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1983978-0-89276-001-5Kenneth E. HaginRedeemed from Poverty, Sickness, and Spiritual Death
1980978-0-89276-002-2Kenneth E HaginWhat Faith Is
  ''978-0-89276-003-9   ''Seven Vital Steps to Receive
  ''978-0-89276-004-6   ''Right and Wrong Thinking
1983978-0-89276-005-3Kenneth E. HaginPrayer Secrets
1981978-0-89276-006-0   ''Authority of the Believer
1980978-0-89276-007-7Kenneth E HaginHow to Turn Your Faith Loose
  ''978-0-89276-008-4Kenneth E. HaginThe Key to Scriptural Healing
1983978-0-89276-009-1   ''The Ministry of a Prophet
1978978-0-89276-010-7Kenneth E. HaginThe Origin and Operation of Demons
1982978-0-89276-011-4Kenneth E HaginDemons and how to deal with them (The Satan, demons, and demon possession series)
1978978-0-89276-012-1   ''Ministering to the oppressed
1980978-0-89276-013-8   ''Praying to Get Results
  ''978-0-89276-014-5Kenneth E. HaginThe Present Day Ministry of Jesus Christ
  ''978-0-89276-015-2Kenneth E HaginGift of Prophecy
  ''978-0-89276-016-9   ''Healing Belongs to Us
  ''978-0-89276-017-6   ''The Real Faith
1983978-0-89276-019-0Kenneth E. HaginHow You Can Know the Will of God
1973978-0-89276-020-6Kenneth E. HaginMan on Three Dimensions
1980978-0-89276-021-3   ''The Human Spirit (Vol 2 of Spirit, Soul, & Body Series)
1981978-0-89276-022-0Kenneth E HaginTurning Hopeless Situations Around
1982978-0-89276-023-7   ''Casting Your Cares Upon Lord
  ''978-0-89276-024-4Kenneth E. HaginSeven Steps for Judging Prophecy
1979978-0-89276-025-1   ''Origin and Operation of Demons
1978978-0-89276-026-8   ''2: Demons and How to Deal With Them
1985978-0-89276-027-5Kenneth E. HaginMinistering to the Oppressed (Volume 3 of the Satan, Demons, and Demon Possession Series)
1983978-0-89276-028-2Kenneth E HaginBible answers to man's questions on demons (Satan, Demons, and Demon Possession Series)
1987978-0-89276-029-9Kenneth E. HaginBible Answers to Man's Questions on Demons
1991978-0-89276-030-5Kenneth E HaginInterceding Christian
1996978-0-89276-032-9   ''The Threefold Nature of Man
1982978-0-89276-040-4Kenneth E. HaginFaith Food Devotional - Aut
1977978-0-89276-041-1   ''Faith Food: Daily Devotions for Winter
1982978-0-89276-042-8   ''Faith Food Devotional-Spring
  ''978-0-89276-043-5   ''Faith Food Devotional-Summer
1998978-0-89276-045-9Kenneth E. HaginFaith Food: Devotions
1911978-0-89276-050-3Kenneth, Jr. HaginNew Birth
2001978-0-89276-051-0Kenneth E. HaginWhy Tongues?
1975978-0-89276-052-7   ''In Him
1983978-0-89276-053-4   ''God's Medicine
1988978-0-89276-054-1   ''You Can Have What You Say!
