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1978978-0-89145-007-8Conover HillAntique Oak Furniture: An Illustrated Value Guide
1976978-0-89145-012-2Susan ManosSchoenhut Dolls and Toys: A Loving Legacy
  ''978-0-89145-022-1Patricia R. SmithKestner and Simon & Halbig Dolls, 1804-1930
1977978-0-89145-048-1Col. R.J. ThurgoodComplete Encyclopedia of Barbed Wire
1984978-0-89145-052-8Sibyl St. John Dewein · Joan Ashabraner · Annemarie DunzelmannThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles
1978978-0-89145-066-5Lillian Baker100 Years Of Collectible Jewelry
1979978-0-89145-068-9Sharon Huxford · Bob HuxfordCollector's Encyclopedia of McCoy Pottery
1978978-0-89145-074-0Douglas ArcherImperial Glass Co. - 1904-1938 Catalogs: 104F, 101D, Reprint Catalogue
1979978-0-89145-077-1Patricia SmithPatricia Smith's Doll Values. Antique to Modern
1996978-0-89145-078-8Sharon Huxford · Bob HuxfordThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Brush-McCoy Pottery: Updated Values
1978978-0-89145-089-4Patricia R. SmithGerman Dolls featuring Character Children & Babies
1982978-0-89145-100-6Marjorie UhlMadame Alexander's Ladies of Fashion
1979978-0-89145-102-0Kathryn McNerneyPrimitives: Our American Heritage
1981978-0-89145-108-2Joan F. Van PattenCollector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain w/ Price Guide: Updated, Series 1 (of 5 Series Set)
1979978-0-89145-114-3Sharon Huxford · Bob HuxfordCollector's Encyclopedia of Weller Pottery
1982978-0-89145-125-9Kathryn McNerneyAntique Tools ... Our American Heritage
1997978-0-89145-137-2ClevelandClevelands Bottle Pricing Guide
1980978-0-89145-149-5Brenda RobertsThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Hull Pottery
  ''978-0-89145-151-8Patricia R SmithGerman Dolls: Character Children & Babies, Volume II
  ''978-0-89145-156-3Personal Firearms Inventory
1981978-0-89145-161-7Bill EdwardsFenton Carnival Glass: The Early Years
1999978-0-89145-164-8Kathryn McNerneyVictorian Furniture: Our American Heritage
1985978-0-89145-171-6Stanley L BakerRailroad collectibles, an illustrated value guide
1986978-0-89145-178-5Mary Frank Gaston · Mary Frank GatonThe Collector's Encyclopedia of R.S. Prussia
1981978-0-89145-179-2K. McNerneyCollecting Blue and White Stoneware: An Identification and Value Guide
1998978-0-89145-202-7Patricia R. SmithEffanbee: Dolls that Touch Your Heart
1982978-0-89145-211-9Mollie Helen McCainThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Pattern Glass
1983978-0-89145-224-9Lillian BakerHatpins and Hatpin Holders: An Illustrated Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-226-3Catherine M. V. ThuroOil Lamps II: Glass Kerosene Lamps
1983978-0-89145-227-0Ermagene WestfallAn Illustrated Value Guide to Cookie Jars
  ''978-0-89145-228-7Lar HothemArrowheads And Projectile Points (Identification & Values (Collector Books))
1986978-0-89145-229-4Susan ManosThe World of Barbie Dolls
1983978-0-89145-231-7Mary Frank GastonBlue Willow
  ''978-0-89145-234-8Dan DePasquale · Gail Peck · Larry PetersonRed Wing Stoneware: An Identification and Value Guide
1996978-0-89145-236-2Mary Frank GastonCollector's Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China
1983978-0-89145-237-9Gene FlorenceKitchen glassware of the Depression years (Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years: Identification & Values)
  ''978-0-89145-238-6Kathryn McNerneyAntique Iron: Identification and Values
  ''978-0-89145-241-6Jane WoodCollectors Guide To Post Cards
1984978-0-89145-244-7Joan F. Van PattenCollector's Encyclopedia of Noritake
