year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-89084-106-8Raymond A St. JohnAmerican literature for Christian schools: The early tradition: 1607-1865
1986978-0-89084-122-8Walter Fremont · Trudy FremontFormula for Family Unity: A Practical Guide for Christian Families
1982978-0-89084-149-5David BealeA Pictorial History of Our English Bible
  ''978-0-89084-186-0Bob Jones University PressReading for Christian Schools 2-1
1981978-0-89084-187-7Bob Jones University PressReading for Christian Schools 2-2
1983978-0-89084-221-8Author UnknownReading for Christian Schools 3-1
  ''978-0-89084-222-5UnknownReading for Christian Schools 3-2
2005978-0-89084-242-3Mildred T HowardThese Are My People
1995978-0-89084-268-3Kathy Diane PilgerGeometry for Christian schools
1985978-0-89084-274-4Donna L HessExcursions in literature for Christian schools
  ''978-0-89084-282-9Dawn L. WatkinsMedallion
1986978-0-89084-293-5Lenora BillaReading for Christian Schools 5
  ''978-0-89084-323-9Jeri MassiDerwood Inc. (Peabody Adventure Series #1)
1986978-0-89084-337-6Steve HankinsBible Truths Level A: Learning from the Life of Christ
  ''978-0-89084-347-5Jeri MassiA Dangerous Game (Peabody Adventure Series #2)
  ''978-0-89084-348-2   ''The Bridge (Bracken Trilogy, Book 1)
  ''978-0-89084-350-5David O. BealeIn Pursuit of Purity: American Fundamentalism Since 1850
  ''978-0-89084-351-2   ''In Pursuit of Purity: American Fundamentalism Since 1850
1986978-0-89084-365-9Jeri MassiTreasure in the Yukon (Peabody Adventure Series #3)
2007978-0-89084-368-0Scott O'Dell · 031062Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day
1987978-0-89084-371-0Andy · Thompson, Andy ThomsonBooklinks
  ''978-0-89084-378-9Pamela B CreasonGeography for Christian schools (Teacher's Edition)
1990978-0-89084-379-6Donna L. HessA Father's Promise
2005978-0-89084-380-2Jean Vandevenne · 031484Some Summer (Light Lines Series)
1988978-0-89084-384-0Milly HowardBrave the Wild Trail
1987978-0-89084-390-1Jeri MassiCrown and Jewel (Bracken Trilogy, Book 2)
1999978-0-89084-398-7Edith E SmithVocabulary for Christian schools: LEVEL B
1987978-0-89084-412-0Jeri MassiCourage by Darkness (Peabody Adventure Series #4)
  ''978-0-89084-414-4Rebecca DavisWith Daring Faith: A Biography of Amy Carmichael
1988978-0-89084-440-3Milly HowardCaptive Treasure
  ''978-0-89084-441-0Jeri MassiThe Two Collars (Bracken Trilogy, Book 3)
  ''978-0-89084-448-9James W. DeuinkA Fresh Look at Christian Education
1988978-0-89084-452-6Jeri MassiLlamas on the Loose (Peabody Adventure Series #5)
  ''978-0-89084-453-3Andy ThomsonMorning Star of the Reformation
1989978-0-89084-455-7Bob JonesReader 1-1
2007978-0-89084-456-4unknownReading for Christian Schools 1-1: First Grade English Skills, Worktext
2005978-0-89084-459-5Gloria Repp · 042887Secret of the Golden Cowrie
  ''978-0-89084-462-5Milly Howard · 037358On Yonder Mountain
1988978-0-89084-464-9Milly HowardThe Treasure of Pelican Cove
1989978-0-89084-466-3D Edmond HiebertSecond Peter and Jude: An Expositional Commentary
  ''978-0-89084-467-0Jeri MassiAbandoned (Peabody Adventure Series #6)
  ''978-0-89084-471-7Bob Jones UniversityReading for Christian Schools 1-2
2007978-0-89084-472-4Faculty & Staff ofReading for Christian Schools 1-2
1989978-0-89084-482-3Elizabeth YatesCarolina's Courage
1989978-0-89084-484-7Timothy KeeseeAmerican Government for Christian Schools
1990978-0-89084-486-1Susan WalleyBest of Friends
1989978-0-89084-487-8Jo Ann StoverIf Everybody Did
1990978-0-89084-505-9Dawn L WatkinsA King for Brass Cobweb
  ''978-0-89084-506-6Dawn L. WatkinsThe Cranky Blue Crab
  ''978-0-89084-511-0Walter Fremont · Trudy Fremont · Gilbert FremontForming a New Generation: A Practical Guide for Youth Leaders
1999978-0-89084-521-9Alan J. CarperEconomics for Christian Schools
1996978-0-89084-522-6Alan J CarperEconomics Teacher Book Grd 12
1990978-0-89084-535-6Elizabeth YatesThe Journeyman
1991978-0-89084-536-3   ''Hue and Cry
1990978-0-89084-546-2Jo Ann StoverThey Didn't Use Their Heads
1991978-0-89084-556-1William S. PinkstonBiology for Christian Schools
  ''978-0-89084-572-1Teresa R. Barnett · Candace M. Jamison · Gail H. Yost · Peggy DavenportTitle: SCIENCE 1 HOME TEACHER'S EDITION (51615)
978-0-89084-574-5Science 6 for Christian Schools (Home Education)
1992978-0-89084-586-8Ronald A., Ph.d. HortonBritish Literature for Christian Schools
  ''978-0-89084-587-5Ronald Arthur HortonBritish Literature for Christian Schools: Teachers Edition
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1991978-0-89084-595-0Donnalynn HessIn Search of Honor
