Black Moss Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-88753-090-6David DonnellHemingway in to.P*30907 [Op]
1994978-0-88753-233-7Lois Burdett · Christine CoburnTwelfth Night for Kids
1995978-0-88753-261-0Lois BurdettA Child's Portrait of Shakespeare
  ''978-0-88753-263-4   ''A Child's Portrait of Shakespeare
  ''978-0-88753-271-9Robert HillesNear Morning
1993978-0-88753-272-6Robert HillesRaising of Voices
1996978-0-88753-278-8Paul QuenonTerrors of Paradise P *2780
  ''978-0-88753-279-5Lois BurdettMacbeth for Kids
  ''978-0-88753-283-2Robert HillesKissing the Smoke Not a Career Guide
1996978-0-88753-287-0Lois BurdettMacbeth for Kids
2003978-0-88753-297-9Robert HillesBreathing Distance
1997978-0-88753-299-3Ted PlantosDaybreak Long Waking
1999978-0-88753-322-8April BulmerHim
  ''978-0-88753-327-3Robert HillesSomewhere Between Obstacles and Pleasure
2000978-0-88753-345-7Betsy StruthersDriven
  ''978-0-88753-347-1Ronnie R. BrownPhotgraphic Evidence
2001978-0-88753-356-3John TyndallFree Rein: Poetry
  ''978-0-88753-362-4Raymond FraserCosta Blanca
2003978-0-88753-378-5Betty StruthersStill
  ''978-0-88753-384-6Robert HillesWrapped Within Again: New and Selected Poems
2003978-0-88753-387-7Raymond FraserIn a Cloud of Dust and Smoke
2006978-0-88753-393-8Hugh MacDonaldLetting Go: An Anthology of Loss and Survival
2004978-0-88753-397-6Susan McMasterUntil the Light Bends
2005978-0-88753-400-3Marty GervaisShow of Hands, A: Boxing on the Border
  ''978-0-88753-402-7Betsy StruthersIn Her Fifties
2006978-0-88753-404-1Ronnie R. BrownStates of Matter
2005978-0-88753-411-9Robert HillesCalling the Wild
2006978-0-88753-427-0Ronnie R. BrownNight Echoes
  ''978-0-88753-428-7Robert HillesSlow Ascent
2007978-0-88753-435-5John TyndallThe Fee for Exaltation
  ''978-0-88753-439-3Raymond FraserWhen The Earth Was Flat
2014978-0-88753-445-4Mary Ann MulhernWhen Angels Weep
  ''978-0-88753-493-5Rosemary Sullivan · Juan OpitzMolito
2014978-0-88753-511-6John LeeUnfinished War, An: poems, stories, essays and excerpts from novels and plays on the War of 1812 in the western district of Upper Canada
  ''978-0-88753-542-0Micheal AkpataLife Behind the Mask: A Surgeon's Memoir
2015978-0-88753-548-2Lisa ShatzkyWhen the Colours Run