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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-89301-053-9Deward E. Walker Jr.Indians of Idaho (Anthropological Monographs of the University of Idaho)
1979978-0-89301-061-4Roderick SpragueScientist Looks at the Sasquatch II (ANTHROPOLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS)
  ''978-0-89301-062-1Edmund E TylutkiMushrooms of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest: Vol. 1 Discomycetes (Northwest Naturalist Books.)
1983978-0-89301-086-7Ronald A NussbaumAmphibians and Reptiles of the Pacific Northwest (A Northwest naturalist book)
1982978-0-89301-087-4Julia Conway WelchGold Town to Ghost Town: The Story of Silver City, Idaho (Gem books)
1987978-0-89301-097-3Edmund E TylutkiMushrooms of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest: Vol. 2 Non-Gilled Hymenomycetes (Mushrooms of Idaho & the Pacific Northwest)
  ''978-0-89301-119-2Lalia BooneIdaho Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary
1988978-0-89301-126-0Jordan PaperOffering Smoke: The Sacred Pipe and Native American Religion
1992978-0-89301-152-9Toby F. SonnemanFruit Fields in My Blood: Okie Migrants in the West (Northwest Folklife)
  ''978-0-89301-155-0H.L. DavisHoney in the Horn
1995978-0-89301-180-2Warren YahrSmokechaser
  ''978-0-89301-181-9James BrockThe Sunshine Mine Disaster: A Book of Poetry
1958978-0-89301-189-5Brigham D. MadsenThe Bannock of Idaho (Idaho Yesterdays)
1996978-0-89301-193-2Carlos Arnaldo SchwantesSo Incredibly Idaho: Seven Landscapes That Define the Gem State
1997978-0-89301-198-7Stanley W JohnsonThe Milwaukee Road Revisited
1997978-0-89301-206-9Marge Mueller · Ted MuellerFire, Faults and Floods: A Road and Trail Guide Exploring the Origins of the Columbia River Basin (Northwest Naturalist Book)
1998978-0-89301-209-0Jhan HochmanGreen Cultural Studies: Nature in Film, Novel and Theory
  ''978-0-89301-216-8Marcelline Hemingway SanfordAt the Hemingways: With Fifty Years of Correspondence Between Ernest and Marcelline Hemingway
1999978-0-89301-217-5Janet Campbell HaleWomen on the Run
1986978-0-89301-222-9Brigham D. MadsenChief Pocatello (Idaho Yesterdays)
1967978-0-89301-250-2Andrew GarciaTough Trip Through Paradise, 1878-1879
1965978-0-89301-251-9Vardis FisherMountain Man
2002978-0-89301-257-1Mary Aegerter · Steve F RussellHike Lewis and Clark's Idaho (Lewis & Clark Expedition)
1990978-0-89301-259-5Virgil M YoungThe Story of Idaho: Millennial Edition
1991978-0-89301-261-8Richard HugoDeath and the Good Life
2003978-0-89301-264-9Andrea VogtCommon Courage: Bill Wassmuth, Human Rights, and Small-Town Activism
1991978-0-89301-265-6Dennis C. ColsonIdaho's Constitution: The Tie That Binds
1990978-0-89301-267-0Charles Shirley Walgamott · Leonard ArringtonSix Decades Back
2005978-0-89301-510-7Donna M. HansonFrontier Duty: The Army in Northern Idaho, 1853 - 1876 (Northwest Historical Manuscript)
2010978-0-89301-550-3Priscilla WegarsImprisoned in Paradise: Japanese Internee Road Workers at the World War II Kooskia Internment Camp (Asian American Comparative Collection Research Reports)