2010978-0-89084-602-5056861Faith of our Fathers: Scenes from American Church History
1993978-0-89084-609-4Dawn L WatkinsPulling Together
1992978-0-89084-612-4George Mulfinger · Donald E. SnyderEarth Science for Christian Schools
2005978-0-89084-614-8Gloria ReppA Question of Yams: A Missionary Story Based on True Events
1999978-0-89084-626-1Tim DavisMice of the Herring Bone
  ''978-0-89084-643-8David Anderson · Richard SeeleyEarth Science For Christian Schools (Teacher's Edition)
1992978-0-89084-650-6Elizabeth YatesSound Friendships: The Story of Willa and Her Hearing Dog
1993978-0-89084-664-3Lois Hoadley DickFalse Coin, True Coin
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1999978-0-89084-683-4David AndersonStudent Activities in Earth Science for Christian Schools, Teacher's Edition
1993978-0-89084-694-0Howard PyleMen of Iron
2005978-0-89084-706-0Elizabeth YatesMountain Born
  ''978-0-89084-711-4Milly HowardThe Mystery of Pelican Cove
1994978-0-89084-712-1David A. FisherWorld History for Christian Schools
1993978-0-89084-714-5Student Activities in Current Events for Christian Schools 1993
1994978-0-89084-735-0Elizabeth YatesThe Next Fine Day
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1994978-0-89084-748-0Elizabeth YatesA Place for Peter
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1994978-0-89084-753-4Gloria ReppNothing Daunted: Isobel Kuhn
2005978-0-89084-754-1Elizabeth YatesSarah Whitcher's Story
1999978-0-89084-755-8Tim DavisMice of the Nine Lives
1995978-0-89084-756-5Anna TurnerHealth for Christian Schools
1994978-0-89084-757-2Ernest D. PickeringThe Tragedy of Compromise: The Origin and Impact of the New Evangelicalism (Productivity)
1994978-0-89084-762-6Hal C OberholzerPre - Algebra: For Christian schools
  ''978-0-89084-768-8D. Edmond HiebertThe Gospel of Mark: An Expositional Commentary
1998978-0-89084-769-5David A. FisherWorld History for Christian Schools
1994978-0-89084-791-6Hal C. OberholzerPre-algebra: For Christian schools: teacher's edition
1995978-0-89084-809-8Alan J. CarperStudent Activities in Economics for Christian Schools
  ''978-0-89084-810-4BJU PressEconomics Student Activities Teacher Grd 12
  ''978-0-89084-822-7Anna TurnerHealth Teacher Book Grd 7-12
  ''978-0-89084-826-5Anna Sumabat TurnerBlackline Masters for use with Health for Christian Schools
1995978-0-89084-835-7Anita WilliamsThe Treasure Keeper
  ''978-0-89084-842-5Hal C. Oberholzer IIFundamentals of Math: For Christian Schools
1999978-0-89084-845-6Tim DavisMice of the Seven Seas
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  ''978-0-89084-859-3Hal C OberholzerFundamentals of math for Christian schools: Teacher's edition
1996978-0-89084-876-0Jean Henri Merle D'Aubigne · 094433The Triumph of Truth: A Life of Martin Luther
2007978-0-89084-880-7Kimberly H. Pascoe · Dawn L. WatkinsHeritage Studies 1 For Christian Schools: The New World: at Home in Early America
1999978-0-89084-884-5Pinkston · AndersonLife Science for Christian Schools
2007978-0-89084-885-2Kimberly H. Pascoe · Dawn L. WatkinsHeritage Sudies 2 For Christian Schools: Winning America: Working Together in the Colonies (Heritage Studies 2)
1996978-0-89084-890-6Walter Fremont · Trudy FremontBecoming an Effective Christian Counselor: A Practical Guide for Helping People
1999978-0-89084-896-8Tim DavisTales from Dust River Gulch (Western Adventure)
1997978-0-89084-899-9Nancy LohrPelts & Promises
  ''978-0-89084-916-3Kimberly H. Pascoe · Dawn L. WatkinsHeritage Studies 4 for Christian Schools: Doors of Opportunity:Nineteenth-Century America
1997978-0-89084-930-9Daniel L. TurnerStanding Without Apology: The History of Bob Jones University
  ''978-0-89084-931-6Kimberly H. Pascoe · Dawn L. WatkinsHeritage Studies 3 for Christian Schools
1998978-0-89084-934-7Eileen BerryRoses on Baker Street
1997978-0-89084-935-4Elizabeth Yates2: Iceland Adventure (Mountain Adventures Series)
  ''978-0-89084-936-1Milly HowardThe Case of the Dognapped Cat
  ''978-0-89084-940-8Donna HessExcursions In Literature
  ''978-0-89084-941-5Linda HaynerThe Foundling
1999978-0-89084-942-2William S. Pinkston Jr. · David AndersonStudent Activities in Life Science for Christian Schools
1997978-0-89084-943-9William S PinkstonStudent activities in life science for Christian schools: Teacher's edition
1997978-0-89084-944-6Gail Burke · Donna Lynn Hess · Karen Rowe · Mary McIntyreExcursions in Literature for Christian Schools [Teacher's Edition]
  ''978-0-89084-961-3William S PinkstonLife science for Christian schools: Teacher's edition

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