Children's Book Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-89239-030-4Khanh Tuyet TranThe Little Weaver of Thai-Yen Village/Co Be Th-Det Lang Thai-Yen (Fifth World Tales) (English and Vietnamese Edition)
1987978-0-89239-032-8Harriet Rohmer · Dorminster Newton Wilson · Virginia StearnsMother Scorpion Country (Stories from Central America) (English and Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-89239-050-2Carmen Lomas GarzaFamily Pictures / Cuadros de familia
1991978-0-89239-071-7Lina Mao Wall · Cathy SpagnoliJudge Rabbit and the Tree Spirit: A Folktale from Cambodia/Bilingual in English and Khmer
1990978-0-89239-108-0Carmen Lomas GarzaCuadros de familia / Family Pictures
1997978-0-89239-109-7Harriet Rohmer · Octavio Chow · Morris Viduare · Joe SamThe Invisible Hunters/Los cazadores invisibles (Stories from Central America =)
  ''978-0-89239-110-3Cathy SpagnoliNine-in-One, Grr! Grr!
  ''978-0-89239-112-7Harriet Rohmer · Mira ReisbergEl sombrero del tío Nacho / Uncle Nacho's Hat
  ''978-0-89239-122-6SakaiSachiko Means Happiness
2016978-0-89239-124-0Carolyn GarciaThe Adventures of Connie and Diego/Las aventuras de Connie y Diego
2017978-0-89239-125-7Simon J OrtizThe People Shall Continue
1997978-0-89239-126-4MartinezLa mujer que brillaba aún más que el sol / The Woman Who Outshone the Sun
  ''978-0-89239-129-5Manlio ArguetaMagic Dogs of the Volcanoes/Los perros magicos de los volcanos
1997978-0-89239-130-1Gloria AnzalduaFriends from the Other Side / Amigos del otro lado
1995978-0-89239-132-5Juan Felipe HerreraCalling the Doves/El Canto De Las Palomas (English and Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-89239-138-7Carmen Lomas GarzaIn My Family / En mi familia
  ''978-0-89239-139-4Francisco X. Alarcon · Maya Christina GonzalezLaughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems / Jitomates Risuenos y otros poemas de primavera
  ''978-0-89239-144-8Richard Van CampA Man Called Raven
  ''978-0-89239-148-6ChinChina's Bravest Girl: The Legend of Hua Mu Lan
  ''978-0-89239-149-3Harriet RohmerJust Like Me: Stories and Self-Portraits by Fourteen Artists
1998978-0-89239-151-6Toyomi IgusI See the Rhythm (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award Winner)
1998978-0-89239-153-0Maya Christina GonzalezFrom the Bellybutton of the Moon and other summer poems/Del ombligo de la luna y otros poemas de verano
  ''978-0-89239-156-1Alberto BlancoAngel's Kite / La estrella de Ángel
1999978-0-89239-157-8Carmen Lomas GarzaMagic Windows/Ventanas mágicas (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89239-158-5Harriet RohmerHonoring Our Ancestors: Stories and Paintings by Fourteen Artists
  ''978-0-89239-159-2Carmen Lomas GarzaMaking Magic Windows: Creating Cut-Paper Art With Carmen Lomas Garza
  ''978-0-89239-160-8Francisco X. AlarconAngels Ride Bikes and Other Fall Poems: Los angeles andan bicicletas (The Magical Cycle of the Seasons Series) (English and Spanish Edition)
1999978-0-89239-161-5Luis J. RodriquezIt Doesn't Have to Be This Way/No tiene que ser asi: A Barrio Story/Una historia del barrio
2000978-0-89239-162-2Juan Felipe Herrera · Elizabeth GómezThe Upside Down Boy / El niño de cabeza
  ''978-0-89239-163-9Carmen Lomas GarzaIn My Family/En mi familia
  ''978-0-89239-164-6Amada Irma Pérez · Maya Christina GonzalezMy Very Own Room/Mi propio cuartito
2001978-0-89239-165-3Jorge ArguetaA Movie in My Pillow/Una pelicula en mi almohada: Poems/Poemas
  ''978-0-89239-166-0Juan Felipe HerreraCalling the Doves/El canto de las palomas
  ''978-0-89239-167-7Gloria AnzalduaPrietita and the Ghost Woman/Prietita y la llorona
2001978-0-89239-168-4Francisco X. AlarconIguanas in the Snow: and Other Winter Poems / Iguanas en la nieve: y otros poemas de invierno (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89239-169-1Blanca Lopez de MariscalThe Harvest Birds/ Los pajaros de la cosecha
  ''978-0-89239-170-7Toyomi IgusTwo Mrs. Gibsons
2002978-0-89239-171-4Juan Felipe HerreraGrandma and Me at the Flea/Los Meros Meros Remateros
  ''978-0-89239-175-2Amada Irma PerezMy Diary from Here to There/Mi diario de aqui hasta alla (Pura Belpre Honor Book Author (Awards)) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89239-177-6Lucha CorpiWhere Fireflies Dance/Ahi, donde bailan las luciernagas
2003978-0-89239-178-3Uma KrishnaswamiChachaji's Cup
2003978-0-89239-179-0Truong TranGoing Home, Coming Home/Ve Nha, Tham Que Huong
  ''978-0-89239-181-3Jorge ArguetaXochitl and the Flowers/Xochitl, la niña de las flores
  ''978-0-89239-182-0Anthony D. Robles · Carl Angel · Magdalena Guzman · Eloisa D. de JesusLakas and the Manilatown Fish/Si Lakas at ang Isdang Manilatown
  ''978-0-89239-183-7Carmen Lomas GarzaMagic Windows/Ventanas mágicas
  ''978-0-89239-184-4George LittlechildThis Land Is My Land
2003978-0-89239-185-1Richard Van CampWhat's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses?
