Science History Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-88135-061-6Nikolai Ivanovich PirogovQuestions of Life: Diary of an Old Physician (Resources in Medical History) (English and Russian Edition)
1990978-0-88135-068-5J. Worth EstesDictionary of Protopharmacology: Therapeutic Practices, 1700-1850
1994978-0-88135-154-5Tore Frangsmyr · Sten LindrothLinnaeus: The Man and His Work (Uppsala Studies in History of Science, Vol 18)
  ''978-0-88135-158-3Gunnar ErikssonThe Atlantic Vision: Olaus Rudbeck and Baroque Science (Uppsala Studies in History of Science, 19)
1996978-0-88135-166-8Elisabeth T. CrawfordArrhenius: From Ionic Theory to the Greenhouse Effect (Uppsala Studies in History of Science, 23)
1992978-0-88135-181-1Claude E. WelchA Twentieth-Century Surgeon: My Life in the Massachusetts General Hospital
1995978-0-88135-189-7Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent · Ferdinando AbbriLavoisier in European Context: Negotiating a New Language for Chemistry (European Studies in Science History and the Arts) (English and French Edition)
1997978-0-88135-194-1J. Worth EstesNaval Surgeon: Life and Death at Sea in the Age of Sail
  ''978-0-88135-195-8William C. Maloney · Sharon JohnsonPioneering Hematology: The Research & Treatment of Malignant Blood Disorders
2001978-0-88135-255-9Joseph E. MurraySurgery of the Soul: Reflections on a Curious Career
2004978-0-88135-256-6   ''Surgery of the Soul: Reflections on a Curious Career
2006978-0-88135-275-7editors José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez and Agustí Nieto-GalanChemistry, Medicine, and Crime: Mateu J.B. Orfila (1787-1853) and His Times
  ''978-0-88135-356-3William R. Shea · Mariano ArtigasGalileo Observed: Science and the Politics of Belief
2002978-0-88135-363-1Joseph HenryThe Papers of Joseph Henry, Vol. 9: January 1854-December 1857: The Smithsonian Years
2006978-0-88135-367-9Vladimir Jankovic, Deborah R. Coen, editors James Rodger FlemingIntimate Universality: Local and Global Themes in the History of Weather and Climate (Science-history Studies on Atmospheres)
2004978-0-88135-372-3Helen M. Rozwadowski · David K. Van Keuren · Maury Conference on the History of OceanThe Machine in Neptune's Garden: Historical Perspectives on Technology and the Marine Environment
2009978-0-88135-374-7Simon Schaffer et al. · editorsThe Brokered World: Go-Betweens and Global Intelligence, 1770-1820
2003978-0-88135-376-1William R. SheaDesigning Experiments & Games of Chance: The Unconventional Science of Blaise Pascal
2002978-0-88135-385-3Michael Bravo · Sverker SorlinNarrating the Arctic: A Cultural History of Nordic Scientific Practices
2001978-0-88135-388-4Irwin AbramsThe Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates: An Illustrated Biographical History, 1901-2001
2006978-0-88135-394-5Erik van der Vleuten · Arne KaijserNetworking Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Shaping of Europe, 1850 - 200
2008978-0-88135-399-0Ulf LarssonAlfred Nobel: Networks of Innovation (Archives of the Nobel Museum)