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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-89134-021-8Barbara NechisWatercolor The Creative Experience
1979978-0-89134-023-2Howard K ForsbergAn approach to figure painting for the beginner
1983978-0-89134-050-8Bob KuhnThe Animal Art of Bob Kuhn
1984978-0-89134-066-9Barbara NechisWatercolor: The Creative Experience
  ''978-0-89134-085-0Sally MichelAnimals and Pets in Pastel (Leisure Arts)
  ''978-0-89134-097-3Walt ReedThe Figure: The Classic Approach to Drawing & Construction
1985978-0-89134-113-0Bert DodsonKeys to Drawing
1986978-0-89134-125-3Dick PowellDesign Rendering Techniques: A Guide to Drawing and Presenting Design Ideas
  ''978-0-89134-140-6Mark RigdyAirbrush Techniques: Basic Skills Workbook 1 (North Light Graphic Workbooks) (v. 1)
  ''978-0-89134-141-3North Light Books · C. Michael MetteAirbrush Techniques: Metallic Effects Workbook 2 (North Light Graphic Workbooks) (v. 2)
1986978-0-89134-142-0North Light Books · C. Michael MetteAirbrush Techniques: Illustration Workbook 3 (North Light Graphic Workbooks) (v. 3)
  ''978-0-89134-143-7   ''Airbrush Techniques: Lettering Workbook 4 (North Light Graphic Workbooks) (Vol 4)
  ''978-0-89134-164-2John BlockleyGetting Started in Watercolor
1987978-0-89134-188-8Tony CouchWatercolor, You Can Do It!
  ''978-0-89134-190-1David Miller · James M. EfflerDynamic Airbrush
1989978-0-89134-196-3John BlockleyWatercolor Interpretations
1987978-0-89134-203-8Bud Biggs · Lois MarshallWatercolor Workbook
  ''978-0-89134-210-6Eva SzelaThe Complete Guide to Greeting Card Design and Illustration
1987978-0-89134-211-3Dick Powell · Patricia MonahanMarker Rendering Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-218-2Alwyn CrawshawYou Can Paint Still Lifes (North Light Studio Series)
  ''978-0-89134-220-5Angela GairTonal values: How to see them, how to paint them
1988978-0-89134-225-0Ron RansonWatercolor: Fast and Loose
  ''978-0-89134-234-2Lee WooleryMarker Techniques, Workbook 1: Basic Skills
  ''978-0-89134-238-0Mark RiedyAirbrush Techniques, Workbook 5: Reflective Surfaces
1988978-0-89134-239-7Mark RiedyAirbrush Techniques, Workbook 6: Textured Surfaces (Vol 6)
  ''978-0-89134-240-3   ''Airbrush Techniques, Workbook 7: Transparent/Translucent Objects
  ''978-0-89134-241-0   ''Airbrush Techniques, Workbook 8: Liquids
  ''978-0-89134-245-8Andy CharlesworthAirbrushing the Human Form
  ''978-0-89134-248-9Jenny Rodwell · George ShortMake Your Own Picture Frames: Techniques/Materials
1988978-0-89134-249-6Phil AustinCapturing Mood in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-253-3Lucy WillisLight: How to See It, How to Paint It
  ''978-0-89134-265-6Patricia SeligmanPainting Murals: Images, Ideas, and Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-266-3Cecile CurtisThe Art of Scratchboard
1989978-0-89134-279-3Judy MartinAirbrushing Shadows (Airbrush Artists Library)
  ''978-0-89134-289-2Tony CouchTony Couch Watercolor Techniques, Workbook 1: Trees, Barn, Weathered Wood
1989978-0-89134-290-8Tony CouchTony Couch Watercolor Techniques, Workbook 2: Water, Rocks, Weeds, Snow
  ''978-0-89134-291-5Jan KunzPainting Watercolor Portraits That Glow
  ''978-0-89134-293-9Wendon Blake · George CherepovThe Complete Oil Painting Book
  ''978-0-89134-299-1Lois WalpoleCreative Basket Making
  ''978-0-89134-301-1Ron RansonBig Brush Watercolor
1989978-0-89134-302-8Moira HuntleyPainting in Mixed Media
1990978-0-89134-320-2Alwyn CrawshawThe Half-Hour Painter: Paint a Successful Landscape in 30 Minutes
  ''978-0-89134-324-0Robert A. WadePainting More Than the Eye Can See
  ''978-0-89134-336-3Paul RileyFlower Painting: How to Paint Free and Vibrant Watercolors
  ''978-0-89134-337-0Bert DodsonKeys to Drawing
  ''978-0-89134-338-7Roland RoycraftFill Your Watercolors With Light and Color
