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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-89221-008-4Maria Von TrappYesterday Today and Forever
1976978-0-89221-021-3Mel Tari · Cliff DudleyAmerica! Jesus Is Here
1998978-0-89221-035-0Maria Von TrappYesterday, Today, and Forever
1978978-0-89221-046-6Carey A. ReamsChoose! Life or Death: Reams Biological Theory of Ionization
  ''978-0-89221-049-7Mel and Dudley, Cliff TariLike a Mighty Wind
1982978-0-89221-088-6Sharon WhiteMan Who Talked With Angels
  ''978-0-89221-102-9Francis ClareYour Move, God
1978978-0-89221-122-7Mel TariThe Gentle Breeze of Jesus
1995978-0-89221-123-4   ''Like a Mighty Wind
1992978-0-89221-131-9Sister Francis ClareWow, God
1988978-0-89221-150-0Mel TariThe Kingdom
1990978-0-89221-186-9Robert W. FaidA Scientific Approach to Christianity
  ''978-0-89221-187-6Francis ClareWe, the Bride
  ''978-0-89221-194-4Nicky CruzDavid Wilkerson: A Final Warning to America
1991978-0-89221-213-2David Allen Lewis · Robert ShreckhiseUFO: End-Time Delusion
1992978-0-89221-222-4Bensen IdahosaFaith for All Life's Storms
1992978-0-89221-223-1John EidsmoeColumbus & Cortez, Conquerors for Christ
1993978-0-89221-231-6Robert W. FaidA Scientific Approach to Biblical Mysteries
1994978-0-89221-255-2David ShibleyHeaven's Heroes
  ''978-0-89221-256-9Keith Thibodeaux · Audrey T. HingleyLife After Lucy: The True Story of "I Love Lucy'S" Little Ricky
1995978-0-89221-269-9Robert · Temple, Scott · Lewis, SungenisShockwave 2000!: The Harold Camping 1994 Debacle
  ''978-0-89221-278-1Ron AuchThe Heart of the King
  ''978-0-89221-283-5Robert W. FaidA Scientific Approach to More Biblical Mysteries
1997978-0-89221-347-4David Allen LewisSigns of His Coming
  ''978-0-89221-349-8Clifford Wilson · Barbara WilsonThe Bible Comes Alive: A Pictorial Journey Through the Book of Books (That Incredible Book, The Bible, Vol. 1)
1998978-0-89221-371-9Clara HintonSilent Grief: Miscarriage-Child Loss: Finding Your Way Through the Darkness
1998978-0-89221-377-1Ron AuchSwept Away: Refreshing the Church with the Power of Prayer
  ''978-0-89221-418-1Roger GibsonFirst Comes Love, Then Comes Money: Basic Steps to Avoid the #1 Conflict in Marriage
  ''978-0-89221-419-8Clifford Wilson · Barbara WilsonThe Bible Comes Alive: A Pictorial Journey Through the Book of Books, Vol. 2: Moses to David
2000978-0-89221-486-0   ''The Bible Comes Alive: A Pictorial Journey Through the Book of Books, Volume 3
  ''978-0-89221-491-4Henry RogersThe Silent War: Ministering to Those Trapped in the Deception of Pornography
  ''978-0-89221-493-8New Leaf Press · Steve TerrillThe Wonder of It All: The Creation Account According to the Book of Job
2000978-0-89221-497-6Shirley W. MitchellFabulous After 50: Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow
  ''978-0-89221-499-0David R. ReaganLiving for Christ in the End Times
  ''978-0-89221-501-0Maria Von TrappLet Me Tell You About My Savior: Yesterday, Today & Forever/When the King Was Carpenter
  ''978-0-89221-510-2Jeff KinleyThe Brandon Burlsworth Story
  ''978-0-89221-511-9David ReaganWrath and Glory
1999978-0-89221-517-1David RobertsThe Holy Land I Love
2002978-0-89221-526-3Don ReidHeroes and Outlaws of the Bible
2003978-0-89221-532-4Lester SumrallThe Life Story of Lester Sumrall
2003978-0-89221-537-9Joseph S. BonsallG.I. Joe & Lillie: Remembering a Life of Love and Loyalty
2009978-0-89221-553-9Iddo NetanyahuEntebbe: A Defining Moment In the War On Terrorism
2003978-0-89221-554-6Steve HallidayThe Hand That Paints the Sky: Delighting in the Creator's Canvas
2004978-0-89221-564-5Don ReidSunday Morning Memories [hardcover]
