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2018978-0-89109-052-6The Navigators1 Peter (LifeChange)
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2018978-0-89109-069-4The NavigatorsGenesis (LifeChange)
1987978-0-89109-072-4Nav PressPhilippians (LifeChange)
2018978-0-89109-073-1The NavigatorsRomans
  ''978-0-89109-074-8   ''Ruth & Esther (LifeChange)
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2018978-0-89109-112-7   ''Acts (LifeChange)
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2019978-0-89109-121-9   ''Joshua (LifeChange)
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2007978-0-89109-157-8The NavigatorsGrowing In Christ: A Thirteen-Week Follow-Up Course for New and Growing Christians
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