Servant Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-89283-001-5Stephen B. ClarkFinding New Life in the Spirit: A Guidebook for the Life in the Spirit Seminars
1987978-0-89283-035-0M. Scanlon · A. ShieldAnd Their Eyes Were Opened
1978978-0-89283-044-2St. BonaventureThe Character Of A Christian Leader: Originally Titled The Six Wings Of The Seraph
1980978-0-89283-064-0Servant PublicationsThe Life in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual
1979978-0-89283-065-7Developed by the Word of GodLife in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual: Catholic Edition
  ''978-0-89283-071-8Omer EnglebertSt. Francis of Assisi: A Biography
1980978-0-89283-084-8Stephen B. ClarkMan and Woman in Christ: An Examination of the Roles of Men and Women in Light of Scripture and the Social Sciences
  ''978-0-89283-091-6Michael Scanlan T.O.R. · Randall J. CirnerDeliverance From Evil Spirits
1982978-0-89283-122-7Ralph MartinA crisis of truth: The attack on faith, morality, and mission in the Catholic Church
  ''978-0-89283-124-1F. J. SheedTheology for Beginners
1979978-0-89283-136-4J. N. M WijngaardsHandbook to the gospels: A guide to the gospel writings and to the life and times of Jesus
1983978-0-89283-146-3Ralph MartinA Crisis of Truth: The Attack on Faith, Morality and Mission in the Catholic Church
  ''978-0-89283-148-7Harry BlamiresOn Christian Truth
1983978-0-89283-166-1George Anthony KellyThe New Biblical Theorists: Raymond E. Brown and Beyond
1982978-0-89283-173-9Peg HosfordSongs of Praise: Combined Edition
1984978-0-89283-195-1Hannah Whitall Smith · Ann SpanglerThe Open Secret
  ''978-0-89283-196-8David E. RosageThe Lord Is My Shepherd: Praying the Psalms
1986978-0-89283-219-4Peter KreeftMaking Sense Out of Suffering
1985978-0-89283-230-9Donald G. BloeschBattle for the Trinity: The Debate over Inclusive God-Language
978-0-89283-258-3Turn To The Lord
1985978-0-89283-265-1G. J. M. Van Den AardwegHomosexuality and Hope: A Psychologist Talks About Treatment and Change
  ''978-0-89283-280-4Mother M. AngelicaLiving Prayer
1986978-0-89283-283-5Msgr. Michael Buckley · Tony CastleThe Catholic Prayer Book
  ''978-0-89283-296-5Michael ScanlanLet the Fire Fall
  ''978-0-89283-306-1John Michael TalbotReflections On The Gospels: Daily Devotions for Radical Christian Living - Vol 1
1989978-0-89283-309-2Charles Colson · Ellen Santilli VaughnAgainst the Night: Living in the New Dark Ages
2002978-0-89283-316-0Briege McKenna O.S.C.Miracles Do Happen: God Can Do the Impossible
1987978-0-89283-328-3Alan SchreckThe Compact History of the Catholic Church
1987978-0-89283-342-9Mother Teresa · Jose Luis Gonzalez-BaladoHeart of Joy: The Transforming Power of Self Giving
1988978-0-89283-347-4Ralph MartinCalled to Holiness: What It Means to Encounter the Living God
1987978-0-89283-357-3Michael ScanlanHealing Principles: The Ten Basic Keys to Successful Prayer
  ''978-0-89283-358-0Elisabeth ElliotThe Liberty of Obedience
1988978-0-89283-370-2Harry BlamiresKnowing the Truth About Heaven and Hell: Our Choices and Where They Lead Us
1987978-0-89283-371-9David E. RosageSpeak, Lord, Your Servant Is Listening
1988978-0-89283-384-9William Lane CraigKnowing the Truth About the Resurrection: Our Response to the Empty Tomb
  ''978-0-89283-393-1Mother Teresa · Agnes Gonxha BojaxhiuOne Heart Full of Love: Mother Teresa
1989978-0-89283-396-2Charles H. KraftChristianity With Power: Your Worldview and Your Experience of the Supernatural
  ''978-0-89283-398-6Michael ScanlanRepentance: A Guide to Receiving God's Forgiveness (Catholic Bible Study Guide Series)
1988978-0-89283-600-0David E. RosageWhat Scripture Says About Healing: A Guide to Scriptural Prayer and Meditation
  ''978-0-89283-601-7C. Peter WagnerThe Third Wave of the Holy Spirit: Encountering the Power of Signs and Wonders Today
