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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-88830-072-0William ParkerWilliam Parker, Mounted Policeman
  ''978-0-88830-073-7Grant MacEwanSitting Bull: The years in Canada
1976978-0-88830-109-3No stated AuthorStories from Pangnirtung
978-0-88830-130-7Jasper National Park: Behind the mountains and glaciers
1977978-0-88830-139-0Peter NICOL. Eric and WHALLEYCanada Cancelled Because of Lack of Interest
1978978-0-88830-156-7Eric · More, Dave NicolThe joy of hockey
  ''978-0-88830-164-2Minnie Aodia FreemanLife among the Qallunaat
1979978-0-88830-169-7Muriel A. WhitakerGREAT CANADIAN ADVENTURE STORIES: The Outlaw; A Voice for Christmas; Starbuck Valley Winter; Along the Red Deer; The Cat Comes Back; The Overlanders; How the Klondike Rush Began; Trust; Fort Chimo; Adrift on an Ice Pan; Trees Are Lonely Company
  ''978-0-88830-171-0Anthony HopkinsSongs from the Front & Rear: Canadian Servicemen's Songs of the Second World War
1999978-0-88830-183-3E. NicolJoy of Football
1981978-0-88830-205-2Richard HarringtonThe Inuit: Life as it was
1982978-0-88830-218-2E. NicolGolf: Agony & Ecstasy
978-0-88830-242-7Contemporary Canadian Art
1983978-0-88830-245-8Charles LynchYou can't print THAT!: Memoirs of a political voyeur
  ''978-0-88830-248-9Leon WhitesonModern Canadian architecture
1999978-0-88830-262-5Bob BealPrairie Fire: The 1885 Northwest Rebellion
1999978-0-88830-266-3E. NicolTennis: It Serves You Right
1985978-0-88830-269-4UnknownThe Canadian encyclopedia
  ''978-0-88830-276-2Desmond MortonA Military History of Canada
1999978-0-88830-279-3Stephen HerreroBear Attacks
1986978-0-88830-294-6Charles LynchA funny way to run a country: Further memoirs of a political voyeur
  ''978-0-88830-296-0Eric NicolThe U.S. or us: What's the difference, eh?
1987978-0-88830-300-4Pierre Elliott TrudeauLifting the Shadow of War
  ''978-0-88830-316-5Thomas H McLeodTommy Douglas: The road to Jerusalem
1988978-0-88830-326-4Gale GroupThe Canadian encyclopedia
  ''978-0-88830-328-8Marsh, James L.The Canadian encyclopedia
1988978-0-88830-331-8Ken Coates · William R. MorrisonLand of the Midnight Sun: A History of the Yukon
1990978-0-88830-334-9James H. MarshThe Junior Encyclopedia of Canada: 5 Volume Boxed Set
  ''978-0-88830-336-3James H. MarshThe Junior Encyclopedia of Canada (5 VOLUME SET IN CASE)
1999978-0-88830-340-0Howard PalmerAlberta: A New History