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1981978-0-88258-009-8William Leo HansberryPillars in Ethiopian History (William Leo Hansberry African History Notebook)
1974978-0-88258-013-5Walter RodneyHow Europe Underdeveloped Africa
1983978-0-88258-026-5Robert L. AllenReluctant Reformers: Racism and Social Reform Movements in the United States
1990978-0-88258-029-6Michael ManleyThe Politics of Change: A Jamaican Testament
1980978-0-88258-036-4Hugh J. ScottThe Black School Superintendent: Messiah or Scapegoat?
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1981978-0-88258-048-7Elsa V. GoveiaA Study of the Historiography of the British West Indies to the End of the Nineteenth Century
1990978-0-88258-049-4Michael ManleyThe Politics of Change
1994978-0-88258-062-3Darwin T. TurnerBlack Drama in America: An Anthology
1991978-0-88258-066-1Lilyan KestelootBlack Writers in French: A Literary History of Negritude
  ''978-0-88258-067-8Michael ManleyA Voice at the Workplace: Reflections on Colonialism and the Jamaican Worker
  ''978-0-88258-068-5   ''A Voice at the Workplace: Reflections on Colonialism and the Jamaican Worker
1996978-0-88258-070-8Sandra G. ShannonThe Dramatic Vision of August Wilson
1981978-0-88258-089-0William Leo HansberryAfrica and Africans as Seen by Classical Writers (African History Notebook) (Vol. 2)
  ''978-0-88258-090-6   ''Pillars in Ethiopian History Vol. I: William Leo Hansberry African History Notebook
  ''978-0-88258-092-0Charles Waddell ChesnuttThe Short Fiction of Charles W. Chesnutt
1981978-0-88258-096-8Walter RodneyHow Europe Underdeveloped Africa
1985978-0-88258-099-9David SeldenThe Teacher Rebellion
1981978-0-88258-105-7Walter RodneyHow Europe underdeveloped Africa
1991978-0-88258-108-8J. P. Clark-BekederemoThe Ozidi Saga (English, Ijo Languages and Ijo Languages Edition)
1987978-0-88258-112-5Michael ManleyUp the Down Escalator: Development and the International Economy: A Jamaican Case Study
1993978-0-88258-149-1Joseph E. HarrisGlobal Dimensions of the African Diaspora
  ''978-0-88258-150-7Herbert MarshallIra Aldridge: Negro Tragedian
1984978-0-88258-152-1Roy Decarava · Langston HughesThe Sweet Flypaper of Life
1991978-0-88258-153-8Gwendolyn MikellCocoa and Chaos in Ghana
1988978-0-88258-155-2Paule MarshallSoul Clap Hands and Sing (Howard University Press Library of Contemporary Literature)
1992978-0-88258-163-7James A. PorterModern Negro Art (Moorland-Springarn Series)
1986978-0-88258-175-0Allison BlakelyRussia and the Negro: Blacks in Russian History and Thought
1983978-0-88258-179-8Jannette L. DatesSplit Image: African Americans in the Mass Media
1995978-0-88258-181-1Femi OsofisanThe Oriki of a Grasshopper and Other Plays
1994978-0-88258-182-8James WalvinBlack Ivory: A History of British Slavery
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1986978-0-88258-190-3Bernard HeadleyThe Jamaican Crime Scene: A Perspective
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2010978-0-88258-201-6Josaphat Bekunuru KubayandaLiterature and Dictatorship in Africa and Latin America
1999978-0-88258-202-3John A. Berry · Carol Pott BerryGenocide in Rwanda: A Collective Memory
  ''978-0-88258-203-0Camara Jules P. HarrellManichean Psychology: Racism and the Minds of People of African Descent
2000978-0-88258-204-7Bruce Edward TwymanThe Black Seminole Legacy and North American Politics, 1693-1845
2002978-0-88258-206-1William L. ClayRacism in the White House: A Common Practice of Most United States Presidents