Alaska Northwest Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-88240-010-5Hal WaughFair chase with Alaskan guides,
1973978-0-88240-013-6Sam KeithOne Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
1976978-0-88240-026-6Edna WilderSecrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing
1974978-0-88240-032-7Helen A White · Maxcine Williams · Virginia HowieThe Alaska-Yukon Wild Flowers Guide
1975978-0-88240-045-7Lone E JansonThe copper spike
  ''978-0-88240-046-4Howard CliffordThe Skagway Story: A History of Alaska's Most Famous Gold Rush Town and Some of the People Who Made That History
2003978-0-88240-085-3Ruth AllmanAlaska Sourdough
1973978-0-88240-092-1Sam Kieth · Richard ProennekeOne Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
1978978-0-88240-101-0Tom WalkerWe Live in the Alaskan Bush
  ''978-0-88240-107-2Patricia RoppelSoutheast, Alaska's panhandle (Alaska geographic)
1980978-0-88240-109-6Archie SatterfieldChilkoot Pass, the Most Famous Trail in the North
1978978-0-88240-112-6Gordon R NelsonLowbush Moose (And Other Alaskan Recipes)
  ''978-0-88240-114-0Alaska Geographic AssociationAlaska Whales and Whaling (Alaska Geographic)
1981978-0-88240-117-1Emily I Brown · Ticasuk · Emily Ivanoff BrownThe Roots of Ticasuk: An Eskimo Woman's Family Story
1980978-0-88240-130-0Norm Bolotin · Clarence KinseyKlondike Lost: A Decade of Photographs by Kinsey and Kinsey (Alaska Geographic)
1979978-0-88240-133-1Alaska Geographic AssociationStikine River (Alaska Geographic)
1981978-0-88240-139-3Lone E. JansonMudhole Smith, Alaska Flier
  ''978-0-88240-149-2Gerald WrightWrangell-Saint Elias: International Mountain Wilderness (Alaska Geographic)
1982978-0-88240-157-7Alaska MagazineThe Kotzebue Basin (Alaska Geographic)
1981978-0-88240-159-1Alaska Geographic AssociationAlaska National Interest Lands: The D-2 Lands (Alaska Geographic)
1981978-0-88240-165-2Archie SatterfieldThe Alaska Airlines story
1982978-0-88240-168-3Pat RoppelSitka, and Its Ocean/Island World (Alaska Geographic, Vol. 9, No. 2)
1983978-0-88240-172-0Alaska Geographic AssociationAnchorage and the Cook Inlet Basin (Alaska Geographic, Vol. 10, No. 2)
1972978-0-88240-175-1Alaska Northwest PublishingWhere Mountains Meet the Sea (Alaska Geographic)
1987978-0-88240-182-9Alaska Geographic AssociationAlaska's Seward Peninsula (Alaska Geographic)
1988978-0-88240-185-0Mike Doogan · Alaska Northwest Publishing · Alaska Geographic AssociationDawson City (Alaska Geographic)
1989978-0-88240-186-7Alaska Geographic AssociationDenali (Alaska Geographic)
  ''978-0-88240-187-4   ''Kuskowim (Alaska Geographic)
  ''978-0-88240-189-8L J Campbell · Alaska Geographic AssociationNorth Slope Now
1994978-0-88240-192-8Alaska Northwest Publishing · Alaska Geographic AssociationNushagak River (Alaska Geographic)
1983978-0-88240-200-0Robert A . HenningUp the Koyukuk (Alaska Geographic)
1984978-0-88240-201-7Terrence ColeNome: City of the Golden Beaches (Alaska Geographic, Vol. 11, No. 1)
  ''978-0-88240-203-1Alaska Geographic AssociationChilkat River Valley (Alaska Geographic, Vol.11, Number 3, 1984)
1985978-0-88240-206-2Susan W FairAlaska Native Arts and Crafts (Alaska Geographic)
1982978-0-88240-227-7Gordon R. NelsonSmokehouse Bear: More Alaskan Recipes and Stories
