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2005978-0-88243-086-7James D. HernandoDictionary of Hermeneutics: A Concise Guide to Terms, Names, Methods, and Expressions
2012978-0-88243-099-7General Council of the Assemblies of God General Council of the Assemblies of GodPeople of the Spirit
1995978-0-88243-204-5Robert L. BrandtA New Way of Life Leader's Guide (Spiritual Discovery Series)
1999978-0-88243-285-4Sharon EllardStepone: Nursery: A Guide for Teachers
2001978-0-88243-302-8Anthony D. Palma · Stanley M. HortonThe Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Perspective
  ''978-0-88243-304-2Stanley M. HortonActs: A Logion Press Commentary
  ''978-0-88243-314-1Michael H. Clarensau · Clancy P. HayesGive Them What They Want: Turning Sunday School Into a Place Where People Want To Be
1993978-0-88243-318-9William W. MenziesBible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective
1994978-0-88243-319-6Stanley M. HortonSystematic Theology
1996978-0-88243-320-2T. Burton PierceMinisterial Ethics: A Guide for Spirit-Filled Leaders
1995978-0-88243-321-9Marge Jones · E. Grant JonesPsychology of Missionary Adjustment
1994978-0-88243-329-5Karen HurstonGrowing the World's Largest Church
  ''978-0-88243-339-4Cheri WaltersAdvice to the Minister of Music: Get a Giant Hat Rack
1996978-0-88243-346-2Benny C. Aker · Gary B. McGeeSigns & Wonders in Ministry Today
1976978-0-88243-359-2Stanley M. HortonWhat the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit
2005978-0-88243-411-7Larry ThomasJugando en su posición: Cómo invertir su persona en los demás (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-88243-439-1Clarence St. John · Vicki St. JohnTomando el Campo: Libro del Alumno (Spanish Edition)
1994978-0-88243-454-4Donald Gee · David A. WomackPentecostal Experience: The Writings of Donald Gee: Settling the Question of Doctrine Versus Experience
1979978-0-88243-460-5Thomas F. Zimmerman · G. Raymond Carlson · Zenas J. BicketAnd He Gave Pastors: Pastoral Theology in Action
2000978-0-88243-464-3John YorkMissions in the Age of the Spirit
1999978-0-88243-470-4Edgar D. Lawrence · Ruth Reppert · Colleen Ellis · Edgar LawrenceInstructor's Kit for Sign Language Made Simple
1995978-0-88243-479-7P. C. NelsonBible Doctrines
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2012978-0-88243-494-0Smith WigglesworthEver Increasing Faith
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2012978-0-88243-501-5Donald GeeThe Fruit of the Spirit (Pentecostal Classics)
1975978-0-88243-504-6Harold HortonGifts of the Spirit
1987978-0-88243-520-6Lottie RiekehofThe Joy of Signing: Second Edition
1981978-0-88243-534-3Myer PearlmanKnowing the Doctrines of the Bible
1999978-0-88243-538-1Linda L. Hillebrand · Lottie RiekehofThe Joy of Signing Puzzle Book 2
2012978-0-88243-539-8Mrs. C. NuzumLife of Faith
1965978-0-88243-547-3Gospel Publishing HouseMinister's Manual Volume 1, Services for Special Occasions (Minister's Manual , Vol 1)
1991978-0-88243-548-0Gospel Publishing HouseMinister's Manuals II
1965978-0-88243-549-7   ''Minister's Manual Volume 3, Services for Ministers and Workers (Minister's Manual , Vol 3)
2018978-0-88243-563-3Esther Loewen VogtGod's Mountain Man
2016978-0-88243-581-7Myer PearlmanSeeing the Story of the Bible
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2012978-0-88243-593-0Howard CarterSpiritual Gifts and Their Operation
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1989978-0-88243-647-0Stanley M HortonWhat the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit
1935978-0-88243-660-9Myer PearlmanThrough the Bible Book by Book: Genesis to Esthe/Part 1
1935978-0-88243-661-6Myer PearlmanThrough the Bible Book by Book: Job to Malachi/Part 2
  ''978-0-88243-662-3   ''Through the Bible Book by Book: Gospels to Acts/Part 3
  ''978-0-88243-663-0   ''Through the Bible Book by Book: Romans to Revelations/Part 4 (Through the Bible Book by Book)
1989978-0-88243-676-0Linda L. Hillebrand · Lottie RiekehofThe Joy of Signing Puzzle Book
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2005978-0-88243-795-8Larry ThomasEntrando en el Juego: Ensenando Para La Participacion (Spanish Edition)
2009978-0-88243-810-8Melvin L. HodgesThe Indigenous Church and the Indigenous Church and the Missionary
  ''978-0-88243-811-5Kerry ClarensauSecrets: Transforming Your Life and Marriage Book
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2009978-0-88243-858-0P. NelsonBible Doctrines
1998978-0-88243-904-4Anthony D. PalmaTruth, Antidote for Error (Radiant books)