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978-0-89225-000-4John T. Hinds · C. E. W. Dorris · J. W. Sheperd · Guy N. WoodsNew Testament Commentary (14 Volume Set)
1987978-0-89225-001-1H. Leo BolesA commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew (New Testament Commentary)
1970978-0-89225-002-8Charles Elias Webb DorrisA commentary on the Gospel according to Mark (New Testament Commentary)
1940978-0-89225-003-5H. Leo BolesA commentary on the Gospel according to Luke (New Testament Commentaries)
1976978-0-89225-004-2David LipscombA Commentary on the Gospel According to John
1989978-0-89225-005-9H. Leo BolesA commentary on Acts of the apostles
  ''978-0-89225-006-6David Lipscomb · J.W. ShepherdRomans (Gospel Advocate New Testament Series)
  ''978-0-89225-007-3First Corinthians: New Testament Commentaries
1976978-0-89225-009-7David LipscombA commentary on the New Testament Epistles: Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians
1989978-0-89225-010-3   ''A COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT EPISTLES I, II Thessalonians, I, IITimothy, Ti
1987978-0-89225-011-0R MilliganA commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews (New Testament Commentaries)
1982978-0-89225-012-7Guy N WoodsA commentary on the Epistle of James (New Testament Commentaries)
1979978-0-89225-013-4   ''A commentary on the New Testament Epistles of Peter, John, and Jude
1987978-0-89225-014-1John Thomas HindsA commentary on the book of Revelation (New Testament Commentaries)
1973978-0-89225-079-0Stanley E SayersA drink from the deeper wells
1970978-0-89225-103-2Guy N. WoodsHow to Read the Greek New Testament (Gospel Advocate Classics)
978-0-89225-104-9If I Be Lifted Up
1983978-0-89225-122-3Frank L. CoxMiracles of Jesus
1957978-0-89225-123-0G. C. BrewerThe Model Church (Gospel Advocate Reprint Library)
1960978-0-89225-128-5EditorsConcordance to the Holy Bible King James Version
978-0-89225-141-4B.W. JohnsonThe Peoples New Testament with Explanatory Notes - One Volume Edition (2 volumes in 1) [Hardcover] B.W. Johnson
1956978-0-89225-147-6Frank L. CoxRevelation in 26 Lessons (Gospel Advocate Reprint Library)
1990978-0-89225-154-4Earl Irvin WestThe Search for the Ancient Order: Vol. 1: A History of the Restoration Movement 1800-1865
1970978-0-89225-162-9D. M. CanrightSeventh-Day Adventism Refuted in a Nutshell
1982978-0-89225-163-6D. M. CanrightSeventh Day Adventism Renounced
1976978-0-89225-176-6Leon D StancliffThe Biblical prophets in outlined notes
1960978-0-89225-177-3L. R. WilsonCongregational Development
1977978-0-89225-182-7E. Ray JerkinsTaking time for marriage
  ''978-0-89225-183-4Robert E. HooperA Call to Remember: Chapters in Nashville Restoration History
1978978-0-89225-185-8A. D WrightWorkshoes for Christ through personal evangelism
1975978-0-89225-198-8N.B. HardemanHardeman's Tabernacle Sermons, Vol III: A Series of Twenty-One Sermons Delivered in Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tenn., March 18-April 1, 1928 [Volume Three)
  ''978-0-89225-200-8Lynn A McMillonDoctrines of demons: A Christian response to the occult
1975978-0-89225-201-5Stanley E SayersBridging the generation gap and bringing it back to God
1976978-0-89225-203-9George W MerrittTruth for today: [five-minute radio sermons]
1982978-0-89225-207-7Dan HarlessDiscoveries
1998978-0-89225-208-4Batsell Barrett BaxterFamily of God: A Study of the New Testament Church (Gospel Advocate Classics)
978-0-89225-219-0Vestibules of Heaven
1987978-0-89225-261-9Guy N WoodsA commentary on the Gospel according to John
978-0-89225-264-0Spirit & the Word
1983978-0-89225-269-5A. G FreedSermons, chapel talks, and debates
  ''978-0-89225-270-1Ira NorthBalance: A Tried and Tested Formula for Church Growth (Gospel Advocate Classics)
1984978-0-89225-272-5MillerSeasons of the Heart
  ''978-0-89225-273-2Jim MankinPrescription for Troubled Hearts