1988978-0-89283-610-9John Michael TalbotRegathering Power
  ''978-0-89283-613-0Ken WilsonThe Obedient Child: A Practical Guide for Training Young Children in Confidence, Character, and Love of God
1989978-0-89283-621-5Michael ScanlanThe Truth About Trouble
1991978-0-89283-633-8Paul McGuireEvangelizing the New Age: The Power of the Gospel Invades the New Age Movement
1989978-0-89283-635-2John Michael TalbotSimplicity
1990978-0-89283-638-3Peter KreeftMaking Choices
  ''978-0-89283-639-0Ken WilsonLife in the Spirit for Your Kids
1991978-0-89283-649-9John WhiteChanging on the Inside
1990978-0-89283-651-2Br. Angelo DevanandaTotal Surrender: Mother Teresa
1989978-0-89283-652-9Art LindsleyAgainst The Night
1990978-0-89283-663-5Kenneth RyanCatholic Questions, Catholic Answers
  ''978-0-89283-671-0Ronald EnrothEvangelizing the Cults: How to Share Jesus With Children, Parents, Neighbors, and Friends Who Are Involved in a Cult
  ''978-0-89283-674-1Mahesh ChavdaOnly Love Can Make a Miracle
1991978-0-89283-676-5Jose Luis Gonzalez-BaladoLoving Jesus: Mother Teresa
1990978-0-89283-686-4Sue Monk KiddLove's Hidden Blessings: God Can Touch Your Life When You Least Expect It
1991978-0-89283-700-7Elizabeth GoudgeThe Dean's Watch
1991978-0-89283-705-2John Michael TalbotA Passion for God: Reflections on the Gospels (Reflections on the Gospels Series)
  ''978-0-89283-710-6Jamie BuckinghamThe Nazarene: Intimate Insights into the Savior's Life
  ''978-0-89283-712-0David A. Stoop · James MastellerForgiving Our Parents Forgiving Ourselves: Healing Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
  ''978-0-89283-714-4Quin Sherrer · Ruthanne GarlockA Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: A Woman's Guide for Battle (Woman's Guides)
  ''978-0-89283-727-4Archibald D. HartHealing Adult Children of Divorce: Taking Care of Unfinished Business So You Can Be Whole Again
1991978-0-89283-728-1Robert DrgrandisThe Gift of Miracles: Experiencing God's Extraordinary Power in Your Life
1992978-0-89283-734-2J. I. PackerRediscovering Holiness
1991978-0-89283-739-7Briege McKennaLos Milagros Si Ocurren
1992978-0-89283-755-7Peter KreeftReading and Praying the New Testament: A Book-By-Book Guide for Catholics
  ''978-0-89283-756-4Mitch PacwaCatholics and the New Age
  ''978-0-89283-758-8Elizabeth GoudgeThe Bird in the Tree
1993978-0-89283-775-5Paul W. BrandThe Forever Feast: Letting God Satisfy Your Deepest Hunger
1994978-0-89283-776-2Russell B. ShawUnderstanding Your Rights: Your Rights and Responsibilities in the Catholic Church
1993978-0-89283-778-6Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R.Healing the Original Wound: Reflections on the Full Meaning of Salvation: How to Experience Spiritual Freedom and Enjoy God's Presence
1990978-0-89283-787-8Archibald D. HartHealing Life's Hidden Addictions: Overcoming the Closet Compulsions That Waste Your Time and Control Your Life
1993978-0-89283-790-8Carolyn KoonsUnstuck: Hope for Anyone Who Feels Stuck Between the Pain of the Past and the Promise of the Future
1992978-0-89283-801-1Elisabeth ElliotA Path Through Suffering: Discovering the Relationship Between God's Mercy and Our Pain
1991978-0-89283-802-8Stephen ArterburnAddicted to Love: Recovering from Unhealthy Dependencies in Love, Romance, Relationships, and Sex
1992978-0-89283-803-5David A. Stoop · James MastellerForgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves: Healing Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
1994978-0-89283-810-3Thomas Dubay S.M.Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Grow the Divine Life Within
  ''978-0-89283-813-4Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R. · Fr. Benedict Groeschel C.F.R.Heaven in Our Hands: Living the Beatitudes: Receiving the Blessings You Long For
