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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-88062-000-0Alexander H McGuffeyThe Eclectic Progressive Spelling Book (McGuffey's Readers: Eclectic School)
1982978-0-88062-001-7William Holmes McGuffeyThe Original McGuffey's Pictorial Eclectic Primer (McGuffey's Readers)
  ''978-0-88062-002-4William McGuffeyThe Original McGuffeys Eclectic First Reader (McGuffey's Readers)
2000978-0-88062-003-1William H McGuffeyMcguffey's Eclectic Second Reader
1982978-0-88062-004-8William Holmes McGuffeyThe Original McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader (Eclectic school series) (McGuffey's Readers)
  ''978-0-88062-005-5William H McGuffeyThe Original McGuffeys Eclectic Fourth Reader (McGuffey's Readers)
  ''978-0-88062-006-2John H WesterhoffMcGuffey and His Readers: Piety, Morality, and Education in Nineteenth-Century America
  ''978-0-88062-009-3Harry ConnFour Trojan Horses
1984978-0-88062-012-3D Jeanene WatsonTeresa of Calcutta: Serving the Poorest of the Poor (Sower Series)
1982978-0-88062-014-7William H. McGuffeyMcGuffey Series (McGuffeys Eclectic Readers Series)
1982978-0-88062-018-5William H. McGuffeyThe Original McGuffey's Eclectic Primer (McGuffey's Readers)
  ''978-0-88062-019-2George Syme · Charlotte SymeScripture of Truth
  ''978-0-88062-020-8Norman L. Geisler · A. F. With Brooke · Mark J. KeoughCreator in the Courtroom "Scopes II": The 1981 Arkansas Creation-Evolution Trial
1984978-0-88062-024-6Charles LudwigFrancis Asbury: God's circuit rider
2007978-0-88062-026-0Ruth BeechickHow to Write Clearly: The Meaning Approach
2010978-0-88062-027-7Leon MetcalfPhonics In Song Audio CD
  ''978-0-88062-028-4Silvers ClaudineMrs. Silver's Phonics Set: Workbook and Teacher's Guide
1983978-0-88062-029-1William Holmes McGuffeyMcGuffey Series (McGuffeys Eclectic Readers Series) (Boxed teachers ed) 8 vols.
978-0-88062-036-9William H. McGuffeyMcGuffey's Fourth Reader - paperback
1985978-0-88062-038-3Ruth BeechickParent Teacher Guide for The Original McGuffey Readers
1986978-0-88062-039-0Leonard P. AyersA Measuring Scale for Ability in Spelling
  ''978-0-88062-041-3Thomas HarveyHarvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition
1986978-0-88062-042-0Thomas HarveyHarvey's Revised English Grammar (Harvey's Language Course)
1985978-0-88062-044-4John Wesley / Billy Graham, foreword WhiteRe-Entry II
  ''978-0-88062-045-1Evelyn WitterMahalia Jackson: Born to Sing Gospel Music (The Sower Series)
1987978-0-88062-046-8David R. CollinsClara Barton, God's Soldier of Mercy
  ''978-0-88062-048-2Charles LudwigGeorge Frideric Handel, Composer of Messiah (Sowers)
  ''978-0-88062-049-9Marguerite FitchSamuel Francis Smith: My Country Tis of Thee (The Sowers)
2001978-0-88062-050-5Ray Joseph · Ruth Beechick · Mott MediaRays Arithmetic Series (8 Volume Set)
1985978-0-88062-051-2Joseph RayRay's new primary arithmetic: For young learners (Ray's arithmetic series) (Ray's arithmetic series)
  ''978-0-88062-052-9Joseph RayRay's new intellectual arithmetic (Ray's arithmetic series) (Ray's arithmetic series)
1985978-0-88062-053-6Joseph RayRay's new practical arithmetic (Ray's arithmetic series) (Ray's arithmetic series)
  ''978-0-88062-054-3   ''Key to Ray's new arithmetics: Primary, intellectual and practical (Ray's arithmetic series) (Ray's arithmetic series)
  ''978-0-88062-055-0   ''Ray's new higher arithmetic (Ray's arithmetic series) (Ray's arithmetic series)
  ''978-0-88062-056-7   ''Key to Rays New Higher Arithmetic (Ray's Arithmetic)
  ''978-0-88062-057-4   ''Ray's new test examples in arithmetic (Ray's arithmetic series)
2011978-0-88062-059-8Joseph RayRay's New Primary Arithmetic (Ray's Arithmetic)
  ''978-0-88062-060-4   ''Ray's New Intellectual Arithmetic
