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2005978-0-88270-003-8Wayne WarnerSmith Wigglesworth: The Man And His Devotions
  ''978-0-88270-005-2Charles SpurgeonSpurgeon Gold
  ''978-0-88270-014-4Ray ComfortOvercoming Panic Attacks
1978978-0-88270-022-9James M. FreemanManners and Customs of the Bible: A Complete Guide to the Origin and Significance of Our Time-Honored Biblical Tradition
2005978-0-88270-023-6Liberty SavardBeyond Shattered Strongholds
  ''978-0-88270-028-1Andrew MurrayAbsolute Surrender (Updated) (Pure Gold Classics)
  ''978-0-88270-030-4Dennis Bennett · Rita BennettThe Holy Spirit & You Workbook
1973978-0-88270-031-1Dennis BennettHoly Spirit and You Supplement
1973978-0-88270-039-7E. Judson CornwallLet Us Praise
2009978-0-88270-048-9Agnes SanfordSealed Orders
1973978-0-88270-055-7H. Page WilliamsDo Yourself A Favor: Love Your Wife
  ''978-0-88270-060-1Merlin R. CarothersPraise Works
  ''978-0-88270-066-3Michael HarperA new way of living;: How the Church of the Redeemer, Houston, found a new life-style
  ''978-0-88270-071-7Harold Page WilliamsDo yourself a favor: love your wife
2006978-0-88270-079-3George Whitefield · Ray ComfortWhitefield Gold
  ''978-0-88270-095-3David Yonggi ChoUnleashing The Power Of Faith
1978978-0-88270-096-0Mike WarnkeThe Satan Seller
1976978-0-88270-097-7Pat Robertson · Jamie BuckinghamShout it from the Housetops (The Autobiography of Pat Robertson)
2006978-0-88270-098-4Harold J ChadwickHow to Be Filled with Spiritual Power
2006978-0-88270-103-5Hannah W. SmithGod of All Comfort (Pure Gold Classics)
1974978-0-88270-104-2Merlin R. CarothersWalking and Leaping
2006978-0-88270-108-0Paul J. Meyers24 Keys That Bring Complete Success (Fortune Family & Faith)
  ''978-0-88270-114-1D. L. MoodySecret Power (Pure Gold Classics)
  ''978-0-88270-115-8Howard DaytonStories Of True Financial Freedom
  ''978-0-88270-124-0Grant McClungAzusa Street and Beyond: 100 Years of Commentary on the Global Pentecostal, Charismatic Movement
  ''978-0-88270-135-6Frank Bartleman · Vinson SynanAzusa Street the Centennial Edition
1976978-0-88270-139-4Steve GreggThe Joy of Giving
1976978-0-88270-148-6Patti WilliamsHusbands
  ''978-0-88270-151-6Willard CantelonMoney master of the world
  ''978-0-88270-152-3Willard CantelonMoney Master of the World
2006978-0-88270-161-5Kirk Cameron · Ray ComfortThe Way of the Master Minute: A One-Minute, One Year Devotional for the Busy Christian
  ''978-0-88270-163-9Ray ComfortHow to Live Forever without Being Religous
  ''978-0-88270-166-0   ''Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution: Letters to an Atheist
1979978-0-88270-170-7William CantelonThe Day the Dollar Dies
1976978-0-88270-177-6Jamie BuckinghamRisky Living: Keys to Inner Healing
1977978-0-88270-184-4David du PlessisMan Called Mr. Pentecost
2006978-0-88270-189-9Barbara Cameron · Lissa Halls JohnsonA Full House of Growing Pains
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2012978-0-88270-198-1James BeallLaying The Foundation
2001978-0-88270-204-9H. Page WilliamsDo Yourself a Favor: Love Your Wife
2006978-0-88270-206-3Richard WurmbrandThe Overcomers: Stories of Love and Strength
2006978-0-88270-219-3James L SnyderAW Tozer Fellowship of the Burning Heart
  ''978-0-88270-220-9Ray ComfortThe Way Of The Master
1977978-0-88270-221-6Jimmy SwaggartTo cross a river
  ''978-0-88270-226-1Judson CornwallLet Us Draw Near
  ''978-0-88270-229-2Susan AtkinsChild of Satan, Child of God
2007978-0-88270-234-6Paul J MeyerForgiveness: The Ultimate Miracle (Fortune, Family & Faith)
1977978-0-88270-250-6Agnes SanfordCreation Waits
  ''978-0-88270-253-7Malcolm SmithHow I learned to Meditate
1978978-0-88270-276-6Susan Atkins · Bob SlosserChild of Satan, Child of God: Her Own Story
1978978-0-88270-278-0Judson CornwallLet Us Be Holy
1979978-0-88270-287-2Dennis J Bennett · Rita BennettTrinity of Man: The Three Dimensions of Healing and Wholeness
2006978-0-88270-289-6Ray Comfort/ Kirk CameronThanks A Million
2007978-0-88270-312-1David Yonggi Cho4th Dimension Living In A 3rd Dimension World
1978978-0-88270-318-3Jamie BuckinghamDaughter of Destiny
2010978-0-88270-325-1Darek IsaacsDragons or Dinosaurs?: Creation or Evolution? [With DVD]
2007978-0-88270-328-2Ray ComfortScratch & Sniff (Creation for Kids)
  ''978-0-88270-330-5John FoxeFoxe: Voices of the Martyrs
  ''978-0-88270-334-3Ray ComfortOvercoming Insomnia: Practical Help For Those Who Suffer From Sleep Deprivation (More Than Comfort)
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2007978-0-88270-342-8A W TozerTozer: Mystery Of The Holy Spirit (Pure Gold Classics)
  ''978-0-88270-370-1Willia WilberforceWilliam Wilberforce
1979978-0-88270-380-0David Yonggi ChoThe Fourth Dimension
  ''978-0-88270-388-6Willard CantelonNew Money or None?
