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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-88494-020-3Ora Pate stewartA Letter to My Son
1954978-0-88494-033-3Preston NibleyHistory of Joseph Smith by His Mother, Lucy Mack Smith
1992978-0-88494-041-8Joseph Fielding Smith · Bruce McConkieDoctrines of Salvation, Vol. 2
1966978-0-88494-062-3Bruce R. McConkieMormon Doctrine
1962978-0-88494-096-8Duane S. CrowtherProphecy Key to the Future
1965978-0-88494-137-8Bruce R. McConkieDoctrinal New Testament Commentary, Vol. 1: The Gospels
1988978-0-88494-162-0Duane S. CrowtherLife Everlasting
1992978-0-88494-184-2Ezra T. BensonAn Enemy Hath Done This
1977978-0-88494-320-4Orson Scott Card"Listen, Mom and Dad...": Young adults look back on their upbringing
1979978-0-88494-330-3Edward L Kimball · Andrew E KimballSpencer W Kimball
1978978-0-88494-338-9Hugh NibleyNibley on the Timely and the Timeless: Classic Essays of Hugh W. Nibley
  ''978-0-88494-346-4Lowell Lindsay BennionThe Things that Matter Most
1980978-0-88494-394-5Eugene EnglandBrother Brigham
  ''978-0-88494-395-2Truman G MadsenDefender of the faith: The B. H. Roberts story
  ''978-0-88494-411-9Boyd K. PackerThe Holy Temple
1969978-0-88494-444-7Spencer W. KimballThe Miracle of Forgiveness
1958978-0-88494-446-1Bruce R. McConkieMormon Doctrine
1982978-0-88494-457-7Lucille C. TateLe Grand Richards, Beloved Apostle
  ''978-0-88494-471-3Stephen R. CoveyThe Divine Center
1995978-0-88494-472-0Spencer W KimballThe Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1982978-0-88494-473-7Boyd K. PackerThat All May Be Edified
1984978-0-88494-503-1Stephen R. Covey · Truman MadsenMarriage and Family Gospel Insights
1984978-0-88494-517-8Lorenzo SnowTeachings of Lorenzo Snow
  ''978-0-88494-520-8Leonard J. Arrington · Susan Arrington MadsenSun-Bonnet Sisters: True Stories of Mormon Women and Frontier Life
1985978-0-88494-541-3Richard O. CowanChurch in the Twentieth Century
1984978-0-88494-544-4James L BarkerApostasy from the divine church
1985978-0-88494-571-0Neal A. MaxwellSermons Not Spoken
  ''978-0-88494-573-4L. Brent GoatesHarold B. Lee: Prophet and Seer
978-0-88494-584-0The story of Spencer W. Kimball: A short man
1986978-0-88494-585-7Neal A Maxwell"But for a small moment" Light from Liberty Jail: Inspired Contributions from the Prophet in Prison
  ''978-0-88494-588-8Bruce C HafenThe believing heart: Four essays on faith
  ''978-0-88494-590-1H. Burke PetersonA Glimpse of Glory
1986978-0-88494-598-7Dale MurphyMurph
1987978-0-88494-632-8Joseph Fielding McConkie · Robert L. MilletDoctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 1- First and Second Nephi
1988978-0-88494-639-7Ezra Taft BensonTeachings of Ezra Taft Benson
1989978-0-88494-644-1Bruce R. McConkieDoctrines of the Restoration: Sermons and Writings of Bruce R McConkie
1987978-0-88494-646-5Chad M. OrtonMore Faith Than Fear: The Los Angeles Stake Story
1988978-0-88494-650-2Dallin H. OaksPure in Heart
  ''978-0-88494-654-0S. Michael WilcoxChoosing the fulness: Wickedness or righteousness
1998978-0-88494-655-7Joseph Fielding McConkie · Robert L. MilletDoctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, 2
2002978-0-88494-672-4Neal A. MaxwellNot My Will, but Thine
1989978-0-88494-674-8Brent L. TopThe Life Before
  ''978-0-88494-686-1A Child's Church Presidents Activity Book
1994978-0-88494-688-5Richard O. CowanTemples to Dot the Earth.
1989978-0-88494-696-0S. Michael WilcoxThe power and the promise
  ''978-0-88494-704-2Truman G MadsenJoseph Smith the Prophet
1990978-0-88494-728-8Neal A. MaxwellA Wonderful Flood of Light
1994978-0-88494-770-7Gerald N. LundPillar of Light: A Historical Novel (Work and the Glory)
1991978-0-88494-779-0Ezra T. BensonMissionaries to Match Our Message
  ''978-0-88494-784-4Stephen E. RobinsonAre Mormons Christians
1991978-0-88494-785-1Neil MaxwellMen Woman and Christ
  ''978-0-88494-787-5Boyd K. PackerLet Not Your Heart Be Troubled
  ''978-0-88494-801-8Gerald N. LundLike a Fire Is Burning (Work and the Glory)
  ''978-0-88494-807-0Joseph Fielding McConkie · Robert L. MilletDoctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 3
2002978-0-88494-818-6   ''Doctrinal Commentary on the Book of Mormon, Vol. 4
1992978-0-88494-830-8Eugene EnglandQuality of Mercy
  ''978-0-88494-834-6Brenton YorgasonTy the Ty Detmer Story
1992978-0-88494-838-4Ezra Taft BensonElect Women of God
  ''978-0-88494-843-8Neal A MaxwellThat ye may believe
  ''978-0-88494-853-7Gerald N. LundTruth Will Prevail (Work and the Glory)
1993978-0-88494-877-3Michaelene P GrassliAll I really need is my mom
  ''978-0-88494-890-2John K CarmackTolerance: Principles, practices, obstacles, limits
  ''978-0-88494-893-3Gerald N. LundThy Gold to Refine (Work and the Glory, Volume 4)
1993978-0-88494-894-0Orson Scott CardStory Teller in Zion
  ''978-0-88494-895-7Brent TopBeyond Death's Door
1994978-0-88494-898-8Susan Evans McCloudA Face in the Shadows
  ''978-0-88494-900-8John H. GrobergIn the Eye of the Storm
  ''978-0-88494-919-0Neal A. MaxwellLord, Increase Our Faith
  ''978-0-88494-948-0Orson Scott CardTurning Hearts: Short Stories on Family Life
1996978-0-88494-951-0Boyd K PackerThe things of the soul
1994978-0-88494-960-2Gerald N. LundA Season of Joy (Work and the Glory)
1994978-0-88494-963-3Gilbert W. ScharffsThe Truth About 'the God Makers'
1995978-0-88494-972-5Douglas E. Brinley · Daniel K. JuddEternal Companions
1996978-0-88494-982-4M. Catherine ThomasSpiritual Lightening: How the Power of the Gospel Can Enlighten Minds and Lighten Burdens
1995978-0-88494-987-9Robert L. Millet · Robert J. MatthewsPlain and Precious Truths Restored
  ''978-0-88494-988-6Milly DayPrepare To Be Healed
  ''978-0-88494-991-6Michael Weir Allred · Sue Egan · Lisa Heckmann Olsen · Scott Anderson · Mark Ellison · Vickey Pahnke · Suzanne Ballard · Kim Novas GunnellReturn with honor: EFY, 1995: favorite talks from Especially for youth
  ''978-0-88494-997-8Lucile C. TateBoyd K. Packer: A Watchman on the Tower
  ''978-0-88494-999-2Gerald N. LundPraise to the Man: 6 (Work and the Glory)