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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-0-88184-006-3Daniel FuchsSummer in Williamsburg
1983978-0-88184-019-3Marcus Van HellerThe Loins of Amon
1993978-0-88184-023-0Andre MauroisPrometheus: The Life of Balzac
1984978-0-88184-030-8Jay MartinNathanael West: Art of His Life
1993978-0-88184-032-2Robert E ConotJustice at Nuremberg
  ''978-0-88184-036-0Marcus van HellerVenus in Lace (Victorian erotic classics)
  ''978-0-88184-042-1Lesley BlanchThe Sabres of Paradise
1984978-0-88184-046-9Diana AthillInstead of a Letter
  ''978-0-88184-047-6Lion FeuchtwangerJew Suss
1983978-0-88184-056-8Howard HaycraftThe Art of the Mystery Story
1984978-0-88184-059-9Henry BellamannKings Row
  ''978-0-88184-071-1Howard HaycraftMurder for Pleasure: The Life and Times of the Detective Story
1984978-0-88184-092-6AnonymousThe Diary of Mata Hari
  ''978-0-88184-100-8Barry W McCarthySexual awareness: Enhancing sexual pleasure
  ''978-0-88184-109-1Axel MuntheThe Story of San Michele
1985978-0-88184-115-2Henry de MontherlantThe Girls: A Tetralogy of Novels
  ''978-0-88184-118-3Lesley BlanchPierre Loti: The Legendary Romantic
  ''978-0-88184-119-0Julian GreenDiary, 1928-1957
1985978-0-88184-131-2Diana CooperDiana Cooper: Autobiography; The Rainbow Comes and Goes; The Lights of Common Day; Trumpets from the Steep
  ''978-0-88184-141-1Sholem AschMary
  ''978-0-88184-149-7John O'HaraHope of Heaven
  ''978-0-88184-167-1Sholem AschThe Apostle
  ''978-0-88184-173-2John O'HaraTen North Frederick
1985978-0-88184-185-5Marcus Van HellerAdam and Eve
1986978-0-88184-210-4James Gould CozzensThe Last Adam
  ''978-0-88184-214-2Albert Ramsdell GurneyThe Snow Ball
  ''978-0-88184-219-7John Dickson CarrThe Bride of Newgate
  ''978-0-88184-221-0A.E.W. MasonThe Prisoner in the Opal
  ''978-0-88184-224-1George V. HigginsPenance for Jerry Kennedy
1986978-0-88184-230-2Sydney ReillyBritain's Master Spy: The Adventures of Sidney Reilly
  ''978-0-88184-257-9Chester WilmotThe Struggle for Europe
  ''978-0-88184-276-0Angela ThirkellPomfret Towers
1987978-0-88184-288-3John Dickson CarrPanic in Box C
  ''978-0-88184-289-0Joseph McElroyPlus
1986978-0-88184-297-5Julia O'FaolainNo Country for Young Men
1994978-0-88184-304-0John Dickson CarrDark of the Moon
1987978-0-88184-309-5AnonymousLove Pagoda
  ''978-0-88184-310-1John MastersBhowani Junction
1987978-0-88184-324-8J. G. BallardThe Drowned World
1993978-0-88184-331-6Alan MooreheadThe Russian Revolution
1987978-0-88184-333-0Michael MoorcockThe Brothel in Rosenstrasse
  ''978-0-88184-336-1John Dickson CarrFire, Burn!
