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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-88179-033-7Robert BringhurstThe Elements of Typographic Style
1991978-0-88179-034-4Jan TschicholdForm of the Book: Essays on the Morality of Good Design
1993978-0-88179-110-5Robert BringhurstThe Elements of Typographic Style
1991978-0-88179-116-7Jan TschicholdThe Form of the Book: Essays on the Morality of Good Design (Classic Typography Series)
1995978-0-88179-120-4Abby RuoffMaking Twig Furniture
  ''978-0-88179-121-1Hideo Sato · Yasua NakaharaThe Complete Japanese Joinery
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  ''978-0-88179-129-7Phil DelucaThe Solo Partner: Repairing Your Relationship on Your Own
1997978-0-88179-131-0James MitchellThe Craft of Modular Post & Beam: Building log and timber homes affordably
2001978-0-88179-132-7Robert BringhurstThe Elements of Typographic Style
1996978-0-88179-133-4   ''The Elements of Typographic Style
1997978-0-88179-144-0Abby RuoffMaking Twig Garden Furniture
1998978-0-88179-152-5Rebecca L. ZuckweilerLiving in the Postmastectomy Body: Learning to Live in and Love Your Body Again
2000978-0-88179-154-9Warren Chappell · Robert BringhurstA Short History of the Printed Word
1999978-0-88179-155-6Abby RuoffMaking Rustic Originals: Turning Furniture Finds into Folk Art
2000978-0-88179-169-3E. F. SchumacherSmall Is Beautiful, 25th Anniversary Edition: Economics As If People Mattered: 25 Years Later . . . With Commentaries
  ''978-0-88179-171-6Moyra JonesGentlecare: Changing the Experience of Alzheimer's in a Positive Way
2001978-0-88179-175-4Gerrit NoordzijLetterletter
2001978-0-88179-179-2M.D. Gerard GuilloryIBS: A Doctor's Plan for Chronic Digestive Troubles 3 Ed: The Definitive Guide to Prevention and Relief
2000978-0-88179-180-8Linda Buckingham · Leslie BirdProjection Stenciling
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2001978-0-88179-186-0   ''Making Twig Garden Furniture 2 Ed
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2001978-0-88179-188-4Selma WassermannThe Long Distance Grandmother 4 Ed: How to Stay Close to Distant Grandchildren
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2002978-0-88179-196-9Jacqueline Krohn · Frances A. TaylorFinding the Right Treatment: Modern and Alternative Medicine: A Comprehensive Reference Guide That Will Help You Get the Best of Both Worlds
  ''978-0-88179-197-6Linda BuckinghamProjection Art for Kids: Murals & Painting Projects for Kids of All Ages
2003978-0-88179-198-3Edward R. TurnerMaking Japanese-Style Lamps and Lanterns
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2004978-0-88179-203-4Arthur L. Wisot · David R. MeldrumConceptions & Misconceptions: The Informed Consumer's Guide Through the Maze of in Vitro Fertilization & Assisted Reproduction Techniques(Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-88179-205-8Robert BringhurstThe Elements of Typographic Style
  ''978-0-88179-206-5   ''The Elements of Typographic Style
2005978-0-88179-207-2Edward R. TurnerMaking Craftsman-Style Lamps
  ''978-0-88179-208-9M.D. Karen Nordahl · Carl Petersen · Renée JeffreysFit to Deliver: An Innovative Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Program: Safe and Fun Exercises Tailored by Professionals to Benefit Both You and Your Baby
2006978-0-88179-210-2Robin DoddFrom Gutenberg to OpenType: An Illustrated History of Type from the Earliest Letterforms to the Latest Digital Fonts
2013978-0-88179-211-9Robert BringhurstThe Elements of Typographic Style: Version 4.0: 20th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-0-88179-212-6   ''The Elements of Typographic Style: Version 4.0: 20th Anniversary Edition