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1973978-0-89062-000-7Arts and the People
1970978-0-89062-001-4Stephen S. Prokopoff & Joan C. SiegfriedNineteenth-Century Architecture of Saratoga Springs
1969978-0-89062-002-1Landmarks of Dutchess County
1975978-0-89062-005-2Marc B FriedThe early history of Kingston & Ulster County, N.Y.,
  ''978-0-89062-006-9William Smith PelletreauHistory of Putnam County, New York
  ''978-0-89062-007-6June Batten AreyState arts agencies in transition: Purpose, program, and personnel
  ''978-0-89062-008-3Isabelle Keating SavellWine & bitters: An account of the meetings in 1783 at Tappan, New York, and aboard H.M.S. Perseverance, between George Washington and Sir Guy ... at the close of the American Revolution
  ''978-0-89062-009-0Howard LevyBeginning a community museum
1975978-0-89062-010-6Dorothy M. FilleyRecapturing Wisdom's Valley: The Watervliet Shaker Heritage, 1775-1975
1976978-0-89062-011-3Stewart Winfield HermanThe smallest village: The story of Dering Harbor, Shelter Island, New York 1874-1974
  ''978-0-89062-021-2Kenneth SpritzTheatrical Evolution: 1776-1976
1975978-0-89062-022-9John Ireland Howe BaurAmerican Painting 1900 to 1976
1977978-0-89062-036-6New York City As a National Cultural Resource a Report to the American People 1977
1979978-0-89062-040-3Mary H UmoluThe griot speaks: Stories and folktales from the Black world
  ''978-0-89062-041-0Stephen W JacobsWayne County: The aesthetic heritage of a rural area: a catalog for the environment (Architecture worth saving in New York State)
  ''978-0-89062-042-7Stephen W. JacobsWayne County: The Aesthetic Heritage of a Rural Area (A Catalog for the Environment)
1980978-0-89062-046-5Ellen ThurstonManagement assistance for the arts: A survey of programs
1979978-0-89062-047-2Joseph Plumb MartinPrivate Yankee Doodle: Being a Narrative of Some of the Adventures, Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier
1978978-0-89062-048-9Center for Arts InformationDirectory for the Arts
1980978-0-89062-049-6Stephen BenedictArts management: An annotated bibliography
1976978-0-89062-050-2Darcy & Benderson, Bruce [Eds] RyserCAPStan: Poems by CAPS poetry fellows, 1970-75
1977978-0-89062-052-6Isabelle Keating SavellThe Tonetti years at Snedens Landing
  ''978-0-89062-053-3Ruth PiwonkaA visible heritage, Columbia County, New York: A history in art and architecture
1977978-0-89062-054-0George GroszGeorge Grosz: Works in oil: Heckscher Museum, Huntington, New York, July 1-September 4, 1977
  ''978-0-89062-055-7Robert Harold McGowanArchitecture from the Adirondack foothills: Folk and designed architecture from Franklin County, New York
1978978-0-89062-056-4Helen WortisA woman named Matilda, and other true accounts of old Shelter Island
  ''978-0-89062-057-1Helen WortisA woman named Matilda, and other true accounts of old Shelter Island
  ''978-0-89062-058-8Brooks WrightThe artist and the unicorn: The lives of Arthur B. Davies, 1862-1928
  ''978-0-89062-061-8Center for Arts InformationDirectory for the arts: Services, programs, and funds for arts organizations, local sponsors, and artists in New York State
1978978-0-89062-064-9Edna S. EdetGriot Sings: Songs from the Black World
1979978-0-89062-065-6Jack HenkeLawyers and the law in New York: A short history and guide
  ''978-0-89062-066-3   ''Lawyers and the law in New York: A short history and guide
1978978-0-89062-067-0Bonnie BurnhamArt theft: Its scope, its impact and its control
1979978-0-89062-069-4Lloyd StrykerArt of Advocacy
  ''978-0-89062-071-7Marguerite V DoggettLong Island printing, 1791-1830 ; a checklist of imprints
1980978-0-89062-075-5Eleanor FranzDolge
1981978-0-89062-076-2National Endowment for the ArtsConditions and needs of the professional American theatre (National Endowment for the Arts Research Division report ; 11)
1980978-0-89062-077-9National Endowment for the ArtsArtists compared by age, sex, and earning in 1970 and 1976 (National Endowment for the Arts Research Division report ; 12)
  ''978-0-89062-078-6Charles EldredEldred: Charles Eldred, sculpture & drawing: Roberson Center for the Arts & Sciences, Binghamton, New York, March 23-June 1, 1980: [exhibition and catalogue
1981978-0-89062-079-3William J LewisInterpreting for Park Visitors
1979978-0-89062-081-6John LipsitzBarriers: A New Look at the Needs of Young Adolescents
2000978-0-89062-085-4Richard BaronsAmerican Hearth: Colonial and Post Colonial Cooking Tools Ed.
1982978-0-89062-086-1Gerald SandersAbraham Lincoln fact book & teacher's guide
1980978-0-89062-087-8Robert LagemannThe long rifle
  ''978-0-89062-088-5Dorothy MarshLife at Russell Cave
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1979978-0-89062-095-3Bellamy PartridgeCountry Lawyer
1981978-0-89062-097-7National Endowment for the ArtsAudience development: An examination of selected analysis and prediction techniques applied to symphony and theatre attendance in four southern cities ... for the Arts Research Division report ;#14)
1984978-0-89062-189-9Leslie Armstrong · Roger MorganSpace for Dance: An Architectural Design Guide
1988978-0-89062-232-2Ellen SaltonstallKinetic Awareness: Discovering Your Bodymind
1989978-0-89062-239-1Carol Gilligan · Nona P. Lyons · Trudy J. HanmerMaking Connections: The Relational Worlds of Adolescent Girls at Emma Willard School

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