  ''978-0-89221-577-5Alice Joyce DavidsonMy Take-Along Bible
  ''978-0-89221-590-4Joseph S. BonsallAn Inconvenient Christmas
2009978-0-89221-592-8Benjamin Netanyahu · Richard PerleThe Jerusalem Alternative: Moral Clarity for Ending the Arab-Israeli Conflict
2004978-0-89221-597-3Mike RadfordA Salute to Service
  ''978-0-89221-601-7Joseph S. BonsallAn American Journey: 30 Years on the Trail to Memories, Music, & Legend
2005978-0-89221-609-3Shirley W. MitchellSensational after 60: Loving Life All Over Again
2009978-0-89221-612-3Sarah SternCherished Illusions
2005978-0-89221-614-7Joey AllenBig Thoughts For Little Thinkers: The Trinity
2005978-0-89221-615-4Joey AllenBig Thoughts For Little Thinkers: The Scripture
  ''978-0-89221-616-1   ''Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Mission
  ''978-0-89221-617-8   ''Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Gospel
  ''978-0-89221-619-2Ronnie FloydFinding the Favor of God
  ''978-0-89221-621-5Abby Nye SuddarthFish Out of Water
2005978-0-89221-623-9R. Edwin ShermanBible Code Bombshell
  ''978-0-89221-624-6Thomas IceThe Case for Zionism
  ''978-0-89221-625-3Zola LevittDateline Jerusalem
  ''978-0-89221-626-0Greg LaurieI'm Going on a Diet Tomorrow: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves
2009978-0-89221-627-7Rabbi Binyamin ElonGod's Covenant with Israel: Establishing Biblical Boundaries in Today's World
2006978-0-89221-636-9Joe White · Nicholas ComninellisNine Things Teens Should Know & Parents Are Afraid To Talk About
  ''978-0-89221-637-6Kristen DayDemocrats for Life
2006978-0-89221-641-3New Leaf PressCollege: Journal
2009978-0-89221-644-4Natan SharanskyThe Case For Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny & Terror
2006978-0-89221-655-0Ronnie FloydTen Things Every Minister Needs to Know
  ''978-0-89221-658-1Ariel Allison · Shelby RawsonDaddy, Do You Love Me? A Daughter's Journey of Faith and Restoration
2007978-0-89221-668-0Ray Comfort101 Annoying Things About Other Drivers
  ''978-0-89221-669-7Ray Comfort101 Annoying Things About Air Travel
  ''978-0-89221-671-0Kevin BelmonteA Journey Through The Life of William Wilberforce
  ''978-0-89221-672-7Andrew Edwards and Fleur ThorntonWilberforce: An Activity Book
2007978-0-89221-673-4Ted Baehr · Susan Wales · Ken WalesThe Amazing Grace of Freedom: The Inspiring Faith of William Wilberforce
2014978-0-89221-681-9Carl WernerEvolution: The Grand Experiment
2008978-0-89221-683-3William Lee GoldenNoah, Didn't It Rain
  ''978-0-89221-684-0Carl WernerEvolution: The Grand Experiment Teacher's Manual
2009978-0-89221-688-8Carl WernerEvolution: The Grand Experiment Teacher's Manual: Vol. 2 - Living Fossils
  ''978-0-89221-690-1John H. Parker · Paul SeawrightAbide with Me: A Photographic Journey Through Great British Hymns
  ''978-0-89221-691-8Carl WernerEvolution: The Grand Experiment: Vol. 2 - Living Fossils
  ''978-0-89221-693-2Jerry RobinsonBankruptcy of Our Nation
2010978-0-89221-694-9Shannon O'DellTransforming Church in Rural America
2009978-0-89221-696-3Maria von TrappYesterday, Today, and Forever
  ''978-0-89221-697-0Evolution: The Grand Experiment Episode 1
2010978-0-89221-698-7Jeana Floyd10 Things Every Minister's Wife Needs to Know
2012978-0-89221-710-6Roy LessinToday is Your Best Day
2012978-0-89221-711-3Gary FrazierIt Could Happen Tomorrow
2016978-0-89221-740-3Gary Frazier · Jim FletcherMiracle of Israel: The Shocking, Untold Story of God's Love for His People
  ''978-0-89221-742-7Terry JamesRapture Ready...Or Not?
2018978-0-89221-759-5Terry JamesDeceivers: Exposing Evil Seducers & Their Last Days Deception