2000978-0-89276-055-8kenneth e haginHow To Write Your Own Ticket With God
2003978-0-89276-056-5Kenneth HaginDon't Blame God
1979978-0-89276-057-2Kenneth E. HaginWords
1997978-0-89276-058-9   ''Plead Your Case
1998978-0-89276-059-6Kenneth E. HaginHow To Keep Your Healing
2003978-0-89276-063-3Kenneth E HaginBaptism in the Holy Spirit (Spiritual Growth)
  ''978-0-89276-064-0Kenneth E. HaginGifts of the Spirit (Spiritual Growth)
  ''978-0-89276-065-7   ''Steps to Answered Prayer (Spiritual Growth)
  ''978-0-89276-066-4Kenneth E HaginThe Will of God in Prayer (Spiritual Growth)
  ''978-0-89276-067-1   ''Foundations for Faith (Spiritual Growth)
2003978-0-89276-068-8Kenneth E HaginWalking by Faith (Spiritual Growth)
  ''978-0-89276-069-5   ''God's Word on Divine Healing (Spiritual Growth)
1985978-0-89276-070-1   ''New thresholds of faith
1976978-0-89276-071-8Kenneth E HaginPrevailing prayer to peace
  ''978-0-89276-072-5Kenneth E. HaginConcerning Spiritual Gifts
1998978-0-89276-073-2Kenneth E HaginThe Ministry Gifts: Fifteen Lessons (6th Edition)(Spiritual Growth Series)
2003978-0-89276-074-9Kenneth E. HaginBiblical Ways to Receive Healing (Spiritual Growth)
1991978-0-89276-081-7Kenneth HaginBible Prayer Study Course
1974978-0-89276-082-4Kenneth E. HaginHoly Spirit and His Gifts
1992978-0-89276-083-1   ''Bible Faith Study Course
1991978-0-89276-084-8   ''Bible Prayer Study Course
  ''978-0-89276-085-5Kenneth E HaginThe Holy Spirit and His Gifts
2002978-0-89276-086-2   ''Bible Healing Study Course
1987978-0-89276-087-9Kenneth E. HaginThe Ministry Gifts
1989978-0-89276-088-6Kenneth E HaginThe ministry gifts
1991978-0-89276-089-3   ''The ministry gifts
1987978-0-89276-092-3Ministry Gifts, The
1984978-0-89276-093-0Kenneth E Hagin50 years in the ministry
1992978-0-89276-101-2Kenneth E HaginRedimido de La Pobreza, Enfermedad, y Muerte Espiritual (Redeemed from Poverty, Sickness, and Spiritual Death)
  ''978-0-89276-102-9   ''La Fe, Lo Que Es (What Faith Is)
  ''978-0-89276-103-6   ''Siete Pasos Para Redibir El Espiritu Santo (Seven Vital Steps to Receiving the Holy Spirit) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-104-3   ''El Pensar Bien y Mal
  ''978-0-89276-106-7   ''La Autoridad del Creyente (the Beliver's Authority) (Spanish Edition)
1992978-0-89276-107-4Kenneth E. HaginComo Desatar Su Fe / How to Turn Faith Loose (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-113-5Kenneth E HaginOrando Para Obtener Resultados (Spanish Edition)
1998978-0-89276-114-2Hagin Kenneth EEl Minsterio Presente de Jesucristo (the Present-Day Ministry of Jesus Christ)
2009978-0-89276-117-3Kenneth E HaginLa Iglesia Triunfante: Dominio Sobre Todos los Poderes de las Tinieblas (Spanish Edition)
1992978-0-89276-118-0Kenneth E HaginEl Cristiano Intercesor (the Interceding Christian) (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-119-7   ''Como Puede Usted Conocer la Voluntad de Dios (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-120-3Kenneth Hagin JrDebido A Jesus: Tres Sermones Que Exaltan A Cristo (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-125-8Kenneth Hagin JrLa Sanidad: Permanece Establecida Por Siempre (Spanish Edition)
978-0-89276-127-2Como Vivir Sin Preocupacion = How to Live Worry-Free (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-129-6Craig W HaginEl Poder de Dios (the Power of God) (English and Spanish Edition)
2007978-0-89276-131-9Kenneth E HaginUna Guia Sensata Para el Ayuno (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-132-6   ''Planes, Propositos y Ejucecuiones (Plans, Purposes, and Pursuits) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-137-1   ''Como Puede Ser Dirigido Por El Espiritu de Dios (How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-138-8   ''El Arte de la Oracion (English and Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-141-8Kenneth E HaginAlimento de Fe: Devocionales Diarios Para Invierno (Spanish Edition)
1983978-0-89276-150-0Kenneth E HaginNuevo Nacimiento / New Birth (Spanish Edition)
1988978-0-89276-151-7   ''Porque de Las Lenguas / Why Tongues (Spanish Edition)