1985978-0-89225-274-9H. Leo BolesQuestions & answers, sermon outlines & Bible study notes
  ''978-0-89225-275-6Jack Pearl LewisLeadership Questions Confronting the Church
  ''978-0-89225-276-3Does The Bible Contradict Itself?: A New Approach To An Old Problem
1986978-0-89225-277-0Guy N. WoodsQuestions & Answers: Open Forum Volume 2 (Freed-Hardeman College Lectures)
978-0-89225-278-7Cups Running Over
1985978-0-89225-279-4Adron DoranThe Christian scholar: A biography of Hall Laurie Calhoun, protege of John William McGarvey
2001978-0-89225-281-7R. Vernon BoydUndying Dedication: The Story of G. P. Bowser
978-0-89225-284-8Breakfast of Champions
1986978-0-89225-285-5Flavil Ray YeakleyChurch leadership and organization: A doctrinal and practical study of the leadership role of elders
1986978-0-89225-286-2Glenda WalkerAh, woman!: A new look at old principles-- a study of personal accountability for the Christ motivated woman
  ''978-0-89225-287-9G. Dallas SmithOutlines of Bible Study: An Easy-To-Follow Guide to Greater Bible Knowledge
  ''978-0-89225-288-6Bill R SwetmonA giving heart: A handbook on Christian stewardship
  ''978-0-89225-289-3Flavil Ray YeakleyWhy churches grow
2001978-0-89225-291-6David L. RoperPractical Christianity
1996978-0-89225-292-3Joanne HoweA Change of Habit: The Autobiography Of A Former Catholic Nun
1987978-0-89225-293-0Wayne D. LeeperPrelude to Glory: Insights into the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
1984978-0-89225-295-4FergusonInstrumental Music Issue
1987978-0-89225-296-1Tenn.) Madison Church of Christ (MadisonThe Madison story: 90 successful church growth programs of the Madison Church of Christ
  ''978-0-89225-297-8Mike CopeLiving in Two Worlds
1987978-0-89225-298-5Linda SchottSpiritual Aerobics
  ''978-0-89225-299-2Randy SimmonsStraight Talk for Teens: What the Bible Says to Teens About Today's Moral...
  ''978-0-89225-300-5Jack Pearl LewisUnderstanding Genesis: A Bible study workbook for personal or group use
  ''978-0-89225-305-0Bill W. Flatt · Bill FlattGrowing Through Grief
1988978-0-89225-306-7Gynnath FordPower to become: What God wants you to be
1987978-0-89225-307-4Danny A. DixonDiscipling Ministries: An Inside Look
1988978-0-89225-309-8Terry BellReviving tired faith: A guide to spiritual rejuvenation from Hebrews
  ''978-0-89225-310-4Bryan BeardenYour Young Heart: Where it Should be and How to get it There
1988978-0-89225-311-1Flavil R., Jr. YeakleyDiscipling Dilemma: A Study of the Discipling Movement Among Churches of Christ
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  ''978-0-89225-319-7Bill SwetmonYour friendship potential
  ''978-0-89225-320-3Randy BectonWhat Can Is Say to a Friend With Cancer
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1998978-0-89225-323-4Bill HumbleThe Bible Land
978-0-89225-327-2Light from Above: The Life of Alexander Campbell
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2001978-0-89225-334-0Sandra HumphreyDon't Kiss Toads
1988978-0-89225-335-7Edna PendergrassHelp Yourself to Happiness
  ''978-0-89225-336-4Mike CopeLiving in Two Worlds
2001978-0-89225-337-1Sandra HumphreyQue Comunicas Con Tu Vida?: Preparado Especialmente Para uso en Clases de la Biblia Para Damas
1988978-0-89225-338-8Ancil JenkinsLord Teach Us To Pray
978-0-89225-339-5Righteousness Inside Out: The Heart of the Problem & the Problem of the Heart
978-0-89225-340-1Unlocking Mysteries of God's World
1988978-0-89225-342-5Bill W. FlattFrom Worry to Happiness
1988978-0-89225-344-9Terry BellWatch the Lamb: A fresh look at Jesus
1989978-0-89225-346-3Ron CarlsonComatose Christianity: A wake-up call for Christians
  ''978-0-89225-347-0Mike CopeTeens in two worlds
  ''978-0-89225-348-7Jimmy JividenKoinonia: A place for tough and tender love
  ''978-0-89225-349-4Norman L. BalesTitle: HOW DO I KNOW I'M SAVED?
