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1992978-0-88378-016-9Haki R MadhubutiDon't Cry, Scream
  ''978-0-88378-030-5Chancellor WilliamsDestruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.
1991978-0-88378-056-5Gwendolyn BrooksPrimer for Blacks
1992978-0-88378-061-9Gwendolyn BrooksMaud Martha
1985978-0-88378-071-8Bobby E WrightPsychopathic Racial Personality and Other Essays
1978978-0-88378-073-2Haki R MadhubutiEnemies: The Clash of Races
1992978-0-88378-074-9Ramona HymanGrandma Jackson's Poetry
1976978-0-88378-075-6Mignon H. AndersonMostly Womenfolk and a Man or Two: A Collection
1991978-0-88378-104-3Frances C. WelsingThe Isis (Yssis) Papers: The Keys to the Colours (Yssis Papers/Keys to the Colors)
1994978-0-88378-105-0Gwendolyn BrooksBlacks
1985978-0-88378-112-8Sonia SanchezI've Been a Woman: New and Selected Poems
1987978-0-88378-120-3Useni E PerkinsExplosion of Chicago's Black Street Gangs-1900 to Present
1991978-0-88378-127-2Pearl CleageBrass Bed and Other Stories
1993978-0-88378-129-6Chancellor WilliamsRebirth of African Civilization
1990978-0-88378-133-3Gil Scott-HeronSo Far, So Good
1991978-0-88378-135-7Haki R MadhubutiBlack Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?: The Afrikan American Family in Transition
1993978-0-88378-136-4John Henrik ClarkeWho Betrayed the African World Revolution?: And Other Speeches
1990978-0-88378-137-1Darryl HolmesWings Will Not Be Broken
1992978-0-88378-147-0Michael BradleyChosen People from the Caucasus: Jewish Origins, Delusions, Deceptions and Historical Role in the Slave Trade, Genocide and Cultural
1991978-0-88378-151-7Haki R Madhubuti · Safisha L Madhubuti · Safisha MadhubutiAfrican-Centered Education: Its Value, Importance, and Necessity in the Development of Black Children
1996978-0-88378-162-3Gwendolyn BrooksReport from Part Two
1999978-0-88378-178-4John Henrik ClarkeMy Life in Search of Africa
  ''978-0-88378-180-7Jacob CarruthersIntellectual Warfare
1996978-0-88378-188-3Third World PressMillion Man March/Day of Absence: A Commemorative Anthology, Speeches, Commentary, Photography, Poetry, Illustrations & Documents
  ''978-0-88378-189-0Joyce Ann JoyceIjala: Sonia Sanchez and the African Poetic Tradition
1997978-0-88378-190-6   ''Ijala: Sonia Sanchez and the African Poetic Tradition
1998978-0-88378-191-3Kalamu ya SalaamThe Magic of Juju: An Appreciation of the Black Arts Movement
1997978-0-88378-199-9Derrick BellAfrolantica Legacies
1998978-0-88378-202-6Haki R MadhubutiHeartlove: Wedding and Love Poems
2010978-0-88378-226-2Diane D TurnerFeeding the Soul: Black Music, Black Thought
2002978-0-88378-236-1Haki R MadhubutiTough Notes: A Healing Call for Creating Exceptional Black Men
1993978-0-88378-237-8Jaqueline BryantGwendolyn Brooks' Maud Martha: A Critical Collection
2007978-0-88378-251-4W D WrightCrisis of the Black Intellectual
  ''978-0-88378-255-2Lita HooperThe Art of Work: The Art and Life of Haki R. Madhubuti
2005978-0-88378-261-3Haki R MadhubutiYellowBlack: The First Twenty-One Years of a Poet's Life
2005978-0-88378-263-7Gloria Naylor1996
2007978-0-88378-264-4Quraysh Ali LansanaThey Shall Run: Harriet Tubman Poems
2008978-0-88378-269-9Tony LindsayPieces of the Hole: Short Stories
2006978-0-88378-275-0Haki R MadhubutiYellowBlack: The First Twenty-One Years of a Poet's Life
  ''978-0-88378-276-7Wade W NoblesSeeking the Sakhu: Foundational Writings for an African Psychology
  ''978-0-88378-277-4Various ContributorsThe Covenant with Black America
2007978-0-88378-278-1Gloria Naylor1996
  ''978-0-88378-282-8Tavis SmileyCovenant with Black America
2009978-0-88378-291-0William C Ayers · Bernardine DohrnRace Course: Against White Supremacy
  ''978-0-88378-297-2Herbert G McCannGreenwood
2011978-0-88378-300-9Amiri BarakaRazor
2010978-0-88378-311-5Thabiti LewisBallers of the New School: Race and Sports in America
2010978-0-88378-316-0Roland S. MartinThe First: President Barack Obama's Road to the White House as Originally Reported by Roland S. Martin
2011978-0-88378-337-5Mumia Abu-Jamal · Marc Lamont HillThe Classroom and the Cell: Conversations on Black Life in America
2015978-0-88378-353-5Ishmael ReedBlack Hollywood Unchained