1983978-0-89276-152-4   ''En El / In Him (Spanish Edition)
1992978-0-89276-153-1Kenneth E. HaginLa Medicina de Dios / God's Medicine (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-154-8   ''Usted Puede Tener Lo Que Diga
1983978-0-89276-156-2   ''No Culpe a Dios
1992978-0-89276-157-9Kenneth E. HaginPalabras / Words (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-158-6Kenneth E HaginLa Puerta de La Prision Esta Abierta, ?Que Esta Haciendo Adentro Todavia? (the Prison Door Is Open-What Are You Still Doing Inside?) (English and Spanish Edition)
1983978-0-89276-159-3   ''Como Retener Su Sanidad (How to Keep Your Healing) (Spanish Edition)
2012978-0-89276-160-9Kenneth E. HaginYo Fui Al Infierno (I Went to Hell)
2002978-0-89276-161-6Kenneth Hagin JrDuelo con de Diablo (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-164-7Kenneth E HaginEl Amor Nunca Deja de Ser (Love Never Fails) (English and Spanish Edition)
1992978-0-89276-170-8   ''Las Imposibilidades del Hombre-Posibilidades Para Dios (Man's Imposisibilty-God's Possibility) (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-172-2   ''Ministrando Los Quebrantados de Corazon (Ministering to the Brokenhearted) (English and Spanish Edition)
1992978-0-89276-173-9Kenneth E. HaginLa Fe Obra Por el Amor / Faith Worketh by Love (Spanish Edition)
1998978-0-89276-174-6Kenneth E HaginEl Plano Para Edificar Una Fe Fuerto (Blueprint for Building Strong Faith) (English and Spanish Edition)
1983978-0-89276-175-3Kenneth, Jr. HaginSiete Impedimentos Para Recibir Sanidad
  ''978-0-89276-176-0Kenneth W HaginSpanish- Past Tense Of Gods Word (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89276-178-4Kenneth E HaginDejara Pasar de Largo Su Milargo? (Is Your Miracle Passing You By?) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89276-181-4   ''La Fe Retoma Lo Que El Diablo Ha Robado (Faith Takes Back What the Devil's Stolen) (English and Spanish Edition)
1987978-0-89276-185-2Kenneth E. HaginNuevos Umbrales De Fe
1992978-0-89276-186-9Kenneth E. HaginLa Oracion Que Prevalece = Prevailing Prayer to Peace (Spanish Edition)
1990978-0-89276-187-6   ''Tocante a Los Dones Espirituales
978-0-89276-192-0Los Dones del Ministerio = Ministry Gifts (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-89276-200-2Kenneth E HaginKeys to Scriptural Healing
  ''978-0-89276-250-7Kenneth E. HaginLaying on of Hands
1983978-0-89276-251-4kenneth e haginBetter Covenant
1980978-0-89276-252-1Kenneth E HaginHaving faith in your faith
1983978-0-89276-253-8kenneth e haginFive Hindrances to Growth in Grace
1981978-0-89276-254-5Kenneth E. HaginWhy Do People Fall Under the Power?
  ''978-0-89276-255-2   ''The Bible Way to Receive the Holy Spirit
1982978-0-89276-256-9   ''Godliness Is Profitable
  ''978-0-89276-257-6   ''I Went to Hell
1997978-0-89276-258-3Kenneth E. HaginThree Big Words
1983978-0-89276-259-0Kenneth, Jr. HaginObedience in Finances
  ''978-0-89276-260-6   ''His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful
  ''978-0-89276-261-3   ''Paul's Revelation: The Gospel of Reconciliation
  ''978-0-89276-262-0Kenneth E. HaginHow to Walk in Love
1984978-0-89276-263-7   ''The Precious Blood of Jesus
1997978-0-89276-264-4   ''Love Never Fails
1985978-0-89276-265-1Kenneth E. HaginHow God Taught Me About Prosperity
  ''978-0-89276-266-8   ''Learning to Forget
  ''978-0-89276-267-5   ''The Coming Restoration
1986978-0-89276-268-2   ''The Gifts and Calling of God
  ''978-0-89276-269-9   ''Signs of the Times
1986978-0-89276-270-5Kenneth E. HaginLearning to Flow With the Spirit of God
1987978-0-89276-271-2   ''The Glory of God
  ''978-0-89276-272-9   ''Hear and Be Healed
1989978-0-89276-273-6   ''Knowing What Belongs to Us
1991978-0-89276-274-3HaginYour Faith in God Will Work
1979978-0-89276-400-6Kenneth E. Hagin7 Things you Should Know About Divine Healing
1987978-0-89276-401-3   ''El Shaddai: The God Who Is More Than Enough
1981978-0-89276-402-0Kenneth E HaginZoe: The God Kind of Life
  ''978-0-89276-403-7Kenneth E. HaginCommonsense Guide to Fasting
1982978-0-89276-404-4Kenneth E HaginMust Christians Suffer?