2006978-0-89145-256-0L-W Book SalesCollectors Encyclopedia Toys-Banks: Cast Iron, Tin Wind-Up, Autos & More With Prices
1984978-0-89145-261-4Lyle ConderCollectors Guide to Heisey's Glassware for Your Table
2000978-0-89145-267-6Margaret MandelTeddy Bears and Steiff Animals: First Series
1995978-0-89145-270-6Inc. National Cambridge CollectorsColors in Cambridge Glass
1984978-0-89145-275-1Don RaycraftCollectors Guide to Country Baskets
1995978-0-89145-284-3Debbie DillonSheet Music: A Price Guide
1985978-0-89145-289-8Don Raycraft · Carol RaycraftCollector's Guide to Country Stoneware and Pottery
1991978-0-89145-291-1Melva DavernThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Salt & Pepper Shakers: Figural and Novelty
1985978-0-89145-295-9Helene GuarnacciaSalt and Pepper Shakers (Salt & Pepper Shakers)
1985978-0-89145-296-6Patricia R. SmithGerman Dolls: Identification and Values
  ''978-0-89145-297-3   ''Vogue Ginny Dolls: Through the Years with Ginny
  ''978-0-89145-298-0Jeanne BertoiaDoorstops: Identification and Values
1986978-0-89145-307-9Neila BredehoftThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Heisey Glass 1925-1938
  ''978-0-89145-308-6Joan F. Van PattenCollector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain, 3rd Series
1985978-0-89145-313-0Dan DePasquale · Gail Peck · Larry PetersonRed Wing Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide
1986978-0-89145-317-8Mary Frank GastonThe Collector's Encyclopedia of R.S. Prussia And Other R.S. & E.S. Porcelain, Second Series,
  ''978-0-89145-319-2Lillian BakerFifty Years of Fashion Jewelry 1925-1975
1986978-0-89145-320-8P. G. Gibbs · Patikii GibbsBlack Collectibles: Sold in America
  ''978-0-89145-322-2Averil MathisAntique and Collectible Thimbles and Accessories
  ''978-0-89145-331-4Kathryn McNerneyPrimitives: Our American Heritage
1990978-0-89145-332-1Robert W. Swedberg · Harriet SwedbergFurniture of the Depression Era: Furniture and Accessories of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s
  ''978-0-89145-334-5Richard HolinerAntique Purses: A History, Identification and Value Guide
1987978-0-89145-335-2George JohnsonChristmas Ornaments, Lights and Decorations: A Collector's Identification and Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-336-9Paris Manos · Susan ManosThe Wonder of Barbie: Dolls and Accessories 1976-1986
1987978-0-89145-337-6Margaret WhitmyerChristmas collectibles
  ''978-0-89145-347-5Bill Schroeder1000 Fruit Jars: Priced and Illustrated
  ''978-0-89145-355-0John A. ShumanThe Collector's Encyclopedia of American Art Glass (American Art Glass: Identification & Values)
1988978-0-89145-365-9Lois LehnerLehner's Encyclopedia Of US Marks On Pottery, Porcelain Clay
1996978-0-89145-367-3L-W BooksSterling Silver, Silverplate and Souvenir Spoons With Prices
1988978-0-89145-370-3Estelle PatinoAmerican Rag Dolls: Straight from the Heart
  ''978-0-89145-371-0Helene GuarnacciaSalt and Pepper Shakers II: Identification and Values (Salt & Pepper Shakers II)
1989978-0-89145-382-6Margaret WhitmyerThe collector's encyclopedia of Hall china
  ''978-0-89145-383-3Carlo Sellari · Dorothy SellariThe Standard Old Bottle Price Guide
1994978-0-89145-388-8L-W PublishingElectric Lighting of the 20's & 30's, Vol. 1: Price Guide
1989978-0-89145-394-9Lar HothemIndian Axes and Related Stone Artifacts (Indian Axes & Related Stone Artifacts: Identification & Values)
1989978-0-89145-395-6H. C. Fry Glass SocietyThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Fry Glass
  ''978-0-89145-396-3Mary Frank GastonBlue Willow (Gaston's Blue Willow)
