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1977978-0-88344-002-5Aylward ShorterAfrican Christian theology: Adaptation or incarnation?
  ''978-0-88344-003-2Aylward ShorterAfrican Christian Theology: Adaptation or Incarnation?
1979978-0-88344-010-0Torres Ghana) Appiah-Kubi Kofi · SergioAfrican theology en route: Papers from the Pan African Conference of Third World Theologians, December 17-23, 1977, Accra, Ghana
978-0-88344-046-9The Biblical Foundations for Mission
1983978-0-88344-047-6Donald Senior · Carroll StuhlmuellerThe Biblical Foundations for Mission
1977978-0-88344-070-4Walbert BuhlmannThe Coming of the Third Church: An Analysis of the Present and Future of the Church
  ''978-0-88344-073-5Choan-Seng SongChristian mission in reconstruction--an Asian analysis
1979978-0-88344-075-9Charles H. KraftChristianity in Culture: A Study in Dynamic Biblical Theologizing in Cross-Cultural Perspective
1978978-0-88344-076-6Jon SobrinoChristology at the Crossroads: A Latin American Approach
1979978-0-88344-082-7José ComblinThe Church and the National Security State
1980978-0-88344-084-1Eric O HansonCatholic politics in China and Korea (American Society of Missiology series ; no. 2)
1981978-0-88344-088-9StranskyChrist's Lordship and Religious Pluralism
1984978-0-88344-105-3Phillip BerrymanThe Religious Roots of Rebellion: Christians in Central American Revolutions
  ''978-0-88344-106-0James H. ConeFor My People: Black Theology and the Black Church (The Bishop Henry Mcneal Turner Studies in North American Black Religion, Vol. 1)
1985978-0-88344-108-4Robert J. SchreiterConstructing Local Theologies
1981978-0-88344-111-4J. Severino CroattoExodus, a hermeneutics of freedom
1977978-0-88344-130-5Allan A. BoesakFarewell to Innocence: A Socio-Ethical Study on Black Theology and Black Power
1982978-0-88344-135-0Allan BoesakThe Finger of God: Sermons on Faith and Responsibilty (English and Afrikaans Edition)
1981978-0-88344-136-7Segundo GalileaFollowing Jesus
1982978-0-88344-147-3Orlando E. CostasChrist Outside the Gate: Mission Beyond Christendom
1984978-0-88344-148-0Allan A. BoesakBlack and Reformed: Apartheid, Liberation, and the Calvinist Tradition
1974978-0-88344-160-2Carlo CarrettoThe God Who Comes
  ''978-0-88344-164-0Carlo CarrettoThe God Who Comes
1985978-0-88344-198-5Antony Fernando · Leonard SwidlerBuddhism Made Plain: An Introduction for Christians and Jews
1982978-0-88344-200-5Carlo CarrettoI, Francis
1976978-0-88344-208-1   ''In search of the beyond
1986978-0-88344-214-2Leonardo BoffEcclesiogenesis: The Base Communities Reinvent the Church (English and Portuguese Edition)
1986978-0-88344-215-9James J. StamoolisEastern Orthodox Mission Theology Today (American Society of Missiology Series)
  ''978-0-88344-224-1Carlo CarrettoWhy O Lord? The Inner Meaning of Suffering
1980978-0-88344-228-9Antonio Pérez EsclarínJesus of Gramoven
1990978-0-88344-230-2Albert NolanJesus Before Christianity
1978978-0-88344-236-4Leonardo BoffJesus Christ Liberator
1986978-0-88344-266-1Dom Helder CamaraThrough the Gospel With Dom Helder Camara
  ''978-0-88344-267-8Ralph CovellConfucius, the Buddha, and Christ: A History of the Gospel in Chinese (American Society of Missiology Series)
1976978-0-88344-285-2Juan Luis SegundoLiberation of theology
1982978-0-88344-331-6Padraig FlanaganA New missionary era
1984978-0-88344-344-6Segundo GalileaThe Beatitudes: To Evangelize As Jesus Did
  ''978-0-88344-346-0John J. AnsbroMartin Luther King, Jr.: The Making of a Mind
1985978-0-88344-347-7Paul F. KnitterNo Other Name? (American Society of Missiology Series)
1983978-0-88344-350-7Dorothee SolleOf War and Love (English and German Edition)
1985978-0-88344-355-2James H. ConeMy Soul Looks Back
