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1975978-0-89357-023-1Charles E. TownsendRussian Word Formation
1976978-0-89357-026-2Jan L. PerkowskiVampires of the Slavs
1978978-0-89357-048-4Maurice I. LevinRussian Declension and Conjugation: A Structural Description With Exercises
1980978-0-89357-063-7William HamiltonIntroduction to Russian Phonology and Word Structure
1981978-0-89357-087-3Rodica C. Botoman · Donald E. Corbin · E. Garrison WaltersImi Place Limba Romana (A Romanian Reader) (Romanian Edition)
1982978-0-89357-091-0Karen L. BlackBiobibliographical Handbook of Bulgarian Authors
1983978-0-89357-098-9Michael HeimContemporary Czech
  ''978-0-89357-107-8William R. SchmalstiegAn Introduction to Old Church Slavic
  ''978-0-89357-108-5Oscar E. SwanFirst Year Polish
  ''978-0-89357-118-4M. HalleRoman Jakobson: What He Taught Us (International Journal of Slavic Linguistics & Poetics)
1984978-0-89357-135-1Martin E. HuldBasic Albanian Etymologies
1985978-0-89357-154-2Michael Heim · Zlata Meyerstein · Dean WorthReadings in Czech (Ucla Slavic Studies) (English and Czech Edition)
1986978-0-89357-155-9Marianna D. BirnbaumHumanists in a Shattered World: Croatian and Hungarian Latinity in the Sixteenth Century (UCLA Slavic Studies)
  ''978-0-89357-165-8Oscar E. SwanIntermediate Polish
1987978-0-89357-170-2Richard L. Leed · Slava Paperno5000 Russian Words: With All Their Inflected Forms and Other Grammatical Information: A Russian-English Dictionary With an English-Russian Word Ind
1988978-0-89357-184-9Warren H. Held · William R. Schmalstieg · Janet E. GertzBeginning Hittite (English and Indo-European Edition)
1988978-0-89357-187-0Gordon M. MessingA Glossary of Greek Romany As Spoken in Agia Varvara
1989978-0-89357-196-2Diana Lewis BurginRichard Burgin: A Life in Verse
  ''978-0-89357-200-6Jan Louis PerkowskiThe Darkling: A Treatise on Slavic Vampirism
  ''978-0-89357-204-4Gail LenhoffThe Martyred Princes Boris and Gleb: A Social-Cultural Study of the Cult and the Texts (UCLA Slavic Studies) (English and Russian Edition)
1990978-0-89357-207-5Howard I. AronsonGeorgian: A Reading Grammar (English and Georgian Edition)
  ''978-0-89357-208-2Robert MannLances Sing: A Study of the Igor Tale
  ''978-0-89357-211-2Charles E. TownsendDescription of Spoken Prague Czech (English and Czech Edition)
2000978-0-89357-214-3Oscar E. Swan · Sylvia Galova-LorincBeginning Slovak: A Course for the Individual or Classroom Learner
1991978-0-89357-223-5Terence R. CarltonIntroduction to the Phonological History of the Slavic Languages
1992978-0-89357-229-7Per Durst-AndersenMental Grammar Russian Aspect and Related Issues
1992978-0-89357-231-0Zbigniew GolabThe Origins of the Slavs: A Linguist's View
  ''978-0-89357-234-1Christina Y. BethinPolish Syllables: The Role of Prosody in Phonology and Morphology
1993978-0-89357-241-9Paul WexlerThe Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity
1995978-0-89357-257-0Michael J. MikosPolish Renaissance Literature: An Anthology
  ''978-0-89357-258-7Ian F. HancockHandbook of Vlax Romani
  ''978-0-89357-262-4Marshall PoeForeign Descriptions of Muscovy: An Analytic Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources
1996978-0-89357-264-8Charles Edward Townsend · Laura A. JandaCommon and Comparative Slavic Phonology and Inflection: Phonology and Inflection: With Special Attention to Russian, Polish, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian
  ''978-0-89357-266-2Michael J. MikosPolish Baroque and Enlightenment Literature: An Anthology
1996978-0-89357-267-9Terje MathiassenA Short Grammar of Lithuanian
1999978-0-89357-278-5Howard I. Aronson · Dodona KiziriaGeorgian Language and Culture: A Continuing Course (English and Georgian Edition)
2002978-0-89357-287-7Eloise M. BoyleThe Russian Context: The Culture Behind the Language
2001978-0-89357-293-8Genevra GerhartThe Russian's World: Life and Language, Third Edition (English and Russian Edition)
2003978-0-89357-296-9Oscar E. SwanGrammar of Contemporary Polish
2010978-0-89357-297-6   ''Russian Sounds and Inflections: The Sounds, Structure, and Inflection of Russian Nouns, Pronouns, Adjective, Numerials, and Verbs
  ''978-0-89357-299-0Tom M. S. Priestly · Bruce L. DerwingPronunciation Rules for Russian: A Systematic Approach for Converting Russian Spelling to Sound
2002978-0-89357-300-3William W. Derbyshire · Marta Pirnat-GreenbergA Learner's Dictionary of Slovene: With Words in Their Inflected Forms (English and Slovene Edition)
2001978-0-89357-302-7Gary Browning · David K. Hart · Raisa SolovyovaLeveraging Your Russian With Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes (English and Russian Edition)
2006978-0-89357-315-7Bozhidar VidoeskiDialects of Macedonian
2005978-0-89357-319-5Robert A. Delossa · R. Robert Koropeckyj · Robert Romanchuk · Alexandra Isaievych MasonRozmovliaimo! (Let's Talk!): A Basic Ukrainian Course With Polylogs, Grammar, And Conversation Lessons (English and Ukrainian Edition)
  ''978-0-89357-322-5Ljiljana ProgovacA Syntax of Serbian: Clausal Architecture
2007978-0-89357-327-0Stephen MarderA Supplementary Russian-English Dictionary (Russian and English Edition)
2006978-0-89357-332-4Jan Louis PerkowskiVampire Lore: From Writings of Jan Louis Perkowski
  ''978-0-89357-334-8Laura A. Janda · Steven J. ClancyThe Case Book for Czech (English and Czech Edition)
2009978-0-89357-342-3Joseph B. VoylesAn Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Early Indo-European Languages (English and Indo-European Edition)
2008978-0-89357-348-5Jeffrey W. JonesEveryday Life and the "Reconstruction" of Soviet Russia During and After the Great Patriotic War, 1943-1948
2009978-0-89357-349-2Brian HorowitzEmpire Jews: Jewish Nationalism and Acculturation in 19th and Early 20th Century Russia (The New Approaches to Russian and East European Culture)
2008978-0-89357-353-9Jeanmarie Rouhier-WilloughbyVillage Values: Negotiating Identity, Gender, and Resistance in Contemporary Russian Life-Cycle Rituals
2009978-0-89357-355-3Anna Timofeyeva-YegorovaRed Sky, Black Death: A Soviet Woman Pilot's Memoir of the Eastern Front
2008978-0-89357-363-8Michael Henry HeimBetween Texts, Languages, and Cultures: A Festschrift for Michael Henry Heim; Edited by Craig Cravens, Masako U. Fidler, Susan C. Kresin (UCLA Slavic Studies) (English and Czech Edition)
2012978-0-89357-380-5Genevra GerhartThe Russian's World: Life and Language, Fourth Edition (English and Russian Edition)