2000978-0-88270-393-0Kathryn KuhlmanGlimpse Into Glory (A Spirit-Filled Classic): Stories From The "Woman Of Miracles"
2007978-0-88270-394-7Ray ComfortHollywood Be Thy Name
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  ''978-0-88270-400-5D.L. MoodyOvercoming Life (Pure Gold Classics)
1978978-0-88270-406-7Dexter Yager · Douglas WeadDon't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream
2007978-0-88270-408-1Ray ComfortWesley Gold
2008978-0-88270-424-1Arthur W PinkSovereignty Of God
2007978-0-88270-425-8Ray ComfortHow To Live Forever Without Being Religious-Large Print
2008978-0-88270-432-6   ''How To Know God Exists: Scientific Proof Of God
2011978-0-88270-438-8Tom McKenney33 Degrees Of Deception: An Expose Of Freemasonry
1980978-0-88270-439-5Frank BartlemanAzusa Street (A Spirit-Filled Classic): The Roots Of Modern-Day Pentecost
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2010978-0-88270-477-7Darek IsaacsDragons Or Dinosaurs: Creation Or Evolution
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1983978-0-88270-542-2Judson CornwallLet Us Worship
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1983978-0-88270-559-0Toby Rice DrewsGetting Them Sober Action Guide
  ''978-0-88270-560-6   ''Getting Them Sober, Volume 2
1983978-0-88270-561-3David Yonggi Cho · Paul Yonggi · R. Whitney ManzanoThe Fourth Dimension, Vol. 2
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2008978-0-88270-616-0Julie KlosterEternal Truths Of Narnia: Bible Studies And Leaders Guide For The Chronicles Of Narnia
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  ''978-0-88270-657-3   ''I Believe In Miracles: The Miracles Set
1993978-0-88270-658-0Paul McGuireThe Breakthrough Manual
2008978-0-88270-669-6Ray ComfortWorld Religions In A Nutshell: A Complete Guide To Reaching Those Of Other Faiths
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1997978-0-88270-699-3Liberty SavardBreaking the Power: Of Unmet Needs, Unhealed Hurts, Unresolved Issues in Your Life
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1993978-0-88270-710-5Kathryn KuhlmanGod Can Do It Again: The Miracle Set
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1993978-0-88270-713-6Liberty SavardShattering Your Strongholds
2001978-0-88270-720-4Kathryn KuhlmanNever Too Late: The Journey Of A Catholic Woman From Despair To Deliverance
1997978-0-88270-736-5Liberty SavardShattering Your Strongholds Workbook
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1999978-0-88270-784-6Jamie BuckinghamDaughter of Destiny: Kathryn Kuhlman
2000978-0-88270-786-0Liberty SavardBreaking the Power Workbook
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  ''978-0-88270-845-4Not AvailableSoul Ties, Soul Power, and Soulish Prayers
2001978-0-88270-846-1Not AvailableRelationships (Libertysavard.Com)
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2002978-0-88270-893-5Francois FenelonBest Of Fenelon
2005978-0-88270-897-3Ray ComfortEvidence Bible Pkt PB, NT, PS, Prov
2004978-0-88270-902-4Michael RoodPagan-Christian Connection Exposed
2002978-0-88270-903-1Ray ComfortThe Evidence Bible: Irrefutable Evidence for the Thinking Mind (Pocket Size Special Edition)
  ''978-0-88270-905-5   ''KJV Complete Evidence Bible-Softcover
2003978-0-88270-906-2Not AvailableThe Evidence Bible, Comfortable King James Version
2009978-0-88270-915-4David du PlessisThe Spirit Bade Me Go (Faith & Power)
2004978-0-88270-917-8Wayne WarnerMaria Woodworth-Etter: For Such A Time As This (A Spirit-Filled Classic): Her Healing And Evangelizing Ministry
2009978-0-88270-919-2Charles DarwinThe Origin of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition
2010978-0-88270-920-8David DavisElijah Legacy
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2005978-0-88270-956-7   ''101 Things Husbands Do to Annoy Their Wives
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2009978-0-88270-962-8Ray ComfortMoody Gold (Gold Series)
2003978-0-88270-966-6Conrad W. BaarsFeeling and Healing Your Emotions: A Christian psychiatrist shows you how to grow to wholeness
2004978-0-88270-968-0Cameron/ComfortThe School of Biblical Evangelism
2009978-0-88270-969-7Willard CantelonDay The Dollar Dies
2003978-0-88270-970-3Ray ComfortThe Way Of The Master Evidence Bible
2004978-0-88270-971-0Rick GodwinLive Full, Die Empty
2009978-0-88270-973-4Doug GilesIf You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going!
  ''978-0-88270-984-0Peter TsukahiraGod's Tsunami: Understanding Israel and End-time Revival
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2009978-0-88270-998-7Michael RoodMystery Of Iniquity
2010978-0-88270-999-4Darek IsaacsExtinction Of Evolution