1990978-0-89145-407-6Melva DavernThe Collector's Encyclopaedia of Figural and Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers: 2nd Series (Collector's Encyclopedia of Figural & Novelty Salt & Pepper)
  ''978-0-89145-412-0Helen GreguireThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Granite Ware: Colors, Shapes and Values
1989978-0-89145-415-1Margaret Whitmyer · Kenn WhitmyerBedroom and Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years
1990978-0-89145-418-2Sarah Sink EamesBarbie Fashion: The Complete History of the Wardrobes of Barbie Doll, Her Friends and her Family, Vol. 1: 1959-1967 (Barbie Doll Fashion)
1997978-0-89145-419-9Margaret F. MandelTeddy Bears, Annalee and Steiff Animals, Identification & Value Guide,includes Golliwogs & Rabbits, 3rd Series
1990978-0-89145-420-5Don Raycraft · Carol RaycraftCollector's Guide to Country Stoneware and Pottery
1998978-0-89145-421-2Bob AllenA Guide to Collecting Cookbooks
1990978-0-89145-426-7Linda J. DickinsonPrice Guide to Cookbooks and Recipe Leaflets
  ''978-0-89145-428-1Tere HaganSilverplated Flatware, An Identification and Value Guide, 4th Revised Edition
1994978-0-89145-430-4James Edward (ed.) BlackElectric Lighting of the 20s & 30s, Vol. 2: With Price Guide
1997978-0-89145-438-0Fred Roerig · Joyce Herndon RoerigCollector's Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars
1991978-0-89145-442-7David E. RichterCollector's Guide to Tootsietoys
1990978-0-89145-443-4John HerveyCollector's Guide to Cartoon and Promotional Drinking Glasses
1991978-0-89145-447-2Kathryn McNerneyKitchen Antiques, 1790-1940
  ''978-0-89145-448-9Helene GuarnacciaSalt and Pepper Shakers, III: Identification and Values
1991978-0-89145-453-3Patricia R. SmithMadame Alexander Dolls, 1965-1990
1990978-0-89145-459-5   ''Modern Collector's Dolls: Fifth Series
1994978-0-89145-474-8Neil S. WoodEvolution of the Bicycle, Vol. 1, with Price Guide
1991978-0-89145-478-6Mary Frank GastonAntique Brass & Copper Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-481-6Jack ChipmanCollector's Encyclopedia of California Pottery
  ''978-0-89145-483-0Dale Barta · Diane Barta · Helen M. RoseCzechoslovakian Glass & Collectibles (Bk.1)
1992978-0-89145-485-4Lar HothemIndian Artifacts of the Midwest
1988978-0-89145-488-5Everett GristAntique and Collectible Marbles: Identification & Values, 3rd Edition
1992978-0-89145-496-0Mariann Katz-MarksCollectors Encyclopedia of Majolica Pottery, An Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-500-4David Longest · Michael SternThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana
  ''978-0-89145-501-1Duane Vanderbilt · Janice VanderbiltThe Collector's Guide to Shawnee Pottery
1992978-0-89145-515-8Myla PerkinsBlack Dolls 1820-1991: An Identification and Value Guide
1993978-0-89145-519-6Richard Sasicki · Josie FaniaThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Van Briggle Art Pottery: An Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-531-8Warren DotzAdvertising Character Collectibles: An Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-534-9Helen GreguireThe Collectors Encyclopedia of Granite Ware: Colors, Shapes & Values, Book 2
  ''978-0-89145-535-6Joanne JasperThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Homer Laughlin China: Reference and Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-537-0Neva ColbertThe Collector's Guide to Harker Pottery U.S.A.: Identification and Value Guide
1993978-0-89145-538-7Barbara Loveless Gick-BurkeThe Collector's Guide to Hull Pottery: The Dinnerware Lines: Identification & Values