1990978-0-89134-347-9Carole KatchenCreative Painting With Pastel: 20 Outstanding Artists Show You How to Master the Colorful Versatility of Pastel
1991978-0-89134-349-3Greg AlbertSplash 1: America's Best Contemporary Watercolors
  ''978-0-89134-359-2Michael BeaumontType: Design, Color, Character and Use (Graphic Designers Library)
  ''978-0-89134-362-2Cathy JohnsonPainting Nature's Details in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-366-0Linda S. Sanders47 Printing Headaches: How to Prevent Costly Printing Mistakes--A Solution Book for Designers, Production Artists, and Desktop Publishers (And How to Avoid Them)
  ''978-0-89134-367-7Bob StaakeThe Complete Book of Caricature
1991978-0-89134-374-5Joseph SheppardRealistic Figure Drawing
  ''978-0-89134-380-6Jan KunzJan Kunz Watercolor Techniques: Painting the Still Life (Workbook 1)
  ''978-0-89134-381-3   ''Jan Kunz Watercolor Techniques: Painting Children's Portraits (Workbook 2)
  ''978-0-89134-387-5Greg Albert · Rachel Wolf · Rachel Rubin WolfBasic Watercolor Techniques (Art Instruction)
  ''978-0-89134-389-9Tony CouchWatercolor Techniques
1992978-0-89134-391-2Joyce StewartHow To Make Your Design Business Profitable (Artist's Market Business Series)
1991978-0-89134-396-7Roddon GuyPastel Painting Techniques
1992978-0-89134-399-8Angela GairTonal Values: How to See Them, How to Paint Them
1991978-0-89134-401-8Moira ClinchThe Watercolor Painter's Pocket Palette
1999978-0-89134-417-9Cathy JohnsonCreating Textures in Watercolor: A Guide to Painting 83 Textures from Grass to Glass to Tree Bark to Fur
1992978-0-89134-419-3Joyce PikePainting Flowers With Joyce Pike
1992978-0-89134-422-3Diane Tuckman · Jan JanasThe Complete Book of Silk Painting
  ''978-0-89134-425-4Joyce PikeOil Painting: A Direct Approach
  ''978-0-89134-427-8Tony CouchTony Couch's Keys to Successful Painting
  ''978-0-89134-428-5Greg AlbertDrawing: You Can Do It!
  ''978-0-89134-443-8Zoltan SzaboZoltan Szabo Paints Nature: A Watercolor Techniques Workbook
1992978-0-89134-446-9Phil MetzgerPerspective Without Pain (North Light 20th Anniversary Classic Editions)
  ''978-0-89134-447-6Cathy JohnsonWatercolor Tricks & Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-449-0Russell HartPhotographing Your Artwork
1993978-0-89134-460-5Richard K. KaiserPainting Outdoor Scenes in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-462-9Robert A. WadePainting Your Vision in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-465-0Nita LelandThe Creative Artist
1993978-0-89134-471-1Randy GlasbergenGetting Started Drawing & Selling Cartoons
  ''978-0-89134-472-8Claudia NiceSketching Your Favorite Subjects in Pen and Ink
  ''978-0-89134-473-5Jan KunzPainting Watercolor Florals That Glow
  ''978-0-89134-474-2Foster CaddellFoster Caddell's Keys to Successful Landscape Painting: A Problem/Solution Approach to Improving Your Landscape Paintings
  ''978-0-89134-477-3Carole KatchenDramatize Your Paintings With Tonal Value (Elements of Painting)
1993978-0-89134-479-7David Miller · Diana MartinGetting Started in Airbrush
1992978-0-89134-486-5Patricia SeligmanPainting the Effects of Weather
1994978-0-89134-494-0Ron RansonLearn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way
1993978-0-89134-503-9Rachel WolfSplash 2: Watercolor Breakthroughs
1994978-0-89134-512-1Ranulph ByePainting Buildings in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-514-5Phil MetzgerEnliven Your Paintings With Light
  ''978-0-89134-516-9Zoltan SzaboWatercolor Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-518-3Carol BuchananQuick Solutions for Great Type Combinations
1993978-0-89134-540-4Society of IllustratorsThe Very Best of Children's Book Illustration
  ''978-0-89134-543-5Rosalind CuthbertThe Oil Painter's Pocket Palette (ILLUSTRATED)
1993978-0-89134-545-9Ron RansonWatercolors (Ron Ranson's Painting School)
1994978-0-89134-551-0Greg AlbertBasic Figure Drawing Techniques (Basic Techniques)