1983978-0-88240-229-1Alaska Northwest PublishingAlaska Wild Berry Guide and Cookbook
2003978-0-88240-232-1Larry KaniutAlaska Bear Tales
1983978-0-88240-237-6AlaskansCooking Alaskan
  ''978-0-88240-239-0Horace S CongerIn search of gold: The Alaska journals of Horace S. Conger, 1898-1899 (Alaska Historical Commission studies in history)
1990978-0-88240-246-8Alaska NorthwestAlaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska
1983978-0-88240-252-9Neil G. CareyGuide to the Queen Charlotte Islands
1985978-0-88240-259-8Gordon R. NelsonTired Wolf and the Recipes He Pursued
1988978-0-88240-274-1Edna WilderOnce Upon an Eskimo Time
1988978-0-88240-277-2Gordon R NelsonSmokehouse Bear
1986978-0-88240-315-1George DysonBaidarka: The Kayak
1987978-0-88240-322-9Eleanor G. ViereckAlaska's Wilderness Medicines: Healthful Plants of the Far North
1989978-0-88240-334-2Mary Giraudo BeckHeroes and Heroines: Tlingit-Haida Legend
1990978-0-88240-339-7Not AvailableThe Spirit of Massachusetts Guidebook
1989978-0-88240-350-2Neil G. CareyA Guide to the Queen Charlotte Islands
1999978-0-88240-354-0Gordon R NelsonHibrow Cow: More Alaskan Stories and Recipes
2007978-0-88240-363-2Gerry BruderHeroes of the Horizon: Flying Adventures of Alaska
2003978-0-88240-369-4Janice Schofield EatonDiscovering Wild Plants: Alaska, Western Canada, The Northwest
1990978-0-88240-372-4Larry KaniutMore Alaska Bear Tales
2003978-0-88240-393-9Michael MunroNorthwest Landscaping: A Practical Guide to Creati
  ''978-0-88240-394-6Corey FordWhere the Sea Breaks Its Back: The Epic Story of Early Naturalist Georg Steller and the Russian Exploration of Alaska
2007978-0-88240-397-7Kirsten DixonThe Riversong Lodge Cookbook: World-Class Cooking in The Alaskan Bush
2003978-0-88240-406-6Mary Giraudo BeckShamans and Kushtakas: North Coast Tales of the Supernatural
1991978-0-88240-411-0Bill SherwonitIditarod: The Great Race to Nome
1992978-0-88240-413-4Jim ReardenIn the Shadow of Eagles: From Barnstormer to Alaska Bush Pilot: A Flyer's Story
1991978-0-88240-415-8Helen LevchukDoris Dingle's Crafty Cat Activity Book: Games, Toys and Hobbies to Keep Your Cat's Mind Active
1993978-0-88240-427-1Sidney HuntingtonShadows on the Koyukuk: An Alaskan Native's Life Along the River
1992978-0-88240-428-8Bruce ObeeGuardians of the Whales: The Quest to Study Whales
2003978-0-88240-429-5Jan Kowalczewski WhitnerGarden Touring in the Pacific Northwest: A Guide T
1993978-0-88240-432-5Harry RitterAlaska's History: The People, Land, and Events of the North Country (Alaska Pocket Guide)
2003978-0-88240-433-2Janice Schofield EatonAlaska's Wild Plants: A Guide to Alaska's Edible Harvest (Alaska Pocket Guide)
1993978-0-88240-440-0Mary Giraudo BeckPotlatch: Native Ceremony and Myth on the Northwest Coast
1994978-0-88240-444-8Ann Dixon · Elizabeth JohnsThe Sleeping Lady
  ''978-0-88240-449-3Natalie Fobes · Tom Jay · Bradford MatsenReaching Home: Pacific Salmon, Pacific People
  ''978-0-88240-451-6Des KennedyCrazy about Gardening: Humorous Reflections on the
  ''978-0-88240-453-0Harriette ParkerAlaska's Mushrooms: A Practical Guide (Alaska Pocket Guide)
2003978-0-88240-455-4Robert H ArmstrongAlaska's Birds: A Guide to Selected Species (Alaska Pocket Guide)
