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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-88677-902-3C. J. CherryhThe Hanan Rebellion
2000978-0-88677-903-0Martin Harry Greenberg · Catherine AsaroCivil War Fantastic (Daw Book Collectors)
  ''978-0-88677-904-7Julie E. CzernedaChanging Vision (Web Shifters)
  ''978-0-88677-905-4Martin H. Greenberg · Les Edwards · Charles de Lint · Roger Zelazny · Charles Dickens · Jack Vance · M.R. James · Terry Pratchett · Poul Anderson · R.A. Lafferty · L. Sprague de Camp;Debra Doyle & James D. MacdonaldMy Favorite Fantasy Story
  ''978-0-88677-906-1Tad WilliamsMountain of Black Glass (Otherland, Volume 3)
  ''978-0-88677-907-8Steven KraneThe Omega Game
2000978-0-88677-908-5VariousFar Frontiers
  ''978-0-88677-910-8C. J. CherryhPrecursor (Foreigner)
2001978-0-88677-911-5   ''Defender (Foreigner 5)
2000978-0-88677-913-9Irene RadfordThe Wizard's Treasure (Dragon Nimbus #4)
  ''978-0-88677-914-6VariousMy Favorite Horror Story
2001978-0-88677-915-3Mercedes LackeyThe Serpent's Shadow (Elemental Masters, Book 1)
2000978-0-88677-916-0Mercedes Lackey · Larry DixonOwlknight (Valdemar: Darian's Tale, Book 3)
  ''978-0-88677-918-4Martin H. Greenberg · Larry SegriffGuardsmen of Tomorrow
  ''978-0-88677-919-1Mickey Zucker ReichertGodslayer / Shadow Climber / Dragonrank Master (The Bifrost Guardians)
2001978-0-88677-920-7Kevin McCarthy · David SilvaThe Family: Special Effects, Book 1
2001978-0-88677-921-4Fiona PattonThe Golden Sword (Branion series, Book 4)
  ''978-0-88677-922-1Martin Harry Greenberg · Brittiany A. KorenSingle White Vampire Seeks Same
2000978-0-88677-930-6C. J. CherryhThe Chanur Saga
1999978-0-88677-933-7Sean RussellCompass of the Soul: River into Darkness #2
2000978-0-88677-934-4Mickey Zucker ReichertShadows Realm / By Chaos Cursed (The Bifrost Guardians, No. 2)
2001978-0-88677-935-1Emily DrakeThe Magickers: The Magickers #1
2000978-0-88677-946-7C. J. CherryhAlternate Realities: Port Eternity/Voyager in Night/Wave Without a Shore (Alliance-Union Universe)
  ''978-0-88677-950-4Martin Harry Greenberg · John HelfersWarrior Fantastic (Daw Book Collectors)
  ''978-0-88677-953-5Tad WilliamsTailchaser's Song (Daw Book Collectors)
2002978-0-88677-954-2Jennifer RobersonSword-Sworn (Tiger and Del)
2001978-0-88677-955-9Billie Sue MosimanRed Moon Rising: A Vampire Novel
  ''978-0-88677-956-6Charles IngridThe Sand Wars, Volume One: Solar Kill, Lasertown Blues and Celestial Hit List (Sand Wars omnibus)
2001978-0-88677-957-3Charles IngridSand Wars, Vol. 2
  ''978-0-88677-972-6   ''The Sand Wars, Volume 2: Alien Salute/Return Fire/Challenge Met (Sand Wars omnibus)
978-0-88677-973-3Night Music
2001978-0-88677-975-7Tanya HuffThe Second Summoning (The Keeper's Chronicles, No 2)
  ''978-0-88677-976-4Jennifer RobersonShapechanger's Song (Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Bk. 1: Shapechangers and Bk. 2: The Song of Homana)
  ''978-0-88677-977-1Tad WilliamsSea of Silver Light (Otherland #4)
  ''978-0-88677-978-8Michelle WestSea of Sorrows (The Sun Sword, Book 4)
2001978-0-88677-979-5Brian M. Thomsen · Martin Harry GreenbergOceans of Magic
  ''978-0-88677-980-1Martin Harry Greenberg · John HelfersVillains Victorious
  ''978-0-88677-989-4Mercedes LackeyBrightly Burning
  ''978-0-88677-992-4Jean Rabe · Martin H. GreenbergHistorical Hauntings
  ''978-0-88677-994-8Irene RadfordGuardian of the Vision (Merlin's Descendants #3)
2001978-0-88677-995-5Irene RadfordGuardian of the Trust: Merlin's Descendants #2
  ''978-0-88677-996-2Marion Zimmer BradleySword and Sorceress XVIII
  ''978-0-88677-997-9Jennifer RobersonLegacy of the Wolf: Cheysuli Omnibus #2
  ''978-0-88677-999-3Julie E. CzernedaIn the Company of Others