2001978-0-89225-351-7Joanne HoweUn Cambio de Habito (Spanish Edition)
1989978-0-89225-353-1Jerry JonesFrom Slavery to Sonship: A Study of Paul's Message to the Galatians
  ''978-0-89225-354-8Jim JordonDavid: His Life and Psalms
2002978-0-89225-355-5Gospel AdvocateGod Expects: Faith in His Son, Respect for His Law, Unity in His Church, and Obedience to His Word
2002978-0-89225-356-2Willard TateHow To Get What You Want
1989978-0-89225-357-9Edwin F. WhiteA Sense of Presence
  ''978-0-89225-358-6Rusty BoltonIt depends on how you look at it!: A key to practical Christian living
978-0-89225-360-9How to Get What You Want & Want What You Get: Twelve Steps to Christian Living at Its Best
1989978-0-89225-363-0Patty ShaferNow what do I do: A teen's handbook for helping others
  ''978-0-89225-364-7Linda SchottHow to Triumph Over Trivia: Learning to Follow Life's Significant Pursuits
2002978-0-89225-365-4Rosemary McKnightThose Who Wait
978-0-89225-366-1Under the Influence: Stories from Christians Who Now Stay Clean & Sober
1989978-0-89225-367-8Lewis - Dodd - TippensShattering the Silence: Telling the Church the Truth about Kids & Sexuality
2001978-0-89225-368-5Jimmy JividenAlive In The Spirit
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2002978-0-89225-379-1Nancy FergusonLiving A Worthy Life
  ''978-0-89225-380-7Nancy EichmanGod's Makeover Plan
  ''978-0-89225-381-4Jimmy JividenMore Than A Feeling
2002978-0-89225-382-1Phil SandersAdrift: Postmodernism in the Church
  ''978-0-89225-383-8Jane McWhorterFriendship: Handle with Care
1999978-0-89225-385-2B.C. Goodpasture (editor)Biography and Sermons of Marshall Keeble
  ''978-0-89225-388-3God Promised
  ''978-0-89225-389-0Serving From Your Kitchen
2002978-0-89225-390-6Randy SimmonsBasic Training: A Manual for Teens
2000978-0-89225-391-3God Calls Us (2000-2001 Companion)
2001978-0-89225-393-7Don ChambersWhere's the Piano?