2007978-0-88240-458-5Nick JansThe Last Light Breaking: Living Among Alaska's Inupiat Eskimos
2003978-0-88240-462-2Robert H ArmstrongGuide to the Birds of Alaska
1995978-0-88240-463-9Dave SmithAlaska's Mammals: A Guide to Selected Species (Alaska Pocket Guide)
1995978-0-88240-465-3Natalie Fobes · Tom Jay · Bradford MatsenReaching Home: Pacific Salmon, Pacific People
  ''978-0-88240-469-1Ann ChandonnetAlaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook: Great Recipes Fr
  ''978-0-88240-470-7Alaska Northwest Publishing · WhitekeysMr. Whitekeys' Alaska Bizarre: Direct from the Whale Fat Follies Revue
1996978-0-88240-472-1Robert H ArmstrongAlaska's Fish: A Guide to Selected Species (Alaska Pocket Guide)
  ''978-0-88240-474-5Debbie S. MillerFlight of the Golden Plover: The Amazing Migration Between Hawaii and Alaska
2003978-0-88240-477-6Nick JansA Place Beyond: Finding Home in Arctic Alaska
1996978-0-88240-478-3Carolyn KremersPlace of the Pretend People: Gifts from a Yup'ik Village
  ''978-0-88240-483-7Wayne Mergler · John HainesThe Last New Land: Stories of Alaska Past and Present
2003978-0-88240-484-4Claire Rudolf MurphyGold Rush Women
2003978-0-88240-488-2Robert H Armstrong · Rita M O'Clair · Richard CarstensenNature of Southeast Alaska: A Guide to Plants, Animals, and Habitats (Revised)
  ''978-0-88240-489-9Margaret E. Murie · Terry Tempest WilliamsTwo in the Far North
1997978-0-88240-493-6Susan J TweitCity Foxes
2001978-0-88240-495-0Ann Dixon · Elizabeth JohnsThe Sleeping Lady
1998978-0-88240-497-4Karen JettmarThe Alaska River Guide: Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting in the Last Frontier (Alaska River Guide: Canoeing, Kayaking, & Rafting in the Last Fronti)
  ''978-0-88240-502-5Bradford MatsenFishing Up North: Stories of Luck and Loss in Alaskan Waters
2003978-0-88240-506-3Joe UptonJourneys Through the Inside Passage: Seafaring Adventures Along the Coast of British Colubmia and Alaska (Caribou Classic)
1998978-0-88240-511-7Tom WalkerBuilding the Alaska Log Home
1999978-0-88240-512-4Mr. WhitekeysElvis Presley's Pharmacist Was My Sunday School Teacher
  ''978-0-88240-513-1Sam Keith · Richard ProennekeOne Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
  ''978-0-88240-516-2Carmen Field · Conrad FieldAlaska's Seashore Creatures: A Guide to Marine Invertebrates (Alaska Pocket Guide)
2000978-0-88240-517-9Debbie S. MillerMidnight Wilderness
1999978-0-88240-519-3Ann DixonBlueberry Shoe
1999978-0-88240-524-7Kim RichJohnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up In Alaska's Underworld
  ''978-0-88240-525-4Dermot ColeFrank Barr: Alaskan Pioneer Bush Pilot and One-man Airline (Caribou Classics)
2000978-0-88240-529-2Marybeth HollemanAlaska's Prince William Sound
  ''978-0-88240-531-5Roseanne Pagano · Mr. WhitekeysThe Alaska Almanac: Facts About Alaska: With the Wacky Wisdom of Mr. Whitekeys (24th Edition)
  ''978-0-88240-532-2Bill SherwonitTo the Top of Denali: Climbing Adventures on North America's Highest Peak
2001978-0-88240-534-6Claire Rudolf Murphy · Jane G. HaighGold Rush Dogs
  ''978-0-88240-535-3Teri SloatThe Eye of the Needle: Based on a Yupik Tale
2001978-0-88240-536-0Teri Sloat · Robert SloatThe Hungry Giant of the Tundra
