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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-88754-125-4David RosenfieldHasid: A play in seven scenes
1984978-0-88754-369-2Judith ThompsonWhite Biting Dog
  ''978-0-88754-442-2Sky Gilbert · [editor · Dave Carley]The dressing gown: a faery tale for adults only
1986978-0-88754-452-1Norm FosterThe Melville Boys
1993978-0-88754-474-3Joan MacLeodToronto, Mississippi ; &, Jewel
1990978-0-88754-486-6Daniel MacIvorSee Bob Run/Wild Abandon
1995978-0-88754-498-9Playwrights Canada PressThe Perfect piece: Monologues from Canadian plays
2007978-0-88754-499-6Stephen MassicotteOxford Roof Climber's Rebellion
  ''978-0-88754-501-6Carole FréchetteCarole Fréchette: Two Plays: John and Beatrice; Helen's Necklace
1997978-0-88754-511-5Jason ShermanThe retreat
1996978-0-88754-515-3Judith ThompsonLion In The Streets
2007978-0-88754-516-0Leon AureusBanana Boys: The Play
1997978-0-88754-519-1Daniel MacIvorHere lies Henry: A play
1996978-0-88754-521-4   ''House Humans
1993978-0-88754-524-5   ''Never Swim Alone & This Is A Play: Two Plays
1997978-0-88754-535-1Linda Griffiths · Maria CampbellThe Book of Jessica: A Theatrical Transformation
  ''978-0-88754-545-0Michel Marc BouchardLilies: or The Revival of a Romantic Drama
  ''978-0-88754-548-1John MightonThe little years
1998978-0-88754-549-8Michael Lewis MacLennanBeat the sunset
1997978-0-88754-550-4Sky GilbertPainted, tainted, sainted: Four plays
1998978-0-88754-552-8Kim MorrisseyClever as paint: The Rossettis in love
1998978-0-88754-553-5Maxine Bailey · Sharon M. LewisSistahs
1999978-0-88754-565-8George Elliott ClarkeWhylah Falls: the Play
  ''978-0-88754-568-9Michael HealeyThe drawer boy
2000978-0-88754-585-6Lorena GaleAngélique
  ''978-0-88754-586-3Colleen CurranCake Walk
  ''978-0-88754-589-4David GowBea's niece
2004978-0-88754-590-0Judith ThompsonPerfect Pie
2007978-0-88754-595-5Colleen MurphyThe December Man
978-0-88754-599-3Nutmeg Princess
2001978-0-88754-611-2Brian QuirtThe Whirlpool
  ''978-0-88754-614-3Marty ChanMom, Dad, I'm Living With A White Girl
2002978-0-88754-615-0Judith ThompsonHabitat
2002978-0-88754-622-8Judith RudakoffBetween the lines
  ''978-0-88754-623-5Diane Flacks · Richard GreenblattSibs
2003978-0-88754-625-9Monique Mojica · Ric KnowlesStaging Coyote's Dream Volume 1: An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English
2005978-0-88754-630-3Claudia DeyThe Gwendolyn Poems
2002978-0-88754-632-7Wajdi MouawadAlphonse
  ''978-0-88754-634-1R.H. ThomsonThe Lost Boys: Letters from the Sons in Two Acts, 1914-1923
  ''978-0-88754-636-5Stephen MassicotteMary's Wedding
  ''978-0-88754-640-2Michael Lewis MacLennanThe Shooting Stage
2005978-0-88754-648-8Clem MartiniThe Field Mouse Collection
2003978-0-88754-674-7Kristen ThomsonI, Claudia
2003978-0-88754-676-1Michael Lewis MacLennanLast Romantics
  ''978-0-88754-678-5Vern ThiessenEinstein's Gift
2004978-0-88754-702-7Sonja MillsThe Danish Play: A True Tale of Resistance
2006978-0-88754-707-2Sky GilbertDrag Queens in Outer Space: a dreamplay
