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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-88995-038-2Dennis CooleySoul Searching (Writing West Ser.)
2002978-0-88995-042-9Kristjana GunnarsThe Prowler
1990978-0-88995-056-6Birk SproxtonThe Hockey Fan Came Riding
2003978-0-88995-060-3Aritha Van HerkPlaces Far From Ellesmere
  ''978-0-88995-080-1Martine LeavittThe Dragon's Tapestry
2002978-0-88995-095-5Martine BatesPrism Moon
  ''978-0-88995-103-7Robert KroetschA Likely Story
2003978-0-88995-122-8Kathleen Foreman · Clem MartiniSomething Like a Drug: An Unauthorized Oral History of Theatresports
1995978-0-88995-131-0David Staples · Greg Owens · Grey OwensThe Third Suspect: The Inside Story of the Hunt for the Yellowknife's Mass Murderer
2003978-0-88995-142-6Jim McGuganJosepha
2002978-0-88995-157-0Lois SimmieMister Got to Go: The Cat that Wouldn't Leave
2003978-0-88995-161-7Nan GregoryHow Smudge Came
  ''978-0-88995-166-2Kevin MajorHouse of Wooden Santas
1998978-0-88995-173-0Ted StoneBritish Columbia History Along the Highways and Waterways
1999978-0-88995-176-1Bob WeberSaskatchewan History Along the Highway
2002978-0-88995-178-5Carol VaageBibi and The Bull
2003978-0-88995-181-5Irene MorckTiger's New Cowboy Boots
2002978-0-88995-182-2Georgia GrahamThe Strongest Man This Side of Cremona
1998978-0-88995-183-9Aritha Van HerkNo Fixed Address: An Amorous Journey
2002978-0-88995-184-6Martine LeavittThe Taker's Key
2005978-0-88995-185-3Aritha Van HerkRestlessness
2002978-0-88995-191-4Jamie BastedoShield Country: The Life and Times of the Oldest Piece of the Planet
  ''978-0-88995-201-0Caterina Edwards · Kay StewartWrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming Their Lives
2003978-0-88995-211-9Florida Ann TownWith a Silent Companion
2002978-0-88995-220-1Jeanne BusheyThe Polar Bear's Gift
2003978-0-88995-222-5Kevin MajorEh? To Zed
2003978-0-88995-227-0Stephen ScobieAlias Bob Dylan: revisited
2002978-0-88995-228-7Hiromi GotoThe Kappa Child
2003978-0-88995-232-4Teresa TotenThe Game
2002978-0-88995-233-1Martine LeavittThe Dollmage
978-0-88995-236-2A Field Guide to Water and Wetland Plants of the Prairies
2003978-0-88995-249-2Kevin MajorThe House of Wooden Santas
2002978-0-88995-252-2Dave DuncanWest of January
2003978-0-88995-256-0Harry M. SandersStory Behind Alberta Names: How Cities, Towns, Villages, and Hamlets got their Names
  ''978-0-88995-262-1Martine LeavittTom Finder
  ''978-0-88995-268-3Rudy WiebeThe Mad Trapper
2002978-0-88995-273-7Troon HarrisonCourage to Fly
2003978-0-88995-275-1David BairdLighthouses of Atlantic Canada
  ''978-0-88995-279-9Bob WeberThe Longest Road: Along the Trans-Canada Highway
2004978-0-88995-295-9Norman RavvinThe Canadian Jewish Studies Reader
2005978-0-88995-297-3Harry M. SandersHistoric Walks of Calgary
2004978-0-88995-300-0Martine LeavittHeck Superhero
  ''978-0-88995-301-7Michelle GildersA Kids' Guide to Zoo Animals
2004978-0-88995-303-1Robert J SawyerIterations
  ''978-0-88995-305-5David J. BercusonMaple Leaf Against the Axis
  ''978-0-88995-309-3Robert KroetschSeed Catalogue
2005978-0-88995-312-3Aritha van HerkThe Tent Peg
  ''978-0-88995-313-0Peter CarverThe Horrors: Terrifying Tales
2004978-0-88995-315-4Bob PlamondonHay West: A Story of Canadians Helping Canadians
2006978-0-88995-319-2Kathleen Cook WaldronRoundup at the Palace
  ''978-0-88995-320-8Sarah EllisThe Queen's Feet