  ''978-0-89225-394-4H. Leo BolesComentarios Del Nuevo Testamento - Mateo (Paper) (Spanish Edition)
2001978-0-89225-398-2H. Leo BolesComentarios Del Nuevo Testamento - Hechos (Paper) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89225-399-9David Lipscomb · J. W. ShepherdComentarios Del Nuevo Testamento - Romanos (Paper) (Spanish Edition)
1990978-0-89225-402-6Mac LynnChurches of Christ Around the World: Exclusive of the United States and Her Territories
  ''978-0-89225-404-0Paul L. Methvin50th Anniversary Yosemite Family Encampment, July 1990
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1988978-0-89225-408-8Mac LynnChurches of Christ in the United States: Inclusive of Her Commonwealth and Territories
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1992978-0-89225-411-8Willard TateHabits Of A Loving Heart
978-0-89225-412-5Like Fire in Dry Stubble: The Life of Barton W. Stone
1992978-0-89225-414-9Bill HumbleLike Fire in Dry Stubble, The Life of Barton W. Stone Video Curriculum Kit
2002978-0-89225-416-3Guy N. WoodsHow to Study the New Testament Effectively
978-0-89225-417-0You Can Have a New Life: An Introduction to God & His Word
1994978-0-89225-419-4Building Bridges From Heart to Heart
978-0-89225-420-0Jesus Perfect: The Ultimate "Program" for Life
2001978-0-89225-421-7Bill W. FlattBuilding A Healthy Family
1993978-0-89225-422-4F. Lagard SmithBaptism: The Believer's Wedding Ceremony
1994978-0-89225-423-1Randy SimmonsWhat to Do When You Don't Know What to Do
  ''978-0-89225-424-8Paul Faulkner · Carl BreechenWhat Every Family Needs
1989978-0-89225-433-0H. Leo BolesMatthew: A Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
1992978-0-89225-434-7C. E. DorrisMark: A Commentary on the Gospel According to Mark (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
1991978-0-89225-435-4H. Leo BolesThe Gospel According to Luke (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
1989978-0-89225-437-8   ''Acts: A Commentary on Acts of the Apostles (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
1986978-0-89225-438-5David LipscombRomans: A Commentary on the New Testament Epistles (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
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2001978-0-89225-440-8David Lipscomb · J W ShepherdSecond Corinthians and Galatians (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
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1991978-0-89225-444-6Guy N. WoodsJames: A Commentary on the Epistle of James (New Testament Commentaries (Gospel Advocate))
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1994978-0-89225-451-4Joanne HoweFrom Nun to Priest
2002978-0-89225-454-5Ira NorthMarching To Zion
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  ''978-0-89225-483-5   ''Sound Doctrine Vol. 4
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  ''978-0-89225-488-0   ''Hardeman's Tabernacle Sermons Volume III
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2002978-0-89225-505-4H. Leo BolesComentarios del Nuevo Testamento (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-89225-510-8David Lipscomb · J. W. ShepherdComentarios del Nuevo Testamento - Romanos (Cloth) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-89225-520-7Dan ChambersIs Baptism Really Necessary?
2001978-0-89225-521-4J. Ridley StroopChurch of the Bible
  ''978-0-89225-522-1   ''Why Do People Not See the Bible Alike
  ''978-0-89225-523-8Wyatt SawyerMust the Young Die Too?
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2005978-0-89225-532-0Nancy EichmanConquering Your Giants
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2005978-0-89225-542-9Sara LeightonShine Like Stars
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  ''978-0-89225-545-0   ''Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures
2005978-0-89225-546-7Aubrey JohnsonRenewing Your Spiritual Life
  ''978-0-89225-547-4Cynthia GuyWhat About The Women?
2013978-0-89225-551-1Janie CraunChristian Woman 80th Anniversary Cookbook
2006978-0-89225-552-8Nancy EichmanThe Road to Forgiveness
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  ''978-0-89225-554-2Companion; Annual Lesson Commentary 2006-2007
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1990978-0-89225-556-6Becoming a Christian - Leading accountable young people to salvation (Student Workbook)
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  ''978-0-89225-566-5Phillip EichmanWhat Do I Do With a Mustard Seed?
2008978-0-89225-567-2Companion 2008-2009: Exodus, Hebrews, Timothy & Titus, Great Texts of the Bible
2009978-0-89225-568-9Bill BagentsRenewing Respect
2010978-0-89225-570-2Tim AlsupBaptism 101
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  ''978-0-89225-572-6Thomas C AlexanderMusic in Worship
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  ''978-0-89225-588-7Ernest A. Clevenger Jr.@ Any Age: An Autobiographical Memoir With Genealogical and Historical Records
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2014978-0-89225-649-5Cecil May JrProvidence: The Silent Sovereignty of God
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  ''978-0-89225-658-7Elizabeth JimenezSweet Speak
2015978-0-89225-659-4Matthew W. MorineA Mountain Moving Faith
2014978-0-89225-660-0Wanda RobinsonUnsung Heroes (and a Few Villains)