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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-88962-142-8Abraham SutzkeverBurnt pearls: Ghetto poems of Abraham Sutzkever
1982978-0-88962-190-9Sidney AllansonBantams: The Untold Story of World War One
  ''978-0-88962-197-8Eugenio MontaleThe Bones of Cuttlefish
1984978-0-88962-250-0Betsy StrothersCensored Letters
  ''978-0-88962-258-6B.W. PoweA Climate Charged: Essays on Canadian Writers - McLuhan, Frye, Layton, Cohen, Laurence, Atwood, Davies, Richler
  ''978-0-88962-259-3B.W. PoweClimate Charged: Essays On Canadian Writers
1985978-0-88962-265-4Hugh CookCracked Wheat and Other Stories
1984978-0-88962-276-0Eric EgelandErnst Neizvestny Life And Work
1986978-0-88962-289-0M. J NurenbergerThe scared and the doomed: The Jewish establishment vs. the six million
  ''978-0-88962-327-9Michel ChemiakinChemiakin: Art and Life
1987978-0-88962-372-9Ludwig ZellerLudwig Zeller, a celebration: The white pheasant flying in multiple languages and visual interpretations
1990978-0-88962-393-4Leon WhitesonThe Watts Towers
1988978-0-88962-398-9Betsy StruthersSaying So Out Loud
1991978-0-88962-400-9W. Gunther PlautThe man who would be Messiah: A biographical novel
1989978-0-88962-428-3Hugh CookHomecoming Man
2010978-0-88962-435-1Phyllis GranoffClever Adulteress and Other Stories, The: A Treasury of Jain Literature
1993978-0-88962-479-5Sonia Morris · Keith McLeod · Marcel DanesiAboriginal Languages And Education: The Canadian Experience
2010978-0-88962-540-2B.M. LloydNot a Total Waste
2010978-0-88962-542-6Michael WexShlepping the Exile
1993978-0-88962-567-9Katerina EvanovaStage Lights
1994978-0-88962-572-3   ''Stage Lights
2010978-0-88962-578-5Celerino III Castillo · Dave HarmonPowderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War
1996978-0-88962-585-3Don HutchisonThe Great Pulp Heroes
1998978-0-88962-587-7David MoosSorel Etrog: Human Traces
2000978-0-88962-604-1Herb CarnegieA Fly in a Pail of Milk: The Herb Carnegie Story
1996978-0-88962-607-2Susan GoldenbergSteinway: From glory to controversy: the family, the business, the piano
2010978-0-88962-613-3Thane LewisFiddling with Life: the unusual journey of Steven Staryk
1997978-0-88962-621-8Ilse FriesenEarth, Hell and Heaven in the Art of William Kurelek
2010978-0-88962-647-8Don HutchisonScarlet Riders
  ''978-0-88962-651-5Keith GarebianMaking of the Great Broadway Musical Mega-Hits: Cabaret
  ''978-0-88962-652-2Keith GarebianMaking of the Great Broadway Musical Mega-Hits: West Side Story
  ''978-0-88962-653-9   ''Making of the Great Broadway Musical Mega-Hits: My Fair Lady
  ''978-0-88962-654-6   ''Making of the Great Broadway Musical Mega-Hits: Gypsy
1998978-0-88962-668-3Hugh CookHome In Alfalfa: Short Stories
978-0-88962-670-6MISERABLES, LES
2010978-0-88962-678-2John ThomsonShackleton's Captain: A Biography of Frank Worsley
2010978-0-88962-690-4Lauren B. DavisRat Medicine & Other Unlikely Curatives
2000978-0-88962-712-3Erik PeperHealthy computing with muscle biofeedback: A practical manual for preventing repetitive motion injuries
2010978-0-88962-713-0George SwedeGlobal Haiku
  ''978-0-88962-742-0Harry RaskyThe Song of Leonard Cohen: Portrait of a Poet, a Friendship & a Film
  ''978-0-88962-764-2Keith GarebianThe Making of Guys and Dolls
  ''978-0-88962-777-2Eric JordanOperation Hebron: A Spy Novel
  ''978-0-88962-785-7N.N. ShneidmanThe Three Tragic Heroes of the Vilnius Ghetto: Witenberg, Sheinbaum, Gens
2010978-0-88962-815-1FrankSea Change
2011978-0-88962-816-8Sara Ginaite-Rubinson · Karla GruodyteResistance and Survival: The Jewish Community in Kaunas 1941-1944
2004978-0-88962-825-0Leon WhitesonDreams of a Weeping Woman
2009978-0-88962-826-7John RobertsWilhelm Von Humboldt and German Liberalism
2004978-0-88962-828-1Peter H. RiddleThe American Musical: History and Development
  ''978-0-88962-829-8Fred LanganThe Obit Man
2005978-0-88962-831-1Gong Ji-youngMy Sister Bongsoon
2006978-0-88962-833-5A. R. RowanOn the Trail of a Lion: Tracking Down Ahmed Shah Massoud
2007978-0-88962-847-2Glenn Kay · Michael RoseDisaster Movies: The Ultimate Guide
2006978-0-88962-848-9M.J. NurenbergerThe Scared and the Doomed: The Jewish Establishment vs. The Six Million
  ''978-0-88962-862-5Morris GrudaTricks of Fate: Escape, Survival and Rescue 1939 - 1945
2012978-0-88962-880-9Misha AsterThe Reichs Orchestra (1933-1945): The Berlin Philharmonic & National Socialism
2008978-0-88962-887-8William R. Ramsey · Betty Dineen ShrierDoorway to Freedom: The Story of David Kauffmann: Merchant - Benefactor - Rescuer
2013978-0-88962-980-6Eric KochThe Golden Years: Encounters with Glenn Gould, Marshall McLuhan, Lester B. Pearson, Rene Leveques and John G. Diefenbaker
  ''978-0-88962-983-7Jean-Louis RoyOntario in Transition: Achievements and Challenges