2005978-0-88995-323-9Karl SchroederThe Engine of Recall
2005978-0-88995-327-7Courtney MilneSaskatchewan: The Luminous Landscape
  ''978-0-88995-330-7Beverley BrennaWild Orchid
  ''978-0-88995-333-8Martine LeavittHeck: Superhero
2006978-0-88995-334-5Rudy WiebeHidden Buffalo
  ''978-0-88995-337-6Jamie BastedoOn Thin Ice
  ''978-0-88995-338-3Peter CarverThe Horrors: Terrifying Tales Book 2
2006978-0-88995-340-6Julie E. Czerneda · Genevieve KieransMythspring: From the Lyrics and Legends of Canada
  ''978-0-88995-345-1Karl SchroederThe Engine of Recall
2008978-0-88995-348-2Norman LeachBroken Arrow: America's First Lost Nuclear Weapon
  ''978-0-88995-356-7Edward WillettHistoric Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw
2006978-0-88995-360-4Georgia GrahamA Team Like No Other
  ''978-0-88995-361-1Troon HarrisonCourage to Fly
  ''978-0-88995-367-3David BouchardNokum Is My Teacher
2006978-0-88995-370-3Martine LeavittKeturah and Lord Death
  ''978-0-88995-374-1Nancy MillarThe Unmentionable History of the West
2007978-0-88995-378-9Beverley BrennaThe Moon Children
2008978-0-88995-388-8Jamie BastedoYellowknife Outdoors: Best Places for Hiking, Biking,Paddling and Camping
2007978-0-88995-389-5Matthew HughesThe Commons
  ''978-0-88995-391-8Matthew HughesThe Commons
  ''978-0-88995-398-7Doranna DurginDun Lady's Jess
  ''978-0-88995-399-4Caroline PignatEgghead
2010978-0-88995-401-4Carolyn McTigheHow to Ruin Your Life: And Other Lessons School Doesn't Teach You
2008978-0-88995-402-1Caroline PignatGreener Grass
2007978-0-88995-403-8Norah McClintockDooley Takes the Fall (A Ryan Dooley Mystery)
2008978-0-88995-404-5Kristyn DunnionBig Big Sky
2007978-0-88995-406-9David BouchardAn Aboriginal Carol
2008978-0-88995-412-0Robert J SawyerIdentity Theft: And Other Stories
2008978-0-88995-414-4Sarah EllisThe Queen's Feet
  ''978-0-88995-416-8Robert J SawyerIterations: And Other Stories
  ''978-0-88995-417-5Lesley ChoyceBook of Michael
  ''978-0-88995-421-2David Bouchard · Shelley WillierDrum Calls Softly
  ''978-0-88995-424-3   ''Entre dans la Grande Ronde: French and Cree Edition
2009978-0-88995-427-4David Bouchard · Pam AleekukLong Powwow Nights
2009978-0-88995-428-1David Bouchard · Pam AleekukNuits de pow-wow
2010978-0-88995-432-8Caroline PignatWild Geese
  ''978-0-88995-434-2Colleen SydorThe McGillicuddy Book of Personal Records
2009978-0-88995-435-9Lesley ChoyceLiving Outside the Lines
2010978-0-88995-437-3Beverley BrennaWaiting For No One
2009978-0-88995-439-7David BouchardThe Secret of Your Name
2010978-0-88995-444-1Robert J SawyerStarplex
2011978-0-88995-448-9Georgia GrahamWhere Wild Horses Run
2010978-0-88995-451-9Jan L. CoatesA Hare in the Elephant's Trunk
2011978-0-88995-459-5Caroline PignatTimber Wolf
2013978-0-88995-481-6Dale PattersonFifteen Minutes of Fame
2012978-0-88995-482-3Andrea CurtisWhat's for Lunch?: How Schoolchildren Eat Around the World
  ''978-0-88995-483-0Beverley BrennaThe White Bicycle
2014978-0-88995-520-2Ken DalgarnoBadlands: A Geography of Metaphors
2016978-0-88995-545-5Ray MichalkoObstruction of Justice: The Search for Truth on Canada's Highway of Tears
2019978-0-88995-551-6Dale PattersonClose But No Cigar: Runner-ups, Nearly-Weres and Also-Rans
2018978-0-88995-562-2Jan L CoatesTalking to the Moon
2019978-0-88995-580-6Caroline PignatEgghead: A Novel Anniversary Edition