1995978-0-89145-541-7Dudley Murphy · Rick EdmistenFishing Lure Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lure
1993978-0-89145-544-8Ermagene WestfallAn Illustrated Value Guide to Cookie Jars (Book II)
  ''978-0-89145-547-9Helene GuarnacciaSalt & Pepper Shakers IV: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-553-0Gene FlorenceCollectible Glassware from the 40's, 50's, 60's: An Illustrated Value Guide, Second Edition
  ''978-0-89145-557-8Kathryn McNerneyAmerican Oak Furniture Idenditfication & Value Guide, Book II
1994978-0-89145-558-5Margaret Whitmyer · Kenn WhitmyerChristmas Collectibles
1999978-0-89145-562-2Laura M. MuellerCollector's Encyclopedia of Compacts Carry Alls & Face Powder Boxes (v. 1)
1994978-0-89145-563-9Fred Roerig · Joyce Herndon RoerigCollector's Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars Book II
  ''978-0-89145-564-6Ann KerrFostoria: An Identification and Value Guide of Pressed, Blown & Hand Molded Shapes
1993978-0-89145-565-3Mary Frank GastonCollector's Encyclopedia of R.S. Prussia: Third Series: Identification & Values
1993978-0-89145-568-4Helene GuarnacciaCollector's Guide to Snow Domes: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-569-1Marty Bunis · Sue BunisCollector's Guide to Transistor Radios
1994978-0-89145-574-5Jim Mangus · Bev MangusShawnee Pottery: An Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-580-6Mary Frank GastonCollectors Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China
  ''978-0-89145-581-3Margaret Whitmyer · Kenn WhitmyerThe Collector's Encyclopedia of Hall China
  ''978-0-89145-582-0Carole Bess WhiteThe Collector's Guide to Made in Japan Ceramics: Identification & Values
1994978-0-89145-584-4Maxine F. NelsonCollectible Vernon Kilns: An Identification and Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-588-2David L. WilsonGeneral Store Collectibles: An Identification and Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-595-0Kitturah B. WestenhouserThe Story of Barbie
  ''978-0-89145-597-4B. J. SummersValue Guide to Advertising Memorabilia
  ''978-0-89145-599-8Roselyn GersonVintage Vanity Bags and Purses: An Identification & Value Guide, Featuring Necessaires. Minaudieres, Chantelaines
1994978-0-89145-604-9Fred DodgeAntique Tins: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-605-6Myla PerkinsBlack Dolls: An Identification and Value Guide Book II
  ''978-0-89145-609-4Mary Frank GastonCollector's Encyclopedia of R.S. Prussia: Fourth Series
  ''978-0-89145-611-7James FlanaganCollector's Guide to Cigarette Lighters
  ''978-0-89145-616-2Gene FlorenceKitchen Glassware of the Depression Years (Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years: Identification & Values)
1994978-0-89145-617-9Russell Quertermous · Steve QuertermousModern Guns: Identification & Values
1995978-0-89145-618-6Sally Gibson-Downs · Christine GentryMotorcycle Toys: Antique and Contemporary: Identification & Values
1994978-0-89145-624-7Steven Rouland · Roger W. RoulandHeywood-Wakefield Modern Furniture
  ''978-0-89145-626-1Betty Newbound · Bill NewboundCollectors Encyclopedia Of Milk Glass Identification/Values
1995978-0-89145-631-5Rick PolizziBaby Boomer Games: Identification and Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-632-2Margo RanaBarbie Exclusives: Identification & Values Featuring: Department Store Specials Porcelain Treasures & Disney (Bk. 1)
  ''978-0-89145-634-6Scott BruceCereal Box Bonanza the 1950's: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-637-7Aimee Neff AldenCollector's Encyclopedia of Early Noritake