  ''978-0-88240-539-1Pam FlowersAlone Across the Arctic: One Woman's Epic Journey by Dog Team
2002978-0-88240-541-4Michael BaniaKumak's House: A Tale of the Far North
  ''978-0-88240-544-5Ann DixonWinter is
2003978-0-88240-546-9Frances KittredgeNeeluk: An Eskimo Boy in the Days of the Whaling Ships
  ''978-0-88240-548-3Claire Rudolf Murphy · Jane G HaighChildren of the Gold Rush
2001978-0-88240-549-0Mindy DwyerAurora: A Tale of the Northern Lights
  ''978-0-88240-551-3Susan EwingLucky Hares and Itchy Bears
2003978-0-88240-552-0Kaylene JohnsonPortrait of the Alaska Railroad
2002978-0-88240-553-7Randy BaylissLife's a Fish and Then You Fry: An Alaska Cookbook
2002978-0-88240-561-2Bill SherwonitDenali: The Complete Guide
2003978-0-88240-562-9Kirsten DixonWinterlake Lodge Cookbook: Culinary Adventures in
  ''978-0-88240-563-6   ''The Winterlake Lodge Cookbook: Culinary Adventures in the Wilderness
2002978-0-88240-564-3Joe UptonRunaways on the Inside Passage
2003978-0-88240-570-4Susan Woodward SpringerSeldovia Sam and the Very Large Clam (Misadventures of Seldovia Sam)
  ''978-0-88240-571-1   ''Seldovia Sam and the Sea Otter Rescue
2004978-0-88240-573-5Ray TremblayOn Patrol: True Adventures of an Alaska Game Warden (Caribou Classics)
  ''978-0-88240-574-2Loretta Outwater CoxThe Winter Walk: A Century-Old Survival Story from the Arctic
  ''978-0-88240-575-9Teri SloatBerry Magic
2004978-0-88240-576-6Teri Sloat · Betty HuffmonBerry Magic
2003978-0-88240-580-3Pam FlowersBig-Enough Anna: The Little Sled Dog Who Braved the Arctic
2004978-0-88240-583-4Michael BaniaKumak's Fish: A Tale of the Far North
  ''978-0-88240-584-1   ''Kumak's Fish: A Tale of the Far North
  ''978-0-88240-585-8Pat KramerAlaska's Totem Poles
  ''978-0-88240-586-5Ned RozellAlaska's Bush Planes
  ''978-0-88240-587-2Tricia Brown · Alaska Stock LLCMoose Views
2004978-0-88240-589-6Archie SatterfieldChilkoot Pass: The Most Famous Trail in the North
  ''978-0-88240-590-2Douglas J. FineNot Really an Alaskan Mountain Man
2006978-0-88240-591-9Ellen BielawskiIn Search of Ancient Alaska: Solving the Mysteries of the Past
2005978-0-88240-594-0Ned RozellWalking My Dog Jane: From Valdez to Prudhoe Bay Along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline
  ''978-0-88240-601-5Susan Woodward Springer · Amy MeissnerSeldovia Sam & the Wildfire Escape (The Misadventures of Seldovia Sam)
  ''978-0-88240-602-2Tricia BrownThe World Famous Alaska Highway: Guide to the Alcan & (World-Famous Alaska Highway: A Guide to the Alcan & Other)
  ''978-0-88240-603-9Susan Woodward SpringerSeldovia Sam and the Blueberry Bear (Misadventures of Seldovia Sam)
2005978-0-88240-604-6Cindy AillaudRecess at 20 Below
  ''978-0-88240-605-3Nancy GatesThe Alaska Almanac: Facts About Alaska, 29th Edition
  ''978-0-88240-606-0Susan EwingTen Rowdy Ravens
  ''978-0-88240-609-1Cindy AillaudRecess at 20 Below
  ''978-0-88240-610-7Susan EwingTen Rowdy Ravens
2006978-0-88240-614-5Tricia BrownThe Itchy Little Musk Ox
2006978-0-88240-616-9Lisa FredericRunning With Champions: A Midlife Journey on the Iditarod Trail
2007978-0-88240-618-3Kirsten DixonThe Alaska Homegrown Cookbook: The Best Recipes from the Last Frontier
2006978-0-88240-619-0Bob Persons · Deanna PersonsThe Double Musky Inn Cookbook: Alaska's Mountain Cajun Cuisine