1995978-0-88344-361-3Lamin O. SannehTranslating the Message: The Missionary Impact on Culture (American Society of Missiology Series)
1984978-0-88344-382-8Phillip Scharper · Sally ScharperThe Gospel in Art by the Peasants of Solentiname
1975978-0-88344-391-0Eugene HillmanPolygamy Reconsidered: African Plural Marriage and the Christian Churches
1989978-0-88344-441-2Philip L. WickeriSeeking the Common Ground: Protestant Christianity, the Three-Self Movement, and China's United Front
1988978-0-88344-442-9Kathryn SpinkA Sense of the Sacred: A Biography of Bede Griffiths
1989978-0-88344-446-7Raimundo PanikkarThe Silence of God: The Answer of the Buddha (Faith Meets Faith Series) (English and Italian Edition)
1983978-0-88344-462-7Joe Holland · S. J. Peter HenriotSocial Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice
1981978-0-88344-465-8Michael CrosbyThe Spirituality of the Beatitudes: Matthew's Challenge for First World Christians
1983978-0-88344-467-2Modupe OduyoyeSons of the Gods and the Daughters of Men: An Afro-Asiatic Interpretation of Genesis 1-11
1973978-0-88344-495-5Raimundo PanikkarThe Trinity and the religious experience of man;: Icon-person-mystery
1984978-0-88344-508-2Kwesi A. DicksonTheology in Africa
1981978-0-88344-523-5Raimundo PanikkarThe Unknown Christ of Hinduism: Towards an Ecumenical Christophany
1985978-0-88344-525-9Oscar RomeroVoice of the Voiceless: The Four Pastoral Letters and Other Statements (English and Spanish Edition)
1990978-0-88344-535-8Cain Hope FelderTroubling Biblical Waters: Race, Class, and Family (Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Studies in North American Black R)
1989978-0-88344-540-2Naim Stifan AteekJustice, and only justice: A Palestinian theology of liberation
1988978-0-88344-542-6Gustavo GutierrezA Theology of Liberation: History, Politics, and Salvation (15th Anniversary Edition with New Introduction by Author)
1989978-0-88344-545-7Naim Stifan AteekJustice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation
1987978-0-88344-550-1Leonardo BoffIntroducing Liberation Theology
  ''978-0-88344-552-5Gustavo GutierrezOn Job (God-Talk and the Suffering of the Innocent)
1987978-0-88344-583-9J. Severino Croatto · Robert R. BarrBiblical Hermeneutics: Toward a Theory of Reading As the Production of Meaning
1988978-0-88344-586-0Ruy O. CostaOne Faith, Many Cultures: Inculturation, Indigenization and Contextualization (BOSTON THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE ANNUAL)
1989978-0-88344-591-4H. McKennie GoodpastureCross and Sword: An Eyewitness History of Christianity in Latin America
1988978-0-88344-600-3John C. CortChristian Socialism: An Informal History
  ''978-0-88344-616-4Jon SobrinoSpirituality of Liberation (English and Spanish Edition): Toward Political Holiness
1989978-0-88344-620-1Ched MyersBinding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark's Story of Jesus
1988978-0-88344-622-5Leonardo BoffTrinity and Society (Theology and Liberation Series)
1989978-0-88344-625-6Louis J. LuzbetakThe Church and Cultures (American Society of Missiology)
1988978-0-88344-631-7Jean-Marc ElaMy Faith As an African (English and French Edition)
1989978-0-88344-635-5Thomas Fenton · Mary J. HeffronTransnational Corporations and Labor: A Directory of Resources
  ''978-0-88344-640-9John P. KeenanMeaning of Christ: A Mahayana Theology (Faith Meets Faith)
1990978-0-88344-646-1Wilfred Cantwell SmithTowards a World Theology
  ''978-0-88344-652-2James R. BrockmanRomero: A Life
1989978-0-88344-653-9Bishop K. H. TingNo Longer Strangers: Selected Writings of Bishop K.H. Ting
1990978-0-88344-656-0Thomas G. ChristensenAn African Tree of Life (American Society of Missiology Series)