  ''978-0-88184-340-8Thomas M. Disch334
  ''978-0-88184-344-6Martin Harry GreenbergThe New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Original Stories by Eminent Mystery Writers
  ''978-0-88184-345-3H. R. F. KeatingCrime and Mystery: The 100 Best Books
1988978-0-88184-351-4Theodore SturgeonThe Dreaming Jewels
1988978-0-88184-368-2John StrawsonThe Italian Campaign
1987978-0-88184-369-9Michael MoorcockBehold the Man
1993978-0-88184-371-2Francois MauriacThe Woman of the Pharisees
  ''978-0-88184-372-9John Dickson CarrThe Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Carr, John Dickson)
1988978-0-88184-374-3Diana Frank · Marta VogelThe Baby Makers
1987978-0-88184-376-7Bill AdlerFred Astaire: A Wonderful Life
1988978-0-88184-383-5Andrew M. GreeleyDeath in April
  ''978-0-88184-389-7Philip K. DickDr. Bloodmoney
  ''978-0-88184-394-1John Dickson CarrScandal at High Chimneys
  ''978-0-88184-397-2Angela Mackail ThirkellBefore Lunch
1993978-0-88184-408-5H. P. LovecraftThe Lurker at the Threshold
1993978-0-88184-411-5Colin WilsonThe Mammoth Book of True Crime
1988978-0-88184-416-0David LindsaySphinx (The Supernatural Library)
  ''978-0-88184-419-1John MastersThe Deceivers
  ''978-0-88184-431-3Dorothy B. HughesThe Fallen Sparrow
  ''978-0-88184-434-4Patricia Seaton LawfordThe Peter Lawford Story: Life With the Kennedys, Monroe and the Rat Pack
  ''978-0-88184-435-1Martin Greenberg · Carol-Lynn Rossel WaughThe New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
1988978-0-88184-438-2David S. LiftonBest Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  ''978-0-88184-442-9Julia O'FaolainWomen in the Wall
  ''978-0-88184-444-3Fredric BrownThe Lenient Beast
1989978-0-88184-447-4Telford TaylorMunich: The Price of Peace
1988978-0-88184-449-8Fredric BrownThe Screaming Mimi
1989978-0-88184-462-7Edgar Rice BurroughsA Princess of Mars (Mars (del Rey Books Numbered))
  ''978-0-88184-475-7Charles Chenevix TrenchThe Road to Khartoum: A Life of General Charles Gordon
1993978-0-88184-478-8Apsley Cherry-GerrardThe Worst Journey in the World: Antarctic 1910-13
  ''978-0-88184-480-1Waugh & Greenberg AsimovThe Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science Fiction: Short Novels of the 1940's
1993978-0-88184-481-8WinwoodThe Mammoth Book of Spy Thrillers
1989978-0-88184-484-9Alex De JongeThe Life and Times of Grigorii Rasputin
  ''978-0-88184-485-6Francois MauriacThe Desert of Love
1993978-0-88184-489-4Bill Adler · AnonymousVenus Butterfly (Victorian erotic classics)
  ''978-0-88184-490-0Bill AdlerPleasures and Follies (Victorian erotic classics)
1989978-0-88184-502-0Brian StablefordThe Walking Shadow
  ''978-0-88184-520-4Colin WilsonBeyond the Occult
  ''978-0-88184-524-2Jim MarrsCrossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy
1991978-0-88184-526-6Peter GolenbockPersonal Fouls: The Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams of Big Money Basketball at Jim Valvano's North Carolina State
1993978-0-88184-530-3Herbert von ThalThe Mammoth Book of Great Detective Stories
1993978-0-88184-536-5Joseph McElroyThe Letter Left to Me
1989978-0-88184-542-6John Dickson CarrMost Secret
  ''978-0-88184-544-0Michael Francis GilbertThe Doors Open
  ''978-0-88184-545-7Michael Francis GilbertThe 92nd Tiger
1990978-0-88184-548-8John SladekThe Muller-Fokker Effect
1989978-0-88184-553-2Philip K. DickThe Zap Gun
1990978-0-88184-575-4Judith Jacklin BelushiSamurai Widow
  ''978-0-88184-580-8Thomas LigottiSongs of a Dead Dreamer
  ''978-0-88184-581-5Michael Francis GilbertAnything for a Quiet Life: And Other New Mystery Stories
1990978-0-88184-583-9Lucian K. TruscottRules of the Road: A Novel
1993978-0-88184-590-7Richard DalbyThe Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories (The Mammoth Book Series)