  ''978-0-89239-186-8Mayra Lazara DoleDrum, Chavi, Drum!/¡Toca, Chavi, toca!
2004978-0-89239-189-9Monica GunningA Shelter in Our Car
  ''978-0-89239-193-6Sun Yung ShinCooper's Lesson
  ''978-0-89239-195-0Juan Felipe HerreraFeatherless/Desplumado
  ''978-0-89239-197-4Toyomi IgusGoing Back Home: An Artist Returns to the South
2005978-0-89239-198-1Francisco X. AlarconAngels Ride Bikes: And Other Fall Poems / Los Angeles Andan en Bicicleta: Y Otros Poemas de Otoño (The Magical Cycle of the Seasons Series)
2005978-0-89239-199-8Francisco X. AlarconLaughing Tomatoes: And Other Spring Poems / Jitomates Risuenos: Y Otros Poemas de Primavera (The Magical Cycle of the Seasons Series)
  ''978-0-89239-201-8   ''From the Bellybutton of the Moon: And Other Summer Poems / Del Ombligo de la Luna: Y Otros Poemas de Verano (The Magical Cycle of the Seasons Series)
  ''978-0-89239-202-5   ''Iguanas in the Snow: And Other Winter Poems / Iguanas en la Nieve: Y Otros Poemas de Invierno (The Magical Cycle of the Seasons Series)
2004978-0-89239-203-2Luis J. RodriguezIt Doesn't Have to Be This Way/No tiene que ser asi: A Barrio Story/Una historia del barrio
2005978-0-89239-204-9Rigoberto Gonzalez · Cecilia AlvarezAntonio's Card / La Tarjeta de Antonio
  ''978-0-89239-205-6Jorge Argueta · Elizabeth GomezMoony Luna / Luna, Lunita Lunera
  ''978-0-89239-206-3Carmen Lomas Garza · Sandra Cisneros · Pat MoraFamily Pictures, 15th Anniversary Edition / Cuadros de Familia, Edición Quinceañera
2005978-0-89239-207-0Carmen Lomas Garza · Sandra Cisneros · Pat MoraFamily Pictures, 15th Anniversary Edition / Cuadros de Familia, Edición Quinceañera
  ''978-0-89239-208-7Uma KrishnaswamiThe Closet Ghosts
  ''978-0-89239-212-4Toyomi Igus · Michele WoodI See the Rhythm
2006978-0-89239-213-1Anthony D. RoblesLakas and the Makibaka Hotel/Si Lakas at ang Makibaka Hotel
  ''978-0-89239-214-8Kristy Orona-RamirezKiki's Journey
  ''978-0-89239-215-5Amy Lee-TaiA Place Where Sunflowers Grow (English and Japanese Edition)
2006978-0-89239-216-2Te AtaBaby Rattlesnake
  ''978-0-89239-217-9Juan Felipe HerreraThe Upside Down Boy/El nino de cabeza (Rise and Shine)
2007978-0-89239-218-6Ruth FormanYoung Cornrows Callin Out the Moon
  ''978-0-89239-219-3Jorge ArguetaA Movie in My Pillow/Una pelicula en mi almohada
  ''978-0-89239-220-9Dana GoldbergOn My Block: Stories and Paintings by Fifteen Artists
  ''978-0-89239-221-6Maya Christina GonzalezMy Colors, My World/Mis colores, mi mundo
2008978-0-89239-222-3Lucia Gonzalez · Lulu DelacreThe Storyteller's Candle/La velita de los cuentos
2008978-0-89239-223-0Amada Irma Perez · Maya Christina GonzalezMy Very Own Room/Mi propio cuartito
2013978-0-89239-224-7Jorge ArguetaXochitl and the Flowers: Xóchitl, la Niña de las Flores
2008978-0-89239-225-4Francisco X. AlarconAnimal Poems of the Iguazu/Animalario del Iguazu (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89239-226-1Ina Cumpiano · Jose RamirezQuinito, Day and Night/Quinito, dia y noche
2009978-0-89239-230-8Amada Irma PerezMy Diary From Here to There/Mi diario de aqui hasta alla
2010978-0-89239-231-5Rene Colato LainezFrom North to South/Del Norte al Sur
2011978-0-89239-235-3Monica BrownMarisol McDonald Doesn't Match / Marisol McDonald no combina
2012978-0-89239-237-7Lucia GonzalezThe Storyteller's Candle / La Velita De Los Cuentos (English and Spanish Edition)
2013978-0-89239-308-4Monica GunningA Shelter in Our Car
2018978-0-89239-413-5Marsha Diane ArnoldGalápagos Girl / Galapagueña (English and Spanish Edition)