2013978-0-88062-061-1Joseph Ray · MDRay's New Practical Arithmetic (Ray's Arithmetic)
2014978-0-88062-062-8Joseph RayKey to Ray's New Arithmetics: Primary, Intellectual, Practical (Ray's Arithmetic)
  ''978-0-88062-063-5   ''Ray's New Higher Arithmetic (Ray's Arithmetic)
1987978-0-88062-066-6Clyde C. Besson · Leonard G. GossGrowing Together: Growth Coaching for Couples
1985978-0-88062-067-3Howard A RedmondA philosophy of the Second Advent
  ''978-0-88062-070-3Howard A. RedmondA Philosophy of the Second Advent
2012978-0-88062-071-0Ruth BeechickParent-Teacher Guide for Ray's New Arithmetics (Ray's Arithmetic)
1985978-0-88062-072-7   ''Parent-Teacher Guide for Ray's New Arithmetics (Ray's Arithmetic Series)
2006978-0-88062-073-4   ''World History Made Simple: Matching History with the Bible
2006978-0-88062-074-1Ruth BeechickThe Three R's
1985978-0-88062-082-6Platt Rogers SpencerSpencerian Penmanship (Theory Book)
  ''978-0-88062-083-3   ''Spencerian Penmanship (Copybook #1)
  ''978-0-88062-084-0   ''Spencerian Penmanship (Copybook #2)
  ''978-0-88062-085-7   ''Spencerian Penmanship (Copybook #3)
  ''978-0-88062-086-4   ''Spencerian Penmanship (Copybook #4)
1985978-0-88062-087-1Platt Rogers SpencerSpencerian Penmanship (Copybook #5)
2001978-0-88062-095-6Platt R Spencer · Mott MediaSpencerian Penmanship Set of 5 Copybooks
1985978-0-88062-096-3Platt Rogers SpencerSpencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five copybooks)
2009978-0-88062-097-0Ruth BeechickParent Teacher Guide for Original McGuffey Readers
1984978-0-88062-110-6Charles LudwigSusanna Wesley (The Sowers)
  ''978-0-88062-123-6Gordon H. ClarkIn Defense of Theology
1985978-0-88062-125-0Bob AllenBilly Sunday, Home Run to Heaven (Sowers)
  ''978-0-88062-126-7David R. CollinsFlorence Nightingale: Gods Servant at the Battlefield (The Sowers)
1988978-0-88062-131-1Claudine SilverMrs Silvers Phonics-Student Workbook
1994978-0-88062-133-5Claudine SilverMrs. Silver's Phonics Workbook 1, Teacher's Edition
1985978-0-88062-134-2David R. CollinsJohnny Appleseed: God's Faithful Planter, John Chapman (The Sowers)
1987978-0-88062-137-3John Hudson TinerSamuel F.B. Morse: Artist With a Message (The Sowers)
2007978-0-88062-140-3Margaret M BishopThe Abc's and All Their Tricks: The Complete Reference Book of Phonics and Spelling
1985978-0-88062-141-0Charles LudwigThe Wright Brothers: They Gave Us Wings (Sowers World Heroes Series)
1986978-0-88062-148-9Michael S. BrunnerPhonics Made Plain Wall Chart and Flashcards
  ''978-0-88062-149-6Margaret M. BishopThe ABC's and All Their Tricks: The Complete Reference Book of Phonics and Spelling
1988978-0-88062-152-6Ruth BeechickLanguage and Thinking for Young Children
  ''978-0-88062-153-3Eric E Wiggin · Mott MediaAnswer Key for Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition: Answers and Teaching Helps (Harvey's Language Course)
1987978-0-88062-154-0Eric WigginHarvey's Revised English Grammar Answer Key
1989978-0-88062-155-7John TinerRobert Boyle: Trailblazer of Science (Sowers)
  ''978-0-88062-156-4Bob AllenDaniel Webster, Defender of the Union (Sowers Series)
  ''978-0-88062-157-1Charles LudwigStonewall Jackson: Loved in the South Admired in the North (Sowers)
2000978-0-88062-159-5John Hudson Tiner · Tiner Jon HLouis Pasteur (Sowers Series)
1993978-0-88062-161-8Charles LudwigJason Lee, Winner of the Northwest (Sower Series)
1997978-0-88062-164-9John TinerDavid Livingstone: African Explorer (Sower Series) (Sower Series)
2006978-0-88062-173-1Ruth BeechickHeart and Mind: What the Bible Says about Learning
2012978-0-88062-185-4David CollinsFrancis Scott Key: God's Courageous Composer (Sowers)
2001978-0-88062-232-5Rudolph Moore · Betty Moore M.A.Classic Curriculum: Arithmetic, Book 1 (Classic Curriculum: Arithmetic, Series 1)