  ''978-0-88344-658-4Donal DorrIntegral Spirituality: Resources for Community, Justice, Peace, and the Earth
1990978-0-88344-661-4Paul J. GriffithsChristianity Through Non-Christian Eyes (Faith Meets Faith Series)
  ''978-0-88344-666-9Henri J. M. NouwenWalk With Jesus: Stations of the Cross
  ''978-0-88344-670-6John B. CobbThe Emptying God: A Buddhist-Jewish-Christian Conversation (Faith Meets Faith Series)
  ''978-0-88344-682-9Jean-Bertrand Aristide · Amy WilentzIn the Parish of the Poor: Writings from Haiti
  ''978-0-88344-684-3Chung Hyun KyungStruggle to Be the Sun Again (Introducing Asian Women's Theology)
1990978-0-88344-685-0James H. ConeA Black Theology of Liberation (Ethics and Society)
  ''978-0-88344-686-7Gavin D'CostaChristian Uniqueness Reconsidered: Myth of Pluralistic Theology of Religions (Faith Meets Faith Series in Interreligious Dialogue)
  ''978-0-88344-689-8Thomas Berry · Sallie McFagueLiberating Life: Contemporary Approaches to Ecological Theology (15 Papers)
  ''978-0-88344-690-4Marc H. EllisExpanding the View: Gustavo Gutierrez and the Future of Liberation Theology
1991978-0-88344-691-1Charles KimballStriving Together: A Way Forward in Christian-Muslim Relations
1996978-0-88344-703-1Lamin SannehWest African Christianity
1984978-0-88344-707-9Gustavo GutierrezWe Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People
1985978-0-88344-710-9Howard CowardPluralism: Challenge to World Religions
1991978-0-88344-718-5Jonathan J. BonkMissions and Money: Affluence As a Western Missionary Problem (American Society of Missiology Series)
  ''978-0-88344-719-2David Jacobus BoschTransforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission (American Society of Missiology Series)
1991978-0-88344-720-8Gian Carlo Sibilia · Michael J. SmithLetters to Dolcidia (1954-1983)
  ''978-0-88344-739-0Jim WallisCloud of Witnesses
  ''978-0-88344-747-5James H. ConeThe Spirituals and the Blues: An Interpretation
  ''978-0-88344-748-2Paula M. Cooey · William R. Eakin · Jay B. McDanielAfter Patriarchy: Feminist Transformations of the World Religions (Faith Meets Faith Series)
  ''978-0-88344-753-6James W. DouglassThe Nonviolent Coming of God
1991978-0-88344-755-0Jim ForestLiving With Wisdom: A Life of Thomas Merton
  ''978-0-88344-756-7Mahatma GandhiGandhi on Christianity
  ''978-0-88344-760-4Gustavo GutierrezThe God of Life
  ''978-0-88344-763-5Charles H. KraftCommunication Theory for Christian Witness
1980978-0-88344-768-0Robert J. SchreiterFaces of Jesus in Africa (Faith and Cultures Series) (Faith & Cultures)
1993978-0-88344-773-4James H. Cone · Gayraud S. WilmoreBlack Theology: A Documentary History [Volume Two: 1980-1992]
1991978-0-88344-775-8Eugen Drewermann · Joan Marie LaflammeOpen Heavens: Meditations for Advent and Christmas
  ''978-0-88344-777-2John F. KavanaughFollowing Christ in a Consumer Society: The Spirituality of Cultural Resistance
1992978-0-88344-779-6Sheila CassidySharing the Darkness: The Spirituality of Caring
1993978-0-88344-783-3Emilie TownesA Troubling in My Soul (Bishop Henry Mcneal Turner)
1992978-0-88344-787-1David J. O'BrienCatholic Social Thought: The Documentary Heritage
1992978-0-88344-792-5James A. Scherer · Stephen B. Bevans1: New Directions in Mission and Evangelization
  ''978-0-88344-802-1Robert Ellsberg · Dorothy DayDorothy Day: Selected Writings
  ''978-0-88344-803-8David J. O'BrienCatholic Social Thought: The Documentary Heritage
  ''978-0-88344-808-3Naim Stifan AteekFaith and the Intifada: Palestinian Christian Voices
  ''978-0-88344-809-0Robert J. SchreiterReconciliation: Mission and Ministry in a Changing Social Order (Boston Theological Institute Annual)
1992978-0-88344-813-7Anthony BellagambaMission and Ministry in the Global Church
