year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-89303-133-6Eugene MeyerChemistry of Hazardous Material
1982978-0-89303-186-2J. David BergeronSelf Instructional Workbook for Emergency Care
  ''978-0-89303-203-6N. GoldsteinIBM Personal Computer Basic Programing Kit
1991978-0-89303-215-9Eugene MahoneyFire Suppression Practices and Procedures (Brady Fire Science Series)
1992978-0-89303-216-6Nels SanddalInstructor's Guide to "First Responder"
1985978-0-89303-253-1Charles PhillipsBasic Life Support Skills Manual: For Emt-As and First Responders
1984978-0-89303-284-5Philip WolfeBASIC engineering, science, and business programs for the Apple II and IIe
  ''978-0-89303-307-1Gary PhillipsApple IIC User Guide
  ''978-0-89303-371-2Philip M. ButtaravoliCommon Simple Emergencies (Brady's series in emergency medicine)
1983978-0-89303-420-7Richard Startz8087 applications and programming for the IBM PC and other PCs
  ''978-0-89303-423-8Arnold S. GoldsteinEMS & the Law: A Legal Handbook for EMS Personnel
1985978-0-89303-551-8Gary B LittleInside the Apple IIe
1985978-0-89303-583-9Peter NortonInside the IBM PC
  ''978-0-89303-584-6Steven HolznerCreating utilities with assembly language: 10 best for the IBM PC and XT
1986978-0-89303-587-7Jerome R CorsiDebugging techniques for IBM PC BASIC
1988978-0-89303-684-3Dwight W. Lodge · Harvey D. GrantHandbook of Emergency Care Procedures
1989978-0-89303-687-4Jeff Mitchell · Grady BrayEmergency Services Stress: Guidelines on Preserving the Health and Careers of Emergency Services Personnel
1990978-0-89303-702-4Roberta WeissThe EKG Technician
1997978-0-89303-732-1Donald Trent JacobsPatient Communication For First Responders and EMS Personnel:The First Hour of Trauma
1985978-0-89303-738-3Gerald Neufeld1541 User's Guide
1984978-0-89303-765-9Bryan E. Bledsoe · Frank J. Papa · Gideon BoskerPrehospital Emergency Pharmacology (Brady's Series in Emergency Medicine)
1996978-0-89303-768-0BowyerPrehospital Emergency Care Irm
2015978-0-89303-789-5David Eyes · Ron LichtyProgramming the 65816: Including the 6502, 65C02, and 65802
1992978-0-89303-835-9Susi B. SteeleEmergency Dispatching: A Medical Communicator's Guide
1986978-0-89303-912-7Bruce Powel DouglassUsing Turbo and IBM Pascal: An applications approach
1992978-0-89303-943-1Prehospital Emergency Care I/M Hafen
1998978-0-89303-972-1Hank Christen · Paul M. ManiscalcoEMS Incident Management System, The: Operations for Mass Casualty and High Impact Incidents
1993978-0-89303-976-9Brent Braunworth · Albert HoweStreet Scenarios For The EMT and Paramedic
1994978-0-89303-979-0Bryan E. Bledsoe · Robert S. Porter · Bruce R. ShadeParamedic Emergency Care

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