  ''978-0-88754-709-6   ''Suzie Goo: Private Secretary
2008978-0-88754-712-6Djanet SearsThe Adventures of A Black Girl in Search of God
2009978-0-88754-735-5Monique Mojica · Ric KnowlesStaging Coyote's Dream Volume 2: An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English
2005978-0-88754-740-9Evelyne de la ChenelièreStrawberries in January
  ''978-0-88754-758-4David S. CraigHaving Hope at Home
  ''978-0-88754-760-7Wajdi MouawadScorched: Incendies
2009978-0-88754-763-8Judith ThompsonPalace of the End
2005978-0-88754-766-9Emil SherMourning Dove
2007978-0-88754-768-3Vern ThiessenVern Thiessen: Two Plays
2005978-0-88754-770-6   ''Shakespeare's Will
2006978-0-88754-786-7Brad FraserCold Meat Party
2010978-0-88754-793-5Wajdi MouawadForests
2005978-0-88754-796-6Ric KnowlesJudith Thompson
2006978-0-88754-800-0Harry LaneGeorge F. Walker
2010978-0-88754-803-1Daniel MacIvorOne Voice: House and Here Lies Henry
2007978-0-88754-806-2Andrew HoustonEnvironmental and Site-Specific Theatre
2007978-0-88754-809-3Hannah MoscovitchThe Russian Play: and Other Short Works
2005978-0-88754-810-9Rahul VarmaBhopal
  ''978-0-88754-812-3Joanna McClelland GlassTrying
  ''978-0-88754-814-7Michael HealeyThe Drawer Boy
  ''978-0-88754-816-1John MightonHalf Life
2006978-0-88754-824-6Ann-Marie MacDonaldBelle Moral: A Natural History
2008978-0-88754-825-3Sebastien HarrissonTitanica
2006978-0-88754-828-4Judith ThompsonShe Speaks: Monologues for Women
2009978-0-88754-832-1Ingrid Mündel · Ric Knowles"Ethnic," Multicultural, and Intercultural Theatre
2008978-0-88754-834-5Donna Coates · Sherrill GraceCanada and the Theatre of War: Volume One
2007978-0-88754-835-2Judith ThompsonPalace of the End
2006978-0-88754-838-3Joseph Jomo PierreBeatdown: Three Plays
2010978-0-88754-841-3Donna Coates · Sherrill GraceCanada and the Theatre of War: Volume Two
2009978-0-88754-843-7Stephen MassicotteThe Clockmaker
  ''978-0-88754-849-9Hannah MoscovitchEast of Berlin
2006978-0-88754-852-9Sky GilbertPerfectly Abnormal: Seven Gay Plays
2006978-0-88754-856-7David FerryHe Speaks: Monologues for Men
  ''978-0-88754-858-1Daniel MacIvorI Still Love You: Five Plays by Daniel MacIvor
2007978-0-88754-870-3Wajdi MouawadDreams
2006978-0-88754-872-7Sky GilbertRope Enough
2008978-0-88754-878-9DD Kugler · Brian QuirtAlone, On Stage: Solo Plays For Men
2003978-0-88754-881-9Vern ThiessenEinstein's Gift
2006978-0-88754-888-8Iris Turcott · Keith TurnbullCanada On Stage: Scenes and Monologues
2009978-0-88754-897-0Daniel David MosesAlmighty Voice and His Wife
  ''978-0-88754-899-4Stephen MassicotteMary's Wedding
2006978-0-88754-902-1Andrew MoodieThe Real McCoy
  ''978-0-88754-904-5Yvette NolanAnnie Mae's Movement
2010978-0-88754-907-6David Yeelady in the red dress
2006978-0-88754-914-4Brad FraserLove and Human Remains
2010978-0-88754-915-1Brad FraserTrue Love Lies
  ''978-0-88754-926-7Wajdi MouawadScorched
  ''978-0-88754-944-1Colleen WagnerThe Monument
2011978-0-88754-970-0Vern ThiessenLenin's Embalmers
  ''978-0-88754-980-9John Garfield BarlowInspiration Point
  ''978-0-88754-987-8Wajdi MouawadTideline