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1978978-0-88839-007-3Allen T DenisonVictorian architecture of Port Townsend, Washington
2019978-0-88839-011-0Dmitri BayanovThe Making of Hominology: A Science Whose Time Has Come
1981978-0-88839-018-9John GreenSasquatch: The Apes Among Us
2017978-0-88839-021-9David PaulidesTribal Bigfoot
1982978-0-88839-022-6Terry DomicoWild harvest: Edible plants of the Pacific Northwest
2019978-0-88839-030-1Adam Watson · Stuart RaeObservations of Golden Eagles in Scotland: A Historical & Ecological Review
1980978-0-88839-036-3Chuck RobersonThe fall guy: 30 years as the Duke's double
  ''978-0-88839-050-9Ivan AckeryFifty years on theatre row
2019978-0-88839-056-1Tom HookMountain Ranch at the End of the Road: horses, cows, guns and grizzlies in the Canadian wilderness
1976978-0-88839-060-8Dick TurnerWings of the north
2017978-0-88839-078-3David H Ellis · N. John SchmittBehavior of the Golden Eagle: an illustrated ethogram
2018978-0-88839-079-0Roger PattersonDo Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?
1982978-0-88839-094-3James WallasKwakiutl legends
2010978-0-88839-100-1Ed GouldRalph Edwards of Lonesome Lake: the complete biography of the Crusoe of Lonesome Lake as told to Ed Gould
1981978-0-88839-102-5Isabel EdwardsRuffles on My Longjohns
1977978-0-88839-104-9Trudy TurnerFogswamp
1981978-0-88839-121-6Charles A MillerValley of the Stave
2006978-0-88839-123-0John GreenSasquatch: the apes among us
1982978-0-88839-140-7Edward R. RicciutiSecrets of Shellfishing
2018978-0-88839-153-7Ingvar SvanbergAviculture: A History
1983978-0-88839-154-4Dan GeorgeMy spirit soars
1982978-0-88839-159-9Anne PetrieA guidebook to ethnic Vancouver: Walking, shopping, and eating tours of the ethnic neighborhoods of Vancouver
1984978-0-88839-168-1Marius BarbeauArt of the Totem: Totem Poles of the Northwest Coastal Indians
2019978-0-88839-173-5Adam Watson · Stuart RaeObservations of Golden Eagles in Scotland: A Historical & Ecological Review
1987978-0-88839-202-2Don WaiteThe Cariboo gold rush story
1989978-0-88839-214-5Christy Ann HenslerGuide to Indian quillworking
  ''978-0-88839-216-9Neil G CareyPuffin Cove
  ''978-0-88839-223-7Robert W. ServiceThe Cremation of Sam McGee and Other Poems
1995978-0-88839-224-4Robert W. ServiceThe Shooting of Dan McGrew
2016978-0-88839-230-5Chief James Wallas · Pamela WhitakerKwakiutl Legends: as told to Pamela Whitaker by Chief James Wallas
1989978-0-88839-231-2Dan GeorgeMy Heart Soars
  ''978-0-88839-233-6Dan George · Helmut HirnschallMy Spirit Soars
2005978-0-88839-248-0Carol BatdorfTotem Poles An Indian Coloring Book: An Ancient Art
1992978-0-88839-253-4Frank L BeebeThe compleat falconer
1995978-0-88839-268-8Barry M. ThorntonSaltwater Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon
2019978-0-88839-285-5Dmitri BayanovThe Making of Hominology: A Science Whose Time Has Come
1993978-0-88839-300-5Vernon FrolickDescent into Madness: The Diary of a Killer
1992978-0-88839-310-4Rob L. HarveyPractical Incubation
1993978-0-88839-311-1Allen Woodard · Pran Vohra · Vern DentonGame Bird Breeders Handbook: Commercial and Ornamental
1993978-0-88839-312-8Thomas N. SteenburgSasquatch: Bigfoot: The Continuing Mystery
1995978-0-88839-317-3Nick FoxUnderstanding the Bird of Prey
1993978-0-88839-321-0Vernon FrolickDescent Into Madness
1995978-0-88839-335-7Matthew A BilleRumors of Existence: Newly Discovered, Supposedly Extinct, and Unconfirmed Inhabitants of the Animal Kingdom
2019978-0-88839-338-8Ed RychkunTrout Fishing: The Tactical Secrets of Lake Fishing
1994978-0-88839-340-1John GreenEncounters with Bigfoot
1995978-0-88839-341-8   ''On the track of the Sasquatch
  ''978-0-88839-350-0Robert S GrantBush flying: The romance of the north
1997978-0-88839-353-1Linda J DavisonChameleons: Their care and breeding
1995978-0-88839-359-3Chris BaderStrange Northwest: Weird encournters [sic] in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington
  ''978-0-88839-362-3James PreydeYukon gold: High hopes and dashed dreams
2009978-0-88839-383-8Lynn BraggA River Lost
1996978-0-88839-385-2David H EllisCranes: Their biology, husbandry and conservation
1997978-0-88839-389-0Linda BirmanStewart the Skyscraper Falcon
1996978-0-88839-391-3Simon TarsnaneWaterfowl: Care, breeding and conservation
  ''978-0-88839-393-7Martin VinceSoftbills: Care, breeding and conservation
1997978-0-88839-410-1Barbara ButlerWilderness tracks: How to sleuth out wild creatures and wayward humans
1998978-0-88839-413-2Rosemary LowHancock House encyclopedia of the lories
1997978-0-88839-419-4Stuart Strahl · Silvia BeaujonThe cracidae: Their biology and conservation