  ''978-0-88184-597-6Nancy MitfordDon't Tell Alfred (Mitford, Nancy)
1990978-0-88184-601-0Angela Mackail ThirkellCheerfulness Breaks in
1993978-0-88184-605-8Bill AdlerThe Lay of the Land (Victorian erotic classics)
1990978-0-88184-609-6Shane StevensBy Reason of Insanity
  ''978-0-88184-617-1Brian Wilson AldissLast Orders
1993978-0-88184-621-8Asimov et al.The Mammoth Book of Vintage Science Fiction (The Mammoth Book Series)
1992978-0-88184-622-5Stephen JonesThe Mammoth Book of Terror (Mammoth Books)
1990978-0-88184-623-2Charles Thompson · Allan SonnenscheinDown and Dirty: The Life and Crimes of Oklahoma Football
  ''978-0-88184-625-6Steven Kumble · Kevin J. LahartConduct Unbecoming: The Rise and Ruin of Finley, Kumble
1991978-0-88184-629-4William StadiemToo Rich: The High Life and Tragic Death of King Farouk
1990978-0-88184-633-1Erle Stanley GardnerThe Blonde in Lower Six
  ''978-0-88184-641-6Jack Adrian · Robert AdeyMurder Impossible: An Extravaganza of Miraculous Murders Fantastic Felonies & Incredible Criminals
1990978-0-88184-646-1Colin WilsonA Criminal History of Mankind
1993978-0-88184-648-5Jim MarrsCrossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy
  ''978-0-88184-657-7Elizabeth TaylorIn a Summer Season
1990978-0-88184-666-9Margery AllinghamThe White Cottage Mystery
1993978-0-88184-670-6Hillary WaughA Death in a Town
1990978-0-88184-672-0John Dickson CarrThe Witch of the Low Tide
  ''978-0-88184-677-5A. E. Van VogtCosmic Encounter
1991978-0-88184-691-1Sheila Ostrander · Lynn SchroederSupermemory: The Revolution
  ''978-0-88184-693-5Winston GrahamThe Twisted Sword: A Poldark Novel
  ''978-0-88184-695-9Michael ShaaraFor Love of the Game
1991978-0-88184-698-0Michael Francis GilbertThe Queen Against Karl Mullen
  ''978-0-88184-700-0Arnold C. BrackmanThe Last Emperor
1993978-0-88184-701-7Richard DalbyThe Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories 2 (The Mammoth Book Series)
  ''978-0-88184-702-4Asimov et al.The Mammoth Book of New World Science Fiction: Short Novels of the 1960's (The Mammoth Book Series)
1991978-0-88184-704-8Colin WilsonBeyond the Outsider
1993978-0-88184-708-6James Cawthorne · Michael MoorcockFantasy: The 100 Best Books
1991978-0-88184-718-5Angela ThirkellNorthbridge Rectory
  ''978-0-88184-722-2Jane Fluegel · Isaac SternBernstein Remembered
  ''978-0-88184-723-9Margery AllinghamNo Love Lost
1991978-0-88184-724-6Margery Allingham · Youngman CarterMr. Campion's Quarry
1993978-0-88184-725-3Henry FarrellWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
1991978-0-88184-736-9Stephen Jones · Ramsey CampbellBest New Horror 2 (Mammoth Book of Best New Horror)
  ''978-0-88184-738-3Peter CostelloThe Real World of Sherlock Holmes: The True Crimes Investigated by Arthur Conan Doyle
  ''978-0-88184-739-0Thomas LigottiGrimscribe: His Lives and Works
  ''978-0-88184-741-3Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson: The Complete Shorter Fiction
  ''978-0-88184-747-5Mark NorthAct of Treason: The Role of J. Edgar Hoover in the Assassination of President Kennedy
1991978-0-88184-751-2Clayborne CarsonMalcolm X: The FBI File
1993978-0-88184-758-1Spike Lee · Claybourne CarsonMalcolm X: The FBI File
1991978-0-88184-767-3Eric AmblerThe Schirmer Inheritance
  ''978-0-88184-769-7August Derleth · Howard Phillips LovecraftThe Watchers Out of Time (Masters of Horror)
1993978-0-88184-774-1Max Allan CollinsTough Tender
1992978-0-88184-775-8Jim WrightLast Frame
1993978-0-88184-779-6Bill Adler · AnonymousFallen Woman (Victorian erotic classics)
1991978-0-88184-784-0Angela Mackail ThirkellSummer Half: A Barsetshire Novel
1993978-0-88184-787-1Charlotte Hill · William WallaceErotica II: An Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature
