stories: By Argentine Women (Three Continents Press) (English and Spanish Edition)
1982978-0-89410-095-6Abdelwahab M. Elmessiri · A. Emlessiri · Kamal BoullataThe Palestinian Wedding: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Palestinian Poetry (Three Continents Press) (English and Arabic Edition)
1993978-0-89410-142-7Robert D. HamnerCritical Perspectives on Derek Walcott
1981978-0-89410-148-9Tawfiq Al-HakimPlays, Prefaces and Postscripts of Tawfiq Al-Hakim: Theatre of the Mind. Ed and Tr from the Arabic by William M. Hutchins: 001 (English and Arabic Edition)
1996978-0-89410-199-1Al-Tayyib Salih · Tayeb SalihSeason of Migration to the North: A Novel
1994978-0-89410-201-1Tayeb SalihThe Wedding of Zein and Other Stories
2012978-0-89410-202-8Mahmoud DarwishMusic of Human Flesh
1985978-0-89410-204-2Tawfiq Al-HakimThe Tree Climber: A Play in Two Acts (Three Continents Press)
  ''978-0-89410-205-9Tawfiq Al-Hakim · Al-Hakim TawfigThe Tree Climber: A Play (Three Continents Press)
1981978-0-89410-210-3Taha HusseinAn Egyptian Childhood: The Autobiography of Taha Hussien (English and Arabic Edition)
1984978-0-89410-220-2Emil A. MagelFolktales from the Gambia: Wolof Fictional Narratives (English and Wolof Edition)
1989978-0-89410-239-4Susheila NastaCritical Perspectives on Sam Selvon
1982978-0-89410-246-2Muhsin Jassim AliScheherazade in England: A Study of Nineteenth-Century English Criticism of the Arabian Nights (Three Continents Press)
1981978-0-89410-247-9Muhsin Jassim AliScheherazade in England: A Study of Nineteenth-Century English Criticism of the Arabian Nights (Three Continents Press)
1984978-0-89410-259-2Donatus Ibe NwogaCritical Perspectives on Christopher Okigbo
  ''978-0-89410-280-6Tawfiq Al-HakimPlays, Prefaces and Postscripts of Tawfiq Al-Hakim (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works. Contemporary Arab Authors series) (English and Arabic Edition)
  ''978-0-89410-314-8Rene PhilombeTales from Cameroon
  ''978-0-89410-323-0Driss ChraibiMother Comes of Age
1985978-0-89410-329-2Jabra Ibrahim JabraThe Ship (Three Continents Press)
1997978-0-89410-332-2Ibrahim Abd Al-Qadir Al-MaziniAl-Mazini's Egypt: Short Fiction of Ibrahim Abd Al-Qadir Al-Mazini (Three Continents Press)
1987978-0-89410-334-6Yahya HaqqiGood Morning!: And Other Stories (Three Continents Press)
1983978-0-89410-360-5Halim Isber BarakatDays of Dust: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
1985978-0-89410-366-7Khalil Hawi · Adnan Haydar · Michael BeardNaked in Exile: Khalil Hawi's Threshing Floors of Hunger (Three Continents Press)
1983978-0-89410-392-6Ghassan KanafaniMen in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories (Arab Authors, 11)
1985978-0-89410-393-3Yusuf IdrisSinners
1995978-0-89410-394-0Yusuf Idris · Kristin Peterson-IshaqThe Sinners: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
1998978-0-89410-410-7Elaine Campbell · Pierrette FrickeyThe Whistling Bird: Women Writers of the Caribbean
1988978-0-89410-440-4M. J. L. YoungModern Syrian Short Stories (Three Continents Press) (English and Arabic Edition)
1988978-0-89410-441-1Michel G. Azrak · M. J. L. YoungModern Syrian Short Stories (Three Continents Press) (English and Arabic Edition)
1985978-0-89410-466-4Omar S. PoundArabic and Persian Poems (Three Continents Press)
1987978-0-89410-544-9Michael C. HillmannA Lonely Woman: Forugh Farrokhzad and Her Poetry (Three Continents Press)
1990978-0-89410-581-4Naguib MahfouzFountain and Tomb: Hakayat Haretna (Three Continents Press) (English and Arabic Edition)
1991978-0-89410-584-5Jabra Ibrahim JabraHunters in a Narrow Street
1990978-0-89410-585-2   ''Hunters in a Narrow Street: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
  ''978-0-89410-603-3Samuel SelvonHousing Lark: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
1987978-0-89410-615-6Isaac Yetiv1,001 Proverbs from Tunisia (Three Continents Press) (English and Arabic Edition)
  ''978-0-89410-616-3   ''1001 Proverbs From Tunisia (English and Arabic Edition)
  ''978-0-89410-621-7Samad BehrangiThe Little Black Fish and Other Modern Persian Stories (Three Continents Press)
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1988978-0-89410-654-5Naguib MahfouzChildren of Gebelawi
1990978-0-89410-661-3Halim BarakatSix Days: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
  ''978-0-89410-662-0Halim BarakatSix Days
1989978-0-89410-666-8Yusuf IdrisThe Cheapest Nights (English and Arabic Edition)
1997978-0-89410-683-5Matti MoosaThe Origins of Modern Arabic Fiction (Three Continents Press)
1997978-0-89410-684-2Matti MoosaOrigins of Modern Arabic Fiction (Three Continents Press)
1991978-0-89410-685-9Muhammad Al-Maghut · Muhammad MaghutFan of Swords: Poems (Three Continents Press)
1990978-0-89410-702-3Denys Johnson-DaviesEgyptian Short Stories
1991978-0-89410-711-5Laurence DeonnaYemen (Three Continents Press)
  ''978-0-89410-726-9Kathryn K. Abdul-BakiFields of Fig and Olive: Ameera and Other Stories of the Middle East
1994978-0-89410-746-7Driss ChraibiInspector Ali: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
  ''978-0-89410-747-4   ''Inspector Ali (Three Continents Press)
1998978-0-89410-794-8Seydou BadianCaught in the Storm
  ''978-0-89410-800-6Mohamed El-Bisatie · Three Continents Press · Muhammad BisatiA Last Glass of Tea: And Other Stories
1995978-0-89410-817-4Kathryn K. Abdul-BakiTower of Dreams: A Novel (Three Continents Press)
  ''978-0-89410-818-1Naguib MahfouzChildren of Gebelaawi
1995978-0-89410-827-3Denys Johnson-DaviesEgyptian Short Stories
1999978-0-89410-857-0Ghassan KanafaniMen in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories
1998978-0-89410-860-0Merzak AllouacheBab El-Oued
1999978-0-89410-861-7Christopher WiseYambo Ouologuem: Postcolonial Writer, Islamic Militant (Three Continents Press)
2001978-0-89410-867-9Christopher WiseThe Desert Shore: Literatures of the Sahel
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2008978-0-89410-872-3Sam SelvonMoses Migrating
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  ''978-0-89410-883-9Craig W. McLuckie · Aubrey McPhailKen Saro-Wiwa: Writer and Political Activist
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  ''978-0-89410-890-7Ghassan Kanafani · Barbara Harlow · Karen E. RileyPalestine's Children: Returning to Haifa & Other Stories