1995978-0-89145-638-4B. J. Summers · Wayne PriddyValue Guide to Gas Station Memorabilia
  ''978-0-89145-639-1Veldon BaddersThe Collector's Guide to Inkwells: Identification & Values (Bk.1)
  ''978-0-89145-640-7Loretta DelozierCollectors Encyclopedia of Lefton China Indentification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-643-8Carl Gibbs · Carl Jr. GibbsCollector's Encyclopedia of Metlox Potteries: Identification and Values
  ''978-0-89145-646-9Alan B. ReedCollector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China: With Additional Sections on Other Chicago China Studios - Identification & Values
1995978-0-89145-648-3Anna Marie Guiheen · Marie-Reine A. PafikThe Sheet Music Reference & Price Guide, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-89145-653-7Jo EversEvers' Standard Cut Glass Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-655-1Patricia R. SmithModern Collector's Dolls (Identification & Value Guide Seventh Series)
  ''978-0-89145-662-9Gene FlorenceCollectible Glassware from the 40's, 50's, 60's: An Illustrated Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-665-0Stefanie DeutschBarbie the First 30 Years 1959 Through 1989: An Identification and Value Guide
1995978-0-89145-669-8Marbena Jean FykeCollectible Cats: An Identification & Value Guide (Collectible Cats Bk. II)
  ''978-0-89145-670-4Mark E. Chase · Michael KellyCollectible Drinking Glasses: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-674-2Stan Weitman · Arlene WeitmanCrackle Glass: Identification and Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-680-3Roselyn GersonVintage Ladies Compacts: Identification & Value Guide
1996978-0-89145-686-5J. Michael AugustyniakThe Barbie Doll Boom: Identification and Values
  ''978-0-89145-687-2Margo RanaBarbie Exclusives Identification & Values
1996978-0-89145-688-9Larry JacobsBig Little Books: A Collector's Reference & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-689-6Bill EdwardsStandard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass
  ''978-0-89145-690-2   ''Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Price Guide (STANDARD CARNIVAL GLASS PRICE GUIDE)
  ''978-0-89145-694-0Patricia R. SmithPatricia Smith's Doll Values: Antique to Modern
  ''978-0-89145-696-4Margaret Whitmyer · Kenn WhitmyerFenton Art Glass 1907-1939: Identification & Value Guide
1996978-0-89145-697-1Carl O. BurnsImperial Carnival Glass
  ''978-0-89145-699-5Carole Bess WhiteCollector's Guide to Made in Japan, Book 2: Identification and Values (Collector's Guide to Made in Japan Ceramics)
  ''978-0-89145-703-9Craig StrangeCollector's Guide to Tinker Toys, Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-704-6Marty Bunis · Sue BunisCollector's Guide to Transistor Radios: Identification and Values
  ''978-0-89145-705-3Greg Davis · Bill MorganCollector's Guide to TV Memorabilia 1960s & 1970s: Identification and Values (Collector's Guide to TV Toys & Memorabilia)
1996978-0-89145-709-1Patrick C. OldsThe Barbie Doll Years, 1959-1995: A Comprehensive Listing & Value Guide of Dolls & Accessories
  ''978-0-89145-710-7Patricia R. SmithModern Collector's Dolls Identification & Value Guide: 8th Series
1997978-0-89145-711-4Debra J. WieniewskiAntique And Collectible Buttons - Identification & Values
1996978-0-89145-713-8Diane Snyder-HaugAntique & Vintage Clothing: A Guide to Dating & Valuation of Women's Clothing 1850 to 1940
  ''978-0-89145-714-5Beth SummersA Decade of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles 1981-1991: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-717-6Diane McClure Jones · Rosemary JonesCollector's Guide to Children's Books, 1850 to 1950: Identification & Values