1983978-0-89276-405-1Kenneth E HaginWoman Question
1985978-0-89276-406-8Kenneth E. HaginThe Believer's Authority
1986978-0-89276-407-5   ''Ministering to Your Family
978-0-89276-409-9Gods Word - Never Failing Remedy
2007978-0-89276-411-2Rhema Study Bible
1978978-0-89276-500-3Kenneth E. HaginHow You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God
1998978-0-89276-501-0Kennth E. HaginWhat to Do When Faith Seems Weak and Victory Lost
1980978-0-89276-503-4Kenneth E. HaginThe Art of Intercession
1982978-0-89276-504-1Kenneth E HaginGrowing Up Spiritually
  ''978-0-89276-505-8T. J. McCrossanBodily Healing and the Atonement
1983978-0-89276-506-5Kenneth E. HaginExceedingly Growing Faith
1987978-0-89276-507-2   ''Understanding the Anointing
1972978-0-89276-508-9   ''I Believe in Visions (Faith Library Publications)
1987978-0-89276-510-2   ''Understanding: How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith
1987978-0-89276-511-9Kenneth E. HaginThe Art of Intercession: Handbook on How to Intercede
1988978-0-89276-512-6Kenneth E HaginPlans Purposes & Pursuits
1989978-0-89276-513-3Kenneth E. HaginHow You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God
  ''978-0-89276-514-0   ''Fresh Anointing
1992978-0-89276-516-4   ''Classic Sermons (Faith library publications)
1999978-0-89276-517-1   ''He Gave Gifts Unto Men
1992978-0-89276-518-8   ''Art of Prayer
1993978-0-89276-519-5Kenneth E HaginFollowing God's Plan for Your Life
  ''978-0-89276-520-1Kenneth E. HaginThe Triumphant Church: Dominion Over All the Powers of Darkness
1993978-0-89276-521-8Kenneth E. HaginHealing Scriptures
1994978-0-89276-522-5   ''Mountain Moving Faith
  ''978-0-89276-523-2Kenneth E HaginLove: The Way to Victory
2009978-0-89276-524-9Kenneth E. HaginBiblical Keys to Financial Prosperity
1997978-0-89276-525-6Kenneth E HaginJesus-The Open Door
2003978-0-89276-526-3Kenneth E. HaginGod's Word: A Never-Failing Remedy
1998978-0-89276-527-0   ''the Healing Anointing
2003978-0-89276-528-7   ''Welcome to God's Family: A Foundational Guide for Spirit-Filled Living
1999978-0-89276-529-4   ''Greater Glory
2002978-0-89276-530-0Kenneth E. HaginThe Midas Touch: A Balanced Approach to Biblical Prosperity
2003978-0-89276-533-1   ''The Spirit Within & the Spirit Upon
2006978-0-89276-535-5   ''How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God
  ''978-0-89276-536-2   ''Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
  ''978-0-89276-537-9   ''The Name of Jesus
2007978-0-89276-538-6Kenneth E. HaginTongues: Beyond the Upper Room
  ''978-0-89276-539-3   ''The Name of Jesus
2001978-0-89276-540-9Kenneth E HaginHealth Food Devotions
2008978-0-89276-541-6   ''How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God
2009978-0-89276-542-3Kenneth E. HaginThe Believer's Authority Legacy Edition
2012978-0-89276-543-0Kenneth E HaginMidas Touch
978-0-89276-549-2The Midas Touch
1978978-0-89276-700-7Kenneth · Jr. HaginMan's Impossibility, God's Possibility
2009978-0-89276-701-4Kenneth · Jr. HaginBecause of Jesus
2002978-0-89276-702-1Kenneth E HaginThe Key to the Supernatural
1979978-0-89276-703-8Kenneth Hagin JrFaith Worketh by Love
2002978-0-89276-704-5Kenneth E HaginBlueprint for Building Strong Faith
  ''978-0-89276-705-2Kenneth W HaginSeven Hindrances to Healing
  ''978-0-89276-706-9Kenneth E HaginThe Past Tense of God's Word
1981978-0-89276-708-3Kenneth Hagin JrHow to Make the Dream God Gave You Come True
2002978-0-89276-709-0Kenneth E. HaginFaith Takes Back What the Devil's Stolen
1982978-0-89276-710-6Kenneth, Jr. HaginThe Prison Door Is Open: What Are You Still Doing Inside
2002978-0-89276-711-3Kenneth E HaginItching Ears
1988978-0-89276-712-0Kenneth E. HaginWhere Do We Go from Here?
