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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1989978-0-88390-031-4Richard C. BrandtFlip Charts: How to Draw Them
1990978-0-88390-035-2Nancy DixonEvaluation: A Tool for Improving Hrd Quality
1982978-0-88390-050-5Roger A. KaufmanIdentifying and Solving Problems: A System Approach
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1973978-0-88390-073-4Jossey-Bass PfeifferThe Annual: The 1973 Annual Handbook for Group Facilitators
1980978-0-88390-158-8John D. AdamsUnderstanding and Managing Stress
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1987978-0-88390-207-3J. William PfeifferInstrumentation Kit
1988978-0-88390-219-6Gerard EganChange Agent Skills: A: Assessing & Designing Excellence
  ''978-0-88390-220-2Gerard EganChange Agent Skills: B: Managing Innovations & Change
1990978-0-88390-240-0Jossey-Bass PfeifferWilderness Survival, (Simulation)
1989978-0-88390-241-7   ''Wilderness Survival, Leader's Manual
1990978-0-88390-245-5   ''Lost at Sea, Instrument (Simulation Manual)
1989978-0-88390-246-2   ''Lost at Sea, Leader's Manual
1985978-0-88390-256-1Edgar H. ScheinCareer Anchors: Discovering Your Real Values (Trainer's Manual & Workbook)
1990978-0-88390-257-8J. William PfeifferThe Encyclopedia of Team Building Activities: The Encyclopedia of Team-Building, and of Team-Development, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-88390-258-5   ''The Encyclopedia of Team Activities Set, The Encyclopedia of Team-Development Activities, Volume 1 (Loose-Leaf Package)
1991978-0-88390-290-5Allison Rossett · Jeannette Gautier-DownesA Handbook of Job Aids
  ''978-0-88390-291-2Linda StoneallHow to Write Training Materials
1992978-0-88390-316-2Roger Harrison · Herb StokesDiagnosing Organizational Culture Instrument
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1992978-0-88390-318-6Leonard D. Goodstein · Timothy M. Nolan · J. William PfeifferApplied Strategic Planning, An Introduction
  ''978-0-88390-319-3Leonard D. Goodstein · Timothy M. NolanApplied Strategic Planning: An Overview
  ''978-0-88390-320-9Pfeiffer & CompanyAddressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Trainer's Package: includes one each of Trainer's Materials, the Sexual-Harassment Awareness Test, the ... the Sailor, The Promotion, and Tina Carlan
  ''978-0-88390-347-6Dave Francis · Don YoungThe Team Review Survey
  ''978-0-88390-355-1Dave FrancisImproving Work Groups Revised
1993978-0-88390-376-6Mary-Ellen DrummondFearless and Flawless Public Speaking with Power, Polish and Pizazz
1992978-0-88390-377-3Timothy M. Nolan · Leonard D. Goodstein · J. William PfeifferPlan or Die!: 10 Keys to Organizational Success
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1992978-0-88390-477-0J. William Pfeiffer · John E. JonesStructured Experience Kit, Includes: 436 structured activities, User's Guide, Facilitator's Planning Guide, carrying case, hanging files, instructions
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1996978-0-88390-485-5Bonnie E. BurnFlip Chart Power: Secrets Master
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1989978-0-88390-533-3Jossey-Bass PfeifferThe Encyclopedia Duo: The Icebreakers, and Group Activities, Encyclopedia Set
1992978-0-88390-544-9Advancement StrategiesDiversity Bingo, An Experimental Learning Event by Advanced Strategies (Bingo 50-card Pack)