  ''978-0-89134-560-2Carole KatchenPainting With Passion: How to Paint What You Feel
  ''978-0-89134-561-9Rachel Rubin WolfSplash 3: Ideas and Inspirations
  ''978-0-89134-563-3Nita Leland · Virginia Lee WilliamsCreative Collage Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-564-0Miranda Fellows100 Keys to Great Pastel Painting
1994978-0-89134-565-7Miranda Fellows100 Keys to Great Watercolor Painting
  ''978-0-89134-567-1Jan KunzJan Kunz Watercolor Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-572-5Lin WellfordThe Art of Painting Animals on Rocks
1995978-0-89134-573-2Zoltan SzaboZoltan Szabo's 70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques
  ''978-0-89134-574-9Elizabeth MowryPaint the Changing Seasons in Pastel
  ''978-0-89134-575-6Earl Grenville Killeen · Leah Raechel KilleenThe North Light Book of Acrylic Painting Techniques
1994978-0-89134-577-0William B. LawrencePainting Light and Shadow in Watercolor
1995978-0-89134-580-0Judi Wagner · Tony Van HasseltPainting With the White of Your Paper
1994978-0-89134-581-7Ian SidawayThe Acrylic Painter's Pocket Palette
1993978-0-89134-582-4Helen Van WykWelcome to My Studio: Adventures in Oil Painting With Helen Van Wyk
1995978-0-89134-583-1Mark OldachCreativity For Graphic Designers
1995978-0-89134-584-8Patrick SeslarWildlife Painting Step by Step (Leading wildlife artists show you how to capture the spirit of animal life in all mediums)
1994978-0-89134-587-9Rick PoynorThe Graphic Edge
1995978-0-89134-591-6Carole KatchenMake Your Watercolors Look Professional
  ''978-0-89134-592-3Paul StrisikCapturing Light in Oils
  ''978-0-89134-595-4Claudia NiceCreating Textures in Pen & Ink With Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-609-8Ted Goerschner · Lewis Barrett LehrmanOil Painting: The Workshop Experience
  ''978-0-89134-610-4Diane Tuckman · Jan JanasCreative Silk Painting
1994978-0-89134-611-1Jill Kennedy · Jane VarrallEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fabric Painting
1996978-0-89134-613-5Eric WiegardtWatercolor Free & Easy
1995978-0-89134-615-9Cathy JohnsonSketching and Drawing (First Step Series)
1995978-0-89134-616-6Cathy JohnsonPainting Watercolors (First Steps)
1994978-0-89134-622-7Michael WilcoxBlue and Yellow Don't Make Green: Or, How To Mix the Colour You Really Want-Every Time
1996978-0-89134-623-4Bob StaakeThe Complete Book of Humorous Art
  ''978-0-89134-632-6Bart RulonPainting Birds Step by Step
  ''978-0-89134-633-3Randy GlasbergenHow to Be a Successful Cartoonist
  ''978-0-89134-634-0Tom HillPainting Watercolors on Location With Tom Hill
1995978-0-89134-635-7Lee HammondHow to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs
  ''978-0-89134-649-4Patricia MoranPainting the Beauty of Flowers With Oils
1996978-0-89134-651-7Bryan PetersonUsing Design Basics to Get Creative Results
1996978-0-89134-653-1Gary GreeneCreating Textures in Colored Pencil
  ''978-0-89134-656-2Sheree ClarkGreat Design Using Non-Traditional Materials
  ''978-0-89134-657-9Lee HammondDraw Real People! (Discover Drawing)
1996978-0-89134-658-6Lee HammondDraw Real Animals! (Discover Drawing)
  ''978-0-89134-659-3Michael P. RoccoPainting Realistic Watercolor Textures
1995978-0-89134-663-0Christine KingdomElegant Ribboncraft
1996978-0-89134-666-1Don MarshCalligraphy (First Steps Series)
1997978-0-89134-667-8Bill TiltonFirst Steps Drawing and Painting Animals
1996978-0-89134-668-5Vicki LordPainting Acrylics (First Steps)
1997978-0-89134-669-2Rod LawrencePainting Wildlife Textures Step by Step
1996978-0-89134-676-0Louise DemoreFirst Steps Painting Oils (FIRST STEP SERIES)
  ''978-0-89134-677-7Rachel Rubin WolfSplash 4: The Splendor of Light (v. 4)
  ''978-0-89134-685-2Carole KatchenHow to Get Started Selling Your Art
1997978-0-89134-687-6Kevin D. MacphersonFill Your Oil Paintings With Light & Color
1996978-0-89134-697-5Tony CouchWatercolor: You Can Do It!