1993978-0-89276-713-7K.HaginHow to Be a Success in Life
1983978-0-89276-714-4Kenneth Hagin JrGet Acquainted with God
2002978-0-89276-715-1Kenneth E HaginShowdown with the Devil
1983978-0-89276-716-8Kenneth Hagin JrUnforgiveness
2002978-0-89276-717-5Kenneth E HaginThe Answer for Oppression
  ''978-0-89276-718-2   ''Is Your Miracle Passing You By?
2002978-0-89276-719-9Kenneth Hagin Jr.Commanding Power
1987978-0-89276-720-5Kenneth E. HaginThe Life of Obedience
2002978-0-89276-721-2Kenneth W HaginMinistering to the Brokenhearted
1989978-0-89276-722-9Kenneth E HaginGod's Irresistible Word
  ''978-0-89276-723-6Kenneth E. HaginHealing Forever Settled
  ''978-0-89276-724-3Jr. Kenneth HaginDon't Quit! Your Faith Will See You Through
1990978-0-89276-725-0Kenneth Hagin Jr.The Untapped Power in Praise
1992978-0-89276-726-7Kenneth E. HaginListen to Your Heart
  ''978-0-89276-727-4Kenneth Hagin JrWhat Comes After Faith?
1993978-0-89276-728-1Kenneth E HaginSpeak to Your Mountain!
  ''978-0-89276-729-8Kenneth Hagin JrCome Out of the Valley!
1994978-0-89276-730-4   ''It's Your Move
1994978-0-89276-731-1Kenneth Hagin JrGod's Victory Plan
1995978-0-89276-732-8Kenneth E. HaginForget Not
1996978-0-89276-733-5Jr. Kenneth HaginAnother Look at Faith
1997978-0-89276-734-2Kenneth E HaginSoaring with the Eagles
  ''978-0-89276-735-9Kenneth W. HaginHow to Live Worry-Free
  ''978-0-89276-736-6Kenneth Hagin Jr.Blessed is...
2003978-0-89276-737-3Kenneth E. HaginJesus--Name Above All Names
  ''978-0-89276-738-0Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny
2003978-0-89276-739-7Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.Executing the Basics of Healing: A Game Plan for Walking in Divine Health
2002978-0-89276-740-3Kenneth E HaginFrom a Pastor's Heart (Faith Library Publications)
  ''978-0-89276-742-7Jr. Kenneth HaginBuilt to Last
2003978-0-89276-743-4Kenneth Hagin Jr.Staying Positive in a Negative World
2004978-0-89276-744-1Kenneth Hagin JrGod's Greater Glory: Bringing Revival to This Generation
2006978-0-89276-745-8   ''Overflow: Living Above Life's Limits
2010978-0-89276-746-5   ''I Cannot Be Defeated and I Will Not Quit!: Taking the Future by Storm
2007978-0-89276-747-2Kenneth W HaginCalled of God
  ''978-0-89276-748-9   ''The Table That Speaks: Bringing Communion to Life
2008978-0-89276-749-6   ''Avoiding the Trap of Being Offended
2009978-0-89276-750-2Kenneth W HaginYou Can Make It!: Winning in Troubled Times
  ''978-0-89276-751-9   ''Where Is God in My Storm?: Finding an Anchor in Life's Rough Waters
2010978-0-89276-752-6   ''Power Up!: Getting Charged with God's Power
2007978-0-89276-753-3   ''Built to Last: How to Build Strong and Lasting Relationships with God, Family, and Friends
  ''978-0-89276-754-0   ''Create the World You Want to See
2007978-0-89276-755-7Kenneth W HaginThe Healer's in Your House!