1999978-0-88839-444-6Rick JordanAfrican parrots
2000978-0-88839-446-0Thomas N SteenburgIn search of giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch encounters
2019978-0-88839-447-7Grover S KrantzBigfoot Sasquatch Evidence: The Anthropologist Speaks Out
2018978-0-88839-452-1N. L. BarleeGold Creeks and Ghost Towns of Northeastern Washington
2000978-0-88839-457-6Mark PendlingtonWest Coast Steelheader
2008978-0-88839-460-6Glen HollandThe Encyclopedia of Aviculture
2019978-0-88839-469-9E.C. MeyersWild Canadian West
2000978-0-88839-478-1R. D. Chancellor · B. U. MeyburgRaptors at risk: Proceedings of the V World Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 4-11 August 1998
2001978-0-88839-480-4David H EllisWings across the desert: The incredible motorized crane migration
2019978-0-88839-482-8Arlene GaalIn Search of Ogopogo: Sacred Creature of the Okanagan Waters
2002978-0-88839-493-4Matthew M VriendsHancock House Encyclopedia of Estrildid Finches
2001978-0-88839-497-2James DicksonWildlife of southern forests: Habitat and management
2002978-0-88839-498-9Cam BaconGem trails of British Columbia
  ''978-0-88839-506-1Robert Stanley SrNorthwest Native Arts: Basic Forms
2003978-0-88839-508-5Robert AlleyRaincoast Sasquatch
2008978-0-88839-513-9Carol Ann ShipmanCamping Cookbook
2005978-0-88839-516-0Dana Visalli · Derrick DitchburnNorthwest Mountain Wildflowers
2005978-0-88839-517-7Derrick DitchburnNorthwest Dryland Wildflowers
  ''978-0-88839-518-4Dana Visalli · Derrick Ditchburn · Walt LockwoodNorthwest Coastal Wildflowers
2008978-0-88839-519-1Carol Ann ShipmanBed & Breakfast Cookbook
2007978-0-88839-521-4Bill BarleeWestern Ghost Towns
2003978-0-88839-523-8Tim LydonPassage to Alaska
2005978-0-88839-529-0Kenyon Gibson · Nick MackintoshHemp for Victory
2003978-0-88839-530-6David HancockTlingit: Their Art & Culture
2004978-0-88839-531-3Gordon DaviesFishing Bc Rivers
2003978-0-88839-532-0Robert Stanley SrNorthwest Native Arts: Creative Colors 1
2007978-0-88839-533-7   ''Northwest Native Arts: Creative Colors 2
2006978-0-88839-543-6Delores BrownPony Tales
2017978-0-88839-544-3Chief Dan GeorgeThe Best of Chief Dan George
2019978-0-88839-545-0Robert ServiceThe Best of Robert Service
2004978-0-88839-546-7John GreenThe Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot
  ''978-0-88839-549-8Adrian HallgarthHawking and Falconry for Beginners
2003978-0-88839-550-4Sunny FaderLand Here? You Bet
  ''978-0-88839-552-8Thom PowellThe Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon
2004978-0-88839-553-5Joe, III RoyDuck Hawking: And The Art Of Falconry
  ''978-0-88839-555-9Gwen Lee · Don LeeRivers of Gold: A True Yukon Story
2005978-0-88839-556-6Bruce LambOutposts and Bushplanes: Old Timers and Outposts of Northern British Columbia
2004978-0-88839-573-3Christopher L. Murphy · John Green · Thomas SteenburgMeet the Sasquatch
2005978-0-88839-579-5Ralph Costa · Susan J. DanielsRed Cockaded Woodpecker: Road To Recovery
2005978-0-88839-581-8Roger PattersonThe "Bigfoot" Film Controversy
2019978-0-88839-595-5Blake W SmithWings Over the Wilderness: They Flew the Trail of '42
2007978-0-88839-606-8Department of History Peter KarstenPekin Robins and Small Softbills
2006978-0-88839-612-9Matthew A. BilleShadows of Existence: Discoveries and Speculations in Zoology
2007978-0-88839-613-6Lori ArentRaptors in Captivity
2006978-0-88839-618-1Marius BarbeauArt of the Totem: Totem Poles of the Northwest Coastal Indians
  ''978-0-88839-619-8Reg Ashwell · David HancockIndian Tribes of the Northwest: Revised Edition
2008978-0-88839-630-3John M SweetDiscover at Prudhoe Bay: Mountain men and seismic vision drilled black gold
2007978-0-88839-635-8Pamela Rae HutesonTransformation Masks
  ''978-0-88839-639-6David M BirdRaptor Research and Management Techniques
2008978-0-88839-650-1Kathy Moskowitz StrainGiants, Cannibals & Monsters
  ''978-0-88839-653-2David PaulidesHoopa Project
2010978-0-88839-657-0Christopher L MurphyKnow the Sasquatch / Bigfoot
2009978-0-88839-687-7David PaulidesTribal Bigfoot
2019978-0-88839-712-6Christopher MurphyYale and the Strange Story of Jacko the Ape-Boy
2013978-0-88839-724-9Cam BaconGem Trails of British Columbia
2012978-0-88839-727-0Angus DinsdaleMan Who Filmed Nessie
2019978-0-88839-735-5Paul Leblond Phd · John Kirk III · Jason Walton · Christopher MurphyDiscovering Cadborosaurus
2016978-0-88839-736-2Dmitri Bayanov · Christopher MurphyRussian Hominology: The Bayanov Papers- Fact & Folklore
1984978-0-88839-978-6Frank L. BeebeFalconry Manual
  ''978-0-88839-982-3Joan WeirWalhachin: Catastrophie or Camelot?