  ''978-0-89134-705-7David CuthbertPastel Painter's Solution Book: 50 Pastel Painting Problems and How to Solve Them
1996978-0-89134-706-4Patricia SeligmanHow to Paint Water
1997978-0-89134-709-5Marilyn Simandle · Lewis Barrett LehrmanCapturing Light in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-713-2Maryjo McGrawMaking Greeting Cards With Rubber Stamps
  ''978-0-89134-714-9Dawn McLeod HeimStep-By-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Watercolors
  ''978-0-89134-715-6Jacqueline PenneyPainting Greeting Cards in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-717-0Claudia NiceDrawing in Pen & Ink (First Steps)
1996978-0-89134-720-0Lin WellfordPainting Houses, Cottages and Towns on Rocks
1997978-0-89134-721-7Maureen CarlsonHow to Make Clay Characters
1997978-0-89134-722-4Priscilla HauserPriscilla Hauser's Book of Decorative Painting
  ''978-0-89134-725-5Gary GreeneCreating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil
  ''978-0-89134-726-2Paul LeveillePainting Expressive Portraits in Oil
  ''978-0-89134-728-6Spencer DrateCool Type
1996978-0-89134-730-9Rachel Rubin WolfBasic Flower Painting Techniques in Watercolor: Techniques in Watercolor (Basic Techniques)
  ''978-0-89134-731-6   ''Basic People Painting: Techniques in Watercolor (Basic Techniques)
1996978-0-89134-733-0Gretchen CagleDecorative Painting With Gretchen Cagle
1997978-0-89134-736-1Bet BorgesonBasic Colored Pencil Techniques (Basic Techniques)
  ''978-0-89134-737-8Dorothy EganPainting & Decorating Birdhouses: 22 Step-By-Step Projects to Beautify Your Home and Garden
  ''978-0-89134-738-5Debbie KeslingHow to Make Enchanting Miniature Teddy Bears
1996978-0-89134-742-2Lewis LehrmanBecoming a Successful Artist
1997978-0-89134-743-9Rachel Rubin WolfThe Best of Wildlife Art
  ''978-0-89134-745-3Randy GlasbergenToons!: How to Draw Wild & Lively Characters for All Kinds of Cartoons
1996978-0-89134-757-6Mark TaylorAirbrush Artist's Pocket Palette: Practical Visual Advice On (Pocket Palette Series)
1997978-0-89134-768-2Phillip C. MyerPainting & Decorating Boxes (Creative Finishes Series)
1998978-0-89134-770-5Joe Anna Amett · Joe Anna ArnettPainting Sumptuous Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers in Oil
  ''978-0-89134-771-2Sherry NelsonPainting Garden Birds with Sherry C. Nelson (Decorative Painting)
1998978-0-89134-772-9Zoltan SzaboZoltan Szabo's Color-By-Color Guide to Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-776-7Arlene BeckPainting Realistic Flowers in Acrylic (Decorative Painting)
1997978-0-89134-779-8Patricia SeligmanThe North Light Pocket Guide to Painting Skies (North Light Pocket Guides)
1998978-0-89134-787-3Rachel Rubin WolfPainting Ships, Shores and the Sea
  ''978-0-89134-791-0Jan KunzPainting Beautiful Watercolors from Photographs
  ''978-0-89134-792-7Frank Loudin · Marcia SpeesCapture the Charm of Your Hometown in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-793-4Deanne FortnamPainting Roses With Deanne Fortnam, Mda (Decorative Painting)
1997978-0-89134-794-1John RaynesA Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing the Figure
1998978-0-89134-799-6Carole Katchen200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists
1998978-0-89134-800-9Lin WellfordPainting More Animals on Rocks
  ''978-0-89134-802-3Donna DewberryDonna Dewberry's Complete Book of One-Stroke Painting (Decorative Painting)
  ''978-0-89134-811-5Gary GreeneArtist's Photo Reference: Flowers
  ''978-0-89134-812-2Terry IsaacPainting the Drama of Wildlife Step by Step
  ''978-0-89134-813-9Claudia NicePainting Nature in Pen & Ink With Watercolor