1997978-0-89145-723-7Gene FlorenceElegant Glassware of the Depression Era: Identification and Value Guide
1996978-0-89145-726-8Ann KerrFostoria: Identification and Value Guide to Etched, Carved & Cut Designs, Volume II
  ''978-0-89145-727-5Ken Hutchison · Greg JohnsonThe Golden Age of Automotive Toys 1925 - 1941: Identification & Value Guide
1996978-0-89145-729-9Bob Hanson · Craig Nissen · Margaret HansonMcCoy Pottery Collector's Reference & Value Guide, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-89145-736-7Helen Lester ThompsonSewing Tools & Trinkets: Collector's Identification & Value Guide (Vol. I)
  ''978-0-89145-738-1Gene FlorenceStemware Identification: Featuring Cordials With Values, 1920S-1960s
  ''978-0-89145-741-1Lisa S. McAllisterCollector's Guide To Yellow Ware, An Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-745-9George JohnsonChristmas Ornaments, Lights and Decorations: Collector's Identification & Value Guide (Christmas Ornaments II, Lights & Decorations)
1996978-0-89145-746-6George JohnsonChristmas Ornaments, Lights, and Decorations: Collector's Identification & Value Guide, Volume 3
  ''978-0-89145-747-3Theodore L. HakeOverstreet Presents: Hake's Price Guide to Character Toy Premiums: Including Comic, Cereal, Tv, Movies, Radio & Related Store Bought Items
  ''978-0-89145-748-0Robert M. OverstreetThe Overstreet Toy Ring Price Guide
1997978-0-89145-755-8Felicia BrowellBreyer Animal: Collector's Guide
  ''978-0-89145-757-2Darryl RehrAntique Typewriters and Office Collectibles: Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-758-9Sarah Sink EamesBarbie Doll Fashion: Vol. 2, 1968-1974 (Barbie Doll Fashion)
1997978-0-89145-761-9Christopher CookCollectible American Yo-Yos - 1920S-1970s: Historical Reference & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-762-6Cherri SimondsCollectible Costume Jewelry: Identification and Values
  ''978-0-89145-763-3Jim Harran · Susan HarranCollectible Cups & Saucers
  ''978-0-89145-766-4Laura M. MuellerCollector's Encyclopedia of Compacts, Vol. 2: Carryalls and Face Powder Boxes- Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-769-5Mary Frank GastonCollector's Guide to Art Deco: Identification & Values
1997978-0-89145-770-1Nancy WanvigCollector's Guide to Ashtrays: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-772-5Richard G. RacheterCollector's Guide to Homer Laughlin's Virginia Rose: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-774-9Helen GreguireCollector's Guide to Toasters & Accessories: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-776-3Michael IvankovichCollector's Guide to Wallace Nutting Pictures: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-782-4Lar HothemIndian Artifacts of the Midwest: Identification & Value Guide
1997978-0-89145-785-5Patsy MoyerModern Collectible Dolls: Identification & Value Guide (unstated Volume I)
  ''978-0-89145-787-9Bill EdwardsStandard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass: Identification & Values (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-89145-789-3Stephen VisakayVintage Bar Ware: Identification & Value Guide
  ''978-0-89145-790-9Roselyn GersonVintage And Contemporary Purse Accessories
  ''978-0-89145-792-3Kim AveryThe World of Raggedy Ann Collectibles: Identification & Values
1997978-0-89145-793-0J. Michael AugustyniakCollector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Exclusives and More: Identification & Values