  ''978-0-88184-788-8A.E. Van VogtThe Book of Ptath
  ''978-0-88184-791-8Jon E. LewisThe Mammoth Book of the Western
  ''978-0-88184-795-6Waugh & Greenberg AsimovThe Mammoth Book of Fantastic Science Fiction: Short Novels of the 1970s (Mammoth Books)
1993978-0-88184-796-3Stephen JonesThe Mammoth Book of Vampires (The Mammoth Book Series)
1992978-0-88184-805-2Roger Goldman · David Gallen · Thurgood MarshallThurgood Marshall: Justice for All
  ''978-0-88184-809-0Harrison Edward LivingstoneHigh Treason 2: The Great Cover-Up The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  ''978-0-88184-811-3Tim Underwood · Chuck MillerFeast of Fear: Conversations With Stephen King
  ''978-0-88184-817-5John HolwayJosh and Satch: The Life and Times of Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige
  ''978-0-88184-831-1AnonymousThe Merry Menage (Victorian erotic classics)
1992978-0-88184-833-5Margaret YorkeThe Hand of Death
  ''978-0-88184-842-7Mark Clifton · Frank RileyThe Forever Machine
  ''978-0-88184-846-5Murray Teigh BloomThe Man Who Stole Portugal
  ''978-0-88184-850-2David GallenMalcolm X As They Knew Him
  ''978-0-88184-852-6Clifford D. SimakRing Around the Sun (Masters of Science Fiction)
1992978-0-88184-861-8Edward B. HannaThe Whitechapel Horrors
1993978-0-88184-863-2Carolyn BanksTart Tales: Elegant Erotic Stories
1992978-0-88184-866-3Jared TaylorPaved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America
1993978-0-88184-867-0David SeidemanShowdown at Opal Creek: The Battle for America's Last Wilderness
  ''978-0-88184-868-7Kim NewmanJago
1992978-0-88184-869-4Walt BrownThe People V. Lee Harvey Oswald
  ''978-0-88184-874-8Charlotte HillErotica: An Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature
  ''978-0-88184-877-9Mark NorthAct of Treason: The Role of J. Edgar Hoover in the Assassination of President Kennedy
  ''978-0-88184-887-8John BallIn the Heat of the Night (Mystery Scene Books) (Virgil Tibbs Mystery Novel)
1992978-0-88184-892-2Shane StevensDead City
1993978-0-88184-897-7Clifford D. SimakThe Goblin Reservation
1992978-0-88184-898-4Grant StockbridgeThe Spider #4: Master of the Night-Demons (v. 4)
  ''978-0-88184-900-4Dick RussellThe Man Who Knew Too Much
  ''978-0-88184-909-7Edward Jay EpsteinThe Assassination Chronicles: Inquest, Counterplot, and Legend
1993978-0-88184-921-9Stephen JonesBest New Horror 2
1992978-0-88184-922-6Michael FriedlyMalcolm X: The Assassination
1993978-0-88184-927-1Evelyn RoseThe New Complete International Jewish Cookbook
  ''978-0-88184-933-2Paul MannThe Britannia Contract
  ''978-0-88184-934-9George TremlettGadaffi: The Desert Mystic
1993978-0-88184-944-8Richard FleischerJust Tell Me When to Cry: A Memoir
  ''978-0-88184-945-5James SallisMoth (Lew Griffin)
  ''978-0-88184-950-9Jennifer JohnstonThe Invisible Worm
  ''978-0-88184-953-0Bruce Fogle101 Questions Your Dog Would Ask Its Vet If Your Dog Could Talk
  ''978-0-88184-954-7Rachel SwiftHow to Have an Orgasm-- As Often as You Want
1993978-0-88184-966-0Paul WilliamsRock and Roll: The 100 Best Singles
  ''978-0-88184-967-7Kim NewmanAnno-Dracula
  ''978-0-88184-971-4John O'HaraFrom the Terrace (Handstitched Tao)
  ''978-0-88184-975-2Peter C. BjarkmanEncyclopedia of Major League Baseball: National League, 1993
  ''978-0-88184-984-4Professor James JenningsSharing Sisters
1993978-0-88184-985-1Clifford D. SimakCemetery World
  ''978-0-88184-987-5Grant StockbridgeThe Spider (Master of Men) (v. 6)
  ''978-0-88184-988-2Michael Francis GilbertThe Crack in the Teacup
  ''978-0-88184-991-2Eric Frank RussellThe Great Explosion
  ''978-0-88184-994-3Harold WeisbergMartin Luther King: The Assassination
1994978-0-88184-996-7Michael GilbertRoller-Coaster