1993978-0-89283-814-1Mother Teresa · Sean-Patrick LovettThe Best Gift Is Love: Meditations by Mother Teresa
  ''978-0-89283-818-9Robert S. McGeeFather Hunger
1998978-0-89283-829-5Scott HahnA Father Who Keeps His Promises
1993978-0-89283-830-1Elizabeth GoudgePilgrim's Inn (The Eliot Heritage, Book 2)
1993978-0-89283-832-5Steve SjogrenConspiracy of Kindness: A Refreshing New Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus With Others
  ''978-0-89283-833-2John A. HardonRetreat With the Lord: A Popular Guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola
  ''978-0-89283-834-9Elizabeth GoudgeThe Heart of the Family (The Eliot Heritage, Book 3)
1997978-0-89283-840-0Mitch PacwaFather, Forgive Me, For I Am Frustrated: Growing in Faith When You Don't Find It Easy Being Catholic
1995978-0-89283-862-2Robert S. McGeeThe Search for Freedom: Demolishing the Strongholds That Diminish Your Faith, Hope, and Confidence in God
1994978-0-89283-864-6Mike YorkeySaving Money Any Way You Can: How to Become a Frugal Family
1995978-0-89283-866-0Carolyn KoonsUnstuck
1994978-0-89283-873-8E. James WilderRite of Passage: How to Teach Your Son About Sex and Manhood
1995978-0-89283-875-2John A. HardonThe Faith: A Popular Guide Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church
1994978-0-89283-881-3Peter KreeftThe Angel and the Ants: Bringing Heaven Closer to Your Daily Life
1996978-0-89283-891-2Robert S. McGee · Donald W. SapaughThe Search for Peace: Release from the Torments of Toxic Unforgiveness
1995978-0-89283-900-1Neff Lavonne · Mother Teresa · Lavonne NeffA Life for God: The Mother Teresa Reader
  ''978-0-89283-903-2Patrick KavanaughRaising Musical Kids: Great Ideas to Help Your Child Develop a Love for Music
  ''978-0-89283-904-9Nicky CruzCode Blue: Urgent Care for the American Youth Emergency
1995978-0-89283-906-3Elisabeth ElliotKeep a Quiet Heart
  ''978-0-89283-924-7John FischerBe Thou My Vision: Daily Inspiration from the Greatest Hymns of All Time
1996978-0-89283-928-5Lynn BrooksideI Promise You: God's Words of Love and Encouragement
1995978-0-89283-929-2Rich Nathan · Ken WilsonEmpowered Evangelicals: Bringing Together the Best of the Evangelical and Charismatic Worlds
  ''978-0-89283-930-8Stephen ArterburnAddicted to "Love": Understanding Dependencies of the Heart: Romance, Relationships, and Sex
1996978-0-89283-932-2David E. RosageRekindle Your Love for Jesus (Celebrate 2000)
  ''978-0-89283-936-0Lamar BoschmanReal Men Worship
  ''978-0-89283-937-7Renzo AllegriTeresa of the Poor: The Story of Her Life
1996978-0-89283-944-5Michael Harold BrownThe Day Will Come
1995978-0-89283-946-9Pope John Paul IIBreakfast With the Pope: Daily Readings
1998978-0-89283-960-5Johnnette S. S. BenkovicFull of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life
1996978-0-89283-961-2Greg JohnsonLife Is Like Driver's Ed...Ya Gotta Buckle Up, Stay to the Right, and Watch Those Turns!: Devotions for Teens & Their Parents
  ''978-0-89283-964-3Steve SjogrenServant Warfare: How Kindness Conquers Spiritual Darkness
  ''978-0-89283-975-9TeresaBlessings of Love
1997978-0-89283-976-6John FischerWhat on Earth Are We Doing?: Finding Our Place As Christians in the World
1996978-0-89283-977-3George W. Kosicki C.S.B.Revelations of Divine Mercy: Daily Readings From the Diary of Blessed Faustina Kowalska
  ''978-0-89283-980-3Gary MoonThe Bible Ride - Book I: Adventures That Bring the Gospel to Life
1997978-0-89283-986-5Madeleine L'Engle · Luci ShawFriends for the Journey: Two Extraordinary Women Celebrate Friendships Made and Sustained Through the Seasons of Life
  ''978-0-89283-992-6David A. Stoop · James MastellerForgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Our Selves: Healing Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families