  ''978-0-89145-797-8American Quilter's SocietyMariner's Compass Quilts: New Quilts from an Old Favorite
1993978-0-89145-801-2American Quilters SocietyGallery of American Quilts 1830-1991: Book 3
  ''978-0-89145-813-5Joyce MoriQuilting Patterns from Native American Designs
  ''978-0-89145-814-2Gwen Marston · Joe CunninghamQuilting With Style: Principles for Great Pattern Design
  ''978-0-89145-815-9Barbara BrackmanEncyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
1994978-0-89145-838-8American Quilter's SocietyDouble Wedding Ring Quilts: New Quilts from an Old Favorite
1995978-0-89145-843-2Mary StoriThe Stori Book of Embellishing: Great Ideas for Quilts and Garments
1994978-0-89145-845-6Becky HerdleTime Span Quilts/New Quilts from Old Tops
1995978-0-89145-847-0Joyce MoriSampler Quilt Blocks from Native American Designs
1995978-0-89145-855-5Barbara KaempferLog Cabin With A Twist
  ''978-0-89145-857-9Maqs · American Quilter's SocietyLog Cabin Quilts: New Quilts from an Old Favorite
1996978-0-89145-864-7Janet B. ElwinTies Ties Ties: Traditional Quilts from Neckties
1997978-0-89145-866-1Karen Kay BuckleyAbove & Beyond Basics
1996978-0-89145-867-8Jane Hall · Dixie HaywoodFirm Foundations: Techniques and Quilt Blocks for Precision Piecing
  ''978-0-89145-869-2American Quilter's SocietyOhio Star Quilts: New Quilts from an Old Favorite
  ''978-0-89145-874-6Caryl Bryer FallertCaryl Bryer Fallert: A Spectrum of Quilts 1983-1995
1997978-0-89145-875-3Barbara W. BarberBroderie Perse: The Elegant Quilt (Love to Quilt)
  ''978-0-89145-878-4Gwen MarstonLiberated Quiltmaking
1996978-0-89145-879-1Willa BaranowskiHistorical Penny Squares: Embroidery Patterns (Love to Quilt Series)
1997978-0-89145-882-1Janet B. ElwinNecktie Sampler Blocks (Love to Quilt)
1998978-0-89145-884-5Eileen TrestainDating Fabrics - A Color Guide - 1800-1960
1997978-0-89145-887-6Phyllis D. MillerEncyclopedia of Designs for Quilting
1997978-0-89145-888-3Klaudeen HansenAddresses & Birthdays
  ''978-0-89145-892-0Karen CombsOptical Illusions for Quilters
1998978-0-89145-899-9Bonnie K. BrowningBorders & Finishing Touches
1986978-0-89145-912-5Bettina HavigMissouri Heritage Quilts
  ''978-0-89145-917-0Texas Heritage Quilt SocietyTexas Quilts: Texas Treasures
1987978-0-89145-923-1Gwen Marston · Joe CunninghamSets and Borders
  ''978-0-89145-924-8Helen KelleyScarlet Ribbons, American Indian Techniques for Today's Quilters
1988978-0-89145-932-3Arkansas Quilter's Guild Inc.Arkansas Quilts: Arkansas Warmth
  ''978-0-89145-935-4American Quilter's SocietyGallery of American Quilts 1849-1988
1988978-0-89145-937-8Gwen Marston · Joe CunninghamAmerican Beauties: Rose and Tulip Quilts
1989978-0-89145-944-6Nancy Crow · Jean RobertsonNancy Crow: Quilts and Influences
  ''978-0-89145-945-3Oklahoma Quilt Heritage ProjectOklahoma Heritage Quilts: A Sampling of Quilts Made in Brought to Oklahoma Before 1940
2001978-0-89145-948-4Linda G. EmeryA Treasury of Quilting Designs
1990978-0-89145-960-6editorGallery of American Quilts 1860-1989: Book 2
  ''978-0-89145-961-3Judy FlorenceA Collection of Favorite Quilts: Narratives, Directions & Patterns for 15 Quilts
  ''978-0-89145-962-0Patricia J. MorrisThe Ins and Outs: Perfecting the Quilting Stitch
1991978-0-89145-971-2Kathy Fawcett · Carol ShoafMarbling Fabrics for Quilts: A Guide for Learning and Teaching
  ''978-0-89145-973-6Elizabeth Porter · Marianne FonsClassic Basket Quilts
1991978-0-89145-980-4Virginia AveryWonderful Wearables: A Celebration of Creative Clothing
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