1998978-0-89134-814-6Arleta PechPainting Fresh Florals in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-815-3Paul LeveillePainting Expressive Pastel Portraits
1997978-0-89134-817-7Lee HammondDraw Real Hands! (Discover Drawing)
  ''978-0-89134-818-4   ''Draw Family & Friends! (Discover Drawing Series)
1998978-0-89134-821-4Barbara QuastMaking Miniature Flowers With Polymer Clay
  ''978-0-89134-825-2Jackie O'KeefeHandlettering for Decorative Artists (Decorative Painting)
1999978-0-89134-827-6Sandra J. BlumDesigning Direct Mail That Sells
  ''978-0-89134-828-3Susan Harrison-TustainGlorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor
1998978-0-89134-830-6Pat DewsCreative Discoveries in Watermedia
1997978-0-89134-833-7North Light BooksArt Fun! (ART AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS)
1997978-0-89134-834-4North Light BooksCraft Fun! (ART AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS)
  ''978-0-89134-835-1Gretchen CagleGretchen Cagle's Decorative Painting Keepsakes
1998978-0-89134-839-9Judy D. TremanBuilding Brilliant Watercolors
1999978-0-89134-844-3Ann KullbergColored Pencil Portraits Step by Step
1998978-0-89134-846-7Nita LelandExploring Color: How to Use and Control Color in Your Painting
1997978-0-89134-849-8Greg Albert · Rachel Rubin WolfSplash 1: America's Best Watercolors
1998978-0-89134-850-4Rachel WolfSplash 2: Watercolor Breakthroughs (v. 2)
  ''978-0-89134-854-2Tom HillThe Watercolorist's Complete Guide to Color
1999978-0-89134-857-3Leslie CabargaThe Designer's Guide to Color Combinations
  ''978-0-89134-858-0Mark BeachGetting It Printed 3rd Edition
  ''978-0-89134-859-7Bart RulonArtist's Photo Reference: Birds
1998978-0-89134-867-2Jack ReidWatercolor Basics - Let's Get Started
1999978-0-89134-868-9J. D. HillberryDrawing Realistic Textures in Pencil
1998978-0-89134-871-9Aileen BrattonAileen Bratton's Decorative Painting Treasures
1999978-0-89134-876-4Margaret M. MartinNo More Wishy-Washy Watercolor
1998978-0-89134-878-8Mary Jo McGrawCreative Rubber Stamping Techniques
1999978-0-89134-880-1Phil MetzgerWatercolor Basics - Perspective Secrets
1999978-0-89134-884-9Gary GreenePainting With Water-Soluble Colored Pencils
  ''978-0-89134-886-3Jan KunzWatercolor Basics Color
1998978-0-89134-888-7Roberta Gordon-SmithTrompe L'Oeil: Creating Decorative Illusions With Paint
1999978-0-89134-890-0Tina CaseyFabulous Fashion Doll Clothing You Can Make
  ''978-0-89134-891-7David R. BeckerWatercolor Composition Made Easy
  ''978-0-89134-892-4Ray HendershotTexture Techniques for Winning Watercolors
  ''978-0-89134-893-1Patrick SeslarPainting From Photographs (Watercolor Basics)
1999978-0-89134-894-8Sharon HinckleyWatercolor Basics - Painting Flowers
1998978-0-89134-896-2Lee HammondDraw Fashion Models! (Discover Drawing)
  ''978-0-89134-897-9Earl Grenville Killeen · Lea Raechel KilleenThe North Light Book of Acrylic Painting Techniques
1999978-0-89134-900-6Sueellen RossPaint Radiant Realism in Watercolor, Ink & Colored Pencil
  ''978-0-89134-901-3Catherine HolmanCharming Village Scenes You Can Paint
  ''978-0-89134-902-0John Howard Sanden · Elizabeth SandenPortraits from Life in 29 Steps
1998978-0-89134-904-4Rachel Rubin WolfSplash 5 - Best of Watercolor: The Glory of Color
  ''978-0-89134-905-1Jennifer Long · Greg AlbertThe Best of Decorative Painting
1999978-0-89134-907-5Jeanette RobertsonPainting Greeting Cards for Fun & Profit
1999978-0-89134-910-5Donna S. DewberryDecorative Murals With Donna Dewberry
  ''978-0-89134-914-3Rachel Rubin WolfKeys to Painting - Fur & Feathers
