Bellerophon Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-88388-001-2W. O. HassallA Medieval Alphabet to Illuminate
1968978-0-88388-002-9Bellerophon Books · Nancy ConkleThe Ancient Near East Coloring Book (A Bellerophon coloring book)
1985978-0-88388-005-0Bellerophon BooksAncient Egypt Coloring Book
  ''978-0-88388-006-7   ''Japan
  ''978-0-88388-007-4Bellerophon Books · Nancy Conkle · John K. AndersonMiddle Ages Color Bk
  ''978-0-88388-008-1Bellerophon Books · Harry Knill/ ShakespeareA Shakespeare Coloring Book
1989978-0-88388-009-8Bellerophon BooksHenry VIII and His Wives: Paper Dolls to Color
1985978-0-88388-010-4   ''Incas Aztecs & Mayas Color Bk
1983978-0-88388-011-1   ''Renaissance (Bellerophon Coloring Book)
1985978-0-88388-013-5   ''Queen Elizabeth I-Paper Dolls To Color
  ''978-0-88388-014-2Not AvailableA Coloring Book of American Indians
1992978-0-88388-016-6Bellerophon BooksA Coloring Book of Ships
1972978-0-88388-017-3Bellerophon BooksChaucer Coloring Book
1974978-0-88388-019-7Dana Crumb · Shery CohenEat It: A Cookbook
1987978-0-88388-021-0Bellerophon Books · Harry Knill · Nancy ConkleAmerican Revolution
1975978-0-88388-027-2Harry Knill · Daniel DefoePirates
  ''978-0-88388-031-9Nancy Conkle · Samuel P. WellesAll New Dinosaurs and Their Friends
1985978-0-88388-033-3Bellerophon BooksGreat Indian Chiefs Coloring Book
1983978-0-88388-034-0Marko ZlatichNew England Soldiers
1992978-0-88388-035-7Bellerophon BooksInfamous Women.
1983978-0-88388-036-4John F. MillarShips of the American Revolution
1972978-0-88388-042-5Laurence SelenickCalvacade of Clowns Coloring Book
1985978-0-88388-043-2Professor Cyril AldredTutankhamun and Friends
1977978-0-88388-044-9Muriel Earhart MorrisseyAmelia Earhart
1979978-0-88388-045-6Laurence SenelickA Coloring Book of the Sleeping Beauty Ballet
1985978-0-88388-046-3David BrownellGreat Composers Coloring Book
1983978-0-88388-047-0Alan Archambault · Donna NearyA Coloring Book of the Civil War
1992978-0-88388-050-0David BrownellHeroes of the American Revolution
1985978-0-88388-052-4Bellerophon Books · David BrownellNutcracker Ballet-Coloring Book (A Bellerophon coloring book)
  ''978-0-88388-053-1David Brownell · Harry Knill · Donna NearyKings and Queens Coloring Book
1983978-0-88388-054-8Last of Dinosaurs
1980978-0-88388-057-9David Brownell · Nick TaylorLudwig Van Beethoven
1978978-0-88388-058-6David BrownellA Coloring Book Great Composers: Bach to Berlioz
  ''978-0-88388-059-3Cyril AldredA Coloring Book of Tutankhamun
1985978-0-88388-061-6Bellerophon Books · Nancy ConkleA Coloring Book of Rome
1978978-0-88388-062-3Bertha Dutton · Caroline OlinMyths and Legends of Indians of the Southwest: Book II: Hopi, Acoma, Tewa, Zuni
1985978-0-88388-063-0Roger ArnoSpace and Rockets Coloring Book
  ''978-0-88388-064-7Bellerophon BooksFamous Fighters Coloring Book
1985978-0-88388-065-4Viiu MenningGreat Dancers Coloring Book
1979978-0-88388-066-1John K AndersonHorses and Riding Coloring Book
1990978-0-88388-070-8Not AvailableGreat Trains To Cut Out & Put Together
1984978-0-88388-077-7Bellerophon Books · Nancy ConkleA Coloring Book of Ancient China
  ''978-0-88388-078-4John LindowViking Ships
1992978-0-88388-079-1Metropolitan Museum of ArtEtruscan Chariot
1985978-0-88388-084-5Bellerophon Books · Nancy ConkleColoring Book of Dinosaurs
1981978-0-88388-085-2John K AndersonAlexander the Great