978-0-88240-625-1Chicago 2007 Wall Calendar
978-0-88240-636-7Montana 2007 Calendar
2006978-0-88240-639-8Scott BarrowNew York City 2007 Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-651-0George GuthridgeThe Kids from Nowhere
  ''978-0-88240-652-7Nancy GatesThe Alaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska 30th Anniversary Edition
2008978-0-88240-654-1Pam FlowersDouggie: The Playful Pup Who Became a Sled Dog Hero
2008978-0-88240-655-8Pam FlowersDouggie: The Playful Pup Who Became a Sled Dog Hero
2006978-0-88240-661-9William MillerCrossing the Atlantic
2007978-0-88240-662-6Kenneth Durr · Lee SullivanInternational Harvester, McCormick, Navistar: Milestones in the Company that Helped Build America
  ''978-0-88240-682-4Scott BarrowNew York City 2008 Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-684-8Randall S ScheiberOhio 2008 Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-691-6Charles GurcheVirginia 2008 Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-695-4Graphics Arts BooksNew Jersey: Portrait of a State (Portrait of a Place)
2007978-0-88240-696-1Cliff Hollenbeck · Nancy HollenbeckMexican Riviera: Portrait of a Place
  ''978-0-88240-698-5Alaska Northwest PublishingAlaska Almanac
  ''978-0-88240-700-5Larry KaniutBear Tales for the Ages: From Alaska and Beyond
2008978-0-88240-706-7David Muench · Marc Muench2009 Chicago Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-707-4David Muench · Marc Muench2009 Colorado Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-708-1William H Johnson2009 Connecticut Wall Calendar
2008978-0-88240-715-9Bob FirthMinnesota
  ''978-0-88240-718-0David Muench · Marc Muench2009 New Mexico Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-719-7Scott Barrow · Danita Delimont2009 New York City Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-720-3Paul Rezendes · Danita DelimontNorth Carolina
  ''978-0-88240-721-0Randall L Schieber2009 Ohio Wall Calendar
2008978-0-88240-722-7Rick Schafer2009 Oregon Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-723-4Michael Gadomski2009 Pennsylvania Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-725-8Laurence Parent2009 Texas Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-727-2George Humphries2009 Virginia Wall Calendar
  ''978-0-88240-728-9John Marshall2009 Washington Wall Calendar
2008978-0-88240-729-6Robert H ArmstrongGuide to the Birds of Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-730-2Tricia BrownThe World-Famous Alaska Highway: A Guide to the Alcan & Other Wilderness Roads of the North
2011978-0-88240-731-9Pat KramerAlaska's Totem Poles
2008978-0-88240-732-6John StraleyThe Big Both Ways
  ''978-0-88240-734-0Rick SchaferOregon Coast: Portrait of a Place
  ''978-0-88240-735-7Bob KristLowcountry: Portrait of a Place
  ''978-0-88240-736-4Jeff KingCold Hands, Warm Heart: Alaskan Adventures of an Iditarod Champion
2008978-0-88240-737-1Christine BarnesGreat Lodges of the National Parks, Volume Two
  ''978-0-88240-740-1Joe UptonJourneys Through the Inside Passage: Seafaring Adventures Along the Coast of British Columbia and Alaska (Caribou Classics)
  ''978-0-88240-742-5Lew FreedmanThunder on the Tundra: Football Above the Arctic Circle