  ''978-0-88344-824-3James H. ConeMartin & Malcolm & America: A Dream or a Nightmare
  ''978-0-88344-827-4Donal DorrOption for the Poor: A Hundred Years of Vatican Social Teaching
  ''978-0-88344-831-1Janet MorleyBread of Tomorrow: Prayers for the Church Year
1993978-0-88344-833-5R. S. SugirtharajahAsian Faces of Jesus (Faith and Cultures Series)
1992978-0-88344-834-2Edmond Tang · Jean-Paul WiestThe Catholic Church in Modern China: Perspectives
  ''978-0-88344-842-7Avery DullesModels of Revelation
1992978-0-88344-843-4James H. ConeThe Spirituals and the Blues: An Interpretation
1993978-0-88344-845-8Jean-Bertrand Aristide · Christophe WargnyAristide: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-88344-847-2John Howard GriffinFollow the Ecstasy: The Hermitage Years of Thomas Merton
  ''978-0-88344-851-9Henri J. M. NouwenGracias: A Latin American Journal
  ''978-0-88344-853-3James H Cone · Gayraud S WilmoreBlack Theology: A Documentary History: 1966-1979
1994978-0-88344-855-7Eugen DrewermannDying We Live: Meditations for Lent and Easter
1993978-0-88344-858-8Hans KungChristianity and World Religions
  ''978-0-88344-860-1Peter DainoMary, Mother of Sorrows, Mother of Defiance
1993978-0-88344-861-8Emmanuel MarteyAfrican Theology: Inculturation and Liberation
  ''978-0-88344-862-5Raimon PanikkarThe Cosmotheandric Experience: Emerging Religious Consciousness
  ''978-0-88344-875-5Julia ChingChinese Religions
  ''978-0-88344-899-1Marie Dennis · Cynthia Moe-Lobeda · Joseph Nangle · Stuart TaylorSt. Francis and the Foolishness of God
  ''978-0-88344-923-3Arthur C. JonesWade in the Water: The Wisdom of the Spirituals
1993978-0-88344-924-0Leo D. LefebureThe Buddha and the Christ: Explorations in Buddhist and Christian Dialogue (Faith Meets Faith)
  ''978-0-88344-928-8John David PleinsThe Psalms: Songs of Tragedy, Hope, and Justice (Bible & Liberation)
1994978-0-88344-930-1Jon Sobrino · Paul Burns · Francis McDonaghJesus the Liberator: A Historical-Theological Reading of Jesus of Nazareth
  ''978-0-88344-938-7Michael CrosbyThe Seven Last Words
1993978-0-88344-939-4Kelly Brown DouglasThe Black Christ (Bishop Henry McNeal Turner/Sojourner Truth Series in Black Religion)
1994978-0-88344-940-0Jacques DupuisWho Do You Say I Am?
  ''978-0-88344-942-4Jim ForestLove Is the Measure: A Biography of Dorothy Day
  ''978-0-88344-946-2Megan McKennaNot Counting Women and Children: Neglected Stories from the Bible
1994978-0-88344-947-9Ched MyersWho Will Roll Away the Stone?
  ''978-0-88344-952-3Eleanor RaeWomen, the Earth, the Divine (Ecology and Justice)
  ''978-0-88344-953-0James A. Scherer · Stephen BevansNew Directions in Missions and Evangelization 2
  ''978-0-88344-955-4Scott WrightPromised Land: Death and Life in El Salvador
  ''978-0-88344-961-5Henri J. M. NouwenA Cry for Mercy: Prayers from the Genesee
1994978-0-88344-964-6Gerald H. Anderson · Robert T. Coote · James M. PhillipsMission Legacies (American Society of Missiology)
  ''978-0-88344-967-7Mary E. Tucker · John A. GrimWorldviews and Ecology (Ecology & Justice)
1998978-0-88344-971-4Francois Kabasele LumbalaCelebrating Jesus Christ in Africa (Faith & Cultures)
1995978-0-88344-972-1David TracyOn Naming the Present: Reflections on God, Hermeneutics, and Church (Concilium)
1994978-0-88344-973-8Robert L. Stivers · Christine E. Gidorf · Alice Frazer Evans · Rob EvansChristian Ethics: A Case Method Approach
  ''978-0-88344-975-2Megan MckennaParables
  ''978-0-88344-986-8Jon SobrinoThe Principle of Mercy: Taking the Crucified People from the Cross
  ''978-0-88344-989-9John W. De Gruchy · Charles Villa-VicencioDoing Theology in Context: South African Perspectives (Theology and Praxis)
2005978-0-88344-999-8Mercy Amba OduyoyeDaughters of Anowa