2000978-0-89134-915-0Gregory ThomasHow to Design Logos, Symbols & Icons: 24 Internationally Renowned Studios Reveal How They Develop Trademarks for Print and New Media
  ''978-0-89134-916-7Paul JacksonPainting Spectacular Light Effects in Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-917-4Claudia NicePainting Weathered Buildings in Pen, Ink & Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-918-1Jack ReidWatercolor Basics: Painting Snow and Water
2000978-0-89134-919-8Shirley PorterWatercolor Basics Drawing and Painting Birds
1999978-0-89134-922-8Sharon StansiferThe Complete Book of Basic Brushstrokes for Decorative Painters
  ''978-0-89134-925-9Alex KedzierskiArtistic Secrets to Painting Tonal Values
2000978-0-89134-927-3Maureen CarlsonFamily and Friends in Polymer Clay
1998978-0-89134-928-0Victoria EllertonThe Ultimate Wall Book
  ''978-0-89134-929-7Victor G. Ambrus · Mark AmbrusDrawing Animals
  ''978-0-89134-930-3Victor G. AmbrusHow to Draw the Human Figure
1999978-0-89134-932-7Spencer DrateCool Type 2
1998978-0-89134-933-4Stanley MaltzmanDrawing Nature
  ''978-0-89134-934-1Jan KunzPainting Watercolor Portraits That Glow
2000978-0-89134-936-5Brenda StewartVictorian Decorative Painting
2001978-0-89134-937-2Steven Heller · Mirko IlicGenius Moves: 100 Icons of Graphic Design
2000978-0-89134-938-9Sherry NelsonPainting Flowers A to Z with Sherry C. Nelson, MDA
1998978-0-89134-940-2Donna S. DewberryDonna Dewberry's Complete Book of One-Stroke Painting
1999978-0-89134-943-3Enid HoessingerPainting Folk Art Flowers with Enid Hoessinger (Decorative Painting)
1999978-0-89134-945-7Lin WellfordPainting Flowers on Rocks
2000978-0-89134-946-4Gordon MacKenzieThe Watercolorist's Essential Notebook
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2000978-0-89134-954-9Helen J. HaberstrohPainting Portraits of Homes in Pen, Ink & Watercolor
  ''978-0-89134-955-6Katherine DeweyCreating Life-Like Animals in Polymer Clay
  ''978-0-89134-956-3Gail RitcheyMaking Miniature Villages in Polymer Clay
1999978-0-89134-959-4Rachel Rubin WolfBest of Wildlife Art 2 (v. 2)
2000978-0-89134-960-0   ''Splash 6: The Magic of Texture (Serial) (v. 6)
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2000978-0-89134-962-4Kalon Baughan · Brook McClintic BaughanPainting the Faces of Wildlife: Step by Step
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1999978-0-89134-964-8Rachel Rubin WolfSplash 3: Best of Watercolor/Ideas & Inspirations (Vol 3)
1999978-0-89134-968-6Heather RedickDecorative Painting Zhostovo Style
2001978-0-89134-969-3Gary LordMarvelous Murals You Can Paint
2000978-0-89134-973-0Don PattersonCreating Watercolor Landscapes: Using Photographs
  ''978-0-89134-974-7Frank LalumiaPlein Air Painting in Watercolor & Oil
  ''978-0-89134-975-4Zoltan SzaboWatercolor Basics: Trees, Mountains and Rocks
  ''978-0-89134-979-2Mary Jo McGrawGreeting Card Magic with Rubber Stamps
  ''978-0-89134-980-8Kerry TroutHandpainting Your Furniture
1999978-0-89134-981-5Jennifer LongDecorative Painting: A Classic Collection
2000978-0-89134-985-3ClarkGet Noticed!: Self Promotion For Creative Professionals
2000978-0-89134-986-0Dorothy EganQuaint Birdhouses You Can Paint and Decorate
1999978-0-89134-987-7Heather RedickDecorative Painting Zhostovo Style
  ''978-0-89134-988-4Donna DewberryDecorative Murals with Donna Dewberry
2000978-0-89134-989-1Judy Diephouse · Lynne DeptulaPainting Blooms & Blossoms (Decorative Painting)
  ''978-0-89134-992-1Cindi GordonPainting Tiny Treasures
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  ''978-0-89134-998-3Gary GreeneArtist's Photo Reference: Landscapes