2009978-0-88240-743-2Michelle Bursey · Carol KorganThe Lighthouse Breakfast Cookbook: Recipes from Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast
2008978-0-88240-744-9Nancy GatesThe Alaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-745-6Fred HirschmannUtah
  ''978-0-88240-746-3Janis MiglavsOregon: The Taste of Wine
2008978-0-88240-747-0Winterhaven SchoolO is for Oregon: Written by Kids for Kids (See-My-State Alphabet Book)
  ''978-0-88240-748-7Wenatchee High SchoolW is for Washington: Written by Kids for Kids (See-My-State Alphabet Book)
  ''978-0-88240-749-4California Poets in the SchoolsC is for California: Written by Kids for Kids (See My State)
  ''978-0-88240-751-7Michael P. GadomskiPhiladelphia: Portrait of a City
  ''978-0-88240-752-4Duane KingThe Cherokee Trail of Tears
2008978-0-88240-753-1Salvatore VasapolliMontana: Portrait of a State
2009978-0-88240-754-8Janice Schofield EatonBeyond Road's End: Living Free in Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-755-5Syun-Ichi AkasofuThe Northern Lights: Secrets of the Aurora Borealis
2012978-0-88240-756-2Alaska Geographic AssociationNative Cultures in Alaska: Looking Forward, Looking Back (Alaska Geographic)
2009978-0-88240-757-9Janie HiblerWild about Game: 150 Recipes for Farm-Raised and Wild Game - From Alligator and Antelope to Venison and Wild Turkey
2010978-0-88240-769-2Fred HirschmannAlaska
2009978-0-88240-772-2Kaylene JohnsonA Tender Distance: Adventures Raising My Sons in Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-773-9Michael Bales · Ann Terry HillPendleton Round-Up at 100: Oregon's Legendary Rodeo
  ''978-0-88240-774-6   ''Pendleton Round-Up at 100: Oregon's Legendary Rodeo
2010978-0-88240-780-7Westwinds Press52 Weekends in San Diego Card Deck
  ''978-0-88240-781-4Westwinds Press52 Weekends in Colorado Card Deck
2009978-0-88240-783-8Appalachian Trail ConservancyAppalachian Trail: The Official Calendar of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (State Calendar)
2009978-0-88240-784-5David Muench · Marc MuenchCalifornia (State Calendar)
  ''978-0-88240-797-5Scott BarrowNew York City (State Calendar)
  ''978-0-88240-807-1Nick JansA Place Beyond: Finding Home in Arctic Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-810-1Mary BreuLast Letters from Attu: The True Story of Etta Jones, Alaska Pioneer and Japanese POW
2011978-0-88240-813-2Nancy Gates · WhitekeysThe Alaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-836-1Pam FlowersAlone Across the Arctic: One Woman's Epic Journey by Dog Team
2011978-0-88240-857-6Alaska Northwest BooksThe Alaska Homegrown Cookbook: The Best Recipes from the Last Frontier
2012978-0-88240-888-0Ms. Amy RoloffShort and Simple Family Recipes
  ''978-0-88240-890-3Kirsten DixonThe Winterlake Lodge Cookbook: Culinary Adventures in the Alaskan Wilderness
2013978-0-88240-913-9Nancy Gates · WhitekeysThe Alaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska
  ''978-0-88240-942-9Richard Proenneke · Sam KeithOne Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
2014978-0-88240-990-0Richard Carstensen · Robert H Armstrong · Rita M O'ClairThe Nature of Southeast Alaska: A Guide to Plants, Animals, and Habitats (Alaska Geographic)