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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-88400-002-0Lester Samuel EckmanRevered By All: The Life and Works of Rabbi Israel Meir Kagan--Hafetz Hayyim (1838-1933)
1975978-0-88400-041-9   ''The History of the Musar Movement, 1840-1945
1955978-0-88400-100-3Heskel HaddadJews of Arab and Islamic Countries: History, Problems and Solutions
1984978-0-88400-107-2Yaacov EliavWanted: Translated and adapted from the Hebrew
1985978-0-88400-113-3Chaim LazerDestruction and Resistance: A History of the Partisan Movement in Vilna
1986978-0-88400-123-2Lore ShelleySecretaries of Death: Accounts by Former Prisoners Who Worked in the Gestapo of Auschwitz (English and German Edition)
1999978-0-88400-132-4Bernard MandelbaumYou Are Not Alone
1998978-0-88400-147-8Sidney IwensHow Dark the Heavens: 1400 Days in the Grip of Nazi Terror
  ''978-0-88400-170-6Evelyn RubinGhetto Shanghai
1999978-0-88400-181-2Sam HalpernDarkness and Hope
1996978-0-88400-184-3Henry Herzog...And Heaven Shed No Tears
1998978-0-88400-189-8Yohanan ManorTo Right A Wrong: The Revocation of UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 Defaming Zionism
1999978-0-88400-202-4Jack RatzEndless Miracles: A Memoir
  ''978-0-88400-204-8Sandra BrandGlimpses of West Africa
2005978-0-88400-301-4Morry SoferSpanish Business Dictionary: Multicultural Business Spanish
2015978-0-88400-302-1Morry SoferTranslator Self Training Hebrew (Translators Self-Training)
2005978-0-88400-303-8Ronald L. EisenbergThe 613 Mitzvot: A Contemporary Guide to the Commandments of Judaism
  ''978-0-88400-304-5Morry SoferLight to the Nations: World Peace--From Biblical Promise to Human Action
2015978-0-88400-305-2   ''Translator Self Training Japanese Patents (Translators Self-Training)
  ''978-0-88400-306-9   ''Translator Self Training German Patents (Translators Self-Training)
2015978-0-88400-307-6Morry SoferTranslator Self Training Spanish (Translators Self-Training)
  ''978-0-88400-308-3   ''Translator Self Training Russian 2ED (Translators Self-Training)
2015978-0-88400-309-0Morry SoferGlobal Business Dictionary: English-Chinese-French-German-Japanese-Russian
  ''978-0-88400-310-6Kerstin RolandGerman Business Dictionary: English-German, German-English
  ''978-0-88400-311-3Simon Boisvert · Agnes BousteauFrench Business Dictionary: The Business Terms of France and Canada, French-English, English-French
  ''978-0-88400-312-0Morry SoferRussian Business Dictionary: English-Russian
  ''978-0-88400-313-7Ritsuko MooreJapanese Business Dictionary: English-Japanese
2006978-0-88400-314-4Richard Guo · Morry SoferChinese Business Dictionary
2015978-0-88400-315-1Hilda ZayasSpanish Chemical & Pharmaceutical Glossary: English-Spanish
2015978-0-88400-317-5Augustin Martinez · Morry SoferMulticultural Spanish Dictionary: How Everyday Spanish Differs from Country to Country
1955978-0-88400-318-2Morry SoferTranslator Self-Training Korean: A Practical Course in Technical Translation
2006978-0-88400-320-5Morry Sofer · Peter YoonKorean Business Dictionary: English-Korean
2015978-0-88400-321-2MariCarmen Pizarro · Morry SoferPortuguese Business Dictionary: English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English
2006978-0-88400-322-9Adnane Ettayebi · Morry SoferArabic Business Dictionary: English-Arabic
  ''978-0-88400-324-3Morry SoferThe Translator's Handbook
2007978-0-88400-328-1Mordecai SchreiberThe Shengold Jewish Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-88400-329-8Mordecai SchreiberThe Shengold Jewish Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-88400-331-1Mark D. SabatkeDiscovering the C&O Canal
2015978-0-88400-333-5Ronald L. Eisenberg613 Mitzvot: A Contemporary Guide to the Commandments of Judaism
2009978-0-88400-335-9Morry SoferThe Translator's Handbook
2016978-0-88400-350-2Michael KayserDictionary of Advanced Russian Usage: A Guide to Idiom, Colloquialisms, Slang and More (English and Russian Edition)
2020978-0-88400-351-9   ''Advanced Russian Dictionary: A Guide to Idiom, Colloquialisms, Slang and More