  ''978-0-88388-087-6Harry KnillGreat Indians of California
1989978-0-88388-088-3J K AndersonCastles to Cut Out & Put Toget
1985978-0-88388-093-7Bellerophon BooksPeter and the Wolf Coloring Book
1983978-0-88388-095-1Nick TaylorModern Fighter Plane Coloring Book
1992978-0-88388-096-8David NicollePaper Soldiers of the Middle Ages: Vol 1: The Crusades
  ''978-0-88388-097-5Nancy ConklePaper Doll-Royal Family
  ''978-0-88388-101-9John G. T. AndersonBirds of California [Coloring Book]
1984978-0-88388-102-6Fourth Earl Of Chesterfield · Bellerophon Books · Fourth Earl of ChesterfieldThe Book of Good Manners
1983978-0-88388-103-3Bellerophon BooksThe Thirteen Colonies - A Coloring Book
1992978-0-88388-108-8J K Anderson · Eric TombGreat Dogs Coloring Book
1985978-0-88388-110-1Carol PlantamuraWoman Composers
1985978-0-88388-111-8Bellerophon Books · J. K. Anderson · Nick TaylorCastles of Scotland To Cut Out & Put Together
2002978-0-88388-112-5Bellerophon BooksIndians of the Northwest Coloring Book
1985978-0-88388-113-2   ''Great American Airplanes Coloring Book
1999978-0-88388-114-9Herbert DuntonA Coloring Book of Cowboys
1985978-0-88388-115-6Harry KnillEarly Los Angeles
  ''978-0-88388-119-4Henry MillerCalifornia Missions: The Earliest Series of Views Made in 1856
1988978-0-88388-120-0Not AvailableGreat Explorers
  ''978-0-88388-124-8Eric TombA Coloring Book of Early Composers
2001978-0-88388-125-5Bellerophon BooksMozart
1988978-0-88388-130-9Alan Archambault · Jill CanonCivil War Heroes Coloring Book
  ''978-0-88388-133-0David BrownellGreat Lawyers
1993978-0-88388-134-7Not AvailableA Coloring Book of Great Composers: Mahler to Stravinsky
1988978-0-88388-135-4Bellerophon Books · Nancy ConkleAncient India Color Bk
  ''978-0-88388-137-8Bellerophon BooksMusical Alphabet
1988978-0-88388-139-2Norman NeuerburgSaints of the California Missions
1991978-0-88388-144-6Doyce B Nunis Jr.A Coloring Book of Great Doctors
1992978-0-88388-145-3Nick TaylorOld Cars to Cut Out & Put Toge
1989978-0-88388-147-7Jill CanonA Coloring Book of Civil War Heroines
1992978-0-88388-154-5Bellerophon BooksQueen Nefertiti-Coloring Book
1993978-0-88388-155-2   ''Billy Yank: The Union Soldier in the Civil War
1992978-0-88388-156-9Bellerophon Books · Christopher Columbus · R. H. Major · Alan ArchambaultChristopher Columbus
  ''978-0-88388-158-3Eric TombAmerican Composers
1994978-0-88388-159-0Bellerophon BooksStory of Mexico Coloring Book
1992978-0-88388-160-6   ''Africa and Her Flags Coloring Book
1993978-0-88388-167-5Bellerophon Books · Harry KnillMagnificent Helmets from Ancient Times & the Dark Ages: To Cut Out and Put Together
  ''978-0-88388-173-6Alan ArchambaultA Coloring Book of Heroines of the American Revolution
  ''978-0-88388-177-4Norman NeuerburgCalifornia Missions to Cut Out (Book 1)
  ''978-0-88388-180-4Bellerophon Books · Alan ArchambaultJohnny Reb: The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War
1992978-0-88388-181-1Bellerophon BooksThe Tournament
1995978-0-88388-202-3Bellerophon Books · Alan ArchambaultBlack Soldiers in the Civil War Coloring Book
1999978-0-88388-207-8HomerA Coloring book of the Odyssey from the art of Ancient Greece (Greek and English Edition)
2001978-0-88388-255-9BellerophonKnights and Heraldry
2020978-0-88388-268-9Harry Knill · John Adams · John Quincy AdamsJohn, Johnny & Charley Adams in Spain.