2014978-0-89276-756-4Hagin Kenneth W JrListen To Your Heart
2005978-0-89276-800-4Lynette HaginHey, God, Why Is It Taking So Long?: Navigating Through Life One Step at a Time
2008978-0-89276-804-2Lynette HaginSeed Thoughts Devotional: Encouragement for Our Lives
2009978-0-89276-805-9   ''It's Your Time to Shine
  ''978-0-89276-806-6   ''God's Positioning System: Following God's Plan in a Fast-Paced World
2010978-0-89276-807-3   ''Along the Way: Building a Legacy That Changes Lives
  ''978-0-89276-808-0   ''God's Peace: Experience It All the Time
2007978-0-89276-809-7Lynette HaginTalk to Me: Connecting with the Heart of God
2003978-0-89276-900-1Craig W HaginThe Power of God
  ''978-0-89276-940-7Rhema Study Bible-KJV
  ''978-0-89276-941-4Rhema Study Bible-KJV
  ''978-0-89276-942-1Rhema Study Bible-KJV
2009978-0-89276-950-6Brian K McCallumThe Day of the Lord
1972978-0-89276-951-3Steve DurasoffPentecostalism Today: Bright Wind of the Spirit
1991978-0-89276-952-0Oretha HaginThe Price Is Not Greater Than God's Grace
2002978-0-89276-956-8Rhema Ministerial Association InternatioPioneering Strategies
1995978-0-89276-957-5   ''Missionary Strategies
2007978-0-89276-958-2   ''Pioneering Strategies
2002978-0-89276-959-9Terry LawsonHow to Study the Word: Taking the Bible from the Pages to the Heart
  ''978-0-89276-961-2John GarlockKeys to Better Preaching
2002978-0-89276-962-9Kate McVeighConquering Intimidation (Hardbound)
  ''978-0-89276-963-6Marvin YoderThe Traveling Ministers' Handbook
  ''978-0-89276-964-3Doug JonesUnderstanding the Healing Power of God
  ''978-0-89276-965-0Doug JonesPositioning Yourself to Receive Healing
2001978-0-89276-966-7Tony CookeLife After Death: Rediscovering Life After Loss of a Loved One
2003978-0-89276-967-4Kate McVeigh12 Ways To Be A Blessing To Your Church
2005978-0-89276-968-1   ''7 Habits of Uncommon Achievers
2004978-0-89276-969-8Charles CowanHow to Deal with the Cares of Life
2006978-0-89276-970-4Doug JonesMastering the Silence: Strategies for Winning the Battles of the Mind
2004978-0-89276-971-1Michael CamenetiThe Missing Ingredient to Success
  ''978-0-89276-972-8Nathanael WolfThe Gatekeepers: Whatever God Can Get Through You, He Will Get to You!
2005978-0-89276-973-5Tony CookeIn Search of Timothy: Discovering and Developing Greatness in Church Staff and Voluteers
2005978-0-89276-974-2Darrell HuffmanFaith or Frustrations
1994978-0-89276-975-9Carlton BernwallRhema Rangers Handbook
2012978-0-89276-980-3Faith Library PublicationsMissionary Strategies
2010978-0-89276-981-0Tony CookeIn Search of Timothy Workbook
  ''978-0-89276-983-4Brenda ThomasMaking the Most of Your Meltdowns
  ''978-0-89276-988-9Patsy CamenetiFor Such a Time as This
2014978-0